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About Clipsal Solar, Solar Installers

Clipsal Solar
Silver Partner
Clipsal Solar is a SolarQuotes Client (what does this mean?)
ABN: 42 004 969 304  ABN active since 22 Mar 2000 | Schneider Electric (australia) Pty Limited
ACN: 004 969 304  ACN active since 19 Dec 1972 | Schneider Electric (australia) Pty Limited
Electrical Contractor's Licenses:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
NSW: 150195C Schneider Electric (australia) Pty Limited 

SA: PGE 277599  
VIC: REC 17615  

Reviewers report paying: $3,850 - $9,627 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

From the beginning, this iconic Australian brand has stood for innovation and advanced electrical engineering. Today, Clipsal enjoys leadership positions in data communications, energy management, industrial infrastructure, home control systems, building management systems and cable management solutions.



At Clipsal by Schneider Electric, we create products and solutions designed to suit every lifestyle.

Bringing life to your home, we make living easier, more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family. At the same time, we're aware of the need to create technology for a changing world. With ever-increasing stresses on the environment, it's important to harness and use energy in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner.


Clipsal Solar is a Schneider Electric venture dedicated to reducing the cost and impact of electricity bills in Australian homes. By working with you to better understand your energy needs today and, in the future, we can design a smart solar solution that manages and maximises the use of solar energy, resulting in even greater energy and cost savings. At the same time, we do not comprise of product quality and warranty and carefully match the performance of the grid inverter for optimum performance and reliability.


We use the highest-grade components including premium European made inverters, solar panels from the Silicon Module Super League of solar PV manufacturers, as well as premium brands such as Q-Cells and LG and circuit protection equipment by Clipsal, in Australia since 1920.


You can feel confident that you have made the right choice with Clipsal Solar:

  • Trusted and bankable brand formed in 1920 and has grown to be the largest electrical brand in Australia.
  • We only use industry leading premium products sourced from reputable and global manufacturers of solar equipment with an extensive technical support and service network in Australia.
  • We only employ professional installers that are CEC Accredited and Licensed Electrical Contractors, and we provide you an Electrical Certificate of Compliance on completion of the installation, and industry leading, 5-year workmanship warranty.
  • We are not affiliated to or part of any Electricity Retailer, our ongoing energy advice is completely independent and impartial.
  • We use your actual electricity bills to right size the solar system to ensure that any solar system you install is the optimum size to dramatically reduce your energy costs with the least upfront cost.
  • We provide you a detailed written quotation, with all the equipment listed by brand and type, a solar PV layout so you can visualise how the solar PV will look on your home, along with the predicted energy and cost savings before you install the solar system.
  • Every solar PV system comes with a Clipsal Pulse monitoring platform, so you measure your solar performance from any smart device, from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • We are a truly bankable company, that is financially strong with diverse operations, to be there for the lifetime of your solar system.


Clipsal Solar Solar Reviews

Gotta love Solar

Started with Solar Quotes— lots of good information to assist those contemplating Solar. Received 3 quotes and opted for Clipsal Solar. They weren’t the cheapest but invested most time during the sales process. Project manager contacted us prior to install to let us know what to expect on the day. Install team turned up on time and completed installation in a very professional manner. No issues whatsoever. Just need to get the new meter installed so we can fire up the system. Show additional information

Great company to deal with! Nothing but praise for service prior and after installation

Explained everything very clearly. The system is always available to check via the app and has already saved us almost half the installation cost in less than 12 months!
Exceptional after sales service which has made choosing Clipsal Solar one of the best decisions. The whole process of choosing the right installer of solar can be very daunting. I would recommend going with Clipsal Solar for anyone having difficulty choosing, they are an outstanding company to deal with and in my opinion fantastic value for your investment.
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Outstanding Quality, Analysis and Customer Service

