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AGL Solar Reviews

AGL Solar

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AGL Solar Overall Rating From 88 Reviews:

88 Reviews

Average Customer Review (88 customer reviews)


AGL Solar is the solar division of AGL: a large energy company operating throughout Australia.

AGL has a large portfolio of renewable energy assets and is currently building three wind projects: the huge Macarthur wind project in Victoria, as well as Oaklands and Hallett 5.

AGL purchased Rezeko in July 2011 and rebranded them as AGL Solar. By 2014 they appeared to have wound that venture down. Fast forward to May 2015 and they are investing tens of millions to set up yet another solar division to have another crack at the solar (and storage) market.

In terms of customer reviews: one reviewer noted that the company offered a two year interest free payment system, while other customers mentioned the company's long history as being a major factor in deciding to go with them for solar installation.

Fair enough - Although I'd wager that they don't get many installations in the beautiful Hunter Valley these days...

Here are all their reviews as submitted by our lovely SolarQuotes users:

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
I went with AGL in the end as they were able to provide the 3 phase battery read ...
>>> See Joyce's review
Joyce QLD 4053

>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5092

>>> See Guntis's review
Guntis NSW 2576
Installation very good , I day in and out . Everything works very well
>>> See Brett's review
Brett SA 5162
I got lucky that AGL matched the price
>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3977
I have read some negative reviews about AGL Solar. Though I have had nothing b ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter SA 5238

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2515
AGL appeared very keen to get the buisness. Frequent follow-up and discounting ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian SA 5037
System installed in 2012, and the ECO2000 brand Inverter stopped working Mid Jan ...
>>> See Dave's review
Dave NSW 2165
There are just too many PV system "brand" options which is then reflected in the ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2126
They got the photos on the installation wrong The 14 panels did not fit vertica ...
>>> See Nickolas Horton's review
Nickolas Horton VIC 3044

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2528
I have spent 10K on solar panels with AGL Solar, when you talk to the sales peop ...
>>> See Steven's review
Steven NSW 2259
There were variations to my contract and AGL are quite reluctant to pass back th ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter NSW 2158

>>> See Roy's review
Roy NSW 2567

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2560

>>> See Heather's review
Heather SA 5081
Am happy with service provided by supplier, but disappointed that system appears ...
>>> See Daryl's review
Daryl VIC 3941

>>> See Michael's review
Michael NSW 2333
Very informative, installed in a day, 5 minute power interruption
>>> See Walter's review
Walter QLD 4510
AGL Solar subcontracted the install to a second company (Skybridge), who themsel ...
>>> See Trev's review
Trev NSW 2319
AGL and their installer SEQ Electrical were amazing in the service that they pro ...
>>> See Paul's review
Paul QLD 4301
Thanks for helping me with questions I had no idea about. I appreciate the advic ...
>>> See Domenic's review
Domenic NSW 2763

>>> See Alan's review
Alan NSW 2093

>>> See Trevor's review
Trevor SA 5042
Two of the suppliers you suggested were prompt and provided good information, so ...
>>> See Elizabeth's review
Elizabeth NSW 2560
The thing to remember with Solar these days, is that it is more worthwhile if so ...
>>> See Cam's review
Cam NSW 2575

>>> See Anon's review
Anon NSW 2526
AGL use contractors to install and they have some issues with their customer res ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter NSW 2291
Fantastic customer service, could't be happier. Very fast, detailed and informa ...
>>> See Marko's review
Marko SA 5095
AGL not great at customer service once they have your money, our next step will ...
>>> See Craig's review
Craig QLD 4208

>>> See Bernard's review
Bernard SA 5046
Yes, make sure that the meter has been arranged for when installation takes plac ...
>>> See Kerry's review
Kerry NSW 2830
Was looking forward to changing my tariffs to 'time of use' but have found that ...
>>> See Diane's review
Diane NSW 2480
Thank you for a great service.
>>> See Steve's review
Steve NSW 2250

>>> See Len's review
Len QLD 4563

>>> See Jason's review
Jason SA 5108
My experience with Mark Group was not good there people skills were appalling.
>>> See Bob's review
Bob SA 5097
I found solar power a bit of a minefield. Trying to read all the material and u ...
>>> See Susan's review
Susan NSW 2560

>>> See Matthew's review
Matthew NSW 2570
At the last minute AGL switched the panels I originally bought with outdated inf ...
>>> See Mark's review
Mark NSW 2534
In addition to best price for what seems a good quality system(time will tell), ...
>>> See Glenn's review
Glenn VIC 3088

>>> See Mick's review
Mick NSW 2800
I got conflicing answers when I asked how the rebate worked and if I changed sup ...
>>> See Gary's review
Gary SA 5158
Wish we had chosen one of your three your web site made a massive contribution t ...
>>> See Roger's review
Roger NSW 2035
Energy Australia quoted for a meter to complete system, but their installer trie ...
>>> See Kim's review
Kim NSW 2263
System has not been installed as yet (at our request), but so far the service ha ...
>>> See Rod's review
Rod QLD 4509

>>> See Michelle's review
Michelle SA 5290
AGL Solar were very easy to deal with. Provided me with all the information I as ...
>>> See Harley's review
Harley QLD 4226
The installation team were very good and provided a full explanation of the syst ...
>>> See Ron's review
Ron VIC 3173
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