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Accord Electrical Reviews

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About Accord Electrical, Solar Installers

Accord Electrical are a family owned and operated business that has been providing a premium service to the Sunshine Coast for 24 years. We supply only high quality PV solar panels and inverters from the world's top manufacturers. It’s not just about the panels and inverters either. We are known for the quality of the installations done by our own team of experienced tradesmen. We use only German made isolating switches and top quality wiring and components to ensure your safety and make sure your solar system will give you decades of high performance. We offer interest free finance and operate throughout the greater Sunshine Coast region.

Accord Electrical Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I didn't end up going for top of the range but chose a good quality system. (24x275W Phono panels + Fronius + Smart meter) Show additional information
From the moment Bruce picked up the phone for the initial contact and then the visit and quote the process was unbelievably easy and hassle free. Had quotes from other companies but the sales process was all pressure. Bruce and the team were amazing, relaxed and no pressure. The installation went ahead on time with no hassles. Energex have completed their part and now waiting for the new meter to be installed by AGL which is a process in frustration. I would highly recommend Accord Electrical for the installation of solar. Just had Simon out to configure the App and all done efficiently with no fuss. Awesome job guys thanks again. Show additional information
To be installed on 7 December
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Overall a very easy process from initial contact and site visit through to quotation, follow up questions answered, quote acceptance and ultimately installation. All went very smoothly. The system seems to be up and running well after the new Energex meter was installed, but I am waiting for a return visit from Accord Electrical to have the Wifi setup so we can monitor system performance. Will keep you updated as on-going customer support was an important decision making criteria in choosing this company. More to follow... Show additional information
We had confidence in the provider right from the start and we weren’t wrong. Everything went according to plan and our system was installed within a week. Now we are enjoying the benefits. Show additional information
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Too early to tell if the system is performing as suggested. Energex only installed the new meter two days ago. The team from Accord were punctual and the system installed on time as quoted. Show additional information
We were not at the installation as it is a rental property but they did send me photo,s of the finished product Show additional information
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I would recommend Accord Electrical for solar installation. They were very courteous, and it is a very neat installation Show additional information
Accord were prompt and very professional. Installation was done with minimum fuss.
At this stage we are very happy with the quality and value. In time our rating of these will hopefully increase if the unit continues to operate at its current output.
I would recommend these guys.
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Accord have great customer service, but their first quotation sent by email did not arrive, so I thought they were not interested in the work. Some problem with their office. Once I received their quotation, service from then on was excellent. I was also very impressed with SolarWide, good quality systems and competitive prices Show additional information
We have shade issues and are very encouraged by the amount of energy generated in the first week by the specific shade panels controlled individually by a chip.
We were confident in making our decision following the information gained from the Solar Quotes web site and would have been happy to deal with any one of the three contractors recommended to us .
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We started off wanting another organisation, seemed a good system, but they messed around, unable to contact them, ended going for Accord. Show additional information
The guys at Accord were very patient with me as I took some time from the initial enquiry to ordering the system. I asked many questions and posed a challenge by wanting a solution to measure the energy consumption in a granny flat and the main house. I finally decided on the Efergy Engage Hub Online Energy Monitor - Solar kit from REduction Revolution and Accord connected the clamps and monitors during the solar installation. I went all out with a 6.48 kw grid connected solar system (24 x 270 watt Phono panels - 12 North & 12 West facing) connected to 5kw Sungrow Wi Fi inverter. I can monitor the Inverter and power consumption through my PC or mobile, even if I'm away from the house. In the future, I'll be looking at energy storage if the prices come down or the Electricity prices rise too much. Show additional information
Very helpful Company with courteous and efficient service. Highly recommend. Show additional information
Reason why Value for money is 4 is because I could have gone with a cheaper dodgy system from Eurosolar.
Reason why Quality of system is 4 is because I could have gone with an REC system, which is supposed to be top shelf quality, but was 50% more.
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System installed in Sep 2015.
Have been monitoring output since then and remarkable how close the performance is to the estimated performance accompanying the quotation.
System is 4kW and average daily output is about 17.7kWr (ie 4.8hr per day per 1000W)
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Value for money - i won't know until i get my electricity bill.
Quality of system - too early to tell.
Generally - The quotes and service offered was too close to call. And I really had to toss a coin.
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Accord provided the most info on quality & warranties & were the best aligned with Finn's template for comparing quotes Show additional information
The Accord Electrical team were excellent.
From the start where they came and inspected the residence, told us what we needed and then gave us a firm date for installation.
The installation went without hiccup and they have submitted all forms to the electrical provider for the FIT.
At the time of writing we are still waiting advice from Energex that they have completed their work to enable the FIT to apply.
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Accord Electrical displayed professionalism from start to finish. They have been in the game for over 25 years and employ their own installers unlike other companies who use contractors which was a real positive for me.

