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About Elecforce, Solar Installers

Electrical Contractor's License:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
VIC: REC 21944 Elecforce Australia Pty Ltd 

Elecforce Solar is a Bayswater, Victoria based Electrical and Solar Installation Company. We concentrate our efforts in the NEast suburbs of Melbourne but can easily travel. Elecforce fills a niche market sitting between the Big4 monsters and the smaller General Electrical contractors. The actual install of Solar to your roof and the support of the ongoing warranties are our competitive advantages.

Paul Caulfield is our head Electrician. He started in 1995 and has specialised in Solar since 2011. Paul has overseen the installation of 1100 Residential and Commercial systems totalling over 7 Megawatts.

Site visits are not compulsory but are offered either after the quote or before the install. And we should be able to better any genuine written quote (there is some product we would not support) so be sure to ask and get what is best for you.

Elecforce Solar Reviews

First, big thanks to Finn and SolarQuotes for organising the 3 quotes from their trusted suppliers. We went down this road after reading heaps of helpful stuff on SolarQuotes website, convincing us that Finn is an expert in the field and we could trust his selection of accredited suppliers based on much past experience with customers. Big shout out to Fin!! Second, of the 3 companies, 2 contacted us straight away and provided quotes, while 1 delayed for a number of days, to the point that by the time they contacted us we had pretty much decided on the quote we would accept as between the other 2. Hugh from Elecforce was very helpful in providing options and recommendations regarding the right system for us. Based on research beforehand, we had already decided that as this is a 20+ year investment for us, we would only use LG or Sunpower panels due to their 25+25 year warranties. Elecforce was able to give us a price for Sunpower (slight edge over LG in performance) that was better than the quote we got for LG, so Elecforce and Sunpower got the guernsey! These were a brand new model of panels from Sunpower - their first with micro-inverters - so there was a delay while they arrived from overseas. As soon as they were available, Elecforce were on the job and did the installation. It was a very windy day when they came, so they got everything done except put the panels up - and even though it was the Saturday at the start of Melbourne Cup long weekend, 2 of the guys came back on that morning to complete the job which gives a lot of credit to Paul (owner) of Elecforce in regard to top quality customer service. Since then, we've been producing energy very well - highest production in one day so far is just over 41 kWh from our 6.5 kWh system, and we're not even in summer peak production period yet - can't complain about that. We're very satisfied that we got good value for money and highly recommend Elecforce, Sunpower panels and Enphase Envoy system.

Supplier Reply

Thanks Denis, nice words with the emphasis on your reports about the performance of the new Sunpower P series with Enphase. As I say "Sunpower are the Grandaddy of Solar yesterday, are today and will be in the future" Now that Enphase is an option with Sunpower Elecforce will always make Sunpower as competitive in pricing as we can just so the option gives clients as much pleasure as it does to you Denis.
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I dropped into the office and met the owner Paul he was very helpful showed me around the warehouse and the products that we will be getting it was nice to put a face to the business Show additional information
Went through solar quotes and elecforce (Hugh were the first to get back) and received prompt knowledgeable advice and options. Some quotes from other firms took weeks to receive but Hugh was next day. I did persist and get other quotes which was helpful for different perspectives and of course cost estimates. I also received a quote from another firm that came out to visit and their plan and advice was also helpful as trees in the neighbours yard had been removed. It appeared on the initial site plan based on aerial images that micro inverters may be necessary which was later clarified with elecforce as not being necessary. I was ultimately happier with the plan from elecforce and bumping up to 5.9kw with REC twin peaks panels and a flex PowerPlay monitor (which was a little bit of a hassle to set up but has been very useful and I’d recommend) . Finn’s very good advice is to go as big as you can...in hindsight I probably have gone up a little more to 6.6kw. Installation was done efficiently by elecforce and well beyond the time frames of other firms. On good days I’ve been producing 35kw which is excellent. With the new Victorian government subsidy, it’s a bit of a no brainer to go solar if you are staying in your property for any length of time. I’d highly recommend Elecforce and going with a local firm of electricians which has been in the business for some time.

