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About Solahart, Solar Installers


Solahart lays claim to being one of Australia's leading manufacturers of solar hot water systems, as it provides energy efficient solutions to more than a million households across in excess of 80 countries.

The company dates back as far as 1901, although its solar hot water operations began in 1953. By the mid-1960s, Solahart had developed systems that would function in a variety of different Australian climates.

In the present day, Solahart designs and manufactures the majority of its solar hot water heaters and components in Australia. Comprehensive warranties are offered to customers so they can rest assured their systems will function in the long term.

Solahart Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
They actually came out to look at roof (NOT JUST A QUOTE OVER THE PHONE) and also took old solar panels down free of charge where as another company had quoted 1000.00 to do that. Show additional information
My hot water solar system floods my downstairs living area as overheats and sprays out hundreds of litres of steaming hot water until it empties itself - originally the tradesmen left me a bucket for the 'overflow' - I could of filled a swimming pool by now!!! had it installed six months ago and just got my water bill - it is double. Was told to 'run the house taps to alleviate the pressure' - no-one has come to look at the problem so I filmed it on my phone and sent them the USB of the footage - they still continue to act like they don't know me and hope I disappear. Just completing an unsafe product report to the office of fair trading - this nightmare cost me $5000 - and has cost me money instead of saving money as the product and company boasts - will never recommend them to anyone - EVER so rude and non existent customer service Show additional information
Thanks for your help. Some of the information that helped me through the Solar PV experience was obtained from your site or links from your site. Show additional information
Another company came to house and I never heard back from them with a quote. Solarhart offered 60 months interest free. Show additional information
System installed on time and no problems. The power being generated is more than we were estimated. They are not the cheapest but quality and service very good. Show additional information
The installation itself went great. However their customer service is truly terrible. I would have to make a minimum of at least 3 phone calls for each issue I needed to raise before I got a response. They would promise to get back within a time period and never follow up. If you have deadlines or time pressure then I would no recommend using SolarHart. Show additional information
The boys arrived on time and after a small hiccup, they did a great job and super clean. Big thanks to Todd who really sold me the system.... very passionate about the product! Although it wasn't the cheapest,
I had had a Solahart before for over 20 years with no problem so it was obvious I would choose the same. Especially it being Australian made too!!
I did promise I'd hunt him down if it didn't work right ( joking) but I don't envision any problems.
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Thank you very much, the information on the website was very helpful. Quotes were great most of them. The Finance company that works with Solarhart is very easy to deal with and the deal is very competitive. Show additional information
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Solarquotes were only able to organise two quotations and I thought I would get a third from the local Solahart installer. The Solahart installer was the only one who came to the house and discussed our requirements in detail. May have paid just a little over the other two but it's difficult to know if you're comparing apples with apples. Happy with the system we have so far. Thanks for your help and info. Show additional information
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I have been stuck in months of limbo with Solahart partially completing an installation.
I paid them a deposit in March but then found I had to change the meter to a digital smart meter so I arranged that (took 2 months to get that sorted).
They then came to install the system in mid July but it was raining on that day so they installed the Inverter only.
They have delayed completing the installation as they said it was too dangerous as there was some moss on the roof so we had to wait til it was dry.
In August, I contacted them again saying it was dry from mid morning and then again in early September when it was completely dry.
They still have not gotten back to me to complete the installation. There has been weeks of sunshine in Sydney and only recently has there been rain so the delay has been incredibly frustrating and they still cannot get back to me on when they will have the installation done by.

