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About Suntrix, Solar Installers

Approved Installer
Suntrix is a SolarQuotes Client (what does this mean?)
ABN: 94 971 811 561  ABN active since 24 Jul 2009 | The Trustee For Sun Trust
ACN: 138 476 105  ACN active since 24 Jul 2009 | Suntrix Pty Ltd
Electrical Contractor's Licenses:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
SA: BLD 232996 Suntrix Pty Ltd 

VIC: REC 31165 Suntrix 

Proudly SA owned and operated, awarded the Telstra SA Business of the Year in 2013 and NECA-SA Award of Excellence for their 86.25kw commercial installation at Salisbury North Football Club.

Suntrix provide quality solar solutions to the commercial (small and large), residential and wholesale sectors in Australia.


Suntrix are adamant they are not just 'another solar company'. They provide a full turn-key solution for their clients, focusing on solar expertise, value products and personalised customer service.

They provide rent-to-buy finance options, energy-efficient products and ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your solar system.


Suntrix help home-owners and businesses understand their energy usage before working out your solar requirements. They have seen many cases, where customers have cut their power costs just by changing their usage habits and peak loads.

That means Suntrix can get you saving on your bills even before a solar system is installed!

Suntrix Solar Reviews

Suntrix were great

Suntrix was a very professional company. They suggested where to put the panels so we could get maximum solar power using different parts of our roof. They also put the panels up on the day they said they would.They came out and explained the system. Suntrix has been around for a long time and being a SA company we were happy to go with them. Show additional information

Disaster backup service

Suntrix customer service is completely none existent.
What I am about to tell you is just so unprofessional and unbelievable.

I have been waiting for a replacement solar panel under warranty from Suntrix (are you ready for it) ....3 years 4 months

Only to receive a message that panels have arrived and when I contact them for a confirmation date...yes you guessed it! The response was....
Sorry the panels delivered to their store are not your panel model.
Exactly what they said to me 3 years ago when I rang to confirm a replacement date...mirror image response.

What makes this experience even worse is these panels are freely available here in Australia .
Suntrix's feedback is ...they are locked into their Warranty Policy and will continue to communicate with their overseas supplier
My ridiculous patients has had enough and Consumer Affairs will step next week if a genuine date to replace this "one panel" is not given in writing !!

I think the last 3years has aged me 10 !

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The SunTrix sales experience was quite good. A friendly knowledgeable sales associate helped us make a decision about what type and size of system to get. Their recommendations lined up with the research we'd done so we decided to go for it and gave them a deposit for the system.

In hindsight without a firm install date I wouldn't make that mistake again. "We will get to you as soon as possible" and "you are next in line" turned into 3 months later we had our system installed.

Other notable things are instead of using standard wireless connections to the internet for monitoring we ended up with a box called a MyWatt. It seems to be a SunTrix proprietary box that is acting as a wifi bridge. Except unlike a normal wifi bridge any issues with it requires contacting SunTrix. Another had I have known I would have waved it off instead the installers wacked it up on the wall, with double sided tape that fell off a few days later, and it showed up on our invoice.

Lastly, a portion of our roof is nearly flat and that portion ended up with 6 panels. Hopefully if Adelaide ever gets rain again they'll clean themselves up a bit because now 2 months out from the system being brand new 6 out of 20 panels are coated in dust and grit.

