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Greenultimate Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation company based in Blacktown and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Very Happy

Very to leave a review for these guys. 8.8KW neatly done.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Instant Solar

Quote Good.
Installation. Very quick, looked as if they knew what they were doing.
Customer service.......Yes they did.

Inverter rating: 4/5
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Impressive services!

Very impressed with the excellent customer service explaining the purpose of installing solar at home.
Would highly recommend only Green Ultimate for Solar Power Systems. I found cheaper quotes but they were not clear about their products.
Many thanks Green Ultimate team for an overall positive experience.
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Very Happy with the Longi 315W panels and the Goodwe Inverter.

Very Happy with the Longi panels,Goodwe Inverter and E store Alpha battery . We have seen very impressive results in the last quarter and can't wait to see the next bill. I am hoping for a credit bill this time. We are smashing our bills and thanks to the boys at Greenultimate we decided to get Solar. We fully recommend these guys!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Great price, good products.

Sales / quoting process was good.

Install was good

Customer service could have been a little better, I had to chase the sales person a few times for install dates. They had some issues with obtaining panels due to Corona Virus related matters.
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Original Review on 15-03-2019:

It is too early to say yet!
It is a Goodwe inverter, if that means anything.
seems to be running OK?
Original ratings

Inverter rating: 1/5

Value for money: N/A
Quality of System: 3/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 3/5

8 months later we asked Lynn: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

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Very Happy with the 6.5KW Canadian Solar System.

Useful consultation and got to know a lot of information and the 6.5 KW system is just right for us. Very happy with the 1st Bill after the install. The 2 sales guys Warn and Lovyn was very friendly and i am happy to refer friends to them.
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Review removed at the request of the reviewer

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Very poor service have rang so many times, to say the solar system isn't working but not yet has anyone come out to look. I'm still getting very high bill's and I'm paying for something that's not working.
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Such a wonderful experience with the exact output what was sold on.
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Sales guy Warnie was very helpful, consultation was very informative. We have got our first quarter bill and could not be better, we saved more than 70% thanks to all those sunny days and GreenUltimate. Good job guys!
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Yes if you look under Colin in the reviews you will see where they say they decided to change panel position on roof yes only after I complained about it not saving what they said as for the net meter they never explained what it was about so I thought they were just after more money now when they told me about the meter and what it does I’ve asked for one turns out the electrician who did it has to fill in the relevant information on the form so I can get the meter I’ve told them this and haven’t had s response from them please be careful they rush the job then blame you for them not explaining what needs to be done I’m waiting on the net meter have been since before Xmas they haven’t bothered to get back to me all they have done is say I backed out of the meter so there making out it’s my fault there the so called professionals they should have known where to place the panels on my roof also should have explained what the net meter was for poor customer service then blames the customers
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Frequent visits after solar was installed to make sure everything was going ok, we have also referred 25 customers who have all got solar from GreenUltimate as well.
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Greenultimate installed a system for my business. I am really happy and would recommend them to everyone. They have done a lot of work around the town. Metering took sometime but that had to be done by the retailer. I am a happy customer.
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Service as described
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Original Review on 12-12-2017:

Took a little time to get the net meter installed and little confusion on what the unit could and couldn’t do as far as the sunny boy app slotted now though Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 3/5

8 months later we asked This person: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Not quite as many savings as I thought
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They said we would save 70 percent just got our bill $980 saved $26 now maybe I’m not that good at maths but don’t sound like I saved 70 percent on top of that we also pay $600 every 3 months for the loan that last for 5 years so now instead of a cheaper option I’m paying $1600 every 3 months bloody liars for the next 5 years
Lot worse of than before avoid them Colin

Supplier Reply:

Colin did not wait for a Bill that had a full reflection on Solar after the net Meter. When the energy company sent him the message to change the Net Meter he messaged back to them thinking they will charge for the Meter and cancelled the booking.

We then had to re-organise this.

After speaking to our Solar Engineer we then decided to change the position of the panels to give better output.

We have now changed the system to a different roof and Meter issue is sorted. Colin understands that he has to wait for another full quarter to see the results.
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Avoid this company. They will lie about the amount of energy delivered and then you are locked in to a contract to repay the system which does not do what they promised. They also told me that the finance did not include interest.
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Excellent sales person. Very knowledgeable and very informative discussion. Installer was very friendly and efficient. would recommend this company.
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