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About Planet Power, Solar Installers

Planet Power
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Planet Power specialises in reducing house hold and business power costs through offering a diverse range of products suited to reducing energy consumption in the home and business. We have helped thousands of people lower their energy bills and understand how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Planet Power Solar Reviews

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So far so good. Very friendly and responsive. Not reflection on the solar installer but a general observation for rural areas is the need to have good internet connection for monitoring - that has been the only hold up. Show additional information
After getting several companies recommended to us by Solarquotes we decided to go with Planet Power. Sage was the young man that came and seen us, he was very good at explaining what his company were offerin.
We went with Planet Power and are now waiting to see the results.
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Hi Finn,
Firstly thanks for going to the effort to make this website!
We got one proper quote from planet power, one call that was from sorry I can’t remember what company but they were basically not interested and trying to turn us off going ahead and another call that my husband did not return.
We are going ahead with planet power as he clearly cares about us our situation and providing us with the right system.
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My system was installed with a faulty part that eventually caught fire, through no fault of the installer, the part was known to be a faulty line from the manufacturer by planet power however they failed to let me know. When it was finally replaced they charged me for the part. I would not buy as much as an aa battery from them. Customer service is nonexistent once you pay your on your own. My return is approximately $10-15 a quarter. NOT GOOD ENOUGH Show additional information
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Customer service is unbeatable, from Salesperson to owner of company.They took the time to travel, a fair distance,to view the site and then came back again to explain/discuss the system allowing us to make an informed decision on installing solar and updating old farm wiring.
Great people to deal with.We hope the installation goes as well.
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Darren from Planet Power was brilliant. He explained the whole system in layman's terms and did not attempt to confuse with all the technical details. I was kept informed along the way with emails from Planet Power and the installers did a great job on the Roof. Show additional information
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Excellent software support and testing. Show additional information
Inverter failed after 5 years and would cost $1800 to replace. The inverter co went broke suggesting PP used an inferior inverter. Absolutely no cost saving at all. PP said we couldn't expect much of a saving on a small system but failed to tell her that when selling it to her. Show additional information
Quote was much more detailed than others, including warranty descriptions. Price differences with other comparable quotes was minimal. I chose them primarily because they have their own team to install the system ( yet to happen). Show additional information
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No assistance offered with wifi connection. Panels not installed in optimum location Show additional information
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I only rated the quality of the system as good due to the fact it has only been up and running for three or four weeks ... will need to see the power bills when they come in over the next 12 months .... thanks for all you help via your web site ... it was much appreciated ... Show additional information
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A few issues with component availability, not Planet Power's fault. The company were thoughtful and diligent in working our way around these issues and we ended up with a better system than before, at a great price. The salesperson, Simon, is totally up-to-date with the technology and treated our level of knowledge and our wishes, with respect. Installation is pending, but if it is up to the standards displayed so far, we will be well served. Show additional information
They were the only supplier to offer advice on micro inverters and were willing to provide quotes for both standard and micro installations.

Also they made the effort to travel the hour and forty minutes to do a site inspection for a detailed quote.
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Solar Quotes site is the best site for well researched, accurate, authoritative information that I have found whilst doing my research into installing my own solar system.
The site is very well set out in a logical, easy to follow way. There are lots of links to further research.
The review section is of particular importance.
I relied heavily on this section to help make my decisions regarding panel and micro-inverter selection.
I have had no hesitation in recommending Solar Quotes to family and friends and I will continue to recommend Solar Quotes

Keep up the good work !
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Installation was quick and efficient, follow up has been excellent, firm has been in business for over 15 years, and doing solar for 5 or more years. Show additional information
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Quotes received ranged from 2,500 to over 10,000, for the same size system. There are a few people out there who I would call sharks. We went with Planet Power because the system we chose was affordable, and the salesman Andrew was honest and straight down the line.He was not pushy and we found him very helpful. Also they have a local shop front where you can speak face to face with the person. Show additional information
Whilst I had firstly decided to use the Renewable Logic company for a $15,000 solar energy and hot water system, I found that although they were good with the rhetoric and promises, they did not deliver when I was asking the detailed questions that I needed answering and I felt that it was too hard for them to provide any quality time for me.

I even recorded a very negative comment about the service I "did not receive from them" despite many unanswered emails. I could not believe that I was offering to spend $15,000 in cash with this company but they could not be bothered returning my emails, which to this day, have still not been answered.

So my advice to consumers is to shop around, ask the hard questions and then assess the quality of service that you receive because I would never recommend Renewable Logic to anyone despite their slick PR machine which I feel is rhetoric rather than fact.

