Audit results for: EISS Pty Ltd

Audited on: 07/09/2021

Installation date14/08/2021

Installer Full NameLuke O'Connor

retail company nameEISS

The Installer is also the accredited designer for this system

System description

27 x 370W Trina Honey Panels with Fronius 8.2kW Primo Inverter

Design Steps

Cable selection based on voltage rise and drop

Production Estimates of the system

Isolator selection calculations

Calculated the correct voltages and current for labelling

String configuration voltages

The Installer completed a job safety analysis prior to commencing work

The Installer uses this JSA on most of his jobs

The installer has provided all the warranty documentation to the customer

The installer has provided the customer with a Certificate of Electrical Work


Single Line Diagram Score1.00

JSA Score1.00

Fall Arrest System Score1.00

BEFORE Roof Area Score1.00

BEFORE Inverter Area Score1.00

Racking Installed BEFORE Panels Score1.00

Installed Panels Score1.00

DC/AC Isolators Score1.00

Installed Inverters Score1.00

DC/AC Cable Run Score1.00

Warranty Documentation Score1.00

Certificate of Electrical Work Score1.00

Solar Panel Label Score1.00

Inverter Label Score1.00

Site from Far Score1.00

Voltage Rise Calculation Score1.00

Total Score /1616.00

Percentage Score100%







Site from far


Roof before panels


Inverter area (before)


Racking before panels


Racking before panels


Racking before panels


Racking before panels


Racking before panels


Installed panels


Installed panels


DC/AC Isolators


DC/AC Isolators


DC/AC Isolators


Installed inverter


DC/AC Cable run


DC/AC Cable run


DC/AC Cable run

General comments

No Ac Cable run photos provided as Inverter was Back to back with Main switchboard, so unable to get photo.

Assessor's comments

Fall Arrest system

Voltage rise calculation photos

Completion - I have provided the customer with all the relevant documentation and information in accordance with the Australian Standards and CEC Guidelines. All the information provided in this form is true and correct.

Qa review table -not provided-

Single line diagram View diagram

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