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About Solar Panel Options, Solar Installers

Established in 2009, Solar Panel Options is an Australian owned and operated company dedicated to helping businesses and households to make the change to solar energy.


Our electricians, installers and sales staff are all solar experts, and together we are able to offer you a completely customised solar system solution to suit your energy needs. Our comprehensive solar experience will have you deal one to one with a representative and they will help you to determine how feasible solar is and even if it isn’t for you at all. We handle the installation and the whole process regarding paperwork that needs to be lodged for government rebates, getting the tick of the approval from electrical retailers and distributors and any other related matters, so there’s nothing to worry about. Our post sale and ongoing maintenance is something that makes us stand out as there have been many companies in this industry for a short time who never intend to stick around. We don’t offer one size fits all solutions, we pride ourselves on our personal service, taking care of all the details to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your solar panel system. Our first four years of existence was during the residential solar boom and saw us install thousands of homes in VIC, NSW & QLD. When the government redesigned the industry by removing high feed in tariffs, we had to change with it and around 2013-14 is when we made the move to focus on installing solar for business’. Since then we installed over 500 commercial sites with the majority of those being in Northern VIC.


When you call us you can be sure you will speak to a real Aussie person, who is happy to answer your questions and discuss energy saving tips to help you maximise the use of your solar panel system.


If you’re ready to stop spending money of high electricity prices hundreds and thousands of dollars off your power bill contact Solar Panel Options today. (1800 676 527)


Solar Panel Options Solar Reviews

First off I just want to say that most of the reviews on this site looks like its for residential. I Purchased a commercial system for my shop 15kw and also one for my home 6kw from Ash at solar panel options in 2015.
I get follow up calls from ash around every 6 months to see how things are going and to organise a maintenance check if required.
We have just recently organised a cost savings review on the system and things are looking great, hence the reason i want to share my review.

I organised 4 quotes in 2015 and it was lucky enough solar options called me at the time to see if i was interested because they were installing a business next to mine.
I dealt with Ash who told me he was with the company since it started around 2009. He was by far the most knowledgeable when it came to designing the right system. i felt i was getting oversold by 1 or 2 of the other companies a the time, I was recommended 30kw system when i clearly only needed half of that once i understood how it all worked after speaking with these guys.

I was told i would save around 7k- 8k a year. after a review i can say it is pretty close. after sales has been great. the pricing of the unit was pretty similar to other quotes. it wasn't the cheapest but also was not most expensive. ash provided me with a list of businesses that they had installed solar on around the area, which was pretty impressive and i guess helped me make my decision.

Only issue i had was a faulty inverter that was quickly fixed within 4 days and over christmas holidays.

overall I am very happy.
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Long delay in in getting the Electrical Inspector. Further delay in moving to the cut-over process. Further delay in in getting the electrical service provider and retailer to commission the system. New Smart Meter was installed even though we already had a smart meter?? (New House). Additional delay in getting the meter calibrated for solar power and getting the energy provider to turn on the system. Costs involved in achieving this action). Good/News Bad/News - It is now over twelve months since the system was installed - we have yet to have an electricity account. Despite numerous calls to the Electricity Supplier we still have not had an account. Do not know whether we have achieved any savings. Show additional information
Soalr Panel Options installed my system only a few days before the Vic feed in tarrif changed.
They managed all the paperwork and provided excellent customer servie in advising me on how to apply for my 25c tarrif.
I now have a good quality and value for money system just in time for summer.
I knew nothing about solar before they called. I compared price and quaility but their ability to answer my questions, educate me about solar and provide excellent support has been their greatest strength.
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I am writing this review on behalf of my elderly father.
This is a warning to others who may be considering buying a system from this company.

My father was cold called by SolarPanel Options he agreed for their sale rep to come to his home to talk about getting solar installed. He signed up for a 1.5 kw system on the spot not knowing anything about solar or the cost of a system. He paid at least 3 times what his 1.5 kw budget system was worth!.

Yes he should have done some research into the cost and benefits and at least talked to his family about his decision but he didn't.

Unfortunately he is an elderly gullible pensioner, that was preyed on by an unscrupulous company.

****Response From David at Solar Panel Options****

Our sales philosophy is based on providing an in-house presentation on our system, products and services. At the end of the presentation an offer is made to the customer.

In this instance the offer for a 1.5kw system was accepted.

We agree that pricing may have been above the cost of a “budget 1.5kw system”

However, Solar Panel Options did not present or sell a “budget 1.5kw system”.

We presented a quality system along with service, back up and support, included costs for meter change over and our full lifetime warranty.

The system presented and purchased was far from being a budget system.

We encourage all customers to research our products and we maintain a 10 cooling off period to all customers.

Once we were asked to terminate this contract, within the 10 day cooling off period, we did so.

Finally, the issues noted in the review from Peter have not been raised with Solar Panel Options directly.

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I wish to thank for their website and interest in supporting people like myself who do not know anything about solar systems. Its through this site I believe I made an informed decision in purchasing my solar system. Keep up the good work. Show additional information
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