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From the beginning, this iconic Australian brand has stood for innovation and advanced electrical engineering. Today, Clipsal enjoys leadership positions in data communications, energy management, industrial infrastructure, home control systems, building management systems and cable management solutions.



At Clipsal by Schneider Electric, we create products and solutions designed to suit every lifestyle.

Bringing life to your home, we make living easier, more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family. At the same time, we're aware of the need to create technology for a changing world. With ever-increasing stresses on the environment, it's important to harness and use energy in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.


Clipsal Solar is a Schneider Electric venture dedicated to reducing the cost and impact of electricity bills in Australian homes. By working with you to better understand your energy needs today and, in the future, we can design a smart solar solution that manages and maximises the use of solar energy, resulting in even greater energy and cost savings. At the same time, we do not comprise of product quality and warranty and carefully match the performance of the grid inverter for optimum performance and reliability.


We use the highest-grade components including premium European made inverters, solar panels from the Silicon Module Super League of solar PV manufacturers, as well as premium brands such as Q-Cells and LG and circuit protection equipment by Clipsal, in Australia since 1920.


You can feel confident that you have made the right choice with Clipsal Solar:

  • Trusted and bankable brand formed in 1920 and has grown to be the largest electrical brand in Australia.
  • We only use industry leading premium products sourced from reputable and global manufacturers of solar equipment with an extensive technical support and service network in Australia.
  • We only employ professional installers that are CEC Accredited and Licensed Electrical Contractors, and we provide you an Electrical Certificate of Compliance on completion of the installation, and industry leading, 5-year workmanship warranty.
  • We are not affiliated to or part of any Electricity Retailer, our ongoing energy advice is completely independent and impartial.
  • We use your actual electricity bills to right size the solar system to ensure that any solar system you install is the optimum size to dramatically reduce your energy costs with the least upfront cost.
  • We provide you a detailed written quotation, with all the equipment listed by brand and type, a solar PV layout so you can visualise how the solar PV will look on your home, along with the predicted energy and cost savings before you install the solar system.
  • Every solar PV system comes with a Clipsal Pulse monitoring platform, so you measure your solar performance from any smart device, from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • We are a truly bankable company, that is financially strong with diverse operations, to be there for the lifetime of your solar system.


Reviewers report paying: $3,290 - $11,128 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Panels, inverter and battery brands

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Great quality of system and value.

Great company, the sales rep thoroughly explained the system and installation process, and friendly staff kept my up to date with everything. After sales service was great too! I can only recommend this company bro anyone considering solar installation.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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The service from the first call to final activation was very good. any question directed to the sales or technical people was answered quickly and accurately.

- The sales and quoting was very good especially Anosh Vakeel.
- Installation was smooth and the Technicians and Electrician were polite and efficient. Observed all
the Covid safety requirements. They took all the rubbish with them.
- The grid connection was not needed as it was already connected.
- So far happy with monitoring and support.
- Will advise as we progress along.
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Solar installation

Brilliant service and clear communication - Holly and Alex from Clipsal arranged for everything, kept me updated and informed. Anthony did a wonderful installation. Everything was completed in time and works fantastic.
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More expensive, but the service, quality and support has been well worth it

Great service pre sale, pre install, install, post install and ongoing.

Great app - though I'd love one that is better to share with family.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great system, sales and installation team who helped me through the process

Very happy to have had Clipsal Solar and their installation subcontractor (Trill Electrical) do our solar system. Quoting process was simple and online, and they answered all questions. Price felt reasonable for a middle of the road system. Communication was good through the process of doing the onsite inspection and organising the install - they were even able to move it forward by a week. Installation team from Trill Electrical were professional, clean (wore their masks when inside) and on time. Have already had a reach out from Clipsal getting the paperwork done with my electric company and I look forward to getting my app up and running to track how much I'm saving (once the rain stops).
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Professional, thorough, and great service

Great customer service throughout the process. The installers were punctual, polite, and tidied up after themselves. Extremely professional across the board. Sure they aren't the cheapest around, but you get value in other areas.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Original Review on 30-10-2020:

Excellent service from start to end!

The pre-sales team at Clipsal were informative, responsive and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and followed up with emails, and provided quotes on a couple of options. The proposal documents were the best of all companies we went to.