Supplier Reply

Thanks for the feedback and support on the competitive advantages Elecforce has. Solarquotes is not just about getting a range of price comparisons but its biggest value (as you point out) is to build up a body of knowledge that leads both you and me to what is best for your roof. After that price is the last thing not the first.
Flex Powerplay is new to the market as a monitor and new software tech always causes us a few complications at first. We all just need patience.
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Supplier Reply

It took a little bit to get it across the line but between us we arrived at a good price for the system. Open negotiation gets a system on the roof. I have never had a client that regrets the decision to go Solar and nor will you. Thanks for the 5** Show additional information
Really appreciated Finns advice and recommendation, very easy to talk to and get information from. He recommended his top 3 picks and I chose Elecforce. Great and immediate response, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, cost effective, speedy, accurate, clean, neat workmanship, nice employees. I would recommend them anytime. Very very happy with the whole package

Supplier Reply

Thanks Bill, You have pointed out our competitive advantages which is the least you should expect when spending on a long term investment. It did help that you knew what you wanted, said what you wanted then allowed the negotiation to get to the right size, product and price. 2 way streets are easier to drive on. Show additional information

Supplier Reply

Thanks Allen, It all helped with your willingness to communicate with me. That way we all get what we need to go forward. Show additional information
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Supplier Reply

Thanks David, Good to get back on the right side of the ledger in the Customer service ranking. We have had a few issues with paperwork requirements and the additional stuff from VicSolar. It always takes a few weeks to get sorted. Show additional information
The installation was done on 11th September 2018. Elecforce submitted the paperwork to my energy provider on 10th October 2018. I checked with my energy provider on 18th October 2018 about the progress of the 'resell to the grid' application. I was informed by them that there was an incomplete EWR form that needed to be fixed by Elecforce (Connection Type / Truck Appointmet Neet to tick In EWR)
So until today 19th October 2018 we have not been able to sell our extra power back to the grid.
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Great to deal with all through, had a few hiccups setting up the app so I could see inverter output on my phone but such a minor thing overall.
Installation team were very professional and very friendly.
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I am yet to have my connection finalised with my supplier due to unfinished paperwork over 4 weeks after initial install. COES is supposed to be done within 30 days and currently isn't done after 31 days.

Supplier Reply

Thanks Daniel for bringing this to our attention. Without this feedback we cannot improve our systems and procedures. Could we look at the timeline as below.
Deposit paid 19th June
Install begun 25th June
Completed 6th July (bad weather inbetween with resheduling)
CES Lodged 8th July
Grid Inspected 9th July
Connection AGL to the Grid paperwork lodged to AGL 13th July
Heres where we went wrong with the Solar Connection paperwork. Our form did not have the model number of the Inverter noted so AGL did not go through their processes of allocating a solar plan (8 working days) or log back to us requiring an amendment. We were only aware of this when you called us last week informing of the email AGL sent to you. We have since relodged the correct paperwork and expect the meter to be put on a solar plan.
In spite of this you will be dissapointed that you have missed out on approx 2 weeks of the feedin tariff IF we had got it exactly right and completed the entire Solar turnaround in less than 1 month - we are proud that Elecforce can do this within 1 month whereas a lot of Solar companies cannot even install for 4-8 weeks.
A 10 kwt system for the last 2 weeks could export 20kwh per day after home offset. So we are depositing back $40 to your account as compensation.
I hope this goes someway to improving your veiws of Elecforce.
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At all times through the process we were given lots of information along with explanations in plain, easy to understand English. There was quite a bit of toing and froing before we made a final decision both in terms of options and costs. We got quick responses to all our questions. The installation went well and the crew were pretty careful. We had a couple of queries after the installation and Paul responded in a very positive and helpful way. We are very pleased with the way things went and would certainly recommend Elecforce. Show additional information
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Very good experience, explained everything to us, pointed us in the right direction with no pressure to buy, the price was good seeing we chose the best equipment, offered us free extra panels with our deal. We had no installation worries and it was a very clean job. We are very happy Show additional information
Elecforce were very good at filling in all of the appropriate paperwork for our retailer. They have responded to all enquiries in a prompt and courteous manner.

It still remains a bit of a mystery in terms of who to believe regarding the quality of panels. I guess you can only hope you get what you pay for, in the end.

(In terms of advice for our future use, perhaps some consideration could have been offered (and is possibly on your website...) about what the size of the system means in terms of potential battery installation. Our distributor (UE) allows for 10kW systems in this area. We have installed a 7.98kW system through a 6kW inverter, allowing us the possibility of a 2kW battery in the future. So whilst we were advised that the system could be fitted with a battery in the future, the likelihood of ever seeking a 2kW battery is pretty low. Perhaps that will all change in the passage of time...)
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Hugh and Paul have been great. I have referred them to friends and family who are now also purchasing systems. Show additional information
Broken roof tiles were an issue. Had to replace many tiles.

