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About InStyle Solar, Solar Installers

InStyle Solar
InStyle Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Brendale and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

InStyle Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Just a big thanks to the guys that did the installation. Very professional in every respect. Show additional information
We have now had solar installed since the beginning of February and we're simply wrapped with its performance. We had a 10.6 kW system with an 8.2 kW invertor and we're producing between 35 kWh and 60 kWh daily, which is pretty good! This has meant that we're around 60% self sufficient and that is before installing air conditioning. We primarily installed solar to reduce our reliance on the energy grid and to future proof our energy needs. We certainly seem to be realising these goals.
In Style Solar has simply been faultless in their provision of service. We have had to talk Mariah and Crystal at the call centre and technical support services on a few occasions, mainly to get clarification on questions that arise during this process and she has always been courteous and responsive. We were well informed throughout the whole process without feeling bombarded and interrupted.
Our initial consultation with Fabiano was a great experience. We were certainly wet behind the ears in regards to our solar journey, but he provided an insightful background into solar technology, our requirements and expectations; we didn't feel the hard sell and I believe we came away from the consultation with a better understanding of the potential of installing solar, a good assessment of our current and potential needs and, I believe, a reasonable quote for a system that would meet these needs. It must be said, my wife and I were entertained by the whole experience!
On the day of installation, the crew were hardworking, efficient and demonstrated a great capacity for thinking on their feet, showing that they had a good grasp of the technology that they were dealing with. Well before the day end, we have a large 10.6 kW system installed and running and pumping �free' power to the house. Again the guys were courteous and left a tidy, well installed system with no mess. Well done!
It is early days with this new system, but we are impressed with this passive power generating technology; the sun comes up and all our energy needs are easy met during the day. In Style Solar are pretty damned good at what they do and we would happily recommend these guys to install your solar. Well done!
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Sales Rep Frank Luppino represented his company well. His knowledge on solar panels was exceptional. He spent time explaining step for step the process. The installers were friendly and left the site very clean. We had a minor glitch with the inverter not arriving on installation day but the next day our sparky Chris was on the mark with installation. Can't wait to see the benefits. Show additional information
InStyle Solar provided an outstanding service to us - from the pre-installation check ups to the actual installation (which was done very efficiently and with great professionalism).

Not to mention the $$ saved, our power bills so far have gone from over $120+/month to $17!
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The sales person was very nice and had great depth of knowledge. Show additional information
Awesome installers worked around one or two little issues unique to this job and quickly found the best way to get done the way I wanted. In the end the information from Solar Quote was invaluable and really just laid everything out there for a very informed investment. With the government involvement in rebates means there's heaps of sharks out to grab the money so information is vital. Show additional information
Bryan was my initial contact and he was very helpful in explaining everything that solar panels could do to negate my power bills and indeed add value to my property. The installation of the panels and inverter was completed by two professional gents and I'm happy now to know that my house is generating its own power and returning to the grid. Show additional information
We had a great Sales person Greg come in who went through everything including showing us the fine print of other installers we were considering that have extra cost items for things like working on 2 storey buildings and the like, he spent over 3 hours with us answering all our questions. I was originally meant to get an SG5KTL-D but on installation the team put in a SG5K-D which appears to be an upgrade or at least better looking it has an LCD interface(bonus) so that was nice, I did have a question that Greg answered quickly and the customer service rep also passed onto a manager who was meant to get back to me, not a major drama but that was the only customer service fail and the receptionist answered the call with an off putting tone. The Technical admin rep filled out the service works request form and promptly sent all documents I needed to pass onto my energy retailer, I haven't ended up with any extra or hidden cost dealing with Instyle and they photograph their installers and every item piece they installed and there is a warranty on their workmanship, overall I had a pleasant experience dealing with Instyle Solar the team from the Sales, Customer Service team , Technical Admin and Installers were fantastic. Show additional information
They took the time to go over and over the maths. kW and dollars etc. and over many options. Gave me plenty of information to review and think about. And time to consider it all.

