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Omega Solar and Batteries is a Solar Power Installation company based in Mudgeeraba and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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simply the best

My experience with Omega solar was the best customer service they really were having issues with lots of work but they always strived to stay on top of my service the tradesman was top,all the office staff are nice and have excellent communication and customer skills beyond what I have experienced with others,my recommendation is,don't bother with the rest and go simply with the best Omega Solar,and you will not be sorry you did.


Inverter rating: 5/5
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Absolute quality service all round

I gathered 4 separate solar panel systems for my residential house.
Omega Solar and batteries followed up with a phone call a couple days after sending me their quote and were keen to compare and hear of my other quotes in order to satisfy my requirements.
I had researched a lot of brands and models in depth to gain reliability and future options for a battery connection.
Omega Solar and batteries were happy to customize my quote with particular high quality brands of inverters and panels.
The effort and response to being flexible with component supply is welcoming.
That finalised the decision for me.
Once I accepted the quote, an estimated install date was booked in. Ultimately I was contacted and my install date was brought forward - awesome.
Contact throughout the entire process from all members of this team was exceptional and greatly appreciated.
The contact with the admin team gave me a trustful and seamless experience.
I have no doubt at all that my recommendation of Omega Solar and batteries should be on your list for future solar installations.
Thanks Sara, Greg, and all of your team!

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Exceptional service

Great customer service and communication. Our system was installed within 2 weeks of accepting our quote, at a particularly busy time of year. Superior product and service at a great price. Highly recommend.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Highly recommend

I can't commend your company and staff highly enough. I am very happy with Greg and his offsider and the speed at which was acknowledged. I like to thank Angie for her patience and kindness. I will recommend your company to others.
Thank you
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Reliable, competent & pleasant

I must compliment the entire Omega team on the installation of my solar system. I found them friendly, reliable and competent and can thoroughly recommend them.
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Great service

Very satisfied with the entire service from my
first call to the finished job, from the office through to the tradies finished work thanks.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great company to do business with

This was just a maintenance job for a fault in the inverter. However the service was excellent and the problem was rectified for now. If I require a new inverter down the track I will definitely get Omega Solar+Batteries to do the work.
I particularly want to thank Angie and Greg for their time and attention with my problem.
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Omega Solar

Great local Company. Good value,fast and efficient problem solving and fixing my problem. 5 star recommendations
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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An excellent referral

The first contact we had with staff made us feel that we had chosen the right team to install our Solar panels. We were taken with the friendliness & professionalism at all time from the quote to & during the installation & clean up on the day. Time was also taken to explain the workings of the inverter. The follow up calls from the team have also made us feel we were not just a name on an invoice.
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Would recommend to family and friends

The entire process was great. Had several chats before committing. No pressure. Install was fast and flexible. No issues with connection to the grid.
Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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We picked the right company for solar!

It took us a while to decide to get solar panels but after all the tv advertising re solar we decided to investigate and get a few quotes. We decided to go local and not get any quotes from the tv advertisements as we wanted to keep it local. From our very first phone call with Omega Solar and Batteries we knew we were dealing with professionals. All of Omegas staff have been nothing but proficient, helpful, obliging and respectful. They have done a fantastic job installing our panels and I would highly recommend this local family company in all aspects. If I could give them 100 out of 10 I would. Fantastic job Omega. Regards Babette.
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Great customer service!

Thanks to Greg, Angie and all the team at Omega Solar & Batteries. We are a tennis club and they were attentive to all our needs. Now instead of huge bills for floodlight use, we are looking at getting rebates from our power company!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great installation, great product, fantastic customer service

The quote was provided quickly and was very detailed
The installation was done on time, the installers were polite and tidied up after the job
The customer service was exceptional and they organised the grid connection after completion of the job

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Extremely impressed with the service and product.

We recently obtained Omega Solar and Batteries after purchasing an existing home in Pacific Pines, it had a small 2 KW solar system on it and we wanted to renovate the house including painting the roof, Greg and Nikki at Omega Solar were very accommodating in working around our trades to remove the existing solar and then upgrading ups to a 5 Kw system, Greg was very efficient and tidy, ensuring the roof was left clean and looking new with the roof being re-painted. Nikki organised a follow up a few weeks later and with Greg also coming out to go through the system with us, so we can see we are saving money. I would recommend Omega for any solar job.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Company that sells one thing but installs cheaper one


