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Solahart Newcastle Reviews

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About Solahart Newcastle , Solar Installers

Solahart Newcastle is a Solar Power Installation company based in Cardiff and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Solahart Newcastle Solar Reviews

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There was no messing about with the quote that SolaHart provided, I knew exactly what I was getting and exactly how much I would pay. The recommended system has larger generating capacity than others were proposing for similar or more cost. Others had more complicated ways to discount or adjust for changes from 'standard'.

The office staff answered calls promptly and were friendly and knowledgeable. The installation team was quick, efficient and professional.

The whole process was relaxed, perhaps a little too relaxed in some ways; no contract or deposit was required, no money changed hands (I was invoiced after installation!).

We are still waiting for connection to the grid; I didn't understand this part of the process (installation of a smart meter) and a bit disappointed to have a new system that is doing nothing yet!
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It is difficult for me to know, at this stage, whether the system is value for money as the other supplier was quoting on different makes & models. That being said, Solarhart did do a good job on the installation and the installers were knowledgeable about the product. I would certainly give Solarhart a good mention if the occasion arises. Show additional information
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A very professional established company. Also they don’t try to sell you a system that is far beyond your needs Show additional information
It's hard to rate the quality of the system at this early stage. It seems great but I have no comparison. One of the quoters didn't follow up until you chased them and Id already made a decision - I had a small window of available time to get it done. The other company quoted by email but I really needed to talk to someone. Solahart emailed and rang immediately. They kept in contact daily till the job was complete, they gave me heaps of info and I also needed extra work done because of old wiring and 2 different roof profiles to work on, not to mention very difficult access. I had also contacted Energy Australia twice but they also didn't bother to follow up until I already had a system installed. They are currently STILL holding up my Net Meter install which is apparently pretty common. Value for money - the other email quote I had was $1000 cheaper BUT they didn't speak to me or actually look at the job, which Solahart realised there was more to when they got out here rather than just look at the Google view. Also when I emailed and thanked them for their quote and said I was just waiting to hear from a couple of others before I made a decision, their reply to was rude and at that point I decided not to use their company no matter what the other quotes were like. Show additional information
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The salesman was good, he went through it all and showed me why I only need a 4KW system.The price was probably a bit more, but the panels are REC and ABB inverter. They extended the warranty on the inverter to 10 years.The system is actually 4.6KW which helps because the roof faces east west.It was less than 3 weeks wait for the installation and they did a great job, very neat and professional.I'm just waiting on Energy Australia to change the meter.I would really like to thank you for all the information you give on your site as I didn't have a clue about solar ,thanks again. I also tried to respond to your last survey, but it wouldn't open. Thanks again. John Show additional information
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initial customer service very good however sales person became ill and dealing with a very busy office was OK but less service centred Show additional information
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They installed the system and damaged and replaced two roof tiles on the day. On inspecting after they had left two panels were "flexed" and they had left a roll of wire on the roof. My neighbor commented on another broken tile that you could only see from his property. They promptly came out and replaced the roof tile, gathererd their wire and straightened the panels. Following the bad storm we discovered another leak. On inspection where they had connected a brace to the truss they had broken another tile and had just put the piece in place. On contact they came out removed the panel and replaced the tile. The rep advised that they had tightened the bracket too much and that had chipped the tile. He took photos and left. After a week I had not heard anything so rang the Office of Solahart and was advised they would ring back that afternoon. I never heard anything and rang back again a couple of days later. They gave me the name of the manager, Anthony Roberts and his number and said he was dealing with it. Contacted Roberts twice with promises that he would ring back - still waiting. Contacted Roberts again and he advised that they thought the damage was caused by the storm (interesting considering his rep said the bracket was too tight!) but they would send somebody out to look and the damage so they could repair it. I am running out of roof tiles. Avoid this company Show additional information
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