I feel confident I am doing the right thing for my situation.
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The installers left a roofing sheet off after finishing the installation. I only found it 4 days later when the ceiling in the lounge started showing water stains. It had rained each day since the install. They also left the unused roofing screws, electrical piping, glue and cigarette butt's on the roof. We also found unused roofing screws in the grass. The inverter has been set 2 hours out so the logging is wrong. We have spoken to them but they have not followed up. I can not recommend this company. I also feel the price did not match the quality. Show additional information
Sales person that came out to my house was very good on information and could answer all my questions Show additional information
Steer clear. Signed me up for a system @ $12,000 that 3 other suppliers quoted less than $5,000 (including finance). Needless to say that contract was cancelled, quick smart.
Then a week later, someone from their rings me to organise an installation date.
Unethical sales people and unorganised office staff - I'm glad I gave them the flick.
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I'm paying $12,000 for a 6.6 kw system when I could be getting a similar system with same 10 year warranty for less then $4000. Not happy at all. Feel I've been ripped off. The way the salesperson explained it like the system will pay for itself in 5 years and my bill would drop dramatically yet I'm still getting $600 bills. No follow up from admin. Not happy at all. It's very depressing trying to struggle with repayments and high bill. Show additional information
Lack of response when enquiring about high power bill even with solar system installed.
Don't seem to care now they have our money..power bills have not reduced only increased.??? What is going on.?
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Very explanatory and workmanship very good and time management excellent on Installation. Show additional information
Kathy Blackmore is our Solar Consultant and truly did a remarkable job of explaining the total process to us and followed this up with a 'Welcome Letter' via email, again explaining all the steps involved, including some 14 attachments specific to the System hardware we had chosen.
23 X Qcells - Q.Plus 285W for a Total of 6.55Kw
Fronius Primo 5.0-1 Inverter
Plus all the ancillary bits and pieces specific to our particular site situation.
The installation by Ben and Craig went smoothly and efficiently. We were very impressed with the final product, clean-up and polite courteous manner of the guys.
The System is running brilliantly. On the first full day of operation, we saw 5044Watts being generated on the Inverter viewing panel, with a total of 35.119Kw for the day. to say we are happy with this particular System is an understatement.
The support has been ongoing with contact to and from Kathy regarding the performance of the System as well as navigating the process of advising Providers and arranging for the change over of Meters etc.
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The people installing the system were courteous, friendly and professional. The work they did was first class. I am now enjoying the rewards of generating my own energy and sticking it to the power company's. Show additional information
A pleasure to deal with. Promises made were kept and no nasty surprises. Totally ethical. Show additional information
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Provided a good quality system but after installation the customer service is absolutely disgraceful. Tried to get them to call back and even flagged it as URGENT but still no response. The owner of the company doesnt really care either. Show additional information
I had the misfortune to have an Instyle solar system fitted last week. During the installation the ventilation pipe to my plumbing system was cut off without my knowledge. As a result all the toilets in my house have backed up and I have excrement and water everywhere! I have contacted customer service and the installers but have had no response. About to move my family into a hotel until I can get an emergency plumber to fix the problem they created. Also trying to contact my insurers to get assessor to come out and assess the damage. Don't use these guys. They are cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Show additional information
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The sales people were very nice to deal with.
The installers were very efficient and did a good job.
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Promised the world delivered at atlas
Not what they said
Offered poor option then sent payment demand knowing what they installed was far from what was promised would not match their calculation salesman was not able to design workable solution and was bullied by installers now my roof is compromised and my panels sit in shade most of day
After a week they bothered to phone back and discuss but said that was too bad really !
Sold me a solution that they could not deliver and will not work . Yet to be solved ! Plans should've checked before they turn up at your door
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Speed of installation was remarkably good. Promises made were kept. Time between agreement and installation was better than agreed.
Salesman always available for any questions we had.
After sales service and follow up was great. We feel like someone's looking after us.
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We still haven't had it turned on and we can not get anyone to call us back! Show additional information
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Early days yet as waiting for Meter change. Show additional information
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Thanks !! Show additional information
Cannot complain about anything as from the very start with InStyle Solar Rep Kathy ,the service and her knowledge on solar that she provided us with was absolutely brilliant.

