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The central west city of Orange has a proud agricultural history and its cooler winter climate has enabled it to become one of New South Wales’ most prominent fruit growing regions – and more recently winemaking has been taking off.

Orange’s agricultural industry has meant that the area’s residents, whether farmers or local households, rely heavily on the sun. Signs are now that this has been extended to energy, with a number of innovative solar power providers located in Orange to cater to increasing demand.

Orange City Council has helped to set an example, with the installation of a 35kw solar power system on the rooftop of a garage at its depot back in 2014. In its first four months of operations, the system’s solar panels saved Council more than $5,000 in electricity costs. Given how much electricity costs have increased since then for Nowra residents and businesses, at today’s prices those savings would be substantially higher – and the solar power system much cheaper.

PV arrays have also been installed at the Home and Community Care Centre, childcare centres and Clover Hill function centre in Orange.

By June 2018, close to 2,800 solar power systems had been installed in Orange’s postcode (2800); representing a total of 13,500 kilowatts capacity – and these were all what’s considered small scale systems (less than 100 kilowatts capacity).

Solar panels are helping to power a clean energy future in Orange – and you can play a role in that while also slashing your electricity bills. Get on the road to solar energy savings by submitting for up to three obligation-free quotes from Orange’s top installers.

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