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Absolute Energy Solutions Pty Ltd Reviews

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About Absolute Energy Solutions Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Absolute Energy Solutions Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation company based in Milton QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Absolute Energy Solutions Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Took a few attempts to get a proper response to my request for a quote. My quote request was sent to Queensland office instead of NSW.

Salesman was great in answering all my questions, however the image they showed me of the panel layout before installation was incorrect as when the installer came he said that they would need to be installed in landscape because of screw lines. I didn't realize this would take up much less space. Had I known I might have asked for all panels to be put on west roof (instead of E/W split). This is not a huge issue since it is an oversized system. Their panel layout estimation should be better and perhaps should have a pre install inspection.

Salesman indicated that install would be 4 weeks from acceptance, in reality it was 8, and that was after prompting admin to start the process (I wasn't aware of the 2 application process) they hadn't started it until I called after emailing my acceptance.

The system seems to be working well.
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They were the best company in the selling of the product. Had all info sheets for products offered. Also gave extra options had the choice of 3 being cheap pannels and inverter to top of the line.

Took his time to explain how it all worked with solar in genral to the install.

But going on now 5 weeks after deposit paid and the company have not contacted me in regards to install. I have an estimated date from me contacting them.
In simple terms after sales service seems not to be good.

Supplier Reply

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your review, I know it has been a lengthy timeframe for installation. As our email correspondence states we are awaiting the 285W Canadian Solar split cell panels to arrive in the country. Your installation is scheduled for the date advised & I will be in touch if we can move this forward any as I get updates from our supplier. Kind Regards
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I was happy with all 3 company's but went with Absolute Energy Solutions as the sales person provided the most info and the best system. Show additional information
Absolute Energy Solutions were perfect. The whole process was flawless, from initial contact to finalising our account. Would recommend Absolute Energy Solutions for all your solar needs. Show additional information
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Unfortunately due to administrative problems they were slow in getting their act together and I have had to wait for over a month before getting an installation date a further four weeks away but I am still happy and satisfied I went with Absolute Solar Solutions NSW.
I ended up buying a 6kW Fronius. 3 Phase Symo Inverter with 28 285 Watt REC Twin Peak Series 2 panels. Also a 3 Phase Net electrical meter and consumption meter. Installed for just under $10,000.
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Your website gave me a good understanding of the important issues and the three quotes were all based on Tier 1 panels and Frontius 5.00 kW inverter. Communication with AES was good and installation carried out professionally. The only outstanding issues are awaiting the reprogramming of meter by Energex to record exported energy and my daughter (on whose behalf I obtained and compared quotes) has decided to sell the STCs herself rather than have AES undertake this as is normal practice. This because the rebate calculation by AES seemed to understate the market price of STCs allowing them inappropriately to possibly profit from their sale. Show additional information
I knew nothing about solar until reading your information on solar quotes. I had a total of 5 quotes (3 from solar quotes and 2 independent quotes) and through this process I learnt a lot more about solar. The company I went with (Absolute Energy Solutions - recommend by Finn) were not the cheapest but the salesman, David was very helpful and explained their system and process of Installation thoroughly. They also worked in with a painting company I had to paint my roof prior to Installation. The Installation process was over two day with the installers working long hours the first day with an easy install the second day. All went well and the system in up and running. I love solar.
I thoroughly recommend Finn's web site, so helpful and informative.
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Installers turned up on time and worked on weekend to finish install. Show additional information
All the staff admin. and installers were informative ,quick to respond to questions.easy to contact. Show additional information
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Some of the above ratings may change when the system has been installed. Show additional information
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Absolute Energy Solutions were fantastic from the beginning. Their Salesman explained everything and looked at all our needs without asking and discussed our future energy plans. With all this taken into consideration, we discussed what would work best for us and decided on a plan. Their communication and assistance throughout the process has been great; we don't regret our choice in installer at all. Show additional information
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New install currently, however working well and the team have been friendly and quick to respond to any questions or concerns I have had. Show additional information
I interviewed 5 installers. All the respondents were very professional, straight forward, patient and responsive to my sometimes dumb questions. I used your interview questionnaire as a memory jogger and read every word on your site.
I received quotes from all the installers. They were all very competitive and at the end of the day my choice was based mainly on price. I ensured I got quotes for essentially the same equipment ( apples with apples ) which was upper middle quality. After that the choice was easy.
I was unfortunately caught right in the middle of a nasty plunge in the STC's. I negotiated a satisfactory damage control deal with Absolute Energy Solutions but would suggest to anyone signing up on a contract to fix ( or insure ) the STC to guarantee no change in the contract.
Otherwise the install was executed smoothly and professionally and my system is operating as expected.
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It was a pleasure to do business with Absolute Energy Solutions. David and Laura kept me well informed throughout the whole process. Then Dean and the installation team were very professional and neat. We have exactly the solar system that we were looking for. Show additional information
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Solar Quotes did give us access to Absolute in response to neighbour's experience. They gave us a great price and installation. Show additional information
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Peter from Absolute was very good. Rather than criticise other products that he did not necessarily supply he gave pro's and con's of the product. His explanations were at a layman's level he made Deb & I very comfortable with our eventual decision. The installers were very neat, tidy and polite. The finished product looks professional are the guys are a credit to their trade. They took longer with the install than was predicted so I felt a bit rushed when I was receiving the handover. Overall I am very happy with the Absolute experience and recommend them to anyone in the Hunter region. Show additional information
Professional & friendly from start to finish Show additional information
Your website was such an excellent starting point for this process. Without some credible, independent beginning point this process would have been more difficult and much less certain. We are very happy with all aspects of our foray into solar. We now have what we consider to be a very good system at a fair price. You were recommended to us by a friend - a satisfied customer. In turn we have already recommended your site to other friends. That's a reasonable testimony!!
Many thanks Finn.
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The Absolute Sales person was extremely knowledgable and answered all my questions professionally and with regard to my limited understanding of solar systems which is very comforting as it is a mine field out there of shonky solar companies. The installation was excellent and covered all my concerns. The product components they used was also of an excellent quality and from my research I know I got a great job that will last. However what impressed me the most was the great after sales service. I had a little problem with the software program some 12 months after install and to my relief they promptly had some one come out onsite and investigate the cause and had it fixed in a jiffy. You cant ask for more than that. I honestly recommend this company and their products. Show additional information
The installation team took time to get the panels and inverter positioned where we wanted them. This involved some debate and reliance on their technology to address both the shading issues we have from neighbouring trees and structures, as well as visual impact from the street. We are pretty happy with the outcome.
Our queries about the panels and the rack system to be installed were sorted very quickly, confirming we were getting what we ordered.
They also fixed an electrical issue with our switchboard and provided some useful operations advice.
The post-installation briefing on use of the system was a bit rushed, but we anticipate receiving user manuals by email today (installation was yesterday).
Finally, the 'sales pitch' was low key and informative. Most importantly, the installation and the products match that early conversation. We are looking forward to operating results!
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Absolute were very professional in their explanation of how well solar will work for us and as to how the actual system would work. Everything was explained in common language. Installation day went without a hitch and the tradesmen were polite, cleaned up after themselves and ensured that our elderly dog did not wander while the gate had to be open. Annoying for them but deeply appreciated by us.
I would recommend this company. The system cost what they said it would cost without any surprises. It was delivered and installed on time and the explanation regarding switch on was easy to understand.
Thanks Finn for recommending Absolute!

