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About Town and Country Solar, Solar Installers

Town and Country Solar
Town and Country Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Two Wells and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Town and Country Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Brilliant service from end to end. Came to measure and quote when promised, and took the time to explain all the options we had and the difference in quality and price.
Installation was earlier than expected, but certainly no complaints there! Now that it is fully installed and functional the system is doing exactly as promised.
Mick was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and had a great team with him. I've got no hesitation recommending them to anyone looking for a great solar system in SA.
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Great team of professionals. They installed late August 2017 - I paid my last bill from Alinta and ported over to Origin Energy early October ... Haven't paid for electricity since having followed Micks advice. They did the job earlier than booked and had assisted with the order on the new smart meter - Highly recommend this team. I am hoping they can install the sonnen batteries now with rebate in SA. Will be calling them soon to find out. Show additional information
Of the three suppliers you gave me, one never replied, the other I didnt ask as they seemed Adelaide based ( Im in Port Pirie) the other was frustrating. Id read your information carefully, I knew exactly what I wanted - 5KW inverter, preferably SMA german or Fronius, an oversized panel array, and a tier 1 panel. Though they were 'local' (90kms up the road) they didnt visit but relied on google earth, which is out of date and does not show the pitch of the roof (they told me I needed tilt frames and when i questioned that said I could measure it if I liked, they later said having the over sized array would compensate for any loss of productivity from not having tilt frames so I didnt really need them). They quoted me for installation of panels on my roof even though Ive now got more satellite dishes (which they didnt ask) and never considered my garage, which is larger in area and has a better pitch so doesnt need tilt frames. They didnt ever quote me for what i wanted, they gave me quotes and told me to 'add on' sums for extra panels, less panels, different panels, a different inverter. Although they were probably cheaper in the end I just couldnt be bothered to deal with them. They did however, take time to answer lots of questions via email, I asked every single one you suggested and that was very good.
Town & Country on the other hand provided all the same guarentees, visited the site, fitted on the roof and garage to avoid my existing dishes and solar hot water, were friendly, efficient, and actually rang and spoke to me, they still answer my texts & calls if I have any questions, and they did a quick teaching session for me on the inverter. They quoted me for exactly what I wanted, first time and it was only 2 weeks from deposit to installation. They provided me with an excellent booklet which took me through the process of connecting my system to wifi, and which has useful information about the product and maintenance. I was a complete novice, I have no idea about electricity and knew nothing about solar, I am so grateful for the information on your site which enabled me to be confident and informed.
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Pity our electricity retailer wasn't as efficient as Town and Country, the system will be on the roof for nearly a month before we can use it as the retailer (Simply Energy) will have taken nearly two months to change the meter after our initial request in February! Show additional information
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Really easy to make the decision to purchase solar when you are ready and know
basically what you need.
First impressions of the company are important.
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Three people contacted...two quotes received
Town and Country provided clear explanations of the system without being condescending. Their installation was done quickly on the date promised, quality of components excellent.
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Fantastic service from day 1. Prompt and comprehensive quote with no hidden costs. Michael discussed the best options for me without putting any pressure on for a sale and obviously knows the products inside out. Installation was on time and completed in a couple of hours.
Would definitely recommend
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Great experience from start to finish
Exceptional communication the whole way through.
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Had a long wait to get things installed. 6 weeks in all, why because of ALINTA Energy dragging there feet on changing the meter over.
Not happy with the price they charged for the meter change over. Then they had the cheek to add another 90 bucks to switch it over.
If I had known about these extras I would have had second thoughts on the switching to solar.
Also the feedin tariffs are very poor.
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The designer Michael Flak arrived at the day and time I had arranged. He inspected the site and checked my previous 12 months of power usage, asked what and when we used the most power for. He then suggested we go for a TV special he was running at the moment, a 5kW system for only $4500. The system comprises a Growatt 5000MTL and 20 Jinko 260 Poly panels. The only extras I had to pay for was an isolation switch for $165, and $285.40 for SA Power Networks to change over to a new smart meter, total cost $4950.40. Michael suggested with our roof space (LOTS of, but MOST facing East/West) was to have 8 panels facing East and 12 panels facing West. Great for running the pool pump and aircon in the afternoons in summer etc. We did get another quote from another local solar company but decided to go with Town & Country Solar. We gave them the deposit and within a few weeks they were ringing to organise the install date. There were 5 guys doing the install and was completed in a few hours. Michael Powney was the electrician and after the install was complete he gave me a comprehensive rundown on how the system worked and how to read the display etc. The install is very neat and no mess left around after, the guys are very professional. I then had to wait another couple of days for SA Power Networks to replace the meter, and he was done in 1/2hr. All in all a very good experience and I can only commend everyone for their professionalism. I have only had the system for a week and a 1/2 so far, but am taking daily readings and producing an average 10kW per day (middle of June) which is just above the 9.3kW that Michael said I should in his design and quote. I have halved my power drawn from the grid and have put back about 4kW average per day. Looking forward to my first bill with the new system now. Show additional information
I would use them again and recommend them to anyone else. They did what they said they would, on time and on price. Since installation I regularly generate around 30kWh per day when sunny, out of a 5kw system and my average usage before that was 20kWh. Don't know why I waited so long. I'm now seriously considering adding a battery. Show additional information
Well, being new to solar can only hope it goes all well seems to be a good system. Although, will not know until connected to the grid and get a few accounts to judge. Show additional information
I chose Mick Flak from Town and Country solar because he designed this system and made sense by covering all bases about quality, performance and return. Show additional information
I received 5 quotes, all included a German made inverter and all quotes expressed how good German engineering is. I decided to go with a slightly dearer system that included German made, as opposed to Chinese manufactured panels.

Without a side by side comparison over a number of years I will never know if it was value for money, but I considered that this was a 20 plus year investment of a product that is known to deteriorate, by a certain degree over time.
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Town and Country Solar was the only supplier to do more than an initial quote. They followed up on the quote with further information and advice, through phone calls, emails and a site visit. Others dropped off quickly and showed no interest in gaining my custom.

There were no hidden costs and the explanations and information helped us in making a decision on what size system and which system components to choose.

Town and Country Solar are what they say and we were delighted to find a company prepared to install a system in the country without all the added travelling costs. Everything was included in the price.
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They offered us a great system at a really good price! Show additional information
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