The installation planning and the installation itself were managed really well and I was kept informed throughout. No issues, no delays, and everything looks and works great!

Post install, the customer success team is fantastic! They walked me through using the app, answered all of my questions, and follow up by email.

Overall a brill service, good value for money and a wonderful team.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Ross: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

One year on, still really pleased we went ahead. On track for payback within 3 years, and love the Clipsal solar app and service.
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Original Review on 14-10-2020:

New Customer

Clipsal’s premium quote was competitive and they provided a choice of two systems. I had more confidence in their analysis because they asked for four quarterly bills. Contact with Clipsal and the installer was clear. Both did what they said they’d do. The team was good to deal with onsite. Clipsal arranged the post-installation work with the energy supplier. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Frank: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The supplier was slow to give us the app to monitor performance. It took months.
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The sales person, Anosh was very articulated and fluent.
Installation was nice, quick and they tidy up at the end.
They did help with the grid connection, though, it took like a week or thereabout to get all sorted out.

My personal opinion, I do not like the fact that the pulse monitoring app could not tell you in watts the amount of PV energy that has been generated for the day, weeks or months. I would prefer to have a monitoring app that could do such.

Overall, I am still happy with the installation and the system I got. However, it is too early for me to ascertain the durability and efficiency.
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Clipsal Solar Empowering Homes

I took up the Empowering Homes Grant offered by the NSW government. Without this I wouldn't have been able to go the solar yet alone battery route.
My calculations show that I should be able to payback the system in a 6 year period, yet the loan is 8 years but also interest free and no fees.

My system was purchased through Clipsal Solar and Installed through Elite Power Group.

Dealing with Clipsal were good and pricing was fair and came under a lot of others that appeared to be putting a bit extra on their costs probably due to being a government program. Looking at trade pricing it appears Clipsal making a 15-20% margin on the trade price of all the goods, where as the other were making a 30-40% margin. this is probably due to buying power of the Clipsal Giant vs the local companies which is upsetting but how things work.

The Quality of the goods were mid range and they offer 15 years warranty, and Clipsal are a big company so I trust they will uphold that warranty.

The install went well, my only issues was the use of Ducting for the cable install around the inverter wasn't all so great but hey what can you do. and the use of silver mounting hardware with black framed panel. this was quite disappointing and I will be raising this with Clipsal as it detracts from the sleek and clean look of the Trina Honey Panels.

I haven't had all to great weather yet or been through a summer but the output isn't as much as what I had hoped for, likely due to having to put panels on my northern roof due to future renovations on the house and this being shaded in the morning during winter. I hoping either the summer will produce better results and maybe even a trim of the large neighbors gumtree is in order.

Being a Electrician and Electrical Engineer I was able to install a second system on my shed again with a good we inverter and 3.5kw worth of panel this that massively increasing my daily kwh production equaling my 6.66kw system on my house roof's daily production.

This will help me pay back this system much quicker as i was able to get this system really cheap.

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 3/5
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Great system, installed well and looks impressive.

All three quotes supplied were excellent in detail. Clipsal was especially good at communicating and answering my questions as well as supplying good equipment. The installers were terrific and friendly. Everything was neat and tidy and they did what they said they would when they said they would. Customer service was excellent. All the people on the other end of the phone were easy to deal with.
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Polite and convincing salesperson, Punctual & tidy installation team and Great customer service.

Jake the salesperson is very professional in providing accurate answers and gets to the point quickly. He was able to explain the product's benefits and finally convinced me to go with Clipsal Solar.

The installation team was delightful. They were punctual and the boys were very friendly. They ensure my place is clean and tidy after the installation.

Customer service is excellent. We're still in the process of downloading the Pulse App. James, is extremely patient with me, a customer who is not very literate in technology! He is prompt in helping with the organisation of the grid connection. In the meantime, James has provided a link to the Pulse as an alternative before getting the App.

In future, I sincerely hope that Clipsal Solar will continue with this great service if I do encounter any problems with the solar system.

Thank you so much for introducing this company. I appreciate it very much.

Kind regards,
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Wish now that we’d done it sooner!