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Great Experience with Absolute Energy Systems. Very happy. Show additional information
Brilliant from when the salesman walked in the door , til the installation team packed up their van,
Fulfilled every promise , in an efficient informative & amiable manner.
Grateful thanks Finn, for referring us to Absolute Energy Solutions in Brisbane.
Highly recommend them to anyone looking to go Solar .
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The consultant Craig, was extremely knowledgeable about the products we went with and he was very clear in explaining how solar would work for us.No question or request was too much trouble.Our installers Dean and Jordan were very efficient and organised. They went to a lot of trouble to explain how to operate the system and to clean up after installation. They were very understanding about ensuring that our elderly dog did not wander off while they had the gates open. I would definitely recommend this company. Everything they promised, they delivered on. Show additional information
These guys really knew their business, and were more interested in our needs and expectations than their own profits. They came when they said they would, on time, and completed the job expertly and efficiently. Top marks! Show additional information
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When our electrically bill hit $1120 I knew I needed solar!
We chose Absolute Energy Solutions, It was installed just before Xmas 2016
When you write a review there is a wish to do it straight away.
Personally I like to wait and see if the end result promised is achieved and with the Absolute Energy Solutions installation I can testify that 5 months on it was. Craig was our very competent consultant and he suggested placing more than half the panels on a horizontally rear flat patio we had done as a house extension a far better choice than I had originally thought as did all the other quotes who didn’t recommend it.
My wife and I run two home businesses and our last electricity bill was $1120 for a 3 months. Our small 4 way pitched tile roof house faces north east and so generic suggestions were half the panels to face that way for morning light and the other half to face north west great for the afternoon, We had a serious issue of shading from growing trees on the western rented property.
Craig was the only one to push for moving the north western panels to a guaranteed shade free zone on our rear deck. We now have on a sunny day, total power self-sufficient power from 8.30am to 4.00pm. We draw about 1600 kW to run the businesses eg 10 computers, Aircon, lighting. We run the clothes dryer, dishwasher & washing machine staggered at the peak solar time of 10-2pm.

