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Green and Gold Solar Australia Reviews

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About Green and Gold Solar Australia, Solar Installers

Green and Gold Solar Australia is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves . Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Green and Gold Solar Australia Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
The system was comparatively expensive as compared to other quotes that i went for.I loved the loyalty and honesty which was showcased by the sales person in terms of everything from power generation to realistic ROI that i could achieve from my system.I was kept in the loop throughout the installation period and everything was done so smoothly right from presentation to the after service. Show additional information
I have 12 solar panels on the roof of a 2 storey home installed about 5 years ago. It gets sun from sunrise to sunset. I was told that the 4kw system I purchased would pay for itself in no time whatsover. So far my electricity bills have not changed, in fact have gone up. The rebate of about $12 per bill I get means it would take about 667 years for me to break even. The solar company says its to do with the energy provider who in turn tell me its the solar mob, but have also suggested that I am using more power now. My view point thus far is that its all a scam. Who do I call to have a technician check to see if the system has been installed correctly or perhaps the energy supplier has made some changes when they upgraded the meter box. I would love to see the benefits and savings I was promised before I forked out 8k for those eyesores. Show additional information
We opted for micro inverters hence the extra expense. Show additional information
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Not the cheapest, however, by far the most knowledgable out of all those whom were contacted. Whilst Solar Quotes installers did quote, their expertise or lack of contact made the final decision as to the installation. Show additional information
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They took under six weeks to install and the installers were very polite and thorough and explained everything to me. The panels are 1st rate and the inverter is a mass brand new to Australia but has a good writeup. Thanks to your advice all went well. Show additional information
Installed promptly, failed after 4mths , have waited 10 weeks for a replacement inverter . NO AFTER SALE SERVICE . Still waiting for inverter to be fitted . Cannot recommend this company for after sale service. Show additional information
The panels are quality panels that withstand frost. Installers came when they advised us and worked efficiently. Thorough explanation of procedures Show additional information
I'm very happy with my system and it has been working like a dream. It was great dealing with Mark who was the sales consultant and the team! There were complications with my house but Green and Gold were the only company out of 3 that had the skills and knowledge to get the job done and at a good price too! I now have a 3.5kw hybrid system with a bigger inverter and I'll be grabbing batteries off Mark and the team later! Maybe some more panels too! because of the free upgrade on the inverter!
Super happy and would recommend Green and Gold Solar to anyone!
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We went with Green & Gold Solar because we are a small business and we needed a local in Bundaberg who would look after us and tell us what was what. Great job to the team at Green and Gold solar from start to finish job was professional, great value, great product and kept us informed all the way. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for solar power and batteries. Show additional information
I had an excellent experience with these guys. I dealt with Brad and the team at Narangba and they were very supportive and professional. The installers were on time, efficient and clean. I really recommend these guys to anyone who is in the market for solar power. I would find any negative comments relating to the product or conduct of this crew hard to believe. Show additional information
After looking over what seemed to be a thousand quotes and being confused out of my mind about different products. I had one last quote from a local bloke in Bundaberg. Shane Brady the local solar guy for Green & Gold Solar sat down with my wife and I and explained everything in terms we could understand. He showed us the difference in products and gave us multiple options from top quality down to the lower end of the budget. The most important thing was he never once told us that this one was the best and we should get it. The decision was always up to us with no pressure applied at any point. The installation went off without a hitch and we currently have a system that we are very very happy with. But for me the best part of this whole process is the fact that they are still involved with us long after the system had been installed. Shane monitors the system for us online to make sure it never has an issue and he drops in for a cuppa form time to time just to make sure we are still happy and the system is operating as it should be. I would have no hesitation what so ever to recommend Shane and his team at Green & Gold Solar to anyone I know.
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Thank you to Green and Gold Solar Australia for looking after us. They were honest, reliable and supportive when we needed them. There are so many others in this industry after a quick buck! Not applicable with Green and Gold. The new management at Narangba Office were and are continuing to be an amazing support to us. We are now enjoying huge power benefits from our high quality system installed. I would refer them to others if given the chance. Show additional information
I would not recommend these guys for other people as they provide a lack of communication, I had to continually ring up to find out where everything was up to, paperwork wasn't correctly done, information was either not provided to installer or installer didn't read information correctly, had to get appliances rewired to single phase as the paperwork for dual phase was not put in and dual phase was already on the property to start with, the product itself seems to be good so far but will have to see how long it lasts. Show additional information
