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Energy Matters Reviews

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About Energy Matters, Solar Installers

Energy Matters is an installation company that has received an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 from 208 reviews as of August 2016. Out of those 208 reviews they have done well to only have a single 1 star review. This suggests you are unlikely to have any major problems if you use this company as your installer.

Energy Matters is a national company with offices in every state capital.

Company History

Energy Matters is a true pioneer. It was founded before the solar rebate even existed, in 2005, by four Aussies with a passion for renewable energy. It grew to become the fourth largest installer in Australia.

It was acquired by the US company SunEdison in 2014.

Unfortunately, despite Sun Edison Australia (Energy Matters) being a solid business, the US parent SunEdison filed for bankruptcy in April 2016. The US based parent comany was borrowing money to buy assets and using those assets to borrow money to buy more assets and then repeating the process. This is a common practice among rapidly expanding companies. It works well until it doesn't. When things don't work well it can be very challenging for a company. As in it blows up like the space shuttle Challenger did.

On the 6th of September 2016 SunEdison completed an agreement with Flextronics International USA (AKA Flex), Inc to sell the business of SunEdison Australia Pty Ltd (and it’s trading business Energy Matters) to Flextronics Australia Pty Ltd.

So Energy Matters is now fully owned by Flextronics Australia. Flex will take care of all past Energy Matters customers including honoring all warranties. Flex is one of the largest diversified companies in the world, offering stability and bankability after a tumultuous 2 years under the gung ho SunEdison.

Energy Matters Warranties

Energy Matters only installs solar panels from Tier-1 manufacturers with a minimum 10-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

Standard inverter warranties run anywhere from 5 - 12 years, depending on the model. The warranty of some brands offered can be extended to 25 years.

With regard to battery systems Energy Matters installs, manufacturer warranties are a minimum 10 years.

The company also provides a 10 year workmanship warranty, which is excellent. This covers any issues that might result from their installation of your system.

You can read more about rooftop solar warranties here.

Energy Matters Provides A Performance Guarantee

Energy Matters provides an estimate of how much electricity they expect a system they install to produce and if it doesn't meet that level of performance they will compensate you for lost production as part of their performance guarantee.

Energy Matters Is A Reliable Installer

Energy Matters is a reliable, professional installer of solar systems and I have no problem in recommending them.

Energy Matters Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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These guys were excellent and the installer was incredible (Gyula Fisli!) so recommending and would merrily buy again!!! Show additional information
1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 27, 2017
1; Was not advised of cross over cost. Was advised by a Manager of Energy Matters that they would pay half, have not seen a cent.
2; Was harassed by an overseas call centre (WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE)
3; Have had a builder that has had two electric shocks from the roof. The installers came back and explained to me that the roof was live and he would get to the bottom of this then the installers boss rings me who was not at the site and has said that the roof was not live.
4; We now have a roof that leaks where the solar panels were installed. This roof has never leaked as we have been through the 2011 and 2013 floods without a leak.
5; Was advised by a representative that if Energy Matters could not resolve this that we would get our money back , now the tune has changed. All we want is a solar system that works.
6; Every time we ring up to try and resolve this all we get from everyone we talk to is " I CAN UNDERSTAND YOUR. FRUSTRATION"

Supplier Reply

Energy Matters is disappointed to read Brett’s negative feedback regarding his recent experience with our company.

We would like to address the concerns he has raised in his most recent edit:

‘Meter Change Over Charges’ - third party costs are, and have always been, out of the control of solar companies – this is an electricity distributor issue, in this case Energex. As part of our standard communication, both verbal and written, Brett was informed prior to the solar installation about potential meter change over costs. Brett has acknowledged receiving this information. At no point was any member of Energy Matters seeking to mislead Brett about third party costs. Brett has been offered a partial reimbursement however he has said he does not want our money.

‘Harassment from overseas call centre” - Brett received a call from the Energy Matters Accounts Team the day after his solar system was installed to request payment. It was a standard telephone call from our team politely requesting payment after the system had been successfully installed. The Team was informed by Brett that payment had already been made and no further discussion took place. We accept that Brett may have felt frustrated receiving this call from Accounts, we have apologised, however cannot accept that it was ‘harassment’.