Did Absolute Solar deliver the goods … our electricity bill for this quarter was $545 not $1120 this is just over a 50% reduction in KV. They delivered exactly what they said they would and at a great price.

Read on for more technical information: We choose Canadian Solar Panels x 25 and the Fronius Primo inverter with Smart Relay to control the Hotwater which is so import I also recommend reducing your heating element to a 1.8kv if its 3.6KV element to utilise the most of your solar energy output.
The Fronius inverter is truly great however the apps to monitor your power in real time are not accurate, it always shows its solar output correctly but its consumption figures can be way off! And this applies to both windows and android and even if you monitor at inverter level login. I think its graphs for previous days are roughly correct buts it hard to know.

But Heh reality is the Energex meter is the only thing that really matters as that is how your bill is calculated!! So use that as your guide, but having said that.
It’s disappointing but predictable that the Energex meter is so unhelpful with no real-time info just a red blinking light that blinks faster if you’re using more electricity and a LCD display that only shows kilowatts. But Heh empowering their clients on how to avoid using their only product is not one of their mandates!
With regards to mounting panels flat and not at the optimum 28 degrees north. If the sole purpose is to generate electricity for the grid over a year yes it is definitely correct.
WHAT THE!! We only get 6 cents to deliver onto the grid so it’s a useless fictional figure, what you want is produce enough wattage during the day to NOT be drawing from the grid.

North facing arrays in a total cloudy dull day are less efficient than a horizontal array which has more sky less land to reflect onto the panels and in summer time (peak KV time) when Aircons are on full and the sun is overhead it out performs again and remember your inverters are capped (crippled) at 5KV due to government rules so there is always extra you never get to use its just dissipated. In Queensland you can thank Energex and whoever was / is in government now for that stupidity they are all the same.

Going to install solar and actually use it energy you need to be smart about appliance use during the day stagger large drain appliances and Bake / Cook more during the day. If your installing just for the 6 cents feed in tariff… hmmm I’d think again unless you know you’re not moving for at least 8 years.

Tony: Arana Hills Queensland 2017
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There are a lot of dodgy companies out there, one tried to sell me 6.5kW system for more than the price that I bought an 8.5kW system using all the same gear, the shoddy company wanted to charge $2,000 + more than the people I went with and got extra panels and an 8kW inverter not 6. Absolute Energy Solutions were excellent, the sales guy was brilliant with lots of knowledge and able to answer questions. Show additional information
The wait time was short only 3weeks.and everything seemed well organized. Leon Qld Show additional information
Hi there,
Not being a Solar professional myself and knowing absolutely nothing about it at all i was immedeiatly put at ease with professionalism and understanding of the staff at Absolute Solar.
Everything was fantastic from start to finish no mess it was stress free and very organised.
I highly recommend Absolute Solar for good quality service they will help put you at ease with any questions or problems that you may have. The professional workmanship is fantastic you will not be disappointed!

Thank you so much to Fin Peacock for all your hard work finding these reparable companies you have taken all sthe stress out of having to do the leg work in finding a good quality organisation for the job your company is a credit to you.

Many thanks.
The Hartleys.
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Told a new meter would be installed in 1-2 weeks
Origin say 4 weeks or more
Not happy about this discrepancy
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I'm so glad I came across your website, Finn, as it was an invaluable tool in helping us decide on a supplier and a suitable system. It's very reassuring to know you have vetted the suppliers and helpful to read others' reviews of them.

Although I didn't choose any of the three companies that contacted me, I did find AESOL through your website.

Many thanks Finn!
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The team provided a great explanation regarding the options. The installation workmanship was excellent - polite, great attention to detail, clean and tidy. We decided to go Sunpower solar panels and a Fronius Primo Inverter because of the warranty and production values. Despite cloudy weather we are getting good kWH outputs. Have had a few issues connecting to Fronius Solar.Web however the team at Absolute Energy Solutions have been very responsive and have tried very hard to solve the problem (which turned out to be related to our modem - and is now solved!). Thank you again for making the process easy. Show additional information
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Customer service was good, all of my questions were answered. Unable to comment on value for money or quality of the system as I've only been able to turn it on today Show additional information