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About Sunstainable Pty Ltd, Solar Installers

Sunstainable Pty Ltd
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VIC: REC 23258 Sunstainable 

Sunstainable Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation business that services Melbourne, Ballarat & surrounds. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Sunstainable Pty Ltd Solar Reviews

Professional installation

Upgraded inverter rather than one suggested but installation and complete process was easy going from start to finish just waiting on energy company to hook me up Show additional information

great installers

1. Fantastic and very informative
2. The installers were punctual polite tidy and kept their social distancing
3. Yes -After a phone call I was very please with the info given and quick response
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Efficient installation

Punctual and efficient installation. Installer didn’t give us accurate instructions as to how to connect the SMA inverter to our wifi, so found out from SMA via their help line. It would be better to have clear instructions. Still waiting to be connected to the grid. Show additional information
Sunstainable were great from start to finish, they were a bit more expensive in their quote but their service from 1st phone call to follow up left us with a confidence we were making a good decision selecting them, that any future issues would be dealt with well and in a timely manner. Cheapest is not always best. Very pleased with our new system, a very positive experience.

Thank you Solar Quotes for your service, your website was a great place to find all the important information and for putting us in touch with a quality provider.
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I cannot answer if my system was good value compared to similar units as I didn’t make any comparisons prior to my purchase.
It is too early to determine if my system is of good quality. I judge quality on performance and durability and I haven’t had my system long enough to comment on these aspects.
I scored average on installation mainly due to noticing scratch marks all along the top of my colour bond gutters, where the panels were being passed up to the roof. I only noticed these sometime later whilst cleaning my gutters.
I felt the Government rebate process to be complicated.
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Excellent sales service, answering all queries and providing detailed specifications for the equipment.
Installation team were excellent; on time, clean and tidy and pleasant to deal with.
No issues with post installation Electrical Inspection.
Minor issue with the inverter software was resolved by the manufacturers engineer site visit within a few days.
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We certainly appreciated the advice provided by Solarquotes. It definitely made the whole process easy and hassle-free. We found the Solarquotes website very informative and helped us with final decisions on system size, layout, type, pricing.
We are definitely happy with the company we chose to supply and install. Quality products / quality installation.
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The quotes assumed I would be eligible for grant and did not check this so this added to extra cost right at end.
Other providers offered larger systems that were $10k plus and was outside budget.
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The suppliers referred by Solar Quotes were not able to work on by roof with a 33 degree pitch. I sourced three suppliers independently and all three provided quotes of similar quality systems with similar prices. I chose Sunstainable because of the recommendation of a trusted colleague, because they were local to my area, and they seemed the most honest with respect to the components used, the results achievable, and the installation timeframe (second half of January now). Show additional information
After several years the German made inverter has packed up. Bill stated that they have had a high failure rate with that make Effekta model ES5000.
Bill wont stand behind any warranty. Going to cost me $1500 to replace the inverter with another brand. I think this maybe in breech of Aussie Consumer Law when the inverter should have lasted many years .at least 10. Not happy!!
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Suppliers all offered different systems / solutions with some costing a lot more per Kw than others. I wanted SolarEdge with either LG or SunPower panels and Sunstainable offered the best solution. Show additional information
When I looked in the Melbourne market for a PV system, there were simply so many solar panel installation companies out there. And furthermore, many independent electricians also touted solar panel installation capability. It was almost as if any installation company could do the job.
I ended up selecting Sunstainable out of the myriad of companies was because:

1. They gave me a very decent quote for top-shelf system components that I wanted
2. They have been around for more than 10 years, so not in the category of "fly-by-night company"
3. Their sales manager was friendly and knowledgable

Sunstainable used installers who knew what they were doing and I have to give them top marks for doing a very difficult installation on my roof, as it was a double storey tiled roof with a 45 degree pitch, the stuff of nightmares. Yet the work was done without any incident and it was neat and tidy. The installers were friendly and courteous.

The electrical inspector came a couple of days later to inspect their work and all passed with flying colours.

I would highly recommend Sunstainable to any Melbournian looking for a solar system and I would recommend not buying at the cheapest price point but buy quality components (i.e. quality panels and quality inverter)
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I had an excellent experience talking with Tom from Sunstainable. From what I understand I have the system that suits my needs and it was quickly and expertly installed. Whether it was value for money I have no idea yet. Whether the quality of system will stand the test of time and whether it produces the requisite amount of power I dont know of course, and what the costs or rebates will be to me I do not know yet.

I was more comfortable going with you and your recommendations than going in cold. Anyone who can go to the trouble of building that website certainly boosts confidence.

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone considering solar power that they visit your site for information and advice.
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When you are buying a solar system you hear all the horror stories.
But these guys were terrific .
Great communication,
The fellas turned up on time very polite straight into it
Did not leave any rubbish at all
Tom called during installation and called next day
We are very happy and it looks very slick
Operation we don't have to do anything , and very happy with the output
Keep up the great work
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Sustainable Solar I found to be great to deal with, prompt reliable service.
One organisation had a big dose of sour grapes when they missed out on the job, I would have liked to give them the job, but they told me that the price they offered was the best they could do, when i told them they missed out because of price they replied even if they matched the price they still would have missed out on the job, by the way they were $1,000 dearer, I would not recommend them to anyone after that comment.

