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About Aussie Solar, Solar Installers

Aussie Solar
Aussie Solar is an Australian owned and operated company based in NSW and is dedicated to supplying renewable energy solutions. The company has been in business since 2002 and initially was involved in installing remote (standalone) solar power systems and solar water pumps, then later moved into grid connected solar power systems.

Aussie Solar Solar Reviews

Efficient Installation on nominated date.

The sales process was satisfactory with no pressure applied. I was also offered finance with no up front payment with the amount being repaid over three years. Installation happened as arranged but was not finalised on the day due to late afternoon rain. It was finished the next morning. They also were able to upgrade my meter box without charge while some other providers said that this would cost between $1500 and $2000. It was one of the main points in proceeding with this company. They made preliminary arrangements for a "Smart Meter" to be installed. Show additional information
I appreciate the fact that I received info and advice from your site, and personnel, which assisted me greatly in making the choice to use Q-cell panels and Fronius Symo 3 phase inverter from Adrian Johnson at Aussie Solar at Warabrook, Newcastle. There are 23 * 280 panels making 6.4 system. Show additional information
ERGON has no connected yet so performance really unknown Show additional information
In Dec 2010 arranged for 4 x 1.6kW systems locally here in Forster NSW. Cost on single storey including meter rewire $1290 and recouped within 12 months due then to high FIT. All systems no problems since install and that includes CMS2000 inverter. Show additional information
I had just had a 5.987 system installed on our roof at home the people who installed the system were 1st class I have never seen better .
I will see how good the system is in a few weeks as for Aussie solar I’m happy I went with them .
So to any body out there if you need solar get a quote from Aussie solar.

Thank you Terry and all your workers.
Ps in time to come I will make a further comment on the system when how much it drops my power bill.
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We had this solar system two years ago,I was just thinking of additional 2 or 3kw. My experienced is quite good and no problem for the last two years. Its easy to communicate with them if needed. Show additional information
I had installed 1.5 KW plus battery back up system.
Sounded great but because I have 3 phase power only a third of house utilises solar. The rest is wasted and sent back to grid for pennies.
Have informed Aussie Solar about this and mentioned how I was not told or its not advertised limitations of having 3 phase power. If I had known before I would not have purchased as it is totally worthless to me.
On top of this Aussie solar have not answered phone this year, have they closed shop, nothing mentioned on website.
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Salesman told us about lots the others didn't, and didn't try to sell us more than we needed. Very honest. Good references too. Show additional information
reasonably fast service. Show additional information
With this second system which will be a net system waiting on essential energy to decide I gather something to do with there systems capability to handle. Show additional information
I bought through a very effective and efficient call centre operation.

They were responsive, knowlegdable and personable. A problem with the product from a previous purchase was dealt with quickly and without any fuss.
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Aussie Solar are a very professional company, right from the start the girls in the office are fantastic, very easy to deal with, the quality of their product is good, the installation guys were very efficient and cleaned up when finished. We have a very steep roof and I thought almost impossible to put panels on but it was no problem to them, would highly recommend this company to anyone. Show additional information
My problem with them is the installation of the new metering which they arranged and which was included in the contract price. Yes they did warn of delay due to Integral electricity BUT after Integral gave the go ahead they were slow in arranging installation of meter through their contractor. I live in a small village on the south coast of NSW and the licensed electrical contractor was busy in the Penrith area. They should have had more contractors, and they should have been better organized. Show additional information
I did like the installers you recommended but I ultimately choose the better priced system that came in $500 cheaper than the installers you referred. Show additional information
Very Prompt install but there customer service let them down never ring back i always had to chase them regarding smart meter install 6 weeks later they told me it would be done 2 weeks max. Show additional information
Clean and efficient service.
My only other comment would be that the installation took longer than company suggested, when we accepted the quote.
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I have used Aussie Solar after some research and also after referring information from Solar Quotes site. I learned about the quality of panels and also watch those videos which was very helpful for me to understand the activities involved. Aussie Solar gave me the best price for a quality system manufactured by CMS. I also got a basic inverter which does it's job without any fancy stuff.

I am glad with my choices as now I realise I am not going to spend analysing solar charts or energy consumption like an Electric engineer and just want solar power to compensate my daily energy usage. So without the costly SMART inverter, I got the whole 2kw system installed just over 2k, which was great. Besides, there was no other company offered me 0.40 cents buy back for 12 months whilst AGL gives me only 0.08 cents per excess kwh.

