Recommended Solar Installers in Lismore

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Located in the Northern Rivers region of NSW with a corresponding warm and sunny climate, the beautiful city of Lismore is home to residents that have certainly shown their willingness to look to the future – a clean electricity future powered by solar energy.

The city of Lismore’s households and businesses are serviced by a number of reputable companies (like the installers listed above) specialising in domestic solar power system installation. These installers help residents reduce their environmental impact and emissions associated with fossil fuel-based electricity, while also assisting them take control of their energy costs.

At the time of writing, there were more than 5,900 small-scale solar power systems installed in Lismore’s postcode, 2480. That’s a lot of PV panels for what is a small city.

Local government is also getting in on the clean energy revolution.

Lismore Council has collaborated with the community on a couple of significant solar power projects, including what at the time of publishing was Australia’s largest floating solar farm. Council has set its sights on powering all its operations with renewables, and solar panels will continue to play an important role in it reaching that noble goal.

You can play your part in Lismore’s clean energy future too – get started on your solar quote today; it’s quick and easy to do. You’ll soon be on your way to cheaper (or perhaps even zero) power bills!

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