Sales and quoting was easy, with people doing what they said they would do. Lots of good information from the guy who came out to quote.

Installation was done on schedule, with the guys taking care with everything to my satisfaction.

Grid connection was done yesterday and already at 9am our home is 66% self powered.

Looking forward to seeing those power bills drop.

Inverter rating: 4/5
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Great Installation and Customer Service

I got several quotes from the top 3 companies and Clipsal came up tops. I have no regrets whatsoever.

The quote was detailed and specific and the whole process went very smooth.

The installation couldn't have been any better with the installers being very professional and knew very much what was best. They were punctual, polite and left the place as clean as they found it.

I was very satisfied with the administrative customer service provided. All paperwork including applications to the various external organizations were all handled efficiently and on time. I was also impressed the follow up even after the installation was complete up to finding the best and cheapest power supplier.

Panel rating: 4/5
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Great Experience

Seamless process from quoting to installation. All questions answered promptly. Great after installation support snd service. Was not the cheapest quote but definitely the best service including ongoing support following installation to help find best energy plan for our system and usage. Highly recommend them.
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Great system and great team

I had a great experience with the Clipsal team from quote through to installation. The sales consultant was very knowledgeable and provided a quote based on my requirements and his expertise. The price was very competitive. Although delayed a little by the recent bad weather the installation team (Josh and Taren) were on time, courteous and willing to answer questions. They cleaned up each day when they finished and did a great job. Would highly recommend them. I have also had a follow up call to answer questions and set up monitoring and to assist with choosing a new energy plan to take advantage of the solar benefit.
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Best value for money and service

I used Clipsal Solar to upgrade my existing solar system.
The sales person who visited my property was excellent (Very courteous and knew his subject very well. He explained me everything in details)
The system I selected and the installation process was very good (The only issue was the waiting period for installation)
Their charges were very reasonable for the equipment they used.

The other excellent thing I noted of this company is their after sale service.
I can highly recommend Clipsal Solar to anyone.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
Battery rating: 5/5
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Very helpful and knowledgeable customer service.

I compared about a dozen installers before choosing Clipsal Solar from 3 recommended by Solar Quotes. Not the cheapest but the Clipsal Solar Specialist (Jake) came across as the most informative and knowledgeable of all the installers I spoke to. Clipsal also offered the best options a system using power optimisers on the panels as I have a lot of shading from gum trees in my area.

I intend to upgrade at a later date with extra panels and a battery and as such I have no reservations in recommending Clipsal Solar.
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Fairly good process overall, choice of quality panels, confident in company long life

- Quoting: Easy back&forth, I did feel a bit of ???? when I requested the 4th "small" change to the quote, but in the end I got what I wanted (and I had to request tilt frames myself), with a bit of flexibility built-in.
- Installation: One project manager did the first inspection and was there during the whole installation. They had some trouble to get cables down the internal walls, but they took the time (at no extra cost to me) and that means the result is very clean, with minimal cabling visible. Because of this they had to come back the next half-day to finish, which was no troubles for me.
- Customer service: Good follow-up, they handled everything until the system was fully ready and exporting, and my monitoring app was setup.
- Monitoring: The Clipsal "Pulse App" is very nice, showing production/use/export numbers with little delay (about 30 seconds I think).They also monitor my home consumption across 6 areas, so it's possible to see how much power I'm using in different parts of the house. They also have 24h graphs, bill entry, and an "insight" screen that's supposed to give tips to be more energy-efficient (but that will take more time to be useful).
My only disappointment there is that I don't have access to other data from my system, like the performance of each individual panel (they have power optimisers). The cust-rep said their tech team has access to these, and would use them to find faults and let me know.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Professional Installation and Customer Service

System installed by Clipsal after reviewing 4 installers.

Quoting was a an issue across the board with all the companies I contacted. Using the standard guidelines for panel lay out would have resulted in a mess of panels at the front (North) of the house. The rear has a flat roof from an extension (a few % gradient south) that could utilised with tilt frames. All companies overlooked this and I found most difficult to get to come and assess without an extra charge. Clipsal quoted on this and came out prior to the installation to measure and finalise the quote/layout. I didn't want major changes happening during installation.

Installation was very good, it took 2 days to complete due to weather issues. Informed all the way through the process.