Installation was done quite professionally using existing space and louvers. It was bit challenging as my basic inverter cannot get wet so the installer had to get cables through the aircon louver to the garage where the inverter was fixed.

Later, the electricity distributer came and fixed a net Import/Export meter. There wasn't anything I need to do other than present at home to give access to the roof.

I am yet to make any claim for any excess electricity given to the grid, which I don't expect any drama.
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I would have used solar rec. but upon talking to a friend who has had an Aussie solar set up on for one year, he said the locals could not get near the price because they are wholesalers, and has had good service from them we decided on them. Show additional information
Timeliness of installation was poor. I was in no great rush to have the system installed, but I wanted a rough indication date so that I could organise my finances. I had to ring them many times to get the installation date. Their customer service needs to improve. Show additional information
Being put in next week. Show additional information
Show additional information
including the companies which you supplied me with I found it hard to get quotes.
Aussie solar was highly recommended to us and is also a local company
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Aussie Solar were very good with their quote - over the phone, everything by email within a few days, and no hassles.
I used your quote system to get some comaparative prices and product information (specifically PB Solar, recommended to me), and you recommended Aussie Solar but I have spoken to them and they do not supply PB Solar. I have not received any information from any other contact that you were to supply, so have ordered with Aussie Solar based on their service to date, and on personal recommendations by people i know.
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We chose Aussie Solar because we are in a rural area in northern NSW and this company, although not local, as installed several other systems in our area. They were the cheapest quote and we are assured by their previous customers that their system and installation is of good quality. Show additional information
Yes Show additional information
I wanted to order a 4 kilowatt system after I had already ordered a 2 kilowatt system, this would have been okay except I would have then had to wait until Nov. for installation, if I wanted to change my order. Just an indication of how busy these guys are I suppose. So I am disappointed but its my blue for being impatiant. Show additional information
Aussie Solar, were able to supply a price same day, forward quotes within 24 hrs and follow up to ensure I was happy with the quote.

Great to deal with. 3 other people at work have also used Aussie and rate them very highly.
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THIS COMPANY IS IN LAWSON, NEXT TOWN, and was the best price I received . Only one of your contacts quoted me and then I was referred locally to Aussie Solar. If all works out as expected I will be looking for 300w panels these people provide 170 w panels, to supplement the installlation
PPlease feel free to look me up after October, the installation date is Serptember8.
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they revised the quote from $5400 to $3600 after i had signed up. Show additional information
I chose Ausie Solar for a few reasons, i.e. Ausie is the install company with its parent being CMS which is the company that makes the components, therefore there is a chain to follow back if needed.
They give a firm itemised quote in writing that you can look over and notify them that you accept.
There was no deposit up front it was COD or Credit card on delivery.
One guy on the team that installs the system is an electrician.
and last of all they were happy to come to my area at no extra.
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Although happy with the system the company did not appreciate that i had borrowed money for the system.

Dates were changed on instalation and it took them 6 weeks to submit paperwork. the upshot was instead of a two week delay in hyaving the energy supplier ok the installation it will take up to 10 weeks as their are now more people who need tjheir systems inspected.

This has cost me approx $800 in lost revenue effectively increasing the cost of the system by this amount. Staff and management seemed very uunconcerned about this.
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very efficient and came when they said they wood Show additional information
They were always on time, always did what they said they would when they said they would, did not reqquire a deposit and did not demand payment immediatly on installation.
Clean, quiet and professional, they just made things so easy.
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I assume that 1 is lowest and 5 is highest above Show additional information
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Will be able to after instal date which has not yet rolled round.Hopefully I can then upgrade the ratings I've given. Show additional information
Energy Australia were particulalrly tardy in installing the gross meter. When they arrived they insisted that the board was too small to fit the new meter and I had to arrange it to be enlarged. This wasn;t expensive but it would have been good to know. It would also be good to arrange the Energy company to install the gross meter in advance since they take 3-4 months to get around to it Show additional information
Aussie Solar have just reduced the price for their solar systems. Can now supply 1.5w system for $1265 full price. Now up front deposit. Payment in full on installation. I have ordered system for my daughter. Located in Lawson Show additional information
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