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Solarnova is a Solar Power Installation business based in Manly NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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Unbeatable Service and Support

We purchased an 8.6kW rooftop solar system from Maz at SolarNova in September 2022. We were extremely impressed with Maz’s responsiveness throughout the implementation, the system itself and the functionality of the monitoring software.

Consequently, in August 2023 we again engaged Maz at SolarNova to add a 10kWh battery to our system and expand our rooftop solar to 19.9kW.

Within a month of the completion of this expansion, there was a problem which took weeks to resolve. Throughout this frustration, Maz was on the case, tenaciously working on getting to the source of the problem with his equipment supplier and maintaining consistent communication with me to keep me abreast of the status of his supplier's troubleshooting. The problem was resolved and our solar production and storage system has since been delivering free power from the sun.

What’s more, with the change in electricity retailers discussed with Maz, we are on track to make over $2,000 per year from our system investment. And this return will only increase in future years with fossil fuel prices increasing.

So, we have not just reduced our electricity bill, we have no more electricity bills, just electricity system PROFIT$!

Panel rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Original Review on 24-12-2022:

Solar nova

Some issues with the install. Grid connection smooth. Seems to be very efficient Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 5/5

10 months later we asked Ross: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

We need to explore battery options. Without a battery we are not getting full value from our solar system
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Excellent recommendations. Excellent installation. Excellent pre post service

Sales Process was clear. Not pushing particular outcome. Requoted when I requested some changes.

Installation was extremely efficient. 1.5 days. Courteous and Cleaned up.

Great follow up post installation to explain and answer remaining questions and help set up app.

Overall cant think of any concerns.

System operating as described and sold.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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SolarQuotes / SolarNova: The Dream Team

SolarQuotes / SolarNova : The dream team
Like most people looking to install Solar, I searched the web for a company that looked and sounded professional and could advise me on a system to meet my needs and budget.  After 3 failed attempts / refunded deposits and a general distrust for the industry I contacted SolarQuotes.  I should have done this from the start as they immediately recommended two local companies who contacted me the same day.  Both companies were similar but we chose Maz and the team at SolarNova and they did not disappoint.

From the initial site visit, system design, installation through to commissioning, Maz was on hand throughout the process as the single point of contact.

Their installer of the panels and inverter did a great job, hiding cable runs and where they were visible, running them straight.
SolarNova’s Battery installer was just as impressive, hiding cables and fixing components straight and square, along with neat and clear labelling in the upgraded switchboard through to explaining and commissioning of the system
All done on the dates and times agreed with Maz
System Details:
9.8KW system
8.2 KW SolarEdge Inverter
24 x Qcell panels with SolarEdge optimiszers
14KW Teslar Powerwall battery

System preference has been outstanding, a testament to Maz and the team at SolarNova for their design and installation.  Currently in the shoulder Solar period ( 28th April ) for Sydney, the system is on its 3rd day of Grid Free Power for the family home, fully recharging the battery by midday, powering the house and still sending an average of 15kw back to the grid each day.

A big thank you to SolarQuotes and SolarNova; the Dream Team.

Paul Fraser

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Avoid Solarnova

Extremely dissatisfied with solarnova. Sales process seemed good but that was where it ended.
Solar installation was done by two people. It started at 9am and finished after 9pm while raining, without any safety harnesses on a second story roof with harness points.
Network connection issues for the solar panel gateway were only resolved when i had to reprogram the gateway to use a booster.
Tesla battery install was done 2 weeks later. The app showed something not quite right. Only because I was holding part of the payment, did the installer come to have a look at the issue. As expected, there was a wiring problem. The Tesla app now show what I'm expecting.
Weeks later I get the first bill since the new system was installed. The bill was a shock and is still being discussed. Many hours on the phone to electricity supplier, I have discovered that the smart meter should have been replaced as part of the solar installation. Needless to say, I have had to organise the new meter and I am still not receiving credit for solar pushed to the grid. There is also something drawing from the grid that should not be using grid power..

Would i recommend solarnova? Absolutely not. Steer clear of them. They should not be being referred from solarquotes.

Battery rating: 5/5

Supplier Reply:

We are sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and we strive for 100% satisfaction with every appointment. Whilst we may have a differing view (that is factually based), we have tried calling you to discuss this and are always open to feedback and ultimately want to ensure you are happy, however not returning calls, texts or emails (saying you don't open emails or texts from people you don't know) it provides very difficult for us reach you to provide any solution.

Our team worked extremely hard and to standard to get your system installed on time. We had provided a clear time guideline prior to even going ahead with system; however, we cannot control the weather and as a result of bad weather having to push back by a week,it is out of our hands. We keep our clients updated within reason, however a daily check in with you is just not feasible and unrealistic to expect.

