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About Space Solar Victoria, Solar Installers

Space Solar Victoria

Reviewers report paying: $2,800 - $4,800 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Space Solar (Victoria) is a solar business situated at U3, 8 Samantha Court, Knoxfield VIC 3180 and operates under ABN 50 612 461 677, Community Energy Group Pty Ltd,  ACN 612 461 677. 

In October 2019 Space Solar (Victoria) was banned from participating in the Victorian Solar Homes program, suspended from the CEC's Approved Solar Retailer scheme and suspended from the SolarQuotes installer network.

They were found to have breached the following rules:

  • Some Installations Non-compliant with CEC Accreditation Guidelines.
  • Accredited Installer not employed/contracted for a system installation.
  • Not demonstrating due diligence in ensuring the safety of persons under their direct or indirect responsibility.

Solar Victoria is arranging for all customers who had a system installed by Community Energy Group to have their systems independently checked to ensure it complies with requirements and is operating safely and correctly. Any identified defects will be rectified by Space Solar (Victoria) at Space Solar's cost. 


Space Solar Victoria Solar Reviews

Cheap and easy install, however services ended when they got the money. I am still trying to get connected to the grid almost a year later

No issues with the install or quote. Cheap and easy, Passed all inspections and is working well. However once they had their money put little to no effort in helping me get the system connected to the grid. Electricians didnt show up to truck appointments costing me money with no show fees. Mutliple paper work issues. I still havent been connected to the grid 9 months after install. Get what you pay for i guess. Show additional information

Excellent Outcome

Got 5 Quotes. Space Solar insisted that they must do a site inspection one of only two who did a site inspection. I believe a site inspection is essential. Their quote was the cheapest and best value by a good margin. They went to a lot of trouble with alternative panel placement plans. On installation day I agreed to an additional extra $700 for installation partly because I wanted to change the panel placing for a fourth time and partly because they had made a mistake regarding inverter location. After the extra charge they were still the best price but not by such a huge margin, but then the others may have ended up more expensive especially the ones who did not do site inspection.
What they did well
* Offered quality and value for money components and I believe genuine honest advice
* Good price.
* Very through and meticulous about installation quality.
What they could improve on
- The site inspector did not understand the rules properly about allowed Inverter placement. However every company who quoted made the same mistake as they all got good photos of the proposed location. Why spend the money on a site inspection and send someone who gets it wrong.
- The installation planning team did not properly study the information and photos that they had before arriving on site. As a result they wasted time when they arrived and it is possible we could have got slightly better panel placement.
- The person who did the inspection did not seem to be familiar with how the installation team fix the panels. He needs to go out on a few jobs even assist on some jobs. He could then give better advice to customers and to the installation planning team.
The end result was a quality job but it could have gone smoother and quicker. Better planning almost always pays for itself.
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So easy, so efficient.

Frank provided a fast quote at a good price, clearly explaining my options and expected performance from my new solar arrays. Installation was arranged for a Saturday morning and was all over by lunchtime. The team worked quickly and efficiently and did a very neat installation. Follow up by an electrical inspector confirmed a very well done job. Would happily recommend Space Solar, in fact my friend is now getting a similar sytem installed by Space Solar,based on my recommendation and having seen the work done. Show additional information

Excellent installation, system works well

Had a 6.51KW system, (13 x Trina 310 panels facing North), (8 x Trina 310 facing West), 5kw Sungrow inverter SG5K-D. System works really well, I have little bit of shading on the North side late in the day, and on the West early in the morning. Otherwise I think the system performs very well. Solar Victoria arranged an audit, the only item which required rectification was the inverter was missing a locking screw, despite this being a really small fix the company came and fixed it within a few weeks.
The purchasing process was a very straightforward and the sales rep was happy to assist throughout the process, and answer questions post installation, as well as arranged inspection and liaised with my retailer to get it connected to the grid. (note there was a 7 week lag between installation and grid connection, mostly due to schedule of inspector, and time it took inspector to issue COES after inspection).
The only feedback is they didn't really discuss the minor shading issue, and provide options such as DC optimisers on some panels.
They also don't provide a very detailed cost benefit analysis, but I had done one myself so wasn't a big deal.
The installers came on time, were well mannered and clean, install looks great.

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The system has not been installed yet, but I am very happy so far. The three companies which you recommended provided good advice with no high pressure tactics.

The information on your web site is outstanding.
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Rick the installer was very thorough and was up to date with all the regs for the industry and explained everything that was to be done and why. A great job.

The sales and quoting process was quick and easy, the installation when it happened was all three of the above, the grid connection was in place as I already had a small system working. Show additional information

Quality system, quality installer

The quote and sales process was easy and they were happy to tweak the system design a lot. The installation was quick, efficient and a quality job. Getting the rebate paper work and grid connection was easy. Great all round. Show additional information
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Waiting for new solar rebate to open to proceed. Show additional information
I had a specific place I wanted my inverter and did not want any conduits visible from the outside. The installer was able to accomodate for both these requests and completed a neat installation of the inverter. Show additional information
The solar quotes process worked seamlessly.
Two of the the quotes provided were very competitive and very customer focused.

