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ZEN Home Energy Reviews

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About ZEN Home Energy, Solar Installers

Zen Home Energy Systems are a South Australian based solar installer that have offices and franchises throughout Australia.

ZEN Home Energy Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Several years ago we installed ZENs 3kW system (and solar hot water system) and we were very happy with what we have got then. ZEN was more expensive than others but - and though it was not necessary offering better/the best quality system components, we liked how ZEN looked at that time. Its installations were aesthetically superior (tidy, all black, with hidden brackets and black capped rail ends), and their business/company was well presented too... We now wanted "extension". But did not ask necessary questions. We trusted the BRAND. We have got an ordinary 1.5kW "industrial" and separated system/"extension". And extraordinary extended delays. Job first delayed and at the present time still not completed (several weeks later)... If somebody would ask me I think that ZEN doesn't exists anymore. Somebody just uses ZEN brand name to sell what any other "solar business" could sell to you - ET Solar panels, Enphase Micro Inverters, and "standard" mounting system. As in our example... If you are still tempted get quote from ZEN (or so called) Energy and then talk to you "local installers". Unless you cannot get a better price from ZEN (for the same product), in my opinion you have no reason to go with them... Show additional information
Zen supplied our original system in 2010 and we were very happy with the service and quality of the system so we decided to try them again.
One disadvantage of this company now is they do not have a shop front locally only a representative who is sometime difficult to contact.
We are promised a free net meter from Origin Energy sometime soon but I can see problems ahead coordinating Zen and Origin Energy so we can have the system working by late Oct 2016.
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Whilst all 3 quotes including Adelaide Solar were similiar in cost we chose Zen in the end as they had provided our previous system at our last home in 2011....they were prompt reliable and efficient. Show additional information
Everything for the initial quote to the installation was exceptional. Show additional information
Just being installed today! Show additional information
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Due to the longetivity of the company, local proximity and friends recommendations I chose this company. Also my previous solar supplier had gone bust so I wanted reliability. Show additional information
Well where do I start, The system, at this stage has been running for 13 months , we have replaced inverters and a panel now the system for the last week 20 panels not working by the zen energy system graph and it also said the system is working fine. Show additional information
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Confusing to try to make the right choice, given I'm not technical. Feel I did in the end by doing lots of research, including Solarquote website. Found that in particular, very useful. Show additional information
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I only had Suntrix contact me - the other suppliers recommended through your service did not contact me Show additional information
Services need to have high quality phone staff to organise the initial appointments and liason. Many companies I had cold calls from people I could not even understand and clearly had no interest in my situation or needs. Show additional information
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Not yet operational - waiting for SA Power to connect. Show additional information
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I went with this supplier because the techno was someone I knew. Show additional information
All my dealings with ZEN have been very good. I was impressed with both the sales consultant and with the installation team. I have only had the system a few weeks, and the weather in Perth has not been great, so I'm yet to see how the system will perform under better conditions. Show additional information
The information I got from your web site was very useful in educating myself on solar and helped with questions to ask suppliers. Only received 1 reply from the 3 recommended from the web site, so got other quotes elsewhere. In the end went with company that a neighbour and a work colleague had used and were very happy with, the look and quality of their panels impressed me more. The service was efficient, tradesmen turned up as booked, were friendly, polite and kept me informed on progress all through installation, could not fault them. Show additional information
Darryn sold the Zen product to me, with his knowledge and experience. He was the person who also installed the unit so knew all about it from start to finish. Show additional information
Will get back to you when it has been installed. Have been wondering why the solar energy has gone down quite a bit since having signed on to this "deal". Show additional information
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Only had the sysrem installed three days ago and seems to be working OK. Too early to tell much about customer service as there is still some follow-uo work to be done and Ausnet is yet to change our meter. Show additional information
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System is performing well. Show additional information
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Pleased with the contact and follow up from all suppliers. Particularly impressed with Blu Sky Solar, although we did not go with them in the end. Show additional information
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Very impressed with the quality of the solar system and personnel representing Zen. Show additional information
Zen were the only people I heard from. Service, communictaion and follow up time was perfect. Show additional information
Went with Zen as we know the installer. Show additional information
It is getting installed later on - so can't comment on the above yet. Show additional information
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My research suggested Zen are using some of the best available with all warranty covered by them, no chasing other suppliers. Though not the cheapest I felt it was the best for me for the long term, Show additional information
Still in process. Let me get back to you after installation and an initial month or so of operations. Show additional information
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Too many suppliers are reluctant to give information re the panels they used or the inverters and other info. One of the companies that advertise regularly in the Tiser emailed me their standard brochure 3 times when i requested info on their product, a brochure that told me NOTHING regarding their products.

The other thing I discovered was a huge variation in the travelling and installation costs to travel to Moonta. In fact we would have opted for a Origin energy system but they wanted $700.00 travelling cost. Pleeeease. If the my house was at Pt Wakefield, no travel costs, go 30minutes up the road $700.00. Ridiculous. I rang and spoke to them several times and spoke to different people thinking the original must have been a mistake but got the same answer each time with no negotiation possible.

Thanks for the informative website
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Zen although good quality and installation on the Yorke Peninsular I was disappointed in their service - appears they have too much business. I have paid a deposit but still waiting for confirmation on insatllation Show additional information
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I'm still awaiting installation so couldn't really be specific. I also used a LOT of word of mouth recommendations. Asking around about which companies other people have used, plus getting a number of quotes, helped a lot. I also chose to go with a local company (one that had locals working there rather than just out sourcing to anyone) Show additional information