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About EnviroGroup, Solar Installers

Silver Partner
ABN: 95 736 464 715  ABN active since 11 May 2004 | The Trustee For Environmental Futures Trust
ACN: 108 916 614  ACN active since 03 May 2004 | The Environment Shop Pty Ltd
Electrical Contractor's License:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
VIC: 20417 Envirogroup The Sustainability Experts 

Reviewers report paying: $2,000 - $9,500 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Since 2004 EnviroGroup have installed over 10,000 solar PV systems across Victoria. We have more than 30 staff, including experienced project managers, dedicated administration staff, photovoltaic engineers, energy auditors, accredited solar designers, licensed installers and electricians.

Our customers are helped along every step of the way when it comes to choosing a solar PV system, from deciding which product is right to the installation itself.

We also install battery systems such as Tesla and LG Chem and design the right size system for you.

All the solar installations are performed by fully accredited installers and come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

EnviroGroup Solar Reviews

Happy Victorian Customer

Matt was very efficient on the quoting and happy to answer any queries I had. He was also very helpful on the process to get grants via Solar Victoria. One of my queries resulted in Matt organising for the installer to come to our house eabling the exact number of panels to be identified, this was good customer service.

The installation went ahead as scheduled and apart from one small hicup on the panels (suppliers fault) everything went ahead without any fuss. The installers arrived when they said they would , easy to get along with and left the site clean and tidy. The installation company submitted the grid connection to my retailer and sent me a copy of the email so I knew where things were at.

Timeframes were great, we have a 5.2Kw system installed about 2 weeks after decidiing to go ahead.

It looks like the energy retailer process that enables me to receive the feed in tariff will take longer than the work to get the system quoted and installed.
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We built a new home in 2014 and allocated a section of roof that was facing north with a 7 degree angle to mount 5kw of high performance solar panels. We were very particular with flush mounting the panels so that they would no be visible from ground level. The inverter is very slim but due to space constraints we located externally next to the meter box. Installation and setup went smoothly due to the support from both the system installer and MIL-Solar that manufactured and supplied the inverter. MIL-Solar has also followed up on our experience with the Eclipse inverter and provided ongoing monitoring of system performance. Show additional information


The process was smooth and the installation seems to have gone ok. They were able to fit fewer panels than the quote and this was revealed on the day of installation. But overall, considering the level of service that others provide, I'd say these are the best of the lot.
Still waiting on grid connection.
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System monitoring of inverter output is not easy. Show additional information

Good system but terrible design

They charge more than others, but do a high quality install, with high quality components.

The problem is the design: my house is a flat roof facing NWN, so they put 8 panels NWN, and 6 panels WSW, but I have a 3 story church to the west (very close to my house) so church shades all my panels in late afternoon. I have no shading north or east. I asked them after the install, why WSW instead of ENE, and they said “in Victoria always better to have west facing panels”, and there is “more sunlight later in afternoon, compared to morning”!

So I complained and they wanted $1000 to change to panels (on tilts) from WSW to ENE, so I paid someone else $500 to do it and I am very happy with the change.

Terrible design from EnviroGroup!
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Knew their stuff and very good at explaining the technology with out treating me like I had no hope of understand the technology to make the right choice to suit my needs and budget. I was renovating my house when the install was meant to be done and they were great when it was delayed by my builders. Show additional information
This is the second system we have bought from EnviroGroup; the first in July 2016 and the second in October 2018. While not the cheapest, the service has been excellent on both occasions. The second installation was at a property out of Melbourne, and the installation took place exactly as originally arranged, no cancellations or rescheduling. The installers were very professional and the system is working as expected. Paul has always been easy to communicate with and will find answers to anything he does not know. The paperwork for arranging grid connection was handled well. All in all a very pleasing experience. Show additional information
Amazing customer service - very fast process - very helpful and forthcoming. Show additional information
More expensive than other systems, but everything from start to finish is excellent.
From the initial quotation to the installation and after sales service. Good job.
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Panels being installed next week. Show additional information
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-Reenet's quote does not meet CEC recommendations. Their physical address appears to be a private residence.
-Green Valley spoke on the phone at length but went missing after. Mailed offering to visit weeks later.
-Enviro Group visited promptly, answered all questions, their quote is properly itemised, shows projections of consumption etc.according to CEC (and Solar Quotes..) recommendations. Signed up with them a month ago, install scheduled for end of January.
Thanks for Solar Quotes' help, Happy New Year !