Although I am yet to receive a power bill since the installation the system seems to be performing well so far (this is my third house that I have installed solar).

I highly recommend them.
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I have the "Sungrow" (SG5KTL-D) inverter installed. I have noticed it runs very hot (no internal fan/cooling) and appears to be "derating" nearly all the time. I have been told by the installer that running hot is normal and the unit is derating as we are not using enough of the power being generated. I looked this morning at 7.00 am, and even though the unit was only producing around 400 watts it was still derating. If this is normal I will be very DISAPPOINTED as it means the electricity being generated is not being returned to the grid. I believe the inverter should be capable of handling this, and if not possibly a different inverter should be used. Show additional information
Accord Elsctrical were really good. They were prompt in responding to questions and followed through on their commitments and time frames. Show additional information
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We are very pleased to report that our new solar power system is now installed and operating very well.

Other than our greatest appreciation to you for the exceptional guidance and follow-up service which you have provided, we would also now like to add the highest recommendation for our supplier/installer - Accord Electrical (Moffat Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD).

The service and support provided by the Accord team has been prompt, courteous, efficient and professional, and we were especially impressed with their installation team (who worked tirelessly in 33*C heat on the big day).

Once again, your recommendations have been spot on, and we in turn wish to rate Accord Electrical as highly recommended (five stars, at least).

We look forward to many years of benefit from our new solar power system, and wish you the very best in your endeavours on behalf of those who follow in our footsteps (or mouse-clicks).
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We went with Accord Electrical because we wanted to use a local company and support our community. We have had a 5.4 kw solar system installed.the reasons we went with Accord were as follows
* excellent on line reviews
* they had the best products for the best price.
* excellent information on the products
* they put in extra effort to make it look great (followed the roof line)
* the job was done on time
* they gave excellent service
Also they didn't put other company's down which other company's did without exception.
Thanks Accord you kept it real and we kept it local.
We look forward to using you again for our solar instal on our main house. See you in a couple of months:-)

Jeff and Carol
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It is worthwhile doing your own research as two companies had similar prices but different size panels. There's a lot of information to take onboard and compare, so I made a couple of calls to follow up on new knowledge and to make sure we understood what we were buying. We ended up with 20 panels instead of 23 due to individual panel strength. Both Accord and Solarwide had great salesmen whom we felt very comfortable with and good product knowledge. At the end of the day one company could do it earlier than the other, and they happened to also have the stronger panels which required fewer than the other company. I'm not sure this matters at all but seems convenient having fewer on the roof.