To connect the inverter to your home home Wi fi a strong signal is required which was outlined to you. It is the client's responsibility to provide strong Wi- Fi signal, not the installer's responsibility. However, in this case to move things forward Solarnova provided the Wi-Fi extender at no extra cost to you, simply to ensure your satisfaction.
Furthermore, the solar system was installed on the 3rd March 2023 , and the electricity bill is for the period of 05 December 2022 to 04 March 2023,that you are expecting compensation for - how could you expect saving from solar for the period without solar being installed?
You were also provided the paperwork for the smart meter installation after solar installation completed (as per our standard procedure), it is not our fault if your existing smart meter is not functional for net metering or the electricity retailer are delaying new smart meter installation. We are happy to help you and guide you on this but as the account holder you are required to deal with your retailer directly, it is unreasonable to expect us to do something that we can't legally do as we are not the account holder.

As a hardworking local business that has delivered a quality system that is working in full, we feel you have been unreasonable in your demands and treatment of our team from the get-go, and despite our best efforts, there seems little that we can do to have you satisfied. Please feel free to call us directly should you wish to discuss further, or we would be happy to come out on site to meet with you.
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Fantastic Installer. Responsive, knowledgeable and great overall experience

I contacted Solarnova along with 2 other installers prematurely to get indicative costs and a feasibility for my house. Maz from Solarnova was helpful and I never felt hurried to get started.
When i was ready to go solar I contacted him along with the other installers again and Solarnova was always more responsive and came to my house to validate what we were thinking. Very helpful.
Pricing and expectations of the system were in line with the other installers, slightly higher than normal as my roof is strange shapes and so I needed optimisers. I also was choosing good equipment.
Once i paid the deposit it took about 3-4 weeks for the installation to begin which is what I expected and may have been quicker if not for poor weather.
The installation was done in one day despite my more complicated roof structure and straight away I was up and running. The installers were great, answered a lot of my tedious questions and clearly knew their stuff. All work was done neatly and according to the design.
The equipment chosen and design done by Maz again was spot on for what I wanted and I am already producing exactly what I need each day.
I proposed to Maz that I wanted panels facing different directions to maximise the time of day where I am getting benefit from solar, rather than just a crazy high peak during the middle of the day which you would get if they all pointed in the same direction. Again Maz was accommodating and we got the right result.
Can't recommend them highly enough, I am wrapped.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Efficient Solar Installation

Our dealings with Solarnova have been very good. We wanted someone to visit on site before quoting so that we could discuss aesthetics and locations on the components as well as potential site issues being a two- storey property. The installation of the panels went very well one very long day but the end result was very aesthetically pleasing. The following battery installation was equally pleasing. As with any busy company we didn’t always get replies to queries quickly but we did eventually and nothing was lost in communication. We recognise that it was not the cheapest installation but decided to go for quality as an investment and also maximise the number of panels for some future proofing as we expect to convert our hot water in due course, etc. At the time of writing we are just awaiting the smart meter installation and the paperwork has been submitted. We are pleasantly surprised at how easy and seamless a process it has been to convert to solar. Easy but not cheap of course. The trades were punctual and pretty tidy overall too. We would be happy to recommend them.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Knowledgeable, Prompt and Professional.

SolarNova's sales rep was extremely knowledgeable and gave us the time we needed to understand the solar process. As promised the team was prompt and professional, and friendly. They cleaned up after the installation as well.
Excellent experience.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Sales vs install

I had radio silence for more than 2 weeks after a deposit was paid. When the sales Guy eventually responded to a call, he said, we will be there next Thursday (just before Christmas). Just assuming that I was waiting around for him and that someone would be home. After changing work schedule to ensure there would be someone home he decides to tell me two days prior the scheduled day, that they were now coming a day earlier. Time to change work plans again.
Eventually install was done, I’m assuming that it’s all generating as the monitoring interface via wifi doesn’t work. After blaming our wifi network settings I have tested it with all 11 bands available and it still doesn’t connect.
So, monitoring is still something that has to be fixed.
Highlights a sales person’s capabilities vs a technical person’s capabilities.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Smooth process throughout. Offered good all round value and products. The service and installation team were very profesional.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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A little disappointed in the follow up

The monitoring system is not working properly and I am still awaiting rectification after reporting the issues.

Minor damage during installation to an internal ceiling. Not a significant issue and it has been acknowledged by the installer but no indication after more than a week of when it will be rectified.

Yes, the installers are busy and I am prepared to be patient but it would be nice to have a timeline on both issues.
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Good price and product. Installation and customer service less so.

Sales / quotation process was reassuring. Good explanation and assessment of needs and options available. Maz was prompt in communication and providing a quote. He seemed very knowledgeable about the products and has an engineering background.

Once the deposit was paid, there was absence in communication and a delay in setting a start date (approximately 4-6 weeks later than originally estimated). I figured this was due to high demand and backlog due to variable Sydney weather at the time. Once a date was scheduled the installers arrived as planned.

Installers were initially unkeen to proceed with the install - very high roof access from front yard (sloping land). Maz had visited the site and was aware of the issue but despite that had to convince the installers to proceed on the day. Installers were subcontracted by SolarNova. Workers for the installing electrician were a little rough with the panels and door frames around the side of the house resulting in damage to several panels and scratches on the walls and door frames. Approximately 4 panels were subsequently replaced due to scratches on the glass faces.

