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About Solahart, Solar Installers

Solahart lays claim to being one of Australia's leading manufacturers of solar hot water systems, as it provides energy efficient solutions to more than a million households across in excess of 80 countries.

The company dates back as far as 1901, although its solar hot water operations began in 1953. By the mid-1960s, Solahart had developed systems that would function in a variety of different Australian climates.

In the present day, Solahart designs and manufactures the majority of its solar hot water heaters and components in Australia. Comprehensive warranties are offered to customers so they can rest assured their systems will function in the long term.

Solahart Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Since we have had it installed and paid the bill they have not returned our emails concerning some operational parameters, have become very tired of emailing and calling, very bad after sales service. Show additional information
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I'm most grateful for your Solar 101 lesson, which guided me in the choice of supplier & product. Show additional information
I got the solar hot water & solar panels put on at the same time about 7 years ago. they broke a lot of tiles on the roof which I didn't discover for months after they had finished the job when I got up to put up Christmas lights so there was nothing I could do about it. I had problems with water hammer with the hot water system which took weeks & lots of phone calls to get them to fix it. I phoned them to get my hot water serviced after 5 years & was told they would be there next week. about a month later I rang them because nobody had showed up & they simply had forgot & sent someone around the next day. I rang a month ago to get my solar panels serviced & they said they would call next week. I just rang again today & they said that a technician had rang in the middle of the day to do the job a couple of weeks ago & no one answered, this is after I told them I worked until 3pm, so no one bothered to call again. I told them not to bother coming & I will be looking for some one else to service my equipment from now on.
The customer service in Bundaberg is absolutely disgraceful & Solarhart main office should be looking into what is happening here because it is only hurting their brand name having a franchise with customer service so bad.
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The franchisee that installed my system has disappeared and the new franchisee for my area refuses to honour their guarantee. I have had to have the rooftop isolation switches replaced at my expense and now the inverter has failed within the warranty period and I cannot get satisfaction from Solahart. I have a complaint pending with NSW Fair Trading. Show additional information
Very good experience with Solarhart. The salesperson always responded to my emails promptly before the installation and the questions i had after installation. The initial at home consult was informative, and wasn't pushy at all, and answered all my questions. I had done quite a bit of research on solar before getting quotes (through the blogs on this website, whirlpool forums, and other articles).
The installation itself was very tidy, the installers were efficient and friendly and kept me informed of any issues.
Good quality panels (REC 280watt) and inventor (SMA), although coming with a premium price.
The system has been installed for 2 weeks now, and have not had any real issues so far, and has been performing as expected (comparing to similar systems in my area on
My only regret is that i didn't request extra panels to oversize the total system.
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I find most companies have limited knowledge, tries to push their agenda for maximum pricing. Solahart accomodated me, but more importantly, they know what they were talking about. Show additional information
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We did not receive quotes from all recommended suppliers Show additional information
The companies that you sent out were not interested doing the hard work eg measuring up, or even getting on the roof to look, wanting to put panels where there was shade but didn't look or get on the shed roof.

Solarhart were very efficient and they knew what they were doing. They measured up on the day, got on the roof of the house and shed and watched the shade as it was shading the shed roof. They did the hard work on the day. The panels were put up on Friday 30th June 2017 and are payed in full.

