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Founded by experienced electricians, Clean Power believes that making the world a better place starts at home. The company’s goal is to build a cleaner, more economical and sustainable future, one property at a time.

With a team of qualified solar specialists, Clean Power delivers professional, expert service from end-to-end, installing Tier 1 products you can rely on. From the initial meeting to the CEC Accredited install and beyond, they guide you through the process, providing excellent customer service and ensuring you get the most out of your system over the long-term.

Clean Power’s team is a tight-knit work-family who are all passionate about solar and its many benefits. They are trained to deliver technical, bespoke solar advice that is adapted to each customer’s individual requirements and they offer a variety of tailored finance solutions to suit every budget.

The in-house CEC Accredited install teams have 6000+ successful installs under their tool belt, ranging from 2kW to 60kW.

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Off to a great start

Very happy so far with Clean Energy. The installers who put the panels up were quick, friendly and efficient. The technician who came out before and after installation of the panels was a pleasure to deal with and answered all my questions.

The salesman who came out and met me initially, spent quite a bit of time going through the process nd is always happy to answer my follow-up questions.
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TLDR: 6 month delay, unable to install. Would not recommend

They were pretty keen in signing me up intially (aren't they always?). But immediately after, their initiative and momentum fell right off.

After 6 months and multiple phone calls on my part, I was advised that they wouldn't be able to complete the install because my house was too high ( I live in a 3-storey townhouse) and told that it was unlikely that anyone else would be able to: which was complete nonsense, because I was able to get someone to install within a month (shout out to ECG Electrical). Was also told that I'd been overcharged for Clean powers proposal.

While the delays weren't entirely Clean Power's fault (sales person eft, delay with body corp approval), they definitely dropped the ball in following up. I suspect their culture is heavily sales-driven to get you to sign up intially, and sorry about the actual install later: I had another friend who was going to go with Clean Power, only for them to pull out because they failed to account for the skylight).

Also may be different if you're in Sydney (I'm in Canberra), but I wouldn't be recommending them based on my experience.

Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
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TLDR: sales oriented, unable to deliver in a timely manner. Would not recommend

Nothing personal against the company, but I don't think I could recommend Clean Power based on my experience.

Initially, salesperson was keen and quite proactive in signing me up for install (aren't they always?). However, the momentum after I signed the contract fell right off- it took multiple calls on my part to get any tradespeople out to have a look at my house. 6 months after I signed the contract, I was advised they wouldn't be able to do the install, because my house was too high (3-storey townhouse). I was also advised that it was unlikely that any other provider would be able to to the install, because of the height: that was completely untrue, because the guys I got to do the job not only managed it, but completed within a month.

While there were events beyond Clean Power's control (sales person left, delays with getting body corp approval), they were definitely responsible for the majority of the delay. Probably also worthwhile to keep in mind that I'm not in NSW, so they might do a better job in Syd- but I wouldn't be recommending them.

Panel rating: 1/5
Inverter rating: 1/5
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Efficient friendly no fuss from start to finish

Efficient friendly no fuss from start to finish
Really happy
This relates to the ACT clean power team
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Prompt and efficient installation

Prompt, communicative and courteous installers.
They had the job done in what seemed like no time at all.
On completion there was no evidence that they'd even been working there at all.
I was assisted with the installation and setup of the iSolarCloud application.
They even answered the phone when I called for some further advice on the app.
The whole experience was positive and I'd recommend them without hesitation.
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Installation was efficient and streamlined. No mess and courteous . Quality and ongoing service is unknown at this stage

Sales was good, not pushy. Took time to explain everything
Communication prior to installation was very good
Installation was efficient, no mess left, minimum disruption and intrusion
Very polite
Connected everything for me and explained the app
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I was reluctant at first but they showed a lot of common sense and positives.

They were very professional, very helpful and on time. They installed the panels and even arranged for my energy provider to come and change something in my meter box to be compatible with my new system. They weren't the cheapest as some of the other companies quote but you get what you pay for.
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Buyer beware of quality of installation! non compliance with regards to electrical standards

Door to door salesman was good. Was not pushy, well spoken and gave the information in an easy to understand manor.

The installation team were the complete opposite. Unprofessional and delivered a non compliant poor workmanship job.

The installation team were rough and cut corners every step of the way. From not securing the conduit inside the roof, not gluing the conduit together, not bothering to join the conduit at one point, not sealing holes drilled for access and damage of property through the installation process.

It took multiple requests for a phone discussion to be ignored followed up by a very specific email questioning the job with photo's before management would actually respond... not in writing!