The system itself seems to be working fairly well but knowing what I know now I would not engage SunTrix to install another one or recommend them to anyone.
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Whilst not the cheapest of the quotes received, the quality of components combined with technical knowledge, service & installation made Suntix a standout for us Show additional information
This exercise has coincided with me being very ill. For several reasons, not least, Suntrix are on about their 6th installation in my retirement village meant their rep was able to give me a lot of help. Show additional information
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Gday Finn.
We are very happy with the whole procedure except one thing which no one tells you ,on the day the system goes in and its up and running they tell you that it has to go off until new electric meter goes in ( because existing meter goes backwards at 100 miles an hour)
That takes about another month.
Now we knew we would have to wait for new meter, But thought the supplier would get free power for a month.
After installation friends and family with solar systems all said Oh yeah that happened to us, but said nothing about it before.
Thankyou for your interesting and informative advice.
The three companies you recommended were all good ,But Suntrix advice and help and flexability in different options won our business.
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Very very happy with Suntrix service Show additional information
Suntrix offers a voucher incentive if you recommend their system to someone who installs their solar panels. Good luck with that, I have contacted them on 3 occasions and still waiting. Makes you feel uneasy if you may have a problem in the future with your panels.
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Suntrix have been great to deal with, right through from initial quote and consult to finalising the hardware required and ETSA approvals. Feedback and communication during the process since sign up has been very friendly and hassle free. Thanks also to Finn Peacock for providing an unbiased view and guidance on the solar energy system in general. Show additional information
Suntrix was the only company to get back through you, I contacted others myself and some were good to speak to and others were, how can I say it, just a pain. Suntrix went out of their way to be helpful and although the installation is still to happen, I can`t for see any issues. If I could give them a star rating at this stage it`s 11/10. Show additional information
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Suntrix were professional, available and took the time to look at our unusual situation.

As a result, the system is working above expectation. Though, the inverter is installed too high for the vertically challenged to read.

We have recommended them to friends and family.
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So far, all promises have been fulfilled, and very professionally so. Waiting on meter change now. Show additional information
Suntricks! 5 months to get it up and running (after being told it would only take 2 months)! I paid my deposit for my system at the end of August 2013 and only got an acknowledgment from Suntrix 2 weeks later. I then asked when my system was likely to get installed and they eventually told me mid October. By the middle of November my system was still not installed, and after many cancellations, they finally installed it at the end of November, however, they will not be able to get it turned on and fully operational until February 2014. That means it's been a little over 5 months between paying the deposit and getting solar power to my house (assuming they do actually get it turned on in February).
I would not recommend Suntrix if you are a person that likes customer service and like to be kept up to date with what is happening with your system. Frequently I would get told I would hear from them on a certain date, and never would. They wouldn't return calls, and didn't really seem to know what they were doing. To be honest, I think they have too much work to handle at the moment and they can't keep on top of it all.
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Suntrix seem to be a professional and responsive outfit. They answered my queries promptly, made all the arrangements in good time, and their installers carried out their work carefully and diligently. I'm very pleased with the installation. Show additional information
Not really apart from that I was very happy with the responsiveness of your service as it led me to providers quickly and appropriately. Many thanks Show additional information
My own fault but inverter is a bit too high on wall for me to read easily Show additional information
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Suntrix made contact within 2 hours of filling out the request on solar quotes (2 of 3 companies responded). The installation was a week beyond the time frame given but SA has a feed in tariff ending this month so companies are busier.

The down side is the 4 week delay between installation and SA Power Network changing over our meter caused by our electricity company.

Suntrix put the request through promptly to them at the start, SAPower Network processed the request the day after they received advice of the new electricity quote and Suntrix booked the application the day after, but in between, Energy Australia sat on the paperwork for 31/2 weeks.
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Very happy with all aspects of the purchase, have recommended to friends who were also
very happy with Sun Trix quote and service and particularly the panels and inverter. They decided on a 6kW system as they have young adults at home.

Thank you for your great website, it helped us decide what we needed to look for and the questions to ask.
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We purchased the unit from ACE Solar and Electrical, as there was some extra electrical work that needed to be completed on our new home. Show additional information
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Show additional information
The service and installation was excellent. Show additional information
Very happy with service to date. Show additional information
Every aspect of SunTrix's service was efficient and professional from the salesperson, installers and office staff. Even changeover to a new meter was quick and handled for us. Haven't had the system n long yet but very happy with the choice we have made. Show additional information
Your service is brilliant and although Suntrix was the first company through the door they ticked all the boxes for my requirements by the ocean, quality of supporting brackets and panels and guarantees.

Thanks so much. I didn't know where to start and I have total peace of mind with my choice.
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Looking for a solar energy system is not easy for a lay person. We were quite confused with all the options available.

Thanks to you we received a Quote and advice from Suntrix. Suntrix took care of advising our energy supplier and also making an appointment for SA Power Networks.