Ps. Please use first name only for reviews. Thanks
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Immediate and very helpful followup on any queries. Show additional information
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I had my solar (PV) system installed about five years ago by the EnviroGroup. I  was happy with the installation at the time, but more importantly, I continue to be very satisfied with them in the intervening years. The real test for a service is the kind  of support provided after your account has been settled and at any time over the past five years, when I’ve had any questions or concerns about my PV system, the EnviroGroup have been very supportive. Recently I needed to reposition my switchboard and I needed an electrician who was familiar with a solar installation and although they were not able to do the job for me, they recommended a suitable company. The EnviroGroup's advice is tailored to your needs and not simply aimed at a short term gain for them. This is a refreshing change for a retail business. Lately I have dealt with Natasha and I cannot speak highly enough of the help she has given me. Thank you Natasha and EnviroGroup.

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Installation guys were our actual contact and were extremely polite and obliging. The only other contact with the company was by phone and e mail of pricing and performance comparisons of different components. We had prices from 2 companies, the third said they were not able to quote. Show additional information
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Rapidly became sales focused. Original inverter failed after 6 months. Replaced with Aurora which failed after 6 years. No interest in after sales service or assistance. Show additional information
Very professional and they made it easy Show additional information
The installer didn't provide any information on the monitoring process. Had to get a company representative back to help set it up on my lap top. Show additional information
No Show additional information
EnviroShop installed a 40kW system on our business and provided excellent service from start to finish. Show additional information
Envirogroup installed a 30Kw system at our primary school. They came out numerous times to talk to us, endured the 2 year time frame that it took to get the system up and running and were terrific the whole way along. They really know their stuff and I can't recommend them highly enough. Show additional information
Paul was great in explaining and assessing our options for solar. He was pleasant to deal with and answered all my questions. Mel was quick and efficient in organising the instal and paperwork. The installation guys were very pleasant to deal with, came on time, got on with job and explained everything.
I would highly recommend Enviroshop.
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It has taken a while for us to make a decision on solar installation because of the large disparity between the quotes we received however we decided that, although their system was the most expensive of all our quotes, their salesman Paul, has always been available to answer any queries we have had and according to our own research, the panels and inverter they use are of extremely good quality. Installation is to take place an about 2 weeks time. Thank you for your recommendations. Show additional information
Enviro shop weren't the cheapest quote but I felt their product was better. We have micro inverters so each panel will contribute to the power system even if others are in the shade. Show additional information
Wasn't the cheapest quote but they provided the better service, including working through the best solution given my usage and roof configuration. Show additional information
Salesperson very knowlegable
Great Installation, friendly, went the extra mile.
Paperwork handled by vendor.
Realistic setting of expectations and timeframes.
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Whole process of dealing with Enviroshop was very professional including the installers. Show additional information
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Sustainable PTY LTD didn't make contact

Gryphon Solar - sales person was pushy, didn't listen (over numerous communications in person and over the phone, while he wasn't rude his manner and behaviour felt disrespectful - so we decided early on not to use them

Nicholls Solar - Ray was the sales person, he was great! Offered a very competitive price but we were locked in.
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The companies you recommended were fast to respond and very polite. It is a very good service. Show additional information
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I almost went with your mid-range suggestion (Solar Sunwerx), but Enviroshop eventually matched their price and offered a deal with hot water. Show additional information
We were given time and effort by the salesperson/representative, no pressure on our side to buy or not to buy, helped us all the way till we finished/completed with our solar installation and application in applying to our grid.
Waiting period is within acceptable range(but you can actually say that they are processing things in a timely manner). At the moment, we are waiting for the acceptance from our electricity distributor, but we are using our solar now.

