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Advanced Solar Technology Reviews

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About Advanced Solar Technology, Solar Installers

Advanced Solar Technology is a Western Australia solar energy company based in Heathridge, WA.

“ All above (top ratings; value for money, system quality, installation and customer service) says it all; everything done, absolutely no hassle. I nearly forgot I was having it, as it went so smooth from signing up to being fitted. Now to see if it saves me money.

Advanced Solar Technology Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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The installation team were friendly and professional, we are hoping to see a huge difference in our electricity bills in the near future. Show additional information
Am still waiting for installation which should be within the next couple of weeks. I used your information and learnt an awful lot about solar. Then asked the consultant just about every question you suggested and he answered all without a worry and with pleasure. Will be interested in my next couple of electricity bills!!! Show additional information
Initial contact was prompt and comprehensive with Advanced Solar, with detailed explanations and suggestions however communication after agreeing and paying deposit for the chosen system was less than we expected. There was a delay in the shipment of panels which of course was beyond the control of Advanced however it was left to us to keep following up to secure an installation date. The 3 installers arrived on the appointed day and the installation took approximately 4 hours. The site was clean and tidy on completion. Show additional information
Originally quoted 3-4 weeks for installation but ended up being 8 weeks. Was phoned after 4 weeks and told the panels were due the following week. Didn't hear anything for almost two weeks, sent an email got no response, rang a couple of days later and told the panels had just arrived and could expect a call to confirm install date. Didn't hear back, called again two days later and confirmed install date. No phone call day prior installation to confirm time, installers just turned up. Seemed to do a reasonable job & the system is working. Installer didn't explain how to connect to the inverter and said there's a howto guide in the manual (there isn't) and the Delta app is absolutely horrible. Show additional information
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Alex from Advanced Solar Technology not only made phone contact with no waiting period but also visited the house to fully explain the various systems. The process was non pushy and very informative
We had our system installed 19.07.2018 and am more than happy with the end product and price. Alex made contact after installation to confirm if we were satisfied or not and a further follow up will occur after the next billing period.
Alex's team of installers (Ben, Jake and Henry) were superb as they had a "can do" attitude which really showed during the more difficult sections of the install. My installation was as neat as you can get.
Very happy!
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All good although I've been left to my own devices a bit to work out how to use the Ap. Also it's rained every day since I installed it and I feel like I'm to blame !!! Show additional information
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Advanced Solar were the only company that spent time working out what would work best for my residence. Great service, great products. Show additional information
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Very knowledgeable non pushy rep/owner. They sorted everything out with Synergy without any problems and all was expertly installed in under 3 hours. Already seeing reduction in Synergy bills for half the period of of supply charge. Show additional information
All went as scheduled,well actually a bit sooner due to an opening in the installation teams schedule. All seems to be operating very well. Show additional information
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Alex and team did a great job, I felt the advice he gave in our initial meeting really showed good market knowledge and the options discussed have given us a system that is working really well. The installation work was clean, tidy and quick and the team were very professional. Show additional information
System is yet to be installed but so far experience is good. Especially liked that Alex listened to what I was wanting and did a good design to match. Show additional information
Very knowledgeable owner/sales guy but email replies and feedback once the deposit was paid is non-existant. I'm guessing this is because it's a husband and wife business and they're flat out. Hopefully the install will occur soon, I'm confident the system will be up to scratch, their online reviews are very good. Show additional information
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The assistance of Finn enabled me to have the confidence to select the Advanced Solar Technology team. The system was installed despite appalling weather. All the members of the team were helpful and competent and completed the job despite the rain, hail and strong winds. Thanks Guys! Show additional information
One provided the best quality spec of all but the price was 50% more than Advance Solar Technology (AST).
Felt that the AST system was still top quality (using Solar Quotes site to research panels and inverter specified in quotes) but much better value for money.
The other sales person was very knowledgeable but did not offer to come to our house, this put my wife off side.
Another cancelled appointment 2 times and then did not even turn up for the 3rd appointment, I was also passed from one salesman to another. Second salesman then rang me 3 weeks later to ask if I was still interested, when I told him I wasn't, because I hadn't heard from them, he then told me that it was because I had not rung him back. Needless to say, if a company cannot even organise their appointments, for a quote, I am not going to trust them with installing a solar system on my house.
Really appreciated all the information on the Solar Quotes sites and the quote service, made everything so much easier and I felt much more confident in make a decision because I had all the important information at my fingertips. A very big thank you from me!
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The information and service you (Finn Peacock) supplied was invaluable. Show additional information
It was so good to have someone actually come out to my house and discuss/explain what the best system was for me (with no pressure to buy) Show additional information
Installation was very quick, neat and tidy (no mess left for me to clean up). System has not long been installed but seems to be working OK. Show additional information
The system is performing so far as predicted by Alex, who is the owner of Advanced Solar Technology. The whole process of providing and installation of the system has been completely trouble free and very professional. I would recommend this company to anyone who is in the market for a PV system. Show additional information
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Very satisfied with the service, installation and the system is working well. All delivered and installed ahead of time with quality workmanship. Gave a clear explanation of the system etc when giving the quote. Show additional information
We found Alex and Michelle to be excellent - honest, helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. No hard sell, but simple and effective customer service.