Thanks for the great service.
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Poor and misleading communication about install period. Had to and still initiating following up myself. No follow up from installer. Show additional information
You folk and Spacesolar were superb. Your information material and answers to my queries far exceeded my expectations and gave me the confidence to proceed. We could not have been more pleased with Spacesolar in every way from initial contacts, home visit, pre- Installation advice, the installation, and follow-up. Nothing has been too much trouble.
We thoroughly recommend both organisations unequivocally.
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This company was the only one I contacted that was prepared to be flexible with my choice of panels and invertor. Others were not even prepared to discuss options. Show additional information
The team at Space Solar - particularly Frank in Sales, Matilda in Customer Service, and Peter in Processing are all knowledgeable and very responsive. They provided all the requested information readily and answered all my questions very promptly and comprehensively. This is the reason I chose Space Solar - they weren't going to leave me in the lurch. They also had very competitive pricing and quality products.
Regarding installation, everything went smoothly on the day though the installation team did have some communication issues so it was complicated. For example, to get them to rotate the TV antenna so that birds don't sit on it and defecate on the new solar array. I had to draw a picture so it could be translated to the team on the roof. In addition, the panels were put on a brick patio and leaning against a brick wall, where they could get scratched. Had I known, I would have provided material for them to rest on until installation. Otherwise everything went smoothly and no tiles on the roof were broken.
Regarding another company, it is almost impossible to get hold of them, you need to call on the dot of 8 am to have any chance. It has taken since late December 2018 and my rebate application has only now 20 Feb 2018, been approved.
Space Solar was initially contacted late December and the system was installed 9 January, so wonderful!
Regarding grid connection, that took about a month. It would depend on your electricity supplier. Overall everything is complex and does take time. Make sure you take accurate records because you will get heaps of files required for different purposes.
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Hi Finn,
Thanks for your assistance is getting through this rather confusing process. Your Web Site was very helpful in teasing out the many different issues. I was very happy with the professionalism of the installers and I'm enjoying watching the Kilowatt/hours mount up!
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Reviews after 2 independent inspections

The consultation process was good and Reece was quite with my questions. Probably one negative thing is he did not try to configure my system with some North-facing solar panels to maximise production. My North-facing roof was not the best profile with any angles but I was able to put 8 panels. All panels were West-facing. My advise is to fully understand your roof profile and sun directions, it is important to do your own research instead relying fully on the sales consultant.
Appointment of installation was quick and easy. The installers turned up on time and finished the installation without hassle. They also helped to trim the aluminium frame to be shortest possible.

My system has been working perfectly and producing above average power.
Since the recent reports in the news on Space Solar banned from participating in Victoria Solar Rebate program, 2 independents inspection were conducted by IT Power Australia and on behalf of Solar Victoria. There are a number of issues need to be resolved by Space Solar

(i) Installer has drilled two holes on inverter to feed wires through instead of using designated port on the inverter,
(ii) From these 2 holes, potential water ingress into inverter because they are not sealer properly,
(iii) Panels are not earthed,
(iv) Connectors need to be replaced as they are not from different manufacturer or supplier.

These issues have not result for the inspector to shut down my system, which is a relieved. But it is disappointed with the quality of installation. In my opinion, if there is an inspection, please conduct them.

I am waiting for the official report and Space Solar to action to rectify these issues.
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Worst Experience

Got the rebate and loan approved on Sept 4th round. Paid $600 deposit. During sales, I was not informed that the 330W Trina Solar panels were not in stock. I had to chase up everytime to know any update. Except for the sales person Reece nobody really cared to even update or do anything about it. Waited 2 months and they still dont have any date when they will get the stock. The last time I spoke I was told early November. No accurate date was provided. I had to cancel the order. Now need to go through some other provider and the rebate process. Show additional information
Made it easy. Initial contact with Reece was excellent as no-nonsense, informative and very knowledgeable and responsive. Installation crew were very friendly, quick and did a great job. They even showed up on a 36 degree day on a Saturday to do the job so am very impressed with this company. Also accounts staff very flexible and told them I couldn't pay on the day as weekend and gave me ample time to pay fully. Overall, very happy about system which is performing better than expected and have recommended to a friend. Show additional information

Not worth the hassle.

They were comparable to others on price and quality of products.

Unfortunately they do not keep you up to date with the paperwork, booking of the installation or booking of the electrical inspector. I had to wait over 10 weeks to just get a certificate of electrical safety and am still waiting for them to finalise the distributors works.
I needed to chase them to sort out an installation date.
I needed to chase them to get the electrical inspector out.
First electrical inspection failed and electrician was required to come back to fix their work.
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Space Solar were the most helpful in:
- addressing our (many) questions during the quotation process
- explaining what was (or wasn't) technically feasible/advisable - e.g. in terms of array configuration
- adapting their proposal to various concerns (e.g. shadowing) that we identified
- highly transparent with their pricing model/formula.