Customer Service followed up post installation to advise as a few minor things that need attention e.g. Inverter Canopy wasn't available so they'll be back to do that. Also spent 15 minutes going through the Clipsal Pulse App which provides consumption monitoring per circuit in the house. Easily identify what is using power etc, not just in/out at the meter.

Overall impressed with Clipsal and the way everything was handled.
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Excellent Service

From the 3 quotes, the first was much this is the best for you.
The second was these are your options call me if you want.
The successful one from CLIPSAL was we are here to assist you and I am available. The three offerors where asked to come to my home and they all did.
CLIPSAL was not the cheapest one, but did tick all the boxes, I received the first lot of options with maximum detail, and every question was answered promptly with a full new quote incorporating my new options. I settled for one which was well above the price of the previous quotes but was the most comprehensive and included most of what I wanted. From then on once I paid the deposit it was incredible service. The system was installed yesterday and received several emails from different people from CLIPSAL providing further information and details with "where to from here".
I don't know how one values the service of a supplier in money terms but if one can afford a bit extra there is a great service behind it.
Thank you people from CLIPSAL, great service!
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Smooth Install

The sales and quoting was easy with the sales person very responsive to any question.
The install guys arrived on time, were polite and friendly and left my place clean and tidy.
Grid connection was done for me, links provided to download the monitoring software that was easy install.
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Lengthy frustrating experience

The sales and quoting was very competitive but once signed up communication seemed to have ceased. Numerous emails and phone calls to find out what was happening and when. From sign up to final install took 4 months and became extremely frustrating as I had paid for a system and wasn’t reeling the benefits of it.

I also had to contact my energy supplier to get the smart meter installed which further delayed benefiting from have solar installed
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Great guys (and gal) did a great job

Overall I was pretty happy with Clipsal Solar. They could have kept me a little more up to date about the date for the install (it was a wet weather period....), but other than that pretty good. The post installation support has been great which has improved their customer service score :)
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Clipsal Solar 13.3kW PV Install

Really great bunch of staff to deal with - sales, install and post install service. Easy to contact, professional, polite and knowledgeable. They looked after all aspects of our installation, including assistance with solar monitoring app, Clipsal Pulse - which we love. Install took slightly longer than expected but the quality of work is excellent. Very tidy and efficient installation, keeping us informed at each step.
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Very impressed

Quick quotation response, took into account the quality aspect and quoted on panels and inverters I had researched and liked the look of.
Installation was done extremely quickly, within 3 weeks of initial contact, and I'm really happy they could do that as we had full scaffolding up already due to a roof renovation. Additional time would have meant keeping scaff up at vast cost for longer, so this was a key factor too.
Top marks for the installer, Anthony and his crew did a great job, finished a huge 10.2kW system on a very steep roof in 2 days, and somehow we had the inspection done literally the day after, still with scaff up. So we were up and running, with Pulse online the following week.
Enjoying using the Pulse app every day to track how we're going.
Top marks all around.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great customer service

Chose this company as it was backed up by a solid parent company, Schneider. Very customer service, always responsive with any of my questions. Install was as per what was agreed and very efficient. Also love that they had their own monitoring system similar to Solar Analytics and that was included as part of the system.
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Knowledgable sales staff and good installer

The sale/quoting process was great. Anosh from Sales was very quick to get back to me immediately after going through Solar Quotes. He provided me with a standard system or a more premium, larger system which I opted for in the end. He was able to answer all my questions and was very quick to reply via email/call when required.

The installation logisitics was a disappointing part of my process. The installation date was changed 4 times either due to equipment not being available or delivered, or lack of communication with the installer. Clipsal apologised and compensated me for this which showed me they valued me as a customer and were keen to rectify the problem.

The installation went smoothly. The installer Josh was great and explained all aspects of the install. He was polite, punctual and tidy. He even returned the next day to help me with some cosmetic touch-ups.

The post installation customer service has been excellent. I received a call on the Clipsal monitoring app and how to analyse the data. They also provide a review of the electricity bill 3 months post install and recommend whether a provider change would result in further savings.

Overall very happy with the install apart from the cancelled installation dates.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great Work

Polite, friendly installers. Worked efficiently , cleaned up well and took all rubbish away.
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Great service! Easy to deal with.

