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The city of Rockingham, located south west of the state capital of Perth, has one of those swashbuckling histories that delight historians and visitors alike. The city was originally named after a vessel carrying settlers which was blown ashore near the site of the city and then abandoned.

In keeping with its “never a dull moment” history, one of the key memorials in the city commemorates the escape of six Irish convicts from Fremantle prison who had fled south. The convicts escaped by rowboat to the American whaler the Catalpa in an act of derring do celebrated by the memorial.

One wonders what the Aboriginal inhabitants – the Noongar people – would have thought of it all.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find Rockingham folk at the forefront of efforts to mitigate carbon emissions, preserve the beautiful coastal region in which they live and help reduce energy costs. The city’s access to sun has driven an enthusiastic take up of solar panel systems and a quick search finds a number of local solar panel installers ready to help both business and domestic solar systems.

The ways things are looking, it seems solar energy energy will be the next great historical page in Rockingham’s colorful history and provide it with a bright future!

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