After 4 challenging months our system is finally installed. It happened only because Clean Energy Council got involved in this process and it forced them to install the system. Agreement was reached but they tried again to install cheaper than specified in our agreement panels and cheaper micro-inventors. Again blaming the warehouse for that mistake but at the same time they were pushing me to accept whatever was delivered. After long argues a week later proper panels were installed on the roof. Still after installation 4 panels didn’t work correctly as two wrong inventors were again silently installed and two other somehow didn’t work at all. Only 2 MONTHS later it was finally replaced. But my metering system on my garage's wall was still showing fault. I sent emails, txt messages and photos but he didn’t even want to listen. They kept repeating how they are proud of their work and assaulting me telling that I have mental issues. Again only after Clean Energy Council representative called Enphase and their Software Team investigated why metering always had red lights on, only then our system started working properly. During that time the company was making deliberately misleading statements and continuously repeating to me and CEC that system is working perfectly and supplied some kind of print screens.
Unfortunately, I don’t know what exactly is installed within my entire system as now company is refusing to provide me a list of the actually installed parts as it is required by law and Code of Conduct he is obliged to comply with. System with “sharp price” (as they are presenting my system) cost me fortune to have. If I would need a system again, even if take same as what he has installed, I will be happy to pay at least 30% extra but use a different company as level of stress and extra losses are ridicules.
I received no documents/guides/manual at all, and I received no receipts for any of three payments made last year! The only "manual" given on side was a ripped, half of single A4 paper with icons drawn by electrician, and along with his verbal instructions that if those two indicators are still red to let them know. Please find photo attached. That’s all I was given upon installation.
It was extremely horrible experience and I will never suggest anybody to go through something similar. Simply intimidating when you clearly saying how things are and providing evidence but in reply you get a snowball of abusive statements like "I think you have mental issues with your thinking”. They went as low as taken up on himself analysing my wife’s character, who he saw just for 10 minutes when she was politely telling his guys where is the facilities they can use and offering them water. Also every step of rectification was dragged on and on, it was put into conditional dependency to remove my review. When I asked when those micro-inventors will be replaced to the ones it was in contract and agreed on, I received an answer “before we return to your home could we please arrange to remove your negative reviews”. Again it took CEC to clarify that their obligations under the contract remain regardless of any reviews.
Everything stated in this and previous reviews, my complaint to CEC, photos and screenshots provided are genuine, true and correct. If Omega wants to challenge any of my statements I am happy to see them in the Court. More than happy to repeat any of my statement in front of Judge/Adjudicator at any time and I have solid evidence to prove any of the companies misleading statements. While they are making up unreasonable allegations in overall but can’t even specify which particular of my statements are not true.
If you or your friends have had deal with “Omega Solar+Batteries” or “Gold Coast Energy” (company name was recently changed) check what you actually have on your roof and compare what you paid for. Probably you will be surprised.

Other registered business names with same owners: The “We Care” Solar Family, The We Care Solar Family, The We Care Solar People, Omega Solar, Your Local Solar Expert, GC Energy.
Do NOT deal with this companies as they will sell you one thing but install a different, cheap one. 10/3/2020

Original review:

Current name: Omega Solar+Batteries
Other Business names: The “We Care” Solar Family, The We Care Solar Family, The We Care Solar People, Omega Solar, Your Local Solar Expert
Former names: Gold Coast Energy, GC Energy

I have entered into a contract with Omega Solar+Batteries for an installation of high quality, specific system. I received a very sharp price for Enphase IQ7 PLUS and REC 320NP N-peak panels. This company is CEC-approved retailer with ISO accreditation, which was the reason I chosen them. They promised me that “we commit, over and above the terms and conditions”.

In accordance with the contract I paid a deposit, company obtained Energex approval for my system and in the specified day they have started their installation. They removed my existing system with 51 cents/per kW feed-in tariff and started to install their rails on my house’s roof. They also installed an inventor in the garage’s wall in place of the current one. They also made changes to my electrical power box. At that stage I have noticed that the cheaper version of the micro-inventors were delivered onsite and were prepared for the install. I also noticed that all fittings boxes had different and unknown brand name on them.

When I have noticed the substitutions, which was not allowed by contract, I have immediately raised my concerns with the company. They verbally promised and later confirmed in writing that they will install the system as per agreed specification. They then re-confirmed that all substituted items will be swapped over to the agreed ones and then it will be all as per contract.

However, instead of doing what they stated, they already instructed the installers to sneakily remove everything that was installed during the first day, including Enphase metering system that was already mounted inside of the garage, to pack all delivered panels which were of the correct models, then they brought the old panels and inventor back on site, while at the same time, they were reassuring me that everything will be re-delivered for the install as per contract.

As soon as they collected all items (correct and incorrect) which were delivered and some already installed, they were keeping silence whole afternoon and only after my request to explain what’s going on sent me an email saying: “We grossly under-priced your installation by about $5000 and so you will receive your full refund returned to you and I apologize for any inconvenience this may of caused.”

I had a long conversation with them and also after re-evaluation of the whole situation, I came to a conclusion that this company intentionally give a sharp price for a top quality system just to win a competition over other companies, and once they get me to enter into a legally binding agreement with them, they have deliberately attempted to silently install a system that is about $5000 cheaper. When they understood they won’t be able to get away with putting a cheaper system and therefore, will not be able to gain as much profit as he thought, he decide to simply “walk-away” leaving a lot of damages to my property.

Do NOT deal with this company as they will sell you one thing but install a totally different, cheap one.

This is a brief description what has happened, I am more than happy to provide evidence and all supportive documents, including numerous photos. Please feel free to ask me any questions, more detailed review with all materials to be published shortly.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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