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Mark Group were my second choice. Difference was in the (perceived) quality of panels & inverters. Your comparisons on the inverters was an important part of the final decision as we went with SMA.
Secondly Envirogroup were the only ones to suggest splitting the array into 8 panels north and 8 panels north-west/west to maximize solar capacity. We are a flat north-east facing & sloping (10 degrees) roof space so placing a rack to 30 degrees north-west made sense. This gave extra generating capacity when we needed it, ie when we are actually at home after work - especially in summer.
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We got a 2.5 kW system - not 3... :-) The salesman was very helpful and informative - we got the quote first from Enviro Group then got the 3 from your site. When we had a quote from Mark Group which came out cheaper we went back to Enviro Group and they added a Solar Eye unit into the mix. This with the subtantial discount they were offering because they were being advertised by our council made us stay with Enviro Group.

One other experience made us stay with Enviro Group - Mark Group was selling what seemed to be a comparative system for a comparitive price without the council sponsored discount so we thought that the value for money was better - but the salesman was VERY pushy - he would not let us check with our other quote before leaving and insisted that we make a decision with him there - so we put a $200 deposit down - then decided to stay with Enviro Group - we have not yet - after 2 months - received back the deposit from Mark Group. That I'm happy to sacrifice - I am not happy with the hard selling technique of the salesman from Mark Group.

Enviro Group did everything as promised with the installation - plus more in my opinion - our house was "owner built" and since then I don't think it's ever had a licensed electrician inside. The Enviro Group salesman saw the state of our panel and suggested that they send out their head electrician - He found nearly everything wrong that there could be with our electrics - none of the power points were earthed and even the split system air conditioner had some dodgy electric work done and that had been installed by Licensed people from Harvey Norman..... I digress......Our tiles also were a problem - they are pretty fragile and many broken in the process of getting the panel frames up - so they had to come back a second time with more tiles and more work to make the house safe electric wise -

We are VERY HAPPY with this extra service from Enviro Group.

Are now in the process of waiting waiting waiting for our local Distributor to come and flick the switch on our smart meter so we can turn on our system.

We have decided to stay with our retailer until everything is on before considering a change - the buy back and rebate schemes are all very confusing at the moment. The two quotes from our retailer are difficult to understand. We will see what happens when the bills come in. Our decision to go with solar is not an economic but a moral decision - it is now possible for us to afford the panels so that in a small way we are doing our part to reduce the greenhouse emmissions by using Green Power.... he he - our retailer sells us 100% green power - they will buy it from us at .08 per KWH and sell it back to us at some exhorbitant price....but that is our choice.
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Of the three quotes thru Solar Quotes, only Bradford Solar was most proactive and reasonably priced. Mark Group never came back with a quote whilst Madison Australia was too expensive (>$7000). I ended up going with Enviro Group (recommended to me by my architect) as their service was prompt and reliable. They answered all my questions honestly and priced several options for me. Bradford did beat them on price but were too slow in doing the solar assessment and quote. Enviro Group took the time to come out and do the solar assessment with the Solar Eye and gave me the report prior to me committing to anything. This allowed me to make an objective assessment of the solar installation.
By the way, I would like to thank you for the excellent tools and links on your site that allowed me to make my decision on a rational basis.
I have already posted a review of Enviro Group on your website.
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EnviroGroup answered all my questions and gave me several quotes for different systems (budget and mid-priced).

The customer service was prompt and courteous and they did a free solar access assessment with the Solareye which helped me understand the potential losses of energy production from shading.

In terms of pricing, they would be on the more expensive side but this is balanced by their excellent service.\r\nI ordered the system just prior to the Victorian TFIT change announcement and I had the system installed within a week of the order.

The inspection was done and the paperwork submitted to the retailer the week after. So within approximately 3 weeks from the date of order, I have received my TFIT offer from my retailer and will be signed up well before September 30 cut-off date.
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