We also found the Installers to be excellent and they did a fantastic job under difficult conditions. It was very hot and our roof (double-storey house) was very challenging for them. But they persevered, keeping us well informed along the way.

So far, our system has been operating very well, producing an excellent amount of electricity.

We would highly recommend AST to anyone wanting to have solar energy installed.
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Great service, excellent knowledge, nice dealing direct with the owner and a really good quality install.

Well done guys!

Happy for you to use the quote and state, but no name please
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After having contacted numerous solar system providers I was pleasantly surprised by what Solarquotes had to offer with respect to what amounted to accredited supplier/installers. Only two in Perth but that was no problem as they both contacted me within a reasonable time frame and duly provided their quotations. Alex from Advanced called at our home and explained in detail what he was offering and the options available to us based on our system requirements.
System was installed in January 2017 which was earlier than promised so that was all good. Installation team had system installed in no time at all and provided basic system instruction and procedure in the event of a problem. They completed a neat installation and took care of all packaging etc. All well and good.
However, and no fault of the installer the system had no sooner been commissioned and it went into alarm with a notification that the Inverter was Over Voltage Range! Installer suggested we call Western Power as this was their responsibility to adjust grid voltage by "tapping it down".
This was a situation I had not expected. I hadn't taken a cheaper quote ( of which I had ample opportunity), but considered that by paying a fair and reasonable price I would in return have the benefit of good and reliable service with equipment that will last the term. Having had the benefit in my working life of quoting end users and managing installation of electronic security products the knowledge that things do go wrong or that local environmental/geographical conditions can play a part, we always informed our customer of the fact that given local conditions they could expect certain adverse outcomes, which would be addressed at the time of commissioning.
My wife and I do not recall being told that if the local grid supply is above a certain voltage the system will go into alarm. So hence my concerns which lead to a call to Alex who subsequently informed me that there had been a software/firmware upgrade to the Delta Inverters in October 2016 which caused the OVR situation and I would have to contact Western Power regarding a Tap Down of the grid voltage. Unit displayed 258Vac when in alarm. Western Power were very helpful and on 3RD February adjusted grid voltage down and solar system has been doing its job averaging just on 20,000Wh per day, all good.
Now I have reviewed the documentation that came with the Inverter to see if there should be something else I need to be on the lookout for. In particular there are two Test Reports that came with the unit that state that unit passed. Interestingly enough I couldn't locate any information with respect to software or firmware versions or that the particular unit I have was upgraded/adjusted in October 2015 (as indicated by Alex). According to PV Inverter Test Report test date was 2015/12/6. Surely if box had been opened for modification of software/firmware, there should have been some documented notification included. Maybe Delta's QA/QC procedure needs reviewing?
With regard to OVR test range for Australia the unit was tested at 265Vac+/-2% (270Vac Trip), yet at 258Vac unit went into alarm for OVR.
All factors considered I have working system and once I have had two consecutive accounts from Synergy I will be able to see what the financial benefit has been.
I have recommended your services and those of Advanced Technology to colleagues who I am aware are in the market for Solar power in the future and trust they will place their business with you.
Thank for following up on our installation, and that if what I have provided is of interest and can improve outcomes for future clients that will be a benefit to us all.
With respect to LED lighting I have requested a quotation from local lighting suppliers for my requirements and that should in time reflect a further saving.
Thanks Finn, appreciate your professional service.
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We have had solar for 4 years now and swear by the company no faults hasn't missed a beat , i recommend Alex & his company to every one great job Show additional information
It was a good exercise to try and find a good brand. I believed most of the things that Alex was telling me and he seemed very honest.
Hopefully I will get installation next week.
Nothing wrong with Lee but one could think that he was quoting prices according to how much stock he had where I was more concerned with
buying a very good product.
I would appreciate any tricks to looking after the panels or inverter.
Regards Ross
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Alex from Advanced Solar Technology was very knowledgeable and this gave me the confidence to purchase his system. I was interested in a quality system and not price alone. He had sound and sensible answers to all of the concerns I had. The installation was done very professionally and the system has been working perfectly ever since. I haven't heard from Alex since installation but I feel confident he would be straight over if there were any issues. Show additional information
Not at the moment. I am looking forward to the first 3 month review of performance, probably April sometime. Show additional information
We were so pleased with the service we got from Advanced Solar Technology from beginning to end,
Lovely people.
Installation was excellent, job done excellent.
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We are having problems with the PV cells automatically shutting down whenever the voltage reaches the programmed max from the system 260 volts.