Another company I am disappointed with in which I have one of their systems at home, I have now had 2 inverter failures, SunGrow inverters. the issue i have with these folks is that they are very slow to get to Geelong and repair their systems when there are problems. I suggested to them that if they cannot service clients in a particular area then don`t install in those areas.
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The sales manager was very helpful, very accommodating with discussions on system requirements and not pushy for a sale. I went with a Enphase micro invereter system due to minor shading issues in the mornings. Installers arrived early and had the system installed and running by about 2pm. Been in a month now and loving watching the usage numbers drop on the meter and the energy returned figures grow. Finn your website was a great source of information and education to help weed out the great from the good quotes/salesmen. Keep up the good work. Show additional information
Sunstainable has been amazing so far, and I have been recommending them to everyone! It took a couple of weeks to get quotes via this system - I wish I had just found sunstainable myself, but I am glad they found me! Show additional information
Bill offered honest advice regarding other installers systems even though I was considering other people. Service and installation was above and beyond our expectations. Would recommend Sunstainable anyday. Show additional information
I have had a good experience so far with install etc.... but I did a lot of research and the help and information I received from Finn Peacock from solar qoutes was invaluable it actually changed my mind on the system I purchased I was thinking of going the cheapest system but after reading countless reviews of problem with inverters etc. not working straight out of the box or after a week and problems with warranties etc. I decided to have a peaceful life and just go with the best system I could afford which was suntech solar panels and a Sunnyboy inverter 3kw system.
The trick is to let installer look at your bill on how may kilowatt hours you use per year and then match it with big enough system to cover your bill for instance a 3kw system in Geelong is rated by government figures on average for a year to produce about 3960kwh so if your bill tells you that you use 1000kwh per qaurter a 3kw system will just about cover your bill for the year.
Hopefully, this helps people.
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Just having trouble with our power supplier. Not being helpful at all. Have not credited our account with any usage from the solar system at all. Show additional information
They were informative and the installation was quick and ideally located on my home Show additional information
All seems to be going well however, the system has only been in place for a few weeks . Show additional information
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At the moment it is hard to give a proper rating as everything is still new, but we are satisfied all went well, and the company was always helpful. Show additional information
Very prompt to start with, got it done prior to Jan 1. They initially picked one side of the roof but realised on the day it would not fit well there & put it on another side. I was told I cold only fit 10 panels but by using the other side 12 would fit but no extras were brought.

Now, want to charge what seems like a very steep price to add 1 more panels. Has taken till today to actually get the quote for the extra 2 panels. Will try to find someone else that is interested in the work.
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The solar panel install was completed in one day, within a couple of days of paying the deposit. Two days later the inverter and connections were finalized in line with the quoted time frame.

The company and the installers kept me informed and assisted with the process along the way.

I would highly recommend Sustainable and their crew.

The system that I chose was not the cheaper of 2 quotes received, but it was competitive taking into account the system specifications, in particular component quality and rated output.
Still waiting on the power company to commission the smart meter, one month later Dec 2012).
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As i type this, our solar is half installed coming back tomorrow to finish installing panels (22-6) and the electrician will be back on sat 25-6 to finish hooking it up. Show additional information
Very knowledgeable about system requirements, component quality and industry pricing, very helpful with information during decision making. Communication regarding invoicing and safety check connection post installation has been slow and not as good as hoped. Still awaiting connection with energy provider 4 weeks after installation. Show additional information
Of the three suppliers you supplied they were the only ones to contact us. I had received quotes from other suppliers though. The quote from Sunstainable was not the dearest or cheapest and with other research I did we were happy to accept their quote. They were very confident and pleasant during our meeting and were very happy to answer questions.

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Connection of system was prompt as was money collection. We are still waiting for connection to grid many, many weeks later. Not sold on the after sales service. Show additional information
Bill from Sunstainable gave prompt detailed service and kept me informed throughout the process while only having delays from our electricity provider. Installation guys were on time and completed the job promptly. Show additional information
The whole experience was essentially hassle free. Armed with the information from Solar Quotes we were able to compare the 3 quotes we received and choose what we believed to be the best value for money. Perry Routley from Sunstainable was very easy to deal with and everything promised was delivered on time.
The guys that did the installation were clean, efficient and thorough.
We are currently waiting on the installation of our new meter for connection to the grid. This is due on 15th June.
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Only had them 1 month, made about 260 kw. Still waiting for the smart meter so we really start to save. Show additional information
Very tidy installer - great job with friendly service. Show additional information
They were very quick to respond to our request for a quote.
They called out within a couple of days to measure and quote and advised us of all our options. We redesigned our installation three times so as not to impact on our neighbours. The job was done including connection to the grid in a single day, only one week after ordering. The workmanship was first class, we are very happy with everything especially watching the meter spinning backwards. We recommend Sunstainable to everyone.
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Once deposit was paid system was installed within 2 weeks! Show additional information
Initially I had only one response (Sunstainable), then after making that known, three other companies replied and I contacted 2 directly. But of the six, only two actually visited me and looked over the roof space and my electricity usage. The first was Sunstainable, the successful company, and the other was more interested in selling their marketing push. While others quoted online and some very detailed and informative, it came down to a mix of price, product and installation date. Show additional information
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