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A sleepy and wonderful city in Victoria’s north east, Shepparton has a proud history; first as a sheep station, then as a major railway town and finally as a major agricultural and manufacturing city. Indeed Shepparton’s proximity to the Goulburn Valley agricultural industries makes it one of the largest irrigation centres in Australia.

The proximity to fruit and vegetable markets has made Shepparton one of the success stories in Australian multiculturalism with a high percentage of the city’s population made up of the immigrant community and the local Aboriginal population.

With a strong focus on agriculture and primary industry, the city of Shepparton already relies for its livelihood on its ample amounts of sun. Solar to grow the fruit trees, the vegetables and of course the feed for its cattle industry. However in more recent times the sun has taken centre stage as Shepparton’s future clean energy source.

One of the catalysts was GV Community Energy. The not-for-profit group provides – as the name suggests – a community service for residents, businesses, government organisations and community organisations to help them with information in their transition to renewable forms of energy such as solar power.

Also planned for the area are a number of major solar farms.

With such community energy it can’t be long before Shepparton adds “solar energy city” to its list of achievements.

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