Supplier Reply

Thanks for the feedback Peter.
Because this is the poorest review Elecforce have received and way outside our norm I need to address your ratings from our point of view.
(1) Value for Money - a 4.28 Winaicco with Fronius 5 kwt Primo at $5975 is very good value for money and you did compare that against other like for like quotes on pricing. If you chose the price I cannot understand why you would devalue your own price decision yet still rank the quality of the system as 5.
(2) Installation - I presume that the broken tiles were your main issue on installation. Old Terracotta tiles are always an issue to all installers and any other trades working on the roof. You did only have a few replacement tiles on hand and Shaun did go to the supplier and replaced 30 tiles which Elecforce paid for. You have also held back $100 of final payment for other chipped tiles. It is disputable as too whether Elecforce were responsible.
(3) Customer service - You were site visited and quoted on the day you put through your request to SolarQuotes (Jan 12th). I responded to all your email queries on the date received. The deposit was received on the 23rd Jan and the install was completed in the proper time frame especially considering Dec and Jan was a rough time for Solar in that product like Fronius was not available.

Elecforce is able to take on board criticism because it improves us all however I think that the issues you have had are solely in the construction of the roof material. Elecforce did whatever we could (at our cost) to better the roof and install Solar. I think that you have been too harsh.

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These guys were just so easy to deal with from the salesman (Hugh) through to the installation team & Inspection.
Can't give these guys any more than 5 stars but they definitely deserve it.
Highly recommended!
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Both Paul and Hugh were great. After looking at so many companies that would either not get back to you, not give a quote or did not know what they were talking about, I was lucky I found the guys at enforce. Great job and system is working very well. Show additional information
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The staff at Elecforce were excellent to deal with, from sales to installation was a very efficient process and well coordinated to meet my requirements. I would thoroughly recommend them. Show additional information
Great costumer service, hugely knowledgeable in solar industry, happy to recommend Show additional information
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The suppliers were very prompt in organising the quote and then the installation. They were very informative and friendly. Show additional information
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What a no fuss experience this was. After Solar Quotes gave me 3 companies to contact i found that Elecforce via Hugh Couper appeared the most professional in what was discussed and final offer for me to consider. From then dealing with Paul was the easiest experience with a trade based service. He kept me informed of progress and the availability of stack that was held up due to dock dispute and being so close to Christmas I was expecting to wait until the new year. We were lucky to have it completed the week before xmas and it is operating as was told to me and shows we will receive a great benefit once operating fully with grid connection. Excellent products in the supplied equipment and the best service ever with the installers that completed the work. Can't fault any of the process and thank you to all for making the experience so hassall free. Show additional information
Sales, Management and Installation were ordered, sequential and efficient. The only drama has been liason with AGL and United Energy with connection to their grid. Smart meters indicate production of excess power and supply back to the suppliers grid but customer liason has been poor with the ultimate test our Electricity Bill in 2 months time. Show additional information
Couldn't recommend them more highly Show additional information
The best tradies that I have ever had do work at my house. They were quick, polite, efficient and even cleaned up after themselves. Show additional information
Elecforce has been very professional and have a very good team. I received a call from Hugh Couper. Hugh was very patient and replied to all my queries, he was not interested that I may/maynot give him business, his major concern was I had right information to make a decision. This is very rare quality and truly appreciate Hugh's input and professionalism. Given my knowledge on Solar energy was limited, he needed to be lot more patient with me and answer my queries.

After completing my order, he transferred me to Paul Caulfield. Paul is very good to deal with, the team he sent to my place to install panels was very professional too and did a neat and clean job.

Upon completion of installation, they explained to me in detail what would happen with regards to process of connecting it to grid.

Once installed, I had questions after week or so, and both Hugh and Paul were very helpful in answering my questions.

I would recommend Elecforce as preferred installer to anyone in process of installing Solar Panels.

Thank you Hugh and Paul, you guys should get 6 out of 5 star ratings.
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As a electrician myself, I was very happy with the quality of the installation and the after sales service. I would recommend contacting Elecforce to anyone looking for a quality system Show additional information
The guys at Elecforce were great. Very helpful, accomodating and tidy Show additional information
The lads who installed the system were competent an courteous.They got on with the job .We are very pleased Show additional information
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