Clipsal Solar Shifts Focus, Exits PV Installation Game

Clipsal Solar - Australia

After a relatively short stay on Australia’s home solar sales and installation scene, a high-profile name has decided to hang up its physical tools to focus on virtual ones.

The Clipsal name is pretty well known in Australia. The company was founded in Adelaide in 1920 by Alfred Gerard, who developed a product that gave Clipsal its name – an adjustable, one size “clips all” metal conduit fitting.

Through the decades the company continued to evolve and expand into a wide range of electrical components and accessories. Schneider Electric – a French multinational company with a 186-year history – acquired Clipsal for $750 million in 2003.

Clipsal Solar was launched in 2019; initially in South Australia. Using components from brands including Trina, Jinko, SolarEdge, Fronius, and of course Schneider Electric, the company also offered its “Pulse” solar app that won the Good Design Award Gold Accolade in the Digital Design category last year.

It’s the software side of things where Clipsal Solar wants to now focus its attention. According to an email from the company forwarded to SolarQuotes:

“Moving ahead, our focus is on growing our software division and we have made a decision not to take on any new sales of solar systems.”

Existing solar installation customers have been reassured, with all warranties to be “honoured by a dedicated team”.

To date, Clipsal Solar reviews here on SolarQuotes from existing customers have been mainly positive, with the company achieving an average 4.7 stars overall from 134 ratings, and 4.5 stars in the last 12 months. Here’s hoping the quality of service for existing solar installation customers keeps up as the company shifts direction.

Clipsal Cortex Energy Management Platform

The email, signed by CEO Tracy Richardson states:

“I’d like to also take this opportunity to remind you that Clipsal Solar’s mission is to reduce global emissions by empowering homeowners to make better energy decisions. As such, Clipsal Solar is committed to providing homeowners with real time insights into how energy is used in their homes.


Educating and empowering each of our customers is how we intend to make a real impact on the environment, in Australia and internationally. Not only do our customers save money, they also reduce their carbon emissions.”

The product Clipsal Solar is now focusing on is Cortex; which monitors solar energy production, battery storage and energy consumption within the home using various sensors. Clipsal Cortex also uses the data gathered to offer personalised insights to help save on electricity bills. For households without a home battery, Clipsal Cortex will “look at your energy usage to determine exactly how much a battery could save you”.

How good the Cortex solution is I couldn’t say; but advanced solar monitoring generally – an optional extra with solar installations – is quite popular.

As mentioned in the recently released SolarQuotes October auSSII report, close to 36% of Australians using the SQ quote service in September 2022 were interested in advanced monitoring options. Depending on the solution chosen it can cost as little as a few hundred dollars if added at the point of system installation – and it’s money well spent for the insights provided.

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Michael caught the solar power bug after purchasing components to cobble together a small off-grid PV system in 2008. He's been reporting on Australian and international solar energy news ever since.


  1. So much for trusting the Clipsal/Schneider brand for my Solar + battery installation! I went ahead with Clipsal Solar based on referral from SolarQuotes & reading the reviews.While their email says they will honour warranty/support – how can we trust them? If big brands like these can’t be trusted, how can we trust reviews for smaller companies.

    I was yet to leave a detailed review for my installation, but was holding off as I still have various issues with the system that are yet to be addressed – not that it matters anyway now!

    My installation was marred with issues (eg 3 different installers for Solar + Tesla Battery). To their credit some people from the Operations team did help me over the past few months, but it seems like they are no longer with the company due to their exit from the market. I have ongoing issues with the Powerwall – I have been downgraded to an old firmware due to stability issues for over 10months now and haven’t been able to get any help from Clipsal/Tesla.

    Their Cortex/Pulse Monitoring system is a mess and should not be trusted by anybody. It has not worked reliably for me (it’s offline as I write this) and they should just give customers access to WattWatchers app directly!

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