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Altenergy Power System solar inverter reviews

Overall Rating From 4 Reviews:

Altenergy Power System solar inverter reviews

Average Customer Rating:
( 3.50 / 5 )

Altenergy Power System Inc. (also known as APS) was founded at the end of 2009 in Silicon Valley, and it specializes in the development and marketing of solar inverter systems.

Over time, the company grew into a multinational supplier of photovoltaic products, and now it can count on a tight international network thanks to several offices, warehouses and subsidiaries located in Shanghai, Beijing, United States, and in Europe. The Australian branch of APS focuses on marketing and sales, but it also manages every stage in the technical assistance and warehouse management.

Every APS product is CQC, SAA, CGS, ETL, CE, and VDE certified.

APS’s core business is the production and commercialization of AC modules, commercial and residential solar system solutions, solar kits and micro-inverters for both on grid and off grid applications with a power range between 250 and 1000 KWp.

If you want to find out more about APS’s range of solar solutions, have a look at the reviews here below from the happy customers who bought their solar inverters in the past, or simply check out the inverters listed here below to spot the ones that best match your requirements and needs.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
I've had 2 failed micro inverters which were replaced by the supplier (Sunwise). With a 5KW system I imagined all my electricity usage would be covered. However, I find that even on full sun days (in Winter) the max it puts out is about 3KW and about 1KW on cloudy days, leaving me with an electricity bill to pay. Maybe my expectations were too high for this system
Bought From: Sunwise Energy Review Date: 18 July 2015
Alan WA 6233
We chose a microinverter system. One of the ten inverters 'cooked' itself about three months ago ( our system has been installed for less than a year) and has been replaced under warranty by the installers. The technician said that he had not seen one of these inverters fail internally before - not an ambient temperature cause. Otherwise they seem to be working well.
Bought From: SolarMyHome Review Date: 6 May 2015
Bruce VIC 3927
We have 6 of the APS-YC500 micro-inverters in operation now for about 9 months. These micro-inverters appear to produce an output proportional to the available panel exposure under the variable shading conditions we have experienced during the winter months, right down to completely shaded. As far as I can tell, this is making good use of the available sunlight under these variable shading conditions. The remote monitoring provided by these inverters in conjunction with the ECU control unit and the manufacturers website, provides a very useful tool for online monitoring of the system performance in real time for the whole system, or panel by panel, or the entire historic record by day/week/month/year (provided the ECU control unit has internet access). It is also supposed to report individual panel or inverter failure immediately - but no failures yet so I can't comment on this.
Bought From: Future Energy Australia Review Date: 8 January 2015
Ian VIC 3135
I have installed a 9 kw system with 36 panels and mini inverters. So far I had to call the installer back 3 times and he had to replace 3 panels an one inverter inn the past 3 years. Now I have 2 panels that are not working and I was told to contact aps directly for which are not contactable as the NSW contact number being the Australian he’d office rings out.
Bought From: Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld Review Date: 13 October 2017
Ivan VIC 3097

Altenergy Power System has 6 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
YC1000-3-K480480 V1163 W94.50
YC200-EU55V max22095.00
Altenergy Power System