I had ordered a system with optimisers for each panel allowing for panel level monitoring. One of the optimisers were faulty. Maz sent his contractors back to diagnose and fix the problem. The licenced electrician did not arrive. Only the support crew whom did not speak English. They changed some cables and left. Maz advised the problem was fixed. I purchased the upgraded panel level monitoring licence / app from Solaredge. From this I was able to identify the panel/optimiser was still missing from the system. I suspect that had I not purchased the app upgrade we would have continued on with one non functioning panel. I chased Maz again for this problem to be fixed. The licenced electrician returned this time and changed the faulty optimiser and corrected the problem.

Since then, the system has operated floorlessly.

Grid notification and power meter upgrading was something we found out weeks later was something we had to organise ourselves. Had we known about the energy company notification / forms and meter change requirements, we would have notified them sooner so as not to waste almost 2 months worth of solar energy.

At the end of the experience, I am still happy with having installed a solar system and believe I have a good quality system. Having the experience of chasing Maz afterwards to fix the problems that occurred has raised some concerns about dealing with SolarNova in future should a warranty issues arise.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Maz was really helpful in the whole process and the install went very smoothly.

Good process from start to finish, Maz came out to look for the best location for the install and convinced me to install the cheaper string system as I had little shading. Installers came out as scheduled and were very efficient and polite.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Good value

Maz is from local solar company and he came to site and chatted about what we required. Very informative
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A $35k system with battery that doesn’t work!

Solaredge used by Solarnova to install and supply inverter. After system and battery installed, the inverter failed after 2 hours and second inverter I stalled and it failed after a couple of hours and 9 days on still nothing from Solaredge “who are working on problem” but have not responded.
I have a $35K plus lemon - no solar!

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Great installation under difficult circumstances

Solarnova was the only company who actually came out to visit. Maz (the rep) really knows his stuff when it comes to panels and batteries.
The weather was very unpredictable and they still got the roof work done on time.
The installation, connection and integration of the battery was completely seemless.
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Great company to work with - Fast, efficient, cost effective and top quality workmanship

I would highly recommend Maz and his team at Solarnova.

When we moved to a new house we wanted to install solar from the outset, to get the lifetime value. And do the right thing. The challenge was we knew nothing about solar. After extensive research, getting lost and found again based on product offering, warranties provided, workmanship, customer service, trust and cost it was Solarnova that stood out from the rest.

What we found in working with Maz and SolarNova and why we would recommend them
- Informed. Maz, as owner of the company took the time to understand our needs and offer informed advice
- Personal service. Prompt return of phone calls, emails and update to quotes when asked
- Cost. Competitive price for comparable solar system.
- Quality installation and 10 year warranty on workmanship. Site visit pre, during and post to check and ensure best fit to property. This was essential for us in a new home
- Attention to detail from start to finish. Connected the system to wifi, tested and ensured we know how to make the most of the system, and use the app
- Admin and payment was straight forward and no hassle. Gave confidence given the investment
- Timely in installation. Fully operational system from first contact in just 6 weeks.
- Seamless process, made easier (and nicer) by good people doing great work. Maz was great throughout.

Solarnova is a supplier you can trust, with the expertise you need and quality workmanship you should expect. This is why I highly recommend Solarnova

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Excellent experience across the board

I just wanted to share my experience in enquiring, ordering and having installed a solar system by SolarNova.


I ran my enquiry through SolarChoice and SolarNova was one of 3 companies to respond. SolarNova were the only company where a person actually visited my property and listened carefully to all my needs. Ben Sheer was my sales Consultant and demonstrated an excellent understanding of the technology as well as having great communication skills to explain the various options with pro’s and con’s.

In the end my solution design was an east/west facing combination with 18 panels (6.6KW) and a SolarEdge inverter with optimisers on Trinia panels. In this way we capture morning and afternoon sun allowing air-conditioning to be powered during the day to keep the house cool through summer.

Pricing was competitive and represented good value. Following the order and deposit installation was scheduled 3 weeks afterwards. The documentation describing the solution was very clear with all makes/models of the system components specified with warranty periods.

A team of 3 installed the system quickly and efficiently. The quality of work was excellent with all cabling run through cavities, roof cabling run through conduit and the sarking neatly cut. 2 tiles were broken and replaced in the process. Whilst the whole system is 18 panels only 17 were delivered due to a mistake at the supplier. This was rectified and the additional panel installed 2 days later with little fuss. Whilst keeping me informed along the way.

Final commissioning of the system then took place a day later with the web based monitoring being brought online and the strings configured to represent the physical layout on the roof.

Overall I would highly recommend the SolarEdge solution paired with the trivia panels and optimisers. Each panel is able to be monitored separately which allows for any string faults to be identified and fixed quickly.

The team and process from SolarNova were excellent.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Knowledgeable salesman / engineer

Talking to the salesman I was able to get straight answer and suggestions.
Install was delaid several times and with that communication skills could have been better.
Quality of install was good to excellent.
However communicating to the actual installers was difficult at times as only 2 of them spoke English.

Inverter rating: 4/5
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Solarnova Manly

Very informative house call for quoting
Good follow up between sale and installation
Good to have a local company with fair pricing
Good follow up post installation

Inverter rating: 5/5
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