jake warner of priority power services sub contracts to green and gold for installation that was biggest concern after hearing bad stories about installations from all these different companies but got on roof after they left prised every anchor point on roof perfect. Had to go through besant block for electrical again spot on there are a thousand installers but at least if u get him and team u can rest a bit easier Show additional information
Have put complaints into fair trading. Very poor customer service, dont call back and dont want to know you once you have paid them. Have had a faulty invertor from Samill for 6 months, never picked up, no replacement has arrived. Just keep paying your electricty bill it will save you 6g. Show additional information
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I have just bought a 5 kW system have been shopping around for few months and have found green and gold not to be the cheapest but the quality and service was the best from the start to the end they looked after everything installation guys where very good done a excellent job i was very happy i would recommend them to any one Show additional information
If you happen to live outside the Brisbane area you can forget about after sales service.
(We live in Rockhampton Qld).
Our inverter has failed in the warranty period, have to jump through too many hoops to get a replacement and then if you do get a refurbished replacement you have to pay to have it fitted!
They don't return phone calls.
We have opted to locally purchase a replacement inverter.
I was warned, but once bitten twice shy.
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I have treid to contact them five times to have someone check the system and they never return calls. Show additional information
It's been 5 months and we are still waiting for the installation of solar panels and batteries. They have our money and we have nothing. And finding someone to please explain is a joke. No one will return your call or even bother to give a courteous text or call to even see if the work has been done or where everything is at. I would never recommend Green and Gold Solar to anyone. As far as the product goes I can't comment on the quality because they haven't installed the bloody thing. I will be seeking legal advice to recoup moneys laid out on what appears to be a donation to Green and Gold Solar of $15000.00 Show additional information
We have been trying to contact them to have an issue rectified, without any joy. They do not return calls nor do they email. We have now had our system apparently up and running for 4 months...that is till we get our electricity bill and I made an enquiry abut there being nothing to show how much power was used or supplied to the grid. It seems we do not have the right meter and the paperwork from Green and Gold was never signed and sent in to our energy company to give them the order to install this meter.
After we have made numerous attempts to contact them we finally get told after 4 weeks that it is not their issue as their electrician didn't do it and they have left???????? i have also been informed that i will have to pay for the meter to be changed over even though this was apparently included in the quoted price. so for the last 4 months and counting i have paid my instalments to the finance company, uploaded god knows how much free energy to our energy company, or just wasted it if it hasn't been sent on to the grid and had to pay a full electricity bill, that i was excitedly waiting to see either be very reduced or at a zero balance.
I can't even express how angry i am........oh and to add to this there are a few others in our area who are also dealing with the same issue....
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I'm remote NSW and found it difficult to get Griffith NSW solar companies to quote. I went with green and gold solar as they were a company listed on your site. Installtion was acouple of weeks after promised date but was undrstandable with stormy weather around. The installers were from Sydney.
Just over $10,000 with $1500 deposit & 40 interest free repayments of $107 per month. Battery ready? With my already existing 1.5kw (60c/kwh) system producing about 9 kWh on a good day I'm in front on my bill but I am only using about one third of the 3 kW system so far. The excess (six cents per kilowatt hour ?) roughly covers my hot water system. Power use from the grid after three weeks is about 180 kWh which is less than what I have provided to the grid – about 260 kwh. I need a battery!
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Having a problem with the inverter and it's taking a long time to get sorted.
The sales process and installation was easy and fast.
The guys doing the installation were good.
But the length of time it's taking to fix or replace an inverter is too long.
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Since installation i have found out that my inverter installed is not a hybrid inverter its solar only and if anything its hybrid ready meaning i have to spend even more money to upgrade it to a hybrid (battery storage) inverter. Six months after installation my inverter died and i was without an inverter for a month until a replacement unit was sent, No help from Green and Gold solar after initial installion. Show additional information
Excellent service. Quotes were given quickly. I decided on the system I wanted from previous experience. Installation was made within 2 weeks. Kept informed on progress of application. Would certainly recommend Show additional information
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The 2 young Installers, 20-26years old were amazing. Informative when asked questions, nothing bothered them and they got straight into it. They didn't stop working the whole time they got here and they were also on time.They even told me every 12 months to clean the Solar Panels to get the most effiency out of them.
They are both a credit to Green and Gold.
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The installers were very professional,their work was very neat and they explained the instillation process in detail Show additional information