‘Electric Shocks’ allegations– Brett reported that a builder touched his guttering and received a Zap. Energy Matters arranged for a certified team to attend as soon as possible. The installer performed required tests and confirmed that the roof was not live. We are currently looking into Brett’s allegation of what was said onsite, as we take safety very seriously.

‘Roof Leaks’ – Brett reported the roof leak during the QLD cyclone. Installers attended as soon as this issue was reported and found that the leak was not caused by the solar installation however assisted in sealing it up for Brett. The customers' insurer is of the view it may be caused by solar and as such we are waiting for a third party report to determine the cause. If the report is assessed to show there is an indication of fault on our part, Energy Matters will cover all costs associated with the repairs.

Energy Matters has actively made steps to resolve each issue Brett has raised in a timely manner, even if the issues fall outside of our control. We have been supportive with all issues Brett has been experiencing and we look forward to a fully satisfactory resolution.
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The installers made a small mistake by evenly distributing the panels into 4 x 10 amp strings (a VERY logical choice) whereas the inverter has a hi-current and lo-current input and so the system peaked at 8kW instead of 10kW. The inspector detected this and they came back and reconfigured it accordingly, I now get a peak of 10KW so very happy. Have rated the installation as 5 as they knew their stuff, have installed a very solid system that survived a VERY windy night soon after and only fell down slightly on the inverter configuration but I did get a very large system which they would not get to install particularly often so they do deserve a 5, and the inspection process worked perfectly in picking up the error and getting it rectified.

I am less happy with the power company (powercor/origin) as they seem to be dawdling on the meter reprogram so they can use my excess power for free for a while - very petty of them given it will only get me 6 cents a kWh anyway.

The pre-sales was extremely honest and detailed, he know of all the discounts available and they did all the work to get them through to also submitting all the paperwork to the power company for the meter reprogram - a one-stop shop that gets the job done, done right and done well - very impressed. They also sell batteries (I got a Battery-ready system) but still insisted that I avoid them for now as the cost-benefit is not there yet even though I was keen to evaluate this. They did provide all the details and I was able to determine for myself that their evaluation is correct and so I have put off batteries for a couple of years (probably 7 now so I can get my money back on this installation first). How many sales people would NOT try to sell you more!! Very Happy.
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I purchased a 2Kw system from Energy Matters in 2009 and that array of panels has given me NO trouble at all and the company could not have been more helpful and courteous.
I than went with this company again with the same brand of panels and inverter because of the efficiency of the hardware and the staff I did business with.
I had a new 5Kw system installed in late September and the service was the same as before and it is working well in conjunction with the old 2Kw system.
More than happy with this company.

Raymond A Hill
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From Solar Quote website, 2 companies quoted, Mark Group & Madison Group. Madison Group quote was competitive just as SunEdison (quote incl microinverters) whereas MG did not (if required at 20-30% more). Sunedison appointed Solar Elec to install our system for 3 phase power, highly recommended. Awaiting power company to hook up. Show additional information
Didn't adequately answer my queries & questions throughout the process.
Had to badger their solar adviser for details as required with vague,slow responses.
Communication? Not great.
Had to ask for a detailed account! Another vague answer..
The system has now been installed,but not switched on as yet.
Due to basic knowledge I gained as a result of my own research, I upgraded my choice of inverter at extra cost,( SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL) which added to the final installed price, as a result,I feel that my system will be solid & reliable, & still came in at just under $5,500.
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Their post sales service has been awful. Until they received payment they were excellent but relatively simple issues have not been closed out. Both emails and phone calls are not returned. They have been advised of this. Show additional information
Very detailed explanation of what would happen by SunEdison Sales in Vic & the eventual installers in Qld Show additional information
The information from all but one quote was very helpful in making our decision. Show additional information
I bought two 2.6 kW systems, for two different properties (one suburban, one in semi-rural outskirts of Melbourne) after researching available products and discussions with representatives of three providers. Two of the three reps provided detailed information on the web, and one provided excellent suggestions to help me choose higher quality panels and adopt microinverters to better cope with problems of roof shading and to prepare for the later addition of battery storage.
The service from SunEdison to this stage (four weeks after applying for the installation) has been excellent, in terms of information, assistance with procedures, contacting installers, checking on installation and inspection, and paperwork for permissions. The progress of the installation at my house in the suburbs has been faster than I expected: after four weeks only the switch over of the meter by the distributor is needed. The progress of installation at the semi-rural property is a different story. Installation carried out within three weeks but no information about inspection or contacting the retailer for starting the process of changing the metering. This difference presumably reflects variations in the timetables of the subcontracted installers and the inspectors, not on SunEdison.
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Will they ever return my call? or How do you get something fixed with Energy Matters?
I have tried to have system fixed since mid December 15 & still no date set to fix it very poor service.
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No excessive sales carry on. Very good customer contact and communication. Show additional information
The initial installation, although slow to organise was completed satisfactorily with good service from the local INSTALLER. HOWEVER, 2 1/2 years later we now have a problem with a system failure and the FOLLOW-UP WARRANTY SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY APPALLING. If you are contemplating using this company be very aware that you may have issues with the product and then MAJOR SERVICE ISSUES WITH FOLLOW-UP.

