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Solar Naturally Reviews

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About Solar Naturally, Solar Installers

Solar Naturally is a Solar Power Installation company based in Canning Vale and serves WA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Solar Naturally Solar Reviews

Had a 5kw installed in winter. Very impressed with the system having reduced my synergy bill by more than $500 this summer, without changing our daily habits (still use aircon a lot).

Went into my roof to pack away Christmas decorations and saw that the install had been done neatly with no drooping cables. Impressed by the production I am getting as its much higher than expected.

Excellent job, friendly service.
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Salesman is very vague on details about the system. If you don't ask specific questions, he won't tell you anything. Even after asking questions, still wasn't 100% sure what we signed for until we pressed questions further. Install was booked in but not completed on the day as they didn't have the inverter in stock (who books a job in when they don't have the parts?). Took 5 business days to come back and finish it when they told my partner next day. Install looked like something out of south east Asia, but with the Perth price tag! Total of 2 saddles on the 25m cable runs which were just slung across roof space on plumbing/air con duct, and could swing around on it. When trying to contact them, had to chase them 4 times across 2 days and got hung up on also by the call centre. Calls never returned when told they would be. Electrician came out to fix it (different one from installer), and just put saddles leaving sags instead of actually doing a quality job. I highly recommend people stay clear of them unless you're ready to chase them up continuously to get it right. Cracked tiles and cable filings/trimmings left all over drive way. Show additional information
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Very poor service. We were told the panels would be installed within 3 weeks. I waited a month before anyone called me back after trying numerous times to contact my installation consultant.

I was then given 2 days notice before they were going to install the panels and had to organise taking time off work at the last minute. We were told they would arrive mid morning and they arrived at 1.15pm. (I did not receive a courtesy call or any notification that they were running behind schedule and had to ring solar naturally myself to find out when they were coming)

Once the panels were installed they had not put back 2 roof tiles (during winter) luckily we found them before it began to rain! They had also glued another tile back together but not bothered to inform me that it had broken. There were also tech screws scattered all over the roof.

Over all not very pleased with the service of the company.
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Received 2 quote only - 1 per email, 1 per phone. Show additional information
2 people contacted me 3 days later, when SN contacted me in 12 hours. Show additional information
They installed the panels with no care, they were like the ocean waves after my complaint they returned to adjust them and tried with no joy I went on the roof and did it myself, what a joke. Also I was informed whilst installing they were loud and very unprofessional, they will not be recommended. Show additional information
1. Installation postponed thrice. On first installation date, receptionist could not find my installation appointment.

2. Poor installation caused roof leaks over my formal lounge.

Company sent a part-time weekend painter to repaint the ceiling. The paint job was so bad, we had to call the company to send the painter back to repaint.

After three unsuccessful attempts (patches still visible), we gave up calling the company directors.

Would not recommend to use this company again.
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I was told that I did not require a Dual tracker because the panels would be installed all on the same plane. The panels were installed on two planes/ angles, and a single tracker inverter was installed. The installer said that that was OK, which I have my doubts. I will see if the installation is performing as it should over the next few weeks. Show additional information