In retrospect, however, a site visit as part of the quotation process would have been advisable, as there were unplanned changes to the system on installation day. We understand that site visits as part of quotation would add to their general business costs.

In the end we are happy with the system as installed - although with slightly south facing panels we suspect that the mid-winter performance will be very poor (the upside is that it's particularly good in mid-summer - e.g. best performance so far is 45kWh in a day).
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Great so far!

Frank (salesperson) was great. Answered all my stupid questions.
Installers were great. Just bit messy after - but they were quick, must have been busy to go to next installation.
They did everything as promised. Thanks guys! Loving the free electricity during the day!
Now, just waiting for Energy Safe Victoria inspection then I can get my feed-in tariff...
They said up to 5 weeks before Energy Safe inspector will contact me, due to backlog.
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Great sales person, not pushy and very patient with my thousand of questions over 6 months period

Sales person very patient, i ask thousand of questions over 6 months period. I believe i get value for my money (or should i say Victorian goverment money)
Installation took over 2 days due to heavy rain, very neat and installed inverter at location i prefer.
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Chris made the entire journey relatively smooth and tried to offer assistance whenever sought

Space Solar sales actually worked with us to provide the right solution. I did my due diligence, which came handy while requesting information and asking questions Show additional information

Quick install

Space solar were good, they communicated well, gave lots of information, and answered my questions quickly, very happy to have gone with them. Install was quick and on schedule and I should now be connected to the grid, so I'm pretty happy with everything. Show additional information

Best value Solar Provider

Easy to deal with and very competitive proposal. The process was explained clearly. Show additional information
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Not installed yet, waiting for installation date. Show additional information
Good service, timely with good follow up and done with the minimum of fuss. Show additional information

Fantastic supplier

These guys where great, responsive, competitive and excellent workmanship. They explained everything and provided their mobile numbers to call for any issues after they left. I highly recommend you get a quote from Chris. Show additional information

all goods thanks for your recommendtion

quotation via mail
installation delay for 1 week due to lack of work. they are Polite and Tidy.
do after just 9 days after installation, not ready to get connected with grid yet.
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Sales person Reece was great over phone
And always ready to help.
Could call about any questions any time
Would recommend
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Very good service from Space Solar to set up the system although system has developed a fault which I am currently working through with them. Sungrow Inverter with Trina Panels. Show additional information
Installed LG panels 42x360 and Fronius inverter. I do have limited roof area and some of the panels required optimizers.

I was able to match prices but others gave quotation over the phone without proper site inspection, was worried after agreement they add on.
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Supplier Reply

Hi Stacy, thanks to provide your feedback to Space Solar. From our system's record and conversation our administration team had with you, we do see that lead time from booking to notify the retailer for metering of your solar was longer than usual. we apologise for the prolong lead time for your system installation and CES.

We received your order on 12th/11/2018, and managed to installed the system for you on 22th/12/2018. It was very busy time and we were not able to fit your installation to any day earlier than that. Inspection request was sent to independent inspector right after that however he was away during Xmas and new year for 2 weeks thus CES was received only by 22th/1/2019.

We understand that you were upset since the process of the job is longer than usual time frame and we apologise for all the inconvenience caused to you. We would have kept you posted for all of this happened and you would not need to chase up for all of this. We are glad to see you are happy with your system, and more than happy to assist you if there is any query about your solar.
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Sales staff was excellent, answering questions on email even on weekends after hours from iPhone.
Follow up service was also fantastic.

My only criticism was that the installers, which were great, only one of the 3 had English and that was quite limited.
They were very genuine however and with a bit of patience we were fine. Couldn't ask for nicer installers.
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THARANGA is fantastic. Victor is good. The installers are good. Matilda is good too. Show additional information
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I have been talking Reece, he has been an excellent sales person so far. System hasn't installed yet but will let you guys know how that goes. Show additional information
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Space Solar didn't give us a fancy brochure like the others but the price was considerably cheaper (although it's hard to compare like-for-like). I had to take the initiative to get some answers as suggested by Solarquotes - particularly once I was getting into the paperwork for the state rebate - but I was content with the information I got. I would have preferred more contact from Space Solar letting me know what the next step was or what was happening etc.

I changed my mind a bit as I did more and more research and my requests for adjusted quotes were attended to with minimal fuss.

Installation proceeded on the day scheduled although the planned layout wouldn't fit. Our friendly installers advised on a change that we were happy with.

I feel like we got a good system for a good price.
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Salesman was not pushy, unlike another company that didn't get the job However it was installed on schedule, the workers had good work ethic to get the job done efficiently system seems to function quite well. WiFi quite useful to see how the system is functioning Waiting to get my feed in tariff setup. Show additional information
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Hi, yes you made things easy for me. Show additional information
Thank you for providing the 3 quotes. Show additional information
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