Suntrix installed our system within a week, but we had to wait a month for SA Power Network to connect us to the grid.
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Of the three companies you gave us Suntrix contacted us within hours the others took days. Show additional information
Suntrix are excellent to deal with. Show additional information
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The salesman was friendly and helpful. The installers were prompt and efficient, explaining just what they would do etc. My only criticism was that their office management was not as efficient as their salesman and installers - but maybe my expectations on that score are too high, having worked in an office for 25 years! Show additional information
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Overall, good so far - but I have yet to turn the system on - still waiting for my meter from SA Networks.

I appreciated having someone come out onsite and provide me with a firm quote, even when the installers found that the system was not quite suitable for my house the company still honoured the quote.
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The installers (contractors) were efficient and well skilled and deployed the system quickly.
from quote to installation it took approximately one week (midway through December - Christmas period). Some of the back office procedures with the supplier had hiccups non too serious.

Their staff is always courteous and obliging. I had two identical systems (2 x 4.75 KW) installed on two properties three days apart and in each case the workmanship was of a high standard. I have setup my own monitoring (sampling power production statistics from the inverter at 4 sec intervals, and the efficiency with just over a month's worth of data (and in summer of course) seems to be within spec so far.

I would and do recommend this company (Suntrix) to would be solar clients. I would also highly recommend the SolarQuotes web site - and encourage you to read ALL the information on this site (a very good primer on the solar infrastructure and research other sites as well). I went from zero understanding to having enough knowledge to stave off some very "dodgy" company recommendations by being able to do my own calculations and understand the implications of the technical specs on power production in a very short space of time.

Finally all the kudos to Finn Peacock who had the foresight to set up such an invaluable web site - thanks.

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Our system is only new so hard to rate above good for value and quality but so far we are very happy with the whole experience.

One of the reasons we chose Suntrix was that they were prepared to put in writing that the system would be installed before the rebate finished. The installation was painless and efficient.

We are not yet connected to the grid but our meter is running backwards!! And it's been really hot so air con on heaps.
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Show additional information
Great experience dealing with Sun Trix from start to finish. Show additional information
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Very pleased with Dawood (Salesperson). He was the most professional, polite, courteous and knowledgeable.

I contacted 6 companies to discuss quotes and Dawood was by far the most impressive representative (followed very closely by Solahart). One Rep was only after a quick sell and after 5 minutes on the phone asked if I wanted to purchase there and then. When I replied no, I wanted additional information he referred me to the website.

I 'interview' tradies to ensure I gain an understanding of what I require, ensure they understand what I require and they give me 'good vibes'. Dawood ticked all the boxes and provided extremely helpful information to assist me with my decision making.
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We were impressed with Suntrix and Blu Sky, but not so much with Mark Group.

We chose Suntrix because the consultant Adam Crickmar was very knowledgeable and of course, their
price was very competitive.

We were also very happy with the installers.
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Unable to rate quality of system as we are waiting on AGL supplying a new meter box.

We chose to use Suntrix solely on the expertise of the salesman. He really was fantastic, much more knowledgeable and thorough than the other salespeople that quoted.
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Prompt response to the request for a quote. No fuss, no pressure sales person. Local business so my partner was able to go and speak to personnel at their work site for more details.

The solar quotes website alerted us to potential issues like asbestos so that the sales person was able to deal with this upfront and check if there could be any problems related to this issue.

Installers were efficient and prompt. Import/export meter installed same day.

Well pleased with result. Now for some sunshine!
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The salesman was very pleasant, upfront and knowledgeable, answering all questions we put to him. He was not pushy at all.

The installers were efficient, cheerful and obviously competent. They took time to explain the workings of the inverter readings and the meter box.

The Head Office has been a bit slow with the paperwork, but this is probably because they are under pressure from the obvious demand on their services, given the move to reduce the Government grants.
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Our sales person was Tony and he was great. He was the only sales guy who was actually honest and didn't just talk his way through to make his panels look better. Show additional information
Customer service was great and sales person was very knoledgeable and helped me understand the workings of solar Show additional information
I am happy with the supplier & installers, proof of quality & customer service to follow.

Contract was signed 25/9/12 installed 15/11/12.

ETSA metre converted prior to installation of system which enable same to be up & running same day.
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