Very polite people from start to finish, highly recommend their services.
They do have mobile app to monitor live solar/power usage which I love.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great system and support

Clipsal Solar offered a great system at an affordable rate. The Pulse system is also a very useful feature.
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Original Review on 05-07-2020:

Gotta love Solar

Started with Solar Quotes— lots of good information to assist those contemplating Solar. Received 3 quotes and opted for Clipsal Solar. They weren’t the cheapest but invested most time during the sales process. Project manager contacted us prior to install to let us know what to expect on the day. Install team turned up on time and completed installation in a very professional manner. No issues whatsoever. Just need to get the new meter installed so we can fire up the system. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

Supplier Reply:

Dear Bob

Thank you for your honest feedback and choosing Clipsal Solar as your energy partner and advisor. We aim to build this ongoing relationship through our Clipsal Pulse App and your dedicated Customer Success Manager who will keep a close eye on your solar system health.

8 months later we asked Bob: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

So, my last bill which represented the Oct/Nov/Dec/ quarter, I actually received a nett credit from Energy Australia-- Nothing to pay for the entire quarter. That is with my pool pump running in the daytime hours and not really changing our usage patterns, other than trying to make the most of the sunshine hours. So the system has exceeded all expectations. My only regret is that I didn't do this 5 yrs ago!!!
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Fantastic customer service

Clipsal Solar have been extremely professional all the way through. I was able to learn a lot during the process which took some months as there is a lot to learn. I feel confident we made the best choice.
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Very helpful and friendly customer service, great installation

Everything went very smoothly, and we couldn't be happier to finally get solar panels. Can't wait to start reaping the savings.
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Great Service

I was initially drawn to Clipsal Solar due to the trusted name, and history within Australia.
From first contact with a customer service representative, the process felt personalised and concise. The rep was willing to make an initial suggestion from my usage data, and needs/wants for the future. We then worked through budgetary and panel/inverter brand concerns to come to a combination that would be a fit for me.
The standard inclusion of the Clipsal Pulse (Powered by Solar Analytics) app was another big plus, and once installed it has been such a step up from the standard basic inverter app.

Install was completed by a local company DQ Electrical (Also listed on Solarquotes, Platinum rated) over a two day period due to poor weather. The staff were punctual, well spoken, and communicated clearly as on the day there needed to be a change to the initial panel layout.

Clipsal Solar customer service were there every step of the way, from; Initial grid connection approval, meter alteration application, and an introduction to the Clipsal Pulse app.

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Excellent Service and Smooth Process

Clipsal Solar has made the process of installing Solar Panels a real breeze. Having received all my quotes, I decided to go with Clipsal not just based on the name but the services I have received in the past on other products. The Pulse analytical app which was provided at no additional cost allows me to monitor home power usage in near real-time so I can adjust it based on the conditions. Other companies that quoted charged extra for this service.

Having been out of a 6months VIC lockdown as well as the Christmas and New Year break, the Operations team exceeded my expectation of installing the system within the agreed timeframe. The install team came on time, were polite and did a great job installing the system. Clipsal also dealt with all the forms and paperwork and submit them in a timely manner.

Overall, would highly recommend Clipsal Solar.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Happy customer

Happy with the service from Clipsal solar and in particular Chris who completed the installation, good communication and a neat & tidy installation job, definitely recommended
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Worth paying for quality

I had 3 quotes all similarly priced , I selected Clipsal as I am familiar with the Clipsal products, the solar plus app Clipsal included with the installation convinced me

All aspects of the quoting , installation and follow up customer service has been first class
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I was impressed by the level of involvement that the installation team showed in their work. They were determined to make this a positive experience for us and went out off their way to make sure we were kept informed at all stages of the process.
Everything was explained in detail, with each stage of the installation photographed. The team took pride in their work which is always a good sign fo the consumer.
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Complete satisfaction

From my first enquire with Clipsal Solar to the numerous follow up calls form Mirra Radjaradjane I have found all the service to be excellent
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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The whole process from start to finish was very smooth. We would highly recommend Clipsal Solar. The customer service post commencement is all excellent