Do not recommend.
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Also installing solar hot water Show additional information
I would recommed solarhart as I felt at easy with them. Show additional information
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Went with them as was told would be installed with in a month only to be waiting 6 months for installation. In the end no ETA cancelled the order cost me $99 to set up account and lost out not impressed and would go elsewhere in future. Show additional information
Only just had the system installed however service has been excellent so far, salesman very friendly and knowledgeable about the product. Installers were professional and cleaned up afterwards. Show additional information
3 months after the installation work was done I have multiple issues that seem too hard to fix or they don't want to fix and I'm still waiting on the $200 gift voucher that was promised when I signed up to install the new system. Now going to Consumer Affairs and if I don't get my issues resolved I'll be taking them to the Consumer claims tribunal. Show additional information
In home quote with well trained salesperson who was able to answer all questions asked. System supplied consisted of 22 x 290w REC twin peak panels with otimisers and Solaredge HD inverter. I wanted a system that would deliver as much as possible and this system met my needs.
The installation was quick with well trainer installers.
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Solahart Rockhampton is a joke. I paid for the optimised system to be installed they installed the lesser value system after trying to tell me i hadn't paid for the optimised system yet my quotes stated otherwise. They came out and fixed it, installing the correct system but now i am being stuffed around for weeks for the app to be setup to monitor my system. This business is an absolute joke with the worst customer service i have ever had to deal with. WISH I HAD NEVER GONE HERE BE WARNED. Show additional information
This price includes the Powerwall 2 TESLA Battery with the Solar Edge Inverter both with 12 years warranty Show additional information
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Installed six years ago, replaced expensive thermostat (for the second time on 8 Dec, first time was just still under warranty, this time not) and don't have hot water AGAIN today. Three call outs and current problem not fixed ... in fact told phone call first thing this a.m would be returned, and still waiting. A FIVE YEAR warranty is insufficient when this kind of investment is made in VITAL home utility. About to have system torn out and replaced with tried and tested hot water system with LONG warranty. Went with Solarhart based on reputation...BIG mistake!!! Show additional information
Solarhart where the only installer that gave me a quote Show additional information
I have had installed 14 x REC 290W twin peaks panels, 14 x Solaredge P300 optimisers and a solarEdge HD wave inverter SE5000H by Solahart Sunshine Coast.
Too early to tell if value for money is anything but average - I'll try and update this as the bills come.
The Installation and customer service are marked down because of delays in installation (the first I was warned about - the second was when 1 person showed up to do what was obviously a two or three person job), having to get them back first to reinstall a powerpoint removed during the conduit installation and second because they forgot to install the WiFi card in the inverter and not being told that the reporting could take some time to commence (it took about 18 hours). I will say that the follow up on these issues was quick and they seemed to take an interest in remedying their mistakes and the end result was a quality install.
The positives : the system went in where it was best positioned, is of high quality and in the ten days the monitoring has been operation has generated approx 180 kWh- and three of those days have had heavy cloud cover and rain (my worst full day power generation has been 6.54kWh).
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Unhelpful, unfriendly, unprofessional after sales service. No Customer service Show additional information
Bought a $4000 Solar Hot water Service and it has died after 6 years. Was told by the operator it was probably a small unit in the pump & it was normal ware/tear. Not impressed !!! Show additional information
Can't seem to be able to get this system to work and it's not my first. System was fine over winter but now the sun is out it's a huge fail. Only works in the morning and late afternoon, or if I switch off half of the array. Not right. Show additional information
At this stage we totally regret going with's been over a month and our system is still not connected! We had to get them back to move one of the panels they put in the wrong place, and when they came to rectify the meter box wiring they forgot to submit the forms to Energex.
Added to this is difficulties with our energy provider, so overall not a good experience.
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I had absolutely NO satisfaction using your website, apart from the video explaining things. Show additional information
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Hi Finn

Many thanks for the assistance and your website had great information. We ended up choosing the local Solarhart installer as we recently had HW installed by then which was a very nice install. They offered us a decent price on an install that should be next week.
We elected to go with a smaller quantity of panels but spend a little more on an inverter capable of more panels and a battery at a later date.
We will definitely look at your site again when we feel an upgrade is feasible.
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Since we have had it installed and paid the bill they have not returned our emails concerning some operational parameters, have become very tired of emailing and calling, very bad after sales service. Show additional information
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