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Westside Energy Reviews

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About Westside Energy, Solar Installers

Westside Energy is a Solar Power Installation company based in Thebarton and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Westside Energy Solar Reviews

Supplier Reply

Thanks Jim for your positive feedback....We aim to please and are happy you noticed! Show additional information
Steve Alexander. Sales & Operations Manager , Westside Energy provided comprehensive advice , expert service and know how with highly competitive pricing and quality outcomes. A company with in depth experience and for whom I have complete confidence.

Supplier Reply

Thanks Bronte for you feedback! Steve is definitely an asset to our business and we are glad you have been impressed by our service. We aim for 100% satisfaction and are glad to hear we achieved that once again. Show additional information
We would especially like to thank the installer, Dino. A more polite, tidy & hard worker would be hard to find. Thank you !

Supplier Reply

Hi Betty, Thank you for your feedback of Westside and our installation team. Dino is definitely a key team member and we have passed on your review. Thanks again! Show additional information
Westside was easy to get on with. Steve (sales) was great. Installation happened very quickly. We are just having issues getting our meter changed which is the fault of Origin.

Supplier Reply

Hi Simon, Thanks for your positive words! Steve is a great member of the team...That's why he is now one of the managers :)! We are sorry to hear your troubles with your provider! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist.. Show additional information

Supplier Reply

Cheers, Troy!!! Show additional information
We were very disappointed when it came to the service around the installation. Initially we were told they would be at our house between 8am and 9am. At about 10am when they hadn't arrived and we had heard nothing, I phoned the Westside solar and they checked with the installer and then said they were held up at another job and would now be arriving at about 12 noon. At 1.30pm when they hadn't arrived and we hadn't heard from them, I then phoned to see what was happening. I was told the installer would be phoned and they would get back to me. I received a phone call from another Westside employee to say sorry and they would certainly get things sorted quickly. Within 5 mins of that telephone call the girl I initially spoke to phoned back to say the installer was not answering their phone and she would phone me as soon as she heard from them. Then the phone rang and it was to tell me the installer would arrive in 15 mins. 3/4 hour later at 3.30pm they finally arrived. When they arrived it was full steam ahead until the rain brought it all to a halt at about 5pm. We were then told they would be back the next day (Saturday) but that it wouldn't be until afternoon because they had "another job booked for the morning" At 3.30pm with still 'no show' my husband phoned the installer and finally they arrived about 4pm saying they "had car trouble". The job was then completed. I did send an email to Westside solar and received an apology but to be honest I was a bit disappointed that was all that was offered. NRG Solar's Salesman was very impressive and really did all the hard work with explaining everything in detail and if his quote had been lower, he would have won the job. It would have been interesting to see how their installation process compared.

Supplier Reply

Hi Helen. Sorry to hear you were let down by our processes. The whole industry experienced a severe shift which we have now overcome and are back on track. We hope your system is continuing to provide great energy savings. Your feedback is appreciated as it has helped us improve our systems. Cheers! Show additional information
Neat install with no corners cut. Friendly staff

Supplier Reply

Cheers Jaime! We aim to please and once again we have!! We hope you are enjoying your energy savings! Show additional information
Our Panels were not able to be erected where the sales person had indicated; because the installers were not given enough panel supports. The installers were disappointed about this aspect. Show additional information
Salesman great. Installers efficient and helpful. Good information. Office staff rather disorganised.

System seems to be working really well - this is only one week after installation.

Supplier Reply

Hi David, sorry to hear you were let down by our processes. The whole industry experienced a severe shift which we have now overcome and are back on track. We hope your system is continuing to provide great energy savings. Show additional information
Installed system a couple of days later than expected, which caused some issues in obtaining a day off though found the installers to be professional and removed rubbish on completion. Recently installed smart meter and turned on system to determine that the inverte is showing some State codes, which relate to high voltage so contacted Westside and waiting for feedback to this problem. Will update once rectified.

Supplier Reply

Hi Damien! Sorry to hear you experienced a bit of a delay with the install and an error code with the inverter and the power network. Hopefully this is all rectified, if not, be sure to contact us and we will see how we can assist! Show additional information
Salesman Steve was a great help because he knew just what I wanted. Paid a deposit and was a little disappointed the install date was cancelled on two occasions after I had taken the time of work to be at home. Install day went smoothly which was a Saturday and is now operating for two days. Rubbish was cleaned up but placed into our log fire bin for us to get rid of. Nice people though and easy to get on with. All in all to date all is well.

Supplier Reply

Hi James,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. We are glad we met your expectations in most areas. We are very sorry about the delay in install, your project came at a very busy time for the whole industry which we have now adjusted too. Your areas of concern re rubbish have been dealt with so thanks again for the feedback. Cheers.
Show additional information
Thanks for the three recommendations - resulting in 3 prompt quotes. Excellent comparisons to allow best choice. Your service was the foundation to that all. Gratitude and thanks.

Supplier Reply


We aim for 100% satisfaction for our customers and we are glad you appreciate it.. Well done to Solar Quotes as well for providing a great bridge between customers and quality installers.
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Supplier Reply

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your feedback. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and it's nice when that is recognised!
Show additional information
Westside carried out a very detailed technical assessment at our location.
Track record and company stability.
Installation delay due to our side - building work.
The company I work for also interacts with Westside Mechanical - so there is quite a connection.

Supplier Reply

Thank you Simon for your positive feedback! Show additional information
Remu explained everything regarding the solar system really well, listing positives and negatives we may encounter with particular solar systems / tiers 1, 2 and 3 systems and was really forthcoming and honest regarding information and history of the company etc. Real breath of fresh air to come across an honest sales person, more interested in customer satisfaction then simply wanting to make an extra buck!