The whole process from start to finish was very smooth. We would highly recommend Clipsal Solar. The customer service post completion is also excellent
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Very Positive Experience in Adelaide

Building a new home we chose to have Solar, with Battery. We obtained several quotes. While visiting Clipsal to discuss lighting selections, the lady asked if we needed Solar.... We had no idea Clipsal had a Solar Department. An appointment was made with Karan, who was extremely helpful in quietly explaining to two novices in their 70's, how it all worked, and what savings we would get. Highly recommend Karan.
Then a time was made for installation by Installers, DQ Electrical, first for a Pre Wire, then a final install. They adjusted to suit the Builder, and gave excellent service.
Followup by Mirra at Clipsal on how to work with the Pulse App. She was so patient and helpful and it is lovely to know we have a "real" person to speak to once we move in.
Overall, the Clipsal Solar experience went very smoothly, and would recommend the company. But I do believe that very few people are aware of Clipsal Solar in South Australia.... we have never seen any advertising at all.
Dean and Yvonne Bendall
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Very happy

Straight forward sales/quoting process
Installation was quick once a date was booked in; tidy.
Customer service was great
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Solar installation

The consultant involved was excellent and very informative. The installers worked as a team, were polite and got on with the job in an efficient manner. The were helpful and cleaned up after the install.
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Solar Solution Provided

Salesperson was knowledgeable and flexible with changes requested by us, seeing the need for several updated quotes.
3 quotes were obtained from different providers, with all being relatively similar on price. Key factors in selecting Clipsal Solar were the strength of the underlying company Schneider Electric) providing comfort they will still be trading in 5 years, and the proposed after sales service/app.
Clipsal Solar also assisted by locating a business to remove the existing pool solar system. This was not initially completed to our satisfaction, so Clipsal Solar made the works good and end result was fine.
The installation process went very smoothly, with regular phone/email communication leading up to the works. Tradespeople were polite, punctual and tidy (not always the case with tradies!), including removal of all rubbish (e.g. cardboard boxes).
After sales service has been excellent with staff prepared to spend time to respond to queries around app and choice of retailer.
In summary, we were very happy with Clipsal Solar and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Very professional

Excellent quote and service. Installation team great. Excellent customer service from Clipsal.
Value for money will be determined over the next few years!!
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A great experience all round

I really appreciated speaking with a qualified technician during the quoting process rather than a salesperson. My questions were answered with the right amount of information, not too technical but not too basic. I was most impressed that they actually listened when I said I was interested in a mid-range system rather than trying to sell me the cheapest, providing me with 2 quotes to compare.
Our panels were installed promptly on the date advised. The team who installed them told us what they needed from us clearly and politely.
Post-installation service has been great. A session was booked in to run me through the monitoring app and grid connection was arranged by them on our behalf.
Highly recommend!!
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High quality and very professional

The sales and quoting process from Clipsal Solar was excellent. Good communication all the way through. The quote that I got was very competitive.
The installation team from DQ Electrical were very professional. They came on time and the staff were polite and very helpful. They left the property very clean and tidy.
Customer service have also been first class! Mirra contacted me and guided me to install the App for consumption monitoring. She even help me to compare the electricity supplier out there and make sure I'm in a good position. I'm very happy with the services from Clipsal Solar.
I will recommend Clipsal Solar to my friends.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Excellent before and after sale services.

After looking around and did my research with several providers. Clipsal's products, prices and the overall package were outstanding. The consultation and quotation process gave me an impression of their professionalism and reliability. While there are those comparable systems that are cheaper, I couldn't risk it with what issues might come after and if I would still find them in the next couple years.

Communication with customers is their strength. I received updates from Clipsal on my order and the installation plan, and numerous phone calls and emails after the installation to follow up and even gave me tips to chase for smart metre replacement and negotiate for better deals with electricity retailers.

The only negative experience I had is couple dents on my tin roof from the installation. The issue was reported, and they responded quickly to assess and provide viable solution.

So far, I am very happy with my decision to go with Clipsal and their products.
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Great service from Clipsal Solar

Great sales team, installed on the scheduled day.
Very friendly team of installers,ran us through the system and left everything clean and tidy.
Would recommend Clipsal Solar to all my family and friends.
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