Clipsal solar were very accommodating in running several different quotes based on different scenarios of size, component brands and design (microinverters). We were able to optimise around the calculated pay-back. As an energy consultant myself (for businesses) I was very demanding and challenged all of the assumptions e.g. around shading etc.
The payback will be much faster than the calculated payback.
There was a slight delay in the actual installation due to the availability of the sub-contract installers.
The installers were very professional and efficient however they failed to install the individual circuit monitoring as per the quote. Clipsal very quickly responded and had that rectified.
There were also some issues with the grid connection, however that was also resolved quickly.
Clipsal Solar also provide post-installation support and are more than happy to review bills and ensure that the customer is on the best retail supply agreement given the new electricity generation and usage profile. I have had some shading issues affecting performance in the afternoon deep into winter. Clipsal Solar was able to do an analysis to determine the dollar cost of the shading vs paying to have the tops of some needle pine trees lopped off. It looks like the needle pines are safe.
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Efficient and painless

The quote was comprehensive and arrived by email the day after our initial phone discussion. It covered everything I had asked for in the system (size, quality etc) and it clearly stated that $1000 had been added as a steep roof surcharge and that might be lowered after the site inspection - which it was. The site inspection was a week or so later and the installation was scheduled for around 6 weeks. The quote was varied down to take into account the 30 degree roof, offset by an increase due to the long cable runs necessary between the main board and the inverter, something I was made aware of during the inspection and various options were discussed. As the cost was of no real concern to me I told the installer to choose whichever he felt would be the best. One thing which is worth mentioning is that I told the installer that I wanted the Solar Analytics monitoring system to be installed and to give me a quote for that, only to be told that it was included as part of the Clipsal deal, an unexpected saving of hundreds of dollars.

The installation went ahead on the day and time given even though it was raining on and off and took from around 8am to 3pm. The team involved were great, very friendly, answered my few questions and didn't leave a single shred of rubbish anywhere in the yard or the roof space. I was also given a good induction in how to use the system and the various monitors. The installation itself was exceptionally well done and checking inside the roof during a heavy storm a few days later showed that there were no leaks from the tiles and all the fittings and electrical work were properly done and to the various Standards specs. The meter replacement application arrived the next day and Origin did the job a fortnight later. My house already had 3 phase power connected and not having received my quarterly bill for the period I don't know if Origin charged me for the meter replacement.

I first made contact with Clipsal on 3 March, the installation was done on 13 May and the system went live with the meter replacement on June 1st. All the various forms, applications, certificates, system manuals and documentation and so on arrived ASAP and there was no delay in any of the procedures, so the process was very efficient and seamless. Soma Young, the engineer looking after me, was in frequent contact and discussed any variations to the original spec - changing the QCell G7s to the same spec QMaxx panels, wiring alterations and so on, so I was kept well informed right through. Once the system went live I was contacted by a Clipsal Customer Support "case officer" who would be my point of contact from then on.

All in all, a superb job, done to the quote with no unexpected costs or delays. The system itself works well and does what I hoped. A week after the install we had a massive hailstorm - some were 50cm in size - which totally destroyed the patio roof (the yellow roof in the photo), but the panels weren't damaged at all.
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Solar - a bright future

We used the Clipsal Solar team and the experience from start to finish was brilliant. The quoting process was all electronic with aerial shots of the house and panels positions shown for consideration. We corresponded by e-mail and phone before settling on the layout and equipment. I even sent through the electronic signature to approve the quote - not bad for an old bloke!

Installation was all done in a day after a pre work site inspection ( a couple of weeks ahead of the work) by Trill Electrical and the installers were very professional and importantly, competent. The work was finished to high standard.

The package we have includes a diagnostic app on instantaneous and daily / weekly use and savings of solar and grid use. A regular follow up with Clipsal to analyse and review Retail contracts to enable us to maximise ongoing savings is also part of the package. We have only had the one full period since install was complete and I am currently speaking to retailers in the hope of improving the bottom line for us. But that is a value add for me at this point.

