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Mode Electrical is a Solar Power Installation company based in Launceston and serves TAS. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Excellent service/install with top quality products

Would have gone with a Hobart firm but could not get follow questions answered. Almost like it was too hard. Second guy was very friendly but wasn’t really a sales person. Gave good info. Third guy assumed we would go with a cheaper system that he recommended. Only made it to the drive way and didn’t include the wife in the discussion. All 3 were good to talk to but there is a lot to take in. Your website was excellent. In the end we weren’t happy so contacted a local company that we had heard their presentation 2 years before. They were slightly more expensive but their service is outstanding. We ended putting in a very good system as we don’t intend to move. I am very happy to recommend your website to any prospective customers.
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We chose non Asian manufacturers of our componentry
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I highly recommend Mode Electrical. The proof of the benefit and efficiency of the system will be in up coming energy bills. I accessed TEELS (Tasmanian Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme) from the Tasmanian Govt / Aurora Energy who provide interest free loans of up to $10000 over 3 years for residential and up to $40000 over 5 years for small businesses.
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The one installer you referred me to chose not to quote on the system components I requested. I assue that is because he could not supply them. His price was also very high for not-well-reviewed components.
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They were great and some of the nicest tradies you'd meet. Martin Dingermanse, the contact and probably boss was absolutely tremendous and so easy to talk with. Highly recommend them.
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Absolutely fantastic folks at Mode Electrical. They listened to, provided advise and performed their jobs very well even during the bad weather we had to get the job done on time. We are very satisfied with the workmanship and results of the overall installation. They even organised the necessary trenches to be dug as part of the installation requirements. These folks are truly a one-stop-shop; also fixing some other wiring issues we need to have addressed. Note: We had a 5 kW micro-inverter system installed because of our specific requirements.
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After requesting quotes from your recommended suppliers, I received calls from 1 provider straight away.
Another contacted me over a month after I put in the request coincidentally on the day I had another provider installing my solar panels.
What I did was look up a local provider on your website (Mode Electrical) who were not one of your referrals but got good testimonials on your site. They came around the same day and gave a very competitive quote. I went with them as they were pleasant, professional, didn't do a sales pitch but told me more than anyone else had about what the solar system would mean for my household. So I went with them. They did a great job and we're really happy with the price, service and product.
Not sure why they weren't on your initial list of quotes as they service all around Tasmania.
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I choose the new solar system that I have now had installed following my research as I believed that it represents a quality product at a good price, delivered by a local supplier & installer who had received excellent reviews from previous clients.
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Original Review on 01-05-2011:

If you have a property that is not a single storey or not on a flat block, don't bother with any of the firms who advertise - they seem only interested in low hanging fruit to maximise their own returns. I'd recommend Mode Electrical, based on my overall experience, without reservation. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

17 months later we asked Graeme: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes, probably exceeded them. Started with a modest system as we weren't sure how out less than "ideal" aspect and roof pitch would be (45 degrees from true north i.e. northeast and a 13 degree pitch). On the basis of output over autumn through to early summer, asked installer to offer upgrade options, resulting in two separate roof arrays and a 5kw inverter, which has been great. With a few additional power saving measures (low energy globes, timers for external lights and remembering to turn off the TVs) we expect this system to more than cover our annual electricity consumption of c. 17.5 kw/h per day. The rebate system may have changed since our initial install April 2011, but it dropped significantly for the upgrade, so all we'd change with the benefit of hindsight is to have installed the larger system straight away - purely from the perspective of a larger rebate at the time had we done so. As it is we think it will be returning significantly more than 10% per annum on capital outlay, so hope the failed inverter was just a "one off".
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I preferred to speak with the person who will make the installation and not just a salesman who did not understand technical questions.
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Most knowledge of all the companies we asked for quotes and most honest, job was performed on time and they cleaned up upon completion.
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Yes we would recommend MODE electrical answered all our questions, was very thorough, and being local was an advantage, they also cleaned up after they finished.. we also gave friends their name and they to are having solar panels installed....
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The installer I chose was not the cheapest, nor were they the most expensive. I chose the installer because they were open, upfront, accommodating (and most important of all) they did not hesitate to answer any question I had without hesitation. They were also highly professional in the way they conducted themselves. They listened to what I wanted and respected the fact that I had done my homework and had some idea what I was looking to achieve from a solar system (and unfortunately this was not the case with some of the installers I sought a quote from). I was extremely happy with the service provided by my installer and have no hesitation recommending them as a quality, efficient and courteous service provider.
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Just to encourage people to buy local and use local services. It's important for Tasmania.
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