Overall quite happy although remember that you can't turn them on straight away, we had to wait the full 10 business days for Energex to do their thing, but now we're thrilled we've been able to use air-con every day without any cares for the cost.
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Very efficient installation. They helped me with my old system when they didn't need to. I was very happy with that. Show additional information
We decided on Accord because their panels had a 10 year warranty. The other companies only offered 5 year warranty. Show additional information
The installer took down our old system for no charge. The only downside is that they didn't have a Wifi module available for the inverter and we need to wait a month or so for that to be installed. Show additional information
All questions were answered promptly by phone or email, and what I particularly liked was that if the sales person was unsure of the technical detail I was asking, he said he would check and get back to me, which he did a short while later along with the technical information by email. I asked for better rated panels (20) for the same price as the initial quote and Accord obliged. The installation went almost as predicted and the variations were reasonable and justified. The finished product looks very good and appears to be functioning well according to the monitoring panel. The installers were very professional and explained everything they were doing and gave me clear instruction on how to monitor the system and manually shut it down and start it up (which normally happens automatically). Show additional information
The salesperson was delightful, not pushy or arrogant . The installation was painless and the working of the system was explained very well. As an established electrical company I felt comfortable dealing with them.
The system we put in seems to be going well - time will tell.
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After initially seeking quotes on a weekend, I was impressed to be contacted by 2 of the 3 suggested installers on the Monday. The 3rd installer only contacted me some time later, after I advised you. All 3 quoted similar prices, albeit on widely varying equipment. I decided to accept Accord because of their willingness to answer questions, consider and discuss equipment and installation options, conduct a second visit to discuss installation and they are a well-established local general electrical contractor. Since installation, they've been very responsive to queries to explain and clarify matters. It's only early days to evaluate the effectiveness of the system but the data seems pretty good so far. Show additional information
These guys were local, long experience and have a great reputation. The quote was the best, quality German Inverter and good panels. Installers overruled our initial thinking of splitting the panels to both sides of the roof peak...for good reasons. Nice to have a professional walk you through it. Very efficient and clean install with no dramas, even when I asked them to put the inverter inside the garage.
Highly recommend them.

That said, the other two companies, Halcol and Australia Enviro Projects were also excellent companies and would have had no problems with them either. Finn does a good job at vetting them out and his website with questions to ask (downloadable) is rather excellent.
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We were happy with how fast we were booked in for installation of our solar system with Accord electrical. We were also happy that when we asked them to throw an extra panel in, They did. Sorry it's taken so long with the review. We wanted to have our electricity bill before we reviewed, But we can always send in another one after. Show additional information
Easier and cheaper than expected - Accord were prompt, gave a lot of information and offer a good back up service. Show additional information
Went with the Chinese brand. Biggest inverter company in the world. 10 year warranty is hard to pass up. It's still winter but compared to my sma (at former address) its stacking up nicely. Show additional information
Apologies for the late response to your feedback form. A 3kw system was installed late last year and is operating well. I have had 3 power bills since installation and the dollar costs of the two most recent ones were considerably less than for the same periods last year, (the first bill was a combined grid/panels and included a charge from Energex for adjusting the meter so could not be compared). The three quotes were in the $3500/3600 range and I chose Accord because they were the closest to where I live and also the sales rep and his family are known to my daughter. I found the rep to be easy to talk to and there was no "hard sell". I visited their workshop and was shown the type of panels and the inverter I had chosen. The installer and his helper came when they said they would and the work was completed within 3 or 4 hours.
Thanks for your help and guidance. Bill, Caloundra.
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We decided to put in a 5kw system, but with only 16 panels. That way if needed we can put on the extra panels. We went with Accord because they are owned and operated by a group of electricians who would be the ones that come out if any problems. The other 2 companies were very helpful as well and am sure they would have been good as well, but we had to make a choice. Thank you for your help. It made our decision much easier. Show additional information
I had concerns about the placement of the Inverter. Accord arranged for their head electrician to talk this through with me before w committed to their quote. I felt their knowledge about the products and installation was very applied - not just salespeak. Show additional information
Really happy with the service. We had a strange roof shape so it was not the easiest for them to design a good system, but they did a great job. We are monitoring the power usage, and so far it is looking really good. Show additional information
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There seened to be a lack of communication between the salesman and installers. The salesman said to speak to the electrician about things, but the electrician went ahead with what he thought was right without explanation. Show additional information
They showed up when they said they would.
They did the job in the time they said it would take.
They charged the amount they quoted, no hidden extras.
I couldn't get the web interface to work. Their representative was sitting outside my house waiting for me on Friday afternoon at 4pm and got it all working.
Awesome Service.
Great Customer experience.
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