Supplier Reply

Since the initial support enquiry on the 30th November there have been supporting email exchanges and phone calls with the customer.
SunEdison first responded within 24 hours (1st December) requesting further information and photos of the inverter error message as required by ABB to process the warranty claim.
Roger and Carol promptly sent photo showing “waiting sun” “error message, which is not sufficient for the Technical team to immediately process the warranty claim.
We requested a photo of the “int error” message, which took some time to get as the inverter appeared to be displaying the “waiting sun” message even when there was sun. This was frustrating for all parties involved.
On the 9th of December we received a photo of the error message required by the Technical team from the Roger and Carol and added that to the claim.
We have maintained regular communication with the customers and updated them with the new information as soon as we received it.
The inverter replacement has been approved and the work order has been scheduled with our local electrician in coming days.

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Mark group didn't bother to contact me Show additional information
Wow did I get lucky when I decided to go with SunEdison. I noticed the local council (Port Phillip Council in Melbourne) was using them to do a community bulk buy so I thought the council must have done some due dilligence to choose them. I contacted SunEdison privately and booked in an install.

I first enquired about solar on one of those "compare solar installer" websites and was bombarded with phone calls from every man and his dog trying to get my business and all using pretty low grade kit, but charging a motza if you wanted a decent inverter or panels. These 3 companies probably give a kick back to the website. SunEdison never came up as an option on the websites.

As I have background in electronics I soon realized that you do not always get what you pay for and "cheap is cheap for a reason".

SunEdison, in my opinion were mid priced for a high end product. I got a 2.5Kw system with a 3Kw inverter (in case I wish to add two more panels in the future) system using 260w REC panels (German I think), a beautifully designed Fronius Primo inverter (pretty solid and reliable European inverter) and those new tilt mounts. I paid a little over 5K on a job that I reckon other installers would have walked away from (A two storey townhouse with a fusebox in a troubled location). NO JOB WAS TOO HARD FOR SUNEDISON - two thumbs up to the installer "Campbell" and his buddy.

Dont bother looking for the cheap as chips system and budget company as it could end in heartache.

The industry seems full of shady folks, but these guys knew their stuff.

I am a happy customer and would gues anyone that gave a bad review to SunEdison was either extremely unlucky or is some inferior mob trying to downplay them. If you wish to try someone else, then good luck, I am sure there are other good installer out there and I cant tell you who they are, howver I reckon I could take a guess at a few of the duds.