The electricity supplier, Western Power, have to date taken no action to fix this. Also the inverter supplier have not agreed that the voltage limits on the system be reprogrammed, so that the cut outs are avoided.

The installer have tried to assist, but as yet we are caught in a frustrating stalemate.
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So far I have had no contact with Advanced Solar Technology (North) subsequent to the installation. Would have expected at least a follow up phone call to check that all was working as expected.

Green Wiring only sent an email price list.

Green Sun Solar are quite a distance South from my location so I did not pursue them. They did make an appointment for a quotation but I cancelled after signing with Advanced Solar Tech.
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The only problem we are having is with the electricity supplier Synergy (WA). New inverters have to meet new electric standards, I believe it's 250 +/- 5 volts. Unfortunately, Synergy doesn't. So voltage can range from 240-270V. This range of voltage causes the inverters to trip for it's own safety and thus is "off the air", so no own power. A complaint has been raised with Synergy, but as yet no resolve. A neighbour with a different brand of solar that also was recently installed is having the same problem.
Would also like to monitor output V consumption - is there a way of doing this? Probably needs so hardware attached to the smart meter or fuse box and a phone app. Is such a monitoring system available?
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Unfortunately I had to wait for two weeks for the panel installation as they were held up by customs on the water front.

But they have been installed now, and though it is still early days they are performing as per expectations.
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Salesman, Alex, is also the owner of the company and he was very friendly and informative when he visited to give a quote. We had quotes from three other companies, including Synergy, but only two came out to the house. We chose Advanced Solar Technology despite the fact that they did not follow up with as much detailed, written information regarding expected output and equipment etc as all the other companies and I had to ask for a written contract which was provided at another visit when we signed up. Paperwork was a bit thin on the ground compared to the bigger companies. Installation was spread over two days due to bad weather conditions. Very neat and tidy electrical installation in garage of inverter where it is easily accessible and protected from the weather. Tidy and pleasant contractors who cleaned up after themselves and took away all rubbish. We requested East and North orientation of roof panels as we did not want to see anything at the front of the house. In my opinion they are very ugly and the less that can be seen, the better! Hopefully this will not impact too much on the output. We were given several array options but went more with aesthetics! Fingers crossed! Looking forward to first bill to see what savings we have made. Alex also said that he would call at a later date with a device to show us how much power we are buying at different times of the day. Hopefully this is not just part of the sales pitch and it does eventuate. We are pleased with what we have experienced so far and as there was little to choose between in price, apart from Synergy who were considerably more expensive in their quotes, we probably made the right choice for us. Have to say that the salesman from Solar E, Lawrence, was very helpful and informative and it was a close call between the two.
This web site has been so helpful and I would like to thank you for all the information provided which I am sure enable us to make a more informed choice as previously we knew nothing about solar energy. Keep up the good work. We have recommended the site to others who are considering solar panel installation and will continue to do so. Thanks again!
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