Overall the system and the package we have bought is working very well and we are seeing savings associated with the install. We are very happy to date.
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Excellent product and fantastic customer service

Quick contact from sales department, quote process was straight forward and sales rep was not pushy.
Site inspection happened within 10 days after quote is received.
Solar installation happened 10 weeks after site inspection.
Paperwork for grid connection and smart meter installation were prepared by Clipsal Solar.
I recommend submitting paperwork for smart meter installation sooner than later. The electricity provider took few weeks to process the smart meter application and booked a date for technician to install smart meter. Preferably you want the smart meter ready once solar installation completed.
Solar installation by DQ electricals was smooth and efficient. Impressed that site was left clean and tidy.
Continuing support from Clipsal Solar after system installation. Loving the energy monitoring system using Clipsal Solar Pulse Analytics App. It allows you to keep track of energy usage real-time and remotely.

Overall very pleased and happy to recommend Clipsal Solar to others!
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Fast, quite and polite

Very professional, very fast, and very clean. All together just makes your life much easier. Great work and overall and great experience. Great work clipsal and your teams. Show additional information

Highly professional company

Contact was made very quickly by the sales department, who were polite, respectful, knowledgable and professional. The handover to the installation team was a little slow, leaving me a bit in the dark about when "things" would happen. I'm happy to give them the benefit of any doubt though, given we were in the midst of the big LOCKDOWN. Everything else - including the actual installation - was extremely efficient and professional. I would highly recommend Clipsal, without hesitation. Show additional information

Brilliant company.

Clipsal were very professional from start to finish. The process was very simple and you are provided with a very detailed breakdown of their design for your system. Clipsal also take care of all paperwork involved with the electricity provider for grid connection and smart meter installation. All members were only too happy to help over the phone with any issues. Show additional information

Solar System review.

Clipsal Solar did great job all round, as explained the performance is as expected and working fine.
The monitoring system they use solar analytics is very good and provides a real time performance With app to back it up.
The team arrived as planned and very polite on the job.
Also the new smart meters and grid connection went to plan.
The only fault we have is the solar three phase switch has been installed sideways.It just makes the new board look like no care taken.see image attached.

Overall we are very pleased with the system that was installed.
Regards John.
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Solar simplified and explained in language that made sense!

After having several solar providers out, Clipsal Solar was the first to explain the solution in simple terms. They were able to take me through my energy usage and explain exactly what system we would need to become more energy independent. The quote I was provided was very thorough. Installation was seamless and not at all disruptive.

The Clipsal Solar Pulse Analytics App is quite addictive. I can easily see where we are using power and I can monitor usage remotely from my mobile phone so I have now become that mum that rings her kids to turn some lights off!
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A Perfect Installation

The Team from Clipsal Solar have done such a great job Installing the Solar Panels on our roof. They have been very professional to deal with and super helpful in explaining the benefits of Solar power and the process of the installation.
We have already started reaping the benefits of our investment all I can say is that I wish we had done this sooner.
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Satisfied Customer

Everyone was friendly helpful and efficient from the start to the finish Show additional information

Great Product and a Professional Installation make for a happy customer.

Being a fussy customer I was determined to only go with solar again if I could ensure the install process matched the quality of products supplied.
Clipsal Solar met every question I had with precise responses, which made me feel very comfortable about my choice to proceed forward with them. I was nervous only about the installers who would be doing the work, as I understood through many years of experience that a product is only as good as the install.

The correspondence and discussions had with the installers administration was pleasant and comforting, another plus.

The 4 young lads who turned up made me feel very comfortable almost instantly, and explained the process in detail. The workmanship is picture worthy, and the attitude and pride these installers demonstrated is quite frankly rare to see these days.

I could not recommend Clipsal Solar enough, and write this review without any hesitation, and have locked in a Tesla battery install with them.

The install was only completed less than a week ago, so I’m yet to see years of great performance as yet, but somehow I don’t feel a bit concerned.
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Good value for money, long wait for install

We had never heard of Clipsal Solar before requesting 3 quotes from Solar Quotes.
The sales team gave us a call and were happy to answer all of our questions - and we had a lot! Multiple calls over multiple days and they never got pushy.
If they weren’t sure of an answer they would find out instead of telling us rubbish, so that was refreshing.