Lets just put it this way - the ones high up the Google search engine that seem to do mass budget installs are probably worthy of at least some caution
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Information flow from the main company was slow to the customer, they also use sub contractors for installation. This offer was based on the Wyndham council program to promote solar. Show additional information
I gave 'only' 4/Good for 'value of money' and 'quality of system' because as per today the system is, due to not being connected to the grid yet, nonoperational and I simply don't know if it will meet the projected operation criteria, kW. I also gave 'only' 4/Good for Customer Service because at times I had to contact them few times to fix the paperwork, but at the end all issues have been sorted out as they should. Show additional information
Two of the 3 suppliers contacted me.
SunEdison was first with quality info and talked up their product.Their price was in range of previous quotes I have received over the last year or so.
The panels were installed last week and I am just waiting for Energex.
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With all your information you gave me, it was easy to decide where I had to go ,and what to look for so thank you very much Finn, much appreciated. Cheers. Glenn Show additional information
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Show additional information
Energy Matters were great to deal with particularly in the way they communicated at each step along the way. Their installer was prompt, efficient and tidy. What I really loved was that I didn't need to deal with any of the tedious stuff with Origin to change our billing. Show additional information
Think they could do with more experience in NSW, had to do some of this myself Show additional information
There was an error on the EWR so the system has not been connected to the grid yet. It is also difficult to get an answer from the energy provider because of the Christmas New Year holidays. Show additional information
Three months from the panels being put in they still haven't finalised the paperwork so we can't turn them on.... they keep telling us it is almost ready yet we keep having to call and find that '1 piece of paper is missing'. Give them a miss. Show additional information
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payment upfront,3 months later and still waiting for my system to be installed Show additional information
Using energy matters meant the installers would be reliable experts.
Installation was great. Back office needed work.
You only get what you pay for.
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Show additional information
After having a 5kw system installed - it made absolutley NO difference to my electricity bills at all.... Definately would not go down this path again.. Energy Matters very bad at customer service and warranty issues. Show additional information
The Energy Matters sales rep was very helpful.
He was able be very competitive with their price to match or beat other competitors quotes.
Once signed up the process from deposit to installation was 2 weeks which was fairly quick.
The installation was painless.
Very professional work and clean install.
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Energy Matters is a Clean Energy Council Approved solar retailer and this is the main reason I chose to go with Energy Matters. As yet the system has not been installed (deposit paid) as am waiting money transfer to pay for the system The supplier has been very accommodating about this and is only too happy with our arrangement. Show additional information
Had an error message on the inverter one day after the installation, but after ringing they were very prompt in rectifying the issue, coming the next morning. Show additional information
I've had 3 friends use this supplier and they are happy with their decision. Also, I wanted an ABB (Aurora) inverter and REC 260PE panels. They run specials every now and again so I just waited and snagged it at a great price. Show additional information
Show additional information
This is the second house I have installed solar on, and I used the same company as last time. At a time when most solar installations were non compliant, with long delays for rectification work, Energy Matters got it right first time. As it turns out, the second (current) installation was also trouble free. Show additional information
Overall the experience from your 3 quotes to installation has been very good.Energy Matters were very helpful through the whole procedure, Colin Jago Electric the installer was excellent and professional , would highly recommend both company's .
Thank you Finn for your Solar Quotes website most excellent! Alan.

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I didn't enjoy dealing with your preferred suppliers - they had poor service and quality and prices were inflated. Show additional information
It is still too early to get any understanding of the returns from our system. Show additional information
There was some stuffing around apparently due to non-availability of parts. Three different inverters were offered, in turn, before we finally got what we were going to get in the first place.
For the inconvenience, and because we had to get our electricity box reconfigured to fit the new switches/fuses, the company did give us a further discount of $500 though.
I don't know what was going on in the office but, because of the chopping and changing of the inverters, I got the impression that no-one was carefull checking the availability of the converters before they got back to me.
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Energy Matters does not visit the home for a quote, but instead relies on a Google Earth view of the home plus photos taken by the client of the roof, tiles & meter.
Having done quite a lot of research to become familiar with the numerous technical aspects of solar PV systems, I was a bit dissapointed that the installer didn't immediately pick up on the shading that the TV antenna would have caused over the panels. After I voiced my concern, he was quite happy though to seek a solution & relocate the panels to a more appropriate location, which differed to his job documents. The shading problem could have been avoided earlier on in the design stage, before being sent to the installer, if a consultant would have inspected the property in person during the quote phase, as only one other company of about eight companies did, or taken more notice of the shading elements (chimney, TV antenna, evaporative cooler) shown clearly in the photos I supplied.

The phone consultant was clearly knowledgable - quite good in fact, and redesigned the system after I advised him of our time of day electricity usage, resulting in our roof getting an E-W facing system, instead of just a west facing system.

Although not the cheapest quote, I am happy with the hardware chosen & the extended warranties offered plus the performance guarantee. Hopefully this solar thing was a good idea - time will tell.

I must mention that I nearly went for the cheapest quote ($1600 cheaper) but the consultant put me off the Phonos panels that company was using, saying that Energy Matters used to install Phonos but ceased due to the varying quality of the panels. Call me a sucker, but I trusted his advice, even after researching Phonos, seeing their great specs, Phonos becoming a tier 1 company in February 2014 & there being no negative information on the web.
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Only one received one quote from the companies you listed.
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