Thank you to the admin staff for keeping us informed with timings on when works was to be performed on the site, it was very much appreciated.

Well done to the tradies and assistants who worked on the site , they were professional at carrying out the job to ensure that the solar was installed.

Sean, thank you for going out of your way to come out and organise the InStyle Solar app so we can see how our solar is working for us on our mobile . Love it.

Very Happy Customers
Thank you InStyle Solar
Wayne and Shari
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Did not attend twice on agreed date due to issues with installers but did take money off cost to compensate for inconvenience. Show additional information
Of the 3 quotes supplied, only 1 did an onsite visit but did not have the type of panels I was after, I found that Instyle Solar could provide exactly what I was looking for at a very competitive price to the previous 3 quotes. Show additional information
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Overall my experience with Instyle Solar has been horrible. I have a very negative view and would not recommend Instyle Solar to anyone. From cancelled quote appointments to the sales person just not showing up to appointments, after I made special arrangements to come home early from work. These early warning signs should have been enough to indicate that I needed to take my business elsewhere. In the end, the sale person who did come out was helpful and knowledgeable so we made the decision to get solar.
It was all downhill from there - we were initially told that installation would happen in the first week of January (as written on our quote). Installation did not happen until the end of January. From there, the communication issues started. From no-one having a record for my contract to have solar installed to a tradesman turning up on site with no notice whilst I was out and having to return home so that they could work. The company's excuses ranged from miss-communication between the Brisbane and Gold Coast offices to new staff members, different diary management systems between the offices and contractors working for the company. When the solar installation did start the workman had to leave half-way through the day to finish a job in Newcastle - resulting in them leaving rubbish and mess all over my front yard. When they did return 5 days later to complete the work, there was no communication again or arrangements made to myself or my husband. Once again our power was switched off at the main without notice and resulting in lost work, due to our computer not being shut down properly. When we finally received the tax invoice it was addressed to the wrong person, for the wrong amount. They were chasing money for a job that was not complete yet, as the meters in the power-box had not been changed over. Once again this was not communicated.
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Brett was helpful and answered any questions I had.

Would recommend if you are looking into solar
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Price was a little more than the cheap deals from places like True Value Solar, but please take my advice here... DO YOUR RESEARCH! Solar panels are one product that the quality of the panel really matters. Don't go cheap, you will have limited life span and constant problems. Instyle solar representatives were very helpful, don't BS you and their follow up services are top notch. Other companies will install for cheaper and then fob you off if there are any issues later on down the line. As per another review on here, you need to know when your consumption is highest to make full use of the panels. As a stay at home mum living in a house with a MASSIVE hot water system and a pool, Instyle solar have helped me reduce my $1000+ quarterly bills to under $200 a quarter! It was $83 last bill I got! I knew going into this that I didn't have enough roof space to reduce my bills to $0, but I could not be happier with the quality, assistance, and professionalism that Insyle Solar provides. Highly recommend to anyone who is in the market for solar! Show additional information
Things people should prepare for before getting Solar Quotes and know how much power you use in Sun hours and Night hours as I learnt a lesson the hard way here. Know how much power you use at night from 5pm to 6am . As Salespersons will talk about your average daily usage off your Electricity account - you need to know when your usage is. Example : Average account usage per day 32kwh per day - You can run your Hot water, laundry and Pool in Sun hours but you cant change your usage when you get home from work for cooking and domestic activity and in my case it was half my daily average usage. So the perceived saving of reducing you account can be blurred if you have an expectation that your usage is higher in Sun hours - Make sure you manage the timing of appliances for example our Hot Water is timed for 8am start our pool pump for 10am and I have found in most cases at present the Solar is generating enough to cover the electricity usage plus some. I am total happy with my solar system I am just sorry I didn't do more homework to be better informed about my daily usage for my household. Show additional information
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