The install was carried out by DQ Electrical and went off without a hitch. They rocked up at the time they said they would and had everything finished the same day.
24 panels on a colorbond roof, the inverter in the garage, and the analytics gear in the meter box. There’s not a cable in sight, no damage on the roof, and they cleaned up after themselves!
They made sure I was up and running with all the apps & monitoring stuff before they left.

All the necessary paperwork was handled for us. A couple of weeks before the install Clipsal called us to let us know our meter hadn’t been programmed to accept export yet. An email to our retailer and a few days later the meter had been sorted. That meant that when the panels went up we were straight away getting paid for our export.

After the install the customer service hasn’t disappeared. We’re seeing some high grid voltages which is slightly affecting our export capacity, but Clipsal are chasing it up for us.

The Clipsal Pulse analytics stuff is really cool. We can see a breakdown of our usage per circuit, so we know exactly how much our air con, lights etc. are consuming... it tells you if your system is performing as expected, and heaps more.

Only a couple of negatives:
1. We specifically asked how long it would take to be installed and we were told within 6 weeks. It ended up being 11 weeks. The install was never delayed it was just that DQ didn’t have any times available for that long in advance. We didn’t find this out until after accepting the quote and paying a deposit.
2. We also specifically confirmed with the sales rep that we’d be getting the Trina HoneyM Black panels. The panels that were installed were the normal HoneyM (White). Having said that there’s barely any difference in colour as the standard HoneyM are mostly black anyway - and they look awesome. The performance characteristics are identical. If you are picky about it, it might be worth triple checking.
3. Their standard terms ask for full payment 2 days before the install. I wasn’t comfortable with that but when I gave them a call they were happy for me to make payment on the day of install instead. So that’s more of a positive than a negative :)

Overall I would happily recommend Clipsal Solar, just make sure you triple check any details that might be important to you.
Quality gear, quality install, and quality customer service, and a reasonable price! Thanks all.
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Good service & installation allround

1 Very professional & well communicated
2 Hard working polite & friendly young workers. No mess after.
3 Yes all arranged. Transfer from one Power Retailer to the other very poor service each one refering me to the other via Chat system. Bloody poor until I contacted Origin & spoke to a young lady Consultant who was very efficient & switched on & filled me in on the current situation.
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Flawless, and professional install, amazing analytics!

The sales guys were amazingly patient quoting me for a whole range of panels and variations. Once I finally decided on the system the installer was flexible enough to accommodate my date changes. Installation was quick and visually the best I've seen. No ugly conduit running along the walls, every wire is hidden. Now the system is up and running I'm able to use the analytics app only Clipsal offer to really focus my savings. I look forward to my consultations for further suggestions. Show additional information

Great product and service

Quote process was easy and gave me great information to make an informed disission
Installation was great and clean. PLus havent had leak even after heavy rain
Great follow up support
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Fantastic customer service from Clipsal. Had to cancel and change appointment at the last minute and was able to see me. Installation was punctual and talked me through why they were doing this and that. Show additional information

Smooth and Professional Installation - Savings on first energy bill

I was very impressed with the installation process starting from the initial meeting with Luke to final completion. Luke took on board all of my requests and ensured they were implemented during installation. As some of the panels are visible from one of my balconies it was imperative to have the accessories the same colour as the panels, for aesthetic reasons. Not only did they paint the isolator plates and conduit black, they also tidied up a loose antenna cable on the roof.
I am equally impressed with the results as we saved $495.00 on our first energy bill, compared to the same time as last year.
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Great Job! Excellent customer service, Quality of system is performing above expectations.