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We are very happy with our choice and back-up service being provided. We would reccomend Green and Gold Solar to anyone interested in installing a solar system (in fact we already have).
It's a nice change these days when a company representative has professional standards on the product he sells, arrives on time then follows up his statements with actions. This is enhanced when the company does the installation on time and without any interruption to your home. They cleaned up throughly at the completion of the installation also.
We are now looking forward to paying less for our power.
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Paul from Green & Gold Solar answered all my questions and explained in detail the process from application to installation. System was installed and commissioned within 3 weeks and so far so good - highly recommended Show additional information
The first contact was from CSA. Salesman very friendly, arrived on time unfortunately there were questions he could not answer as he was not qualified to do so. Had to refer our questions to others.
Nichols - well they did not contact us personally, two weeks after your submitting our enquiry, they mailed a quote with many variations and this was difficult to work through. Never yet had a phone call from them!
Green and Gold - Their salesman Paul holds various qualifications, was able to demonstrate efficiency data of various panels, also referred us to the Government testing site etc. so we could check independently. Worked through our electricity bills with us to find the most appropriate system for us. Paul is also setting up the wifi system so that he can monitor going use and assist in further savings.The installation was delayed due to some internal problems with supply. We are still waiting for the correct maintenance book, which the installer apologised that he had mislaid.
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Through Paul Blake I learnt a lot about current and future solar trends. He also saved me money by convincing me that I did not need a separate solar hot water and solar power systems; just needed some energy management and a timer switch! Show additional information
Paul was very helpful in assisting us to make the right choice. The entire experience was satisfactory, although it took much longer than expected..... Show additional information
Inverter started tripping 2 months after installation. Made 3 calls before there was any reply. 5 months later system tripped repeatedly during hottest part of the day. Repeated calls got no response. Finally got through after a few days. Promised to come, reluctant to change inverter, suggested the power supplier was at fault. Power supplier responded to my call and came on the day, no fault there. Am still waiting for Green & Gold after 2 weeks, meanwhile the system trips and therefore not getting the maximum electricity out of the panels. WHERE ARE YOU? Show additional information
Great value for quality of system, and excellent and prompt service. Supply and installation costs all up front with no hidden extras. Explain everything in easy to follow detail. Paul Blake and Green and Gold Solar are a great team. Show additional information
The electrician who installed the system was very helpful and thorough in his explanation on all the questions I have asked him regarding the system and about the figures the equipment is showing on the LCD display. Very helpful chap and he single handedly installed my system. Show additional information
Main reason for choice was the firms period of time in Australia and the possible continuing service availability. Show additional information
They held up work because the office stuffed up the deposit.
When the system was connected by Energex and turned on a fault showed up. Rang office but got nowhere as bill had been paid and other than that the person spoken to did not apear to know what was going on, or appear that interested, it being close to knockoff. Rang again and left message to be contacted re fault, 24 hours later, still waiting to be contacted. I hope the equipment is good because I dont expect much service from these people if things go wrong!
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I have the installation on 15/9/14 but asked for documentation re accreditation which was supplied. I can not answer the installation question yet.
SAE group only provided an email quote and as I needed understanding of the products my choice was between Mark Group and Green and Gold. The Mark group price was significantly higher. With thanks, Gayleen
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We are very pleased with Green and Gold Solar from the original contact with Paul, to installation by John. When we contacted the company, they came back promptly with an answer or solution to our queries. Even the branch manager came to the house when when no one else was available when we had an error message on the monitor to see if something was wrong; it wasn't. We are just waiting now for Paul to come and install his monitor to tweak our usage to ensure we can get the best value and benefits from the solar system. We would highly recommend Green & Gold to anyone as solar system installers. Show additional information
Installation is to happen tomorrow. I have been kept informed at all stages and so far am happy. Show additional information
Full marks to Matt (Salesperson) for Green and Gold.

Matt was the only company representative to actually visit the site and his advice was very helpful for me in deciding the best possible outcome for my "Westerly" facing installation.

41/2 Stars to Green and Gold and 5 Stars too Matt.

Thanks Guys,

Monty on Macleay Island.
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I can't comment on quality of system as this will only become apparent over time, not around the time of installation. It's nonsensical question.
The Green and Gold salesman had very low technical knowledge. E.g., he said we would have access to solar power in a black out. He also consistently took longer to respond to our questions regarding quotes than the time he promised. As his first quote to us was just a price with no detail about the system specification, etc. The 'quote comparison' table provided by 'Solar Quotes' was tremendously useful for me to get extra information from the Green and Gold salesman. Thanks to Solar Quotes.

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