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Review #110 of SunEdison

Have you bought a solar system since you got your quote? Yes
If yes, which supplier did you go with? SunEdison
What made you choose that supplier over the others who supplied quotes? Other - see below:
Other... Recommendation from parents...
What size system did you go for? 2kW
How much did you spend? $3000 to $6000
Value for Money: 4*
Quality of System: 5*
Installation: 4*
Customer Service: 2*
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?
I was very disappointed in Energy Matters' customer service. I paid them up front in full for the system, and rather than organising the installation, they sat on my money for over a month. I was furious. Once I threatened to take my money back off them and go elsewhere it was installed within days. I am very happy with the system they have provided but think they've got some real organisational issues to deal with.
Review Posted by Maxwell from VIC on 16 April 2012