Sales team provided honest, informative information and was extremely helpful in the design process and setup of accounts with the energy retailer.
Installation was professional and tidy. The team ensured the panels were installed in a way to provide maximum performance.
Excellent customer service, left site clean and tidy. Clipsal Solar are providing continuing support and monitoring to ensure the system is performing at its maximum.
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Excellent - from initial quote through to installation and subsequent support

The sales process was very thorough in that they did a thorough research of our property and requirements. The installation went like clockwork and the subsequent support has been fantastic to ensure that we fully maximise our solar installation Show additional information

Premium System, Great install and feature packed apps

The team were able to accommodate my existing system and provided me with the lowest quote for an additional premium system, when the start of the job was delayed by a damp roof they kept me informed of the delay and were back within the week to complete the job. The insights provided by the app into where your power is used and the service to assist you select the best retailer saved me as much as the panels in the first year, a great experience Show additional information

An happy customer

The sales and quoting processes were handled very well with no pressure to make a decision. A number of options were discussed that would suit suit our needs. The potential savings were clear as was the payback on this investment.
Great friendly installation team arrived on time and undertook their work as true professionals.
Follow up by the Solar Analytics team has been great in guiding us to better plan.
Overall very happy with the products and the service.
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Simple, no pressure process

The sales and quoting processes were handled professionally. We discussed many options that would suit our needs. No rush or pressure to make a decision but the potential savings were clear. Very happy with the process to date. Show additional information

Happy Customer

Sales and quoting process was easy. Didn't feel pressured and they answered all my questions. Installation process was stress free for me. Team were on time, cleaned up afterwards and showed us how the system worked. Customer service has been great. They have checked in and have been happy to answer any questions I've had after the installation. I have the additional analytics package which has really helped with managing electricity usage and have moved to being in credit in a time quicker than I thought. Show additional information

Really happy with the installation by ClipsalSolar

Great friendly service from a team of experienced and knowledgable professionals. Show additional information

Neat installation

Sales/quotation was quick and clear as to what I was getting.
Installation was timely, clean and surprisingly quick.
They setup was explained, and simple to use.
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Very happy customer

Sales and quoting process was excellent. pre and post sales also excellent. Installation was done on time and the installation crew were fantastic. Clipsal organized the grid connection install and even contacted me afterwards to offer any further assistance. Could not have been happier. Show additional information

Very professional installation and service

Very smooth and efficient quoting process including excellent communication throughout. Installation completed within a day by a very professional team who kept me informed throughout the installation process. Top notch customer service Show additional information

Fast, efficient and well priced.

Great communications throughout the whole process. Accommodated my requests for system alterations (change of panel array location) with no fuss. Installers arrived on time and worked with great communication and well mannered.

System was up and running and post installation support has been excellent as well.
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Professional and high quality service

I had my solar system designed and installed by Clipsal Solar after recommendation by a friend. I have not been disappointed. From start to finish they have been professional and customer-focussed. I think there are cheaper suppliers but I was interested in quality and long-term support. Their quote included a full report showing expected usage patterns based on my previous electricity bills and the characteristics of my home and payback period. installation was scheduled and completed in one day by friendly and skilled installers who kept me informed at every step. In short I have been very impressed and am looking forward to their ongoing service support and saving money on my electricity bills! Show additional information

Service that's above and beyond

Sales/Quoting - super impressive. Very through, informative, visual and felt like a solutions experience rather than a sales process.
The installers we're awesome - quick, neat, tidy and very polite.
The post installation was most impressive - multiple check in points, a review of how its operating.
Overall if I could give a 6 star rating out of 5 I would!
Oh and the app - lets you monitor whats going on, on fault is its addictive :-)
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I'm one very happy customer!

The entire experience was simply awesome. Mitch was incredibly knowledgeable and guided me through the process remotely using some great tools that utilized satellite imagery taken at various time of the year. I never felt pressured and my questions were professionally answered. Mitch took great interest and through his line of questioning he was able to understand my future needs as well as current needs, resulting in a larger system. The installation was seemless, they even moved my TV antenna! The crew did an awesome job. Post installation the customer service has been great, very proactive. They are the people I want to call when I see my now ridiculously low power bills. My latest bill was $10 and we are not even in summer yet. The app is fantastic because it has been the enabler of our household behavioural change. We now set timers on our appliances so things like dishwashers come on when we generate the most electricity - we can track energy production patterns. Clipsal solar even look at my bills and run it through a program to see if my energy plan is working for me, and it certainly is working. Clipsal Solar are Legends! Show additional information
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