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Home of the Bathurst 1000 at the famous Mt Panorama racing circuit in October, the central western NSW city of Bathurst is overrun by petrolheads and auto fans on that day, keen for a taste (or smell) of petrol, chiko rolls, beer and speed (not necessarily in that order). However for the rest of the year Bathurst paints a very different picture.

The city also caters to eclectic tastes as well as the CD, secondhand bookshops and coffee shops point to a very different Bathurst: governed by the tastes of the large student population at the local Charles Sturt University.

Bathurst was the site of the first gold rush in Australia when diggers the world over converged on the town when the magic metal was first discovered in large quantities by Edward Hargreaves and others in the 1850s. The town flourished during this time as more finds were made.

More recently a different form of gold has been harvested in the central western city: solar energy. This is personified by the solar-powered Flannery Centre, named after author and climate change advocate Prof. Tim Flannery. The centre is a skills teaching and sustainability centre which is powered entirely by 30kW of solar PV panels and a small wind turbine. What better way to teach sustainability!

One wonders what the ancestors of the Wiradjuri people – the original inhabitants of the region – would’ve thought of the city and its European history. Just maybe, they would give their collective thumbs up to the ingenious harnessing of the sun’s energy as a major power source in their lands.

As at mid-2018, more than 2,800 small-scale solar panels system had been installed in Bathurst, boasting around 12.8 MW of clean energy capacity.

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