They did however come and make the job compliant to Australian electrical standards HOWEVER the job still lacks workmanship and quality that they claim.

Buyers beware! They will cut corners and provide an uncompliant job if you do not check up on them! Inspect the job, if you are not happy DO NOT SIGN OFF until you are. Ensure you inspect your property prior to signing off too! This includes your meterbox and roof panels/tiles. Look inside your roof and ensure all conduits are secure.
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Smooth operation as promised

Solar panels installed today. From the quote to the follow up process to the installation everything went like clockwork. The installation team were on time, efficient and tidy. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you Clean Power team
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From 'cold canvas knock' to 'solar kilowatt'

The 'cold canvas' sales rep. must have done a great job for my wife to agree to a follow-up sales pitch appointment. The pitch was easy to engage in, honest and factual, without any 'hard line' time frames, almost enjoyable.
The fact that I was not required to change my electricity provider as part of the process/package was very helpful.
Also. as part of my own research, it was very helpful to understand Clean Power Australia has a significant interest, accreditation and long standing presence in the Australian Solar Industry.
The administrative process preceding the installation date was without issue and office staff kept me informed of progress and pending delays related to COVID -19 lockdowns/restrictions and predicted weather patterns.
The Installation team on the day were great. They each demonstrated good safety protocols for 'working at heights' and it was very obvious to see that they had a very good understanding of their individual and team tasks and responsibilities. They worked quietly and efficiently and I was pleasantly impressed to see 3 young men work so well together.
Clean Power easily accepted responsibility to organise repairs for a small damage that occurred on installation day.
In all, the complete Solar installation and connection has progressed very smoothly and I would not hesitate to recommend Clean Power as a professional company to deal with.
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Bailey's Crew, Polite and Punctual

Comfortable interview and informative about product. All questions answered. Installing went very smoothly, the boys went straight to work and finished without a hitch. Explained the process when asked. They were very polite and friendly, left no mess behind. Excellent customer service. Everything was done to our satisfaction. We have no complaints, we're very pleased with the service.
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Safety fist takes time

The sales process was good. Installers were polite, tidy and punctual. The company set up the switch to a smart meter. The installer helped to set up the app for the inverter. Concerns for safety on a 2 storey, 30 degree pitch, tin roof meant that the process took longer than expected.
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Feels good to have solar up and running!

The sales team bent over backwards. The installation went better than expected. Great customer service!
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very happy

About 8 weeks ago i had Clean Power install 25 Hyundai 350 panels (total capacity 8.8kw) with a 8kw Sungrow invertor.
At present on the Gold Coast (for the last 3 weeks) the daily yield from the system is ranging from 39kWh to 49kWh. With the assistance and advice which they gave at the time, whilst i have not received the current electricity bill, I can see the savings will be great. Excellent customer service from the quote to the install and follow up when completed. Really happy with the system and advice given based on my circumstances.
Some neighbours recently got solar installed at a considerably lower cost, yet their daily yields are a lot lower than what i am getting and feel that i certainly got the right system for my home.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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The best investment made this year!

There are so many 'dubious' Solar companies out there right now when it comes to sales and service, so you need to be aware.

On saying that, Clean Power Australia should be the one that all the rest model themselves against, in both service, communications, products and installation.

Coming from a service background, it's essential to me to make a human connection with the team. A sense of trust is even more super-important from those initial observations.

Even before the system specifications and brands come into play, I knew we found the right company. I had done all my homework on suppliers, whilst there are some excellent companies out there, things just clicked with Clean Power.

Callum took us through the options, of solar panels, inverters and the set-up needed, we are lucky as the place faces North, so we had plenty of space to use. We settled on a 6.6Kw system, made the deposit payment, and the ball was rolling. The service installation team were fantastic, within 24 hours we have the installation date booked, they kept us up to date all along the way.

The team that did the entire installation over two days, they showed up as promised and left no mess or damage. They were great, so professional, knowledgeable and just amiable guys, so the end to end from sales, to service and final installation has been fantastic all along.

Now that we have had the system up and running since 10 July 2020, we use the provided invertor APP along with AGL, as our supplier. We can see down to the 30 minutes production of the rooftop solar plant and then subsequent use. Apart from appealing to my inner geek with all data available, we are saving over 60% of our previous electricity bills. That's even with the total cost amortised over 25 years for tracking of an ROI.

In summary and close, I could not be happier with the whole process and product, wishing the Clean Power team all the success they deserve.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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