I don't know what the quote from one of the companies was, as I told him to go and never set foot on the property again ... I was so unimpressed with him.
The other company sent an email quote without even seeing the property ... I was not at all impressed.
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Solahart still have our business 10 Years after BUT IF they want to continue this relationship they better never repeat the fiasco of failing to turn up for Service that occurred earlier this year. Good Service is required not 95% of time but 100% of time. On the whole Solahart gets well over 95%. Show additional information
The supplier you recommended contacted me reasonably quickly with an over the phone quote based on Google Earth image and little else other than our average electricity bill. The Solahart representative came to our home, armed with data from Google Earth, and worked through calculations, including effects of feed in tariffs, to arrive at a recommendation for a system that would start small (2.5kW in panels) but with a 5kW inverter that will allow expansion later. It was the level of information and discussion that sold us. Show additional information
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You had no-one "in our area" for quotes, when I found at least 3 companies that service the whole of Queensland. Show additional information
Tim from Soltek Eneregy was very helpful with information and explaining systems. He was very patient and knowledgeable about the product and was very accommodating with my enquiries. Show additional information
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I spent a lot of time researching before buying and the things I found were amazing. Some of the cheap suppliers were really dodgy and their product even dodgier. My advise to purchasers is do your homework. The cheapest is not really the best way to go as you will be left in the lurch if the product fails or does not come up to expectations. I have gone with a well known company (Solar Hart) who was certainly not the cheapest (actually the 3.7kw price cost me more than 5kw prices quoted from the "cheapies") but I believe will be in the long run the best option for my needs. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.....Research,Research,Research. Show additional information
We had solar at our other house and had to have it at the new place Show additional information
Cheaper is not always the best, you only get what you pay for in the end,
I chose Solahart over 4 other quotes, because they offered quality and reliable components in their solar power systems.
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The difference in price was very big, but no one could match the experience and the quality of Solarhart. I got to quotas from the people you recommend in my area. One was too intrusive in his questioning and wanted to know every thing from the other. None of them appears to be proffessional in their approach. Show additional information
Salesman was much more informative
Straight talker
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Still waiting for power bills to arrive Show additional information
I received 2 quotes from your website. One quite quickly, another 2 weeks later. The third company didn't try to contact me. I felt that once I told the companies that I had been researching my requirements, I had already received a quote and my requirements where pretty specific, that their quote responses were pretty half hearted. The prices were competitive but the service and customer experience wasn't. Show additional information
We had net meter fitted installed and in price Show additional information
Just had an 302L SHW 2 panel system installed recently at my home. Eric Ferguson was an absolute gentleman and a wonderful professional installer of this system. He made the installation of these panels so easy and explained everything to me with no problems. Just wanted to thank Eric and his wonderful team of Solahart for delivering everything they promised to me and more. Thank you Eric..
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Only 2 people bothered to call me out of 3 you said. 1 of them sent me 9 pages of emails and still not even a quote on them and the 1 that did was so over priced. Show additional information
I found the installers great they explained how solar worked,it was a pleasure to have them here. Show additional information
Solahart were hugely helpful both with the initial installation, and subsequent dealing with ABB (which was then Power One) about the warranty claim. Show additional information
I found the solar quotes website to be a great source of information about solar power systems.
It was really helpful to have an independent opinion of solar power to compare against the advice provided by the solar power suppliers.
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Only time will tell if I made the right decision. Show additional information
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One solar sales man told us to avoid what are actually the best quality inverters available.

We ended up with a cheap inverter. It will be years before we find out if it meets its warranty period.
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Once you buy the system it seems there is no service unless they want it on their terms, the client has to wait around them to get anything done. I have waited two and a half months now with two reminders and three phone calls for the annual service and still haven't had it done! Show additional information
The person in the Ipswich office was unhelpful making you wait 1 to 2 weeks before you can have hot water - the emergency service number is useless they never ring you so all in all service very bad except for the lads doing the work they are good but the office staff very very poor service Show additional information
Bought solar hot water for starters. The tradies were great; very efficient, friendly, helpful. They answered any questions I had. The salesman was the best salesman that had come to see me. He went through my electricity bill much more thoroughly than anyone else. Everyone at this company seems (so far!) very approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful. It's early days yet. Only had the hot water system installed a week!, but if all goes well I would like to eventually use this company for full solar power, which they do. At this point in time I am very happy. Will be interesting to see the electricity bill next 1/4. Show additional information
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This company come out and talked to us and looked at our roof where the others only talked to us on the phone and used google to look at the photos which are about 2 years old and things have changed in that time .
It is much nicer to have someone come to your door and talk to your face about a big thing such as having solar put on.
They also gave us a 4kW system for the price of a 3kW.
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As the system was only installed on Friday 10/4/15 , we are unable to rate the quality of system. Show additional information
Sales person looked at our power bill and usage and determined we need 5KW system with 20 panels. He determine with use if figures that we would save 30-50% of our electricity. He did not mention that most households use majority of their electricity in morning and evening/night when the system is not producing any electricity.

We have since found that a much smaller and significantly cheaper system would have been more suitable as it would have generated enough electricity to cover power we use during day light ours. Now all we do is generate cheap power for the power company. Maybe the sales person gets a commission from them as well.

Customer service! Once they got our money, they did not want to hear from us. We were advised that a couple of months after installation they would come back to check the system is functioning correctly. We contacted them about that and were told they would get back to us. We have recently received a letter advising us we need our system serviced at "the very low fee of only $145.00". The sales person never told us system needed servicing and there would be service fee. The fee is about the same as what we might save over a quarter or two. Had we known that at time of sales person visit, that would have made a big difference on our decision to go with the solar system.

The sales person also looked at our roof as said it would be Ok. In actual fact we have large trees that shade the many of the solar panels for a few hours each morning. Again a smaller system with fewer panels would have been more suitable.

We spent $8500.00 on the system, when on of the much cheaper system ($1500-$2500) would have been more suitable. We are never likely to get our money back at the rate we are going, and particularly as they want a hefty service fee each year which greatly reduces what we would have saved.

In the words of a well known add, NOT HAPPY JAN.
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One of the people you recommended rang me straight away. I missed his call so emailed him to say I'd already signed with someone else. The second person rang me about a week later and I told him the same thing also. I never heard from the 3rd person you recommended. I'm not sure about going with small businesses. They easily go broke and then my warranty means nothing. I would rather go with someone I've heard of, has a good reputation and has been around for years. That's just my personal preference. Show additional information