Supplier Reply

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your review. We are working tirelessly to ensure consumers are educated and supported with their purchasing choices in an industry that can be rather difficult to navigate at times. We appreciate your pat on the back. Please make sure you contact us with any future queries or concerns.
Show additional information
Signed up 19 Jan 2018, installation booked for 20 Feb. (no problem), organised with my employer to have this day off, by 9.30am i rang Westside to see whats going on, i was told they would be here at 12.30 and would be able to complete the job that day, eventually contractors (not Westside) turned up at 2pm and obviously were not going to finish that day. Very unhappy , my company has a major defence contract which requires me to be on site because of the security clearances i have, so having another day off caused great inconvenience. Tue.6 March, haven't heard from anyone about my meter reconfiguration, my wife rang AGL (account holder) only to find out this was done 19 Feb! My question is, couldn't the electrician who set all this up, and tested on the 21 Feb, have realised the system was fully functional? Two other items i have concerns over,the manager of westside called me (after i made calls to express my dissatisfaction) and offered a $100 gift voucher,to which i have not received,secondly, my sewer vent was cut back to facilitate installation of panels,is this standard practice?

Steve Pluck Happy valley.
Show additional information

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your positive feedback! Show additional information
Neat Tidy Professional install. will recomend

Supplier Reply

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your feedback. We work hard to impress our customers and it is always rewarding when we do, and they tell us. Thank you for the pat on the back! Be sure to contact us with any queries down the track. Cheers!
Show additional information
The Process started well with the sales rep arriving on-time and having already famiiarised himself with the house. The sales person took great pains to explain that his background was as an INSTALLER not a salesperson and identified the best layout of panels according to the span of roofing screws on my iron roof. Fantastic, I thought and we designed a system around available roof space which I was assured would be possible and straightforward. The price was good and I was more than happy to pay a deposit and organise installation.

So Installation day comes around, my wife organises a day off work so she can be home during installation and the installers arrive and begin to setup. Shortly after they declare that they are unable to complete the installation because the roof is too steep and lacks sufficient access and harness points. They apologise, pack up and depart. I don't begrudge the installers as they shouldn't perform work in conditions that they feel is unsafe - that is self evident.

I do however have a massive issue with the quotation process and the glaring oversight on the salespersons behalf about the access issues. There are many solar companies that don't visit a property to provide a quote and the reason I wanted Westside to quote the job is because they inspect the site thereby (i thought) answering fundamental questions like 'Are our installers going to be able to safely complete the job?' I find this oversight especially astonishing as the sales person was himself an installer and should therefore be able to identify any possible safety issues.

So thankyou Westside Energy for giving me the complete runaround through simple oversight at the time of quoting. I shall go back to the drawing board and find another installer.

Supplier Reply

Hi Leon,

We are disappointed that you have felt let down by our systems on this occasion. We are also sorry that we could not find a solution to your install due to a breakdown in communication between our consultant and installer. We hope that you managed to find a quality install and have commenced your energy savings.
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Supplier Reply

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your feedback. We aim for continual improvement as impressing out customers is a priority at Westside Energy. You have highlighted some areas we are winning and some areas we can work on...Thankyou!
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Supplier Reply

Hi Kym, Thank you for your review and feedback. Continual improvement is a focus of Westside Energy's and your efforts have aided in that process. Please contact us with any further queries! Cheers! Show additional information
The first problem occurred close to the install date when we discovered that the selected panels were not available, so we agreed to an alternative.
When the installers arrived we were told that the alternative panels had not been delivered on time, then we were told that the panels would not be arriving at all.
After some time we were told that we would have to pay more and finally they reneged on the deal based on spurious and defamatory reasons, stating falsely that I upset the installer who would not return to the property. (During this period I was in contact with the installer who was very happy to provide advice and was the only person providing communication).
Finally after 4 weeks and after threatening legal action they refunded my deposit.

Supplier Reply

Hi David,

We are sorry that your experience with Westside Energy was less than desirable. We aim for 100% satisfaction of all those we deal with, even those that don't actually become customers. We a sorry that on this occasion we couldn't work together to find a mutually suitable outcome.
Show additional information
We have ordered our system but it’s not yet installed. This company have assured high quality panels and a quick installation. We await the install next week!

Supplier Reply

Hi Catherine! Thanks for the thumbs up! Be sure to re visit and update the review once your system is installed ;). - Westside Energy Show additional information
Westside Solar........... Excellent solar install.

I contacted Westside Solar and there Sales Manager Steve Alexander came to our home and completed a quote.
What was important to my wife and I was not only a quote but the time taken to fully explain their proposal in plain "English".
They provided a comprehensive quote / document and took the time to explain all.
No fast talk and what was clear was they know their product, market and provided a fully comprehensive system and solution.
Installation completed, no fuss, no mess, NO PROBLEMS.
Excellent overall and we now have a system that is supported with WIFI allowing us to see how the system is performing daily and supported via a daily email as to what electricity we are generating and using allowing us to see performance etc.

Highly recommend Westside Solar.



Supplier Reply

Hi Rob,

Thankyou so much for your wonderful review! We work tirelessly here at Westside to provide our customers with the best possible service. It is a difficult industry for the general consumer to feel comfortable in as there is so much conflicting information. It is always rewarding when our customers recognise that we are doing it right!!! The team always appreciates a pat on the back! So thankyou once again... Always here for any queries down the road, Cheers.
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Supplier Reply

Hi Miro,

Thanks for the great review! We hope your system assists in putting the power back in your hands for years to come. Please don't hesitate to call if you need any further assistance.
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