On the other hand I found Planet Power very professional and the high quality installed system (Sunpower E19's and two Fronius Inverters) is working fabulously well and often produces 32kWh per day which is a fabulous result.
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Easy to deal with, helpful and not pushy. Show additional information
I chose Planet Power because;

They have a real physical shop that I can walk into on any week day and I can speak face to face to one of their representatives. I am more suspicious of a travelling promotion moving from town to town like a circus leaving only email addresses or answering machines to deal with.

Planet power terms and conditions seem reasonable and not a scam.

Origin Energy was not able to surply an inverter greater than 3kw.
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proceeded with the project on the basis of an investment. The capital value is more or less added to the house and is subject to increase with inflation. From my calculations of the projected "tax-free income" (by way of savings in amount of electricity purchased + sale back of surplus solar power generated) rivals the best returns from say bank shares, and with the likely increases of electricity prices into the future that income should be maintained and increased too.
Of course this is dependent on my assumptions of the amount of Solar energy I can produce, but over the last few days (the system started producing only last Saturday) the amounts recorded suggest that those conservative assumptions might well be reasonable.
At present, the excess power exported returns a benefit only in that it 'turns' the existing meter backwards. I have to wait until Energex replaces that existing meter and, most importantly, until my retailer - AGL - agrees and implements the charges accordingly.

Regarding the supply and installation by Planet, their sales manager was fairly aggressive, but did give the impression that he understood the product well. Their promise of about 3 weeks delivery fell down by about a month. During negotiations he answered your suggested questions (and others) readily and mostly satisfactorily. However I was lead to believe that the installers were directly employed by Planet. In the event, it was their sub-contracted electrician and his apprentice who arrived bringing the panels etc, discussed arrangements with me, and carried out the whole of the work on site. Apart from their not having been provided with any spare fixing rails (thus limiting flexibility of layout), they carried out the work well and expeditiously, obviously knowing what they were doing. The electrician returned the following day Saturday) to complete additional work of changes to wiring to run the pool pump and water heating on the cheaper Tariff 33.

I am reasonably well satisfied with the job - subject to the work still to be done by Energex and arrangements with AGL completed. I have some feeling that maybe, with the ability to make better comparisons, I could have saved some money overall. But, for something expected to have such a long operating life, this is relatively insignificant compared with future inflation.

Planet's guarantees on panels (up to 30 years on performance and installation) are substantially longer than those offered by others. Maybe this is a reflection of the quality of the products, although I won't be around to check it. And I doubt that the firm, or most of its current competitors will not be able to be called upon to honour them either.
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Due to time constraints we were limited on who we could use, the sales person that came to the house had excellent knowledge of the installation and I am an electrician and he aswered all my questions. Due to the restrictions of time I could not shop around but this system was $10,000 cheaper than a quote that I had years before. They installed the date that they said it would be done 3weeks before. So extremely happy. Show additional information
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There was a deal going with the supplier of the panels at the time we ordered. A split system air/con worth $1350 (about) and installed for FREE one of the reasons we went with Planet Power.

We got a quote from Jims Solar and a phone call saying that someone would come on a Friday WHAT year don't know still waiting. Most of the companies had Mono panels Planet Power had POLY which are blue, these panels are better for rural areas. Thanks for all your help.
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I used Planet Power as they had a good sales person who knew what he was talking about and gave me a great price which was the best one offered. Show additional information
Dealing with Planet Power has been very professional so far. Installation was very good we had issues with our roof and had to go to a slightly smaller system than we originally looked at.

We are now waiting on Energex to install our meter which there is a delay on due to the high demand from solar installations.
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The installation took almost 5 months from signing up to inspection. The inspector indicated that all the installers from were of good quality. When making enquiries with other installers, we chose to go with a 10kw unit to cover our complete electricity costs. Show additional information
Thanks. Show additional information
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I did not want any Chinese component in my system and I found it really difficult to find out about the origin of the components as a lot of them had a hidden or not revealed Chinese origin. Show additional information
They didnt tell us about having to get a new meter. The installer told us so we are chasing that one up.But it is really good seeing the meter go backwards. Show additional information
Generally the office staff were professional ( phoned back when they said they would, unusual these days ), the solar panel installers were polite and prompt. A couple of minor complaints though,

- It took some time to get small electricity provider approval from Country Energy. Not sure whether it was an application problem from Planet Power or paper back log at Country Energy.

- Planet power tried to change the installation date at short notice. I had swapped work shifts a few weeks in advance to be at home during the installation, another person at work who had panels installed had the same problem.

Reasonably happy with the whole experience and would recommend them as suppliers
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