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Jet Solar, based out of Wheeler's Hill is an experienced Solar & Battery specialist serving Victorian customers. 

We work with you to scope and install the best solar solution for your situation using only trusted, tested, reliable brands of solar panel, inverter and battery. Brands that we know and stand behind, including LG, Enphase, Tesla , Fronius, Jinko and Goodwe.

We can also analyse your energy use and needs to make sure you get the system that you need.

Our history:

The Director of Jet Solar Pty Ltd, Jason Dickinson was originally a Sole Trader, trading as JLD Electrical Services, established in May 2015.

Jason's business grew successfully with many happy customers and in 2018 it was time to form a company structure with the establishment of Jet Solar Pty Ltd.

We are proud to be one of the highest-rated solar installation companies on SolarQuotes. Please read our many reviews below:



Reviewers report paying: $1,600 - $9,000 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Panels, inverter and battery brands

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Highly Recommended

I have a really good experience with Jet Solar from the first time we contacting them about putting Solar on and until they finished the installation. They made everything very easy for us. Thanks Adam, Jason, Scott and Paul. Highly recommended.
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Fantastic installer

From the beginning to the and whole process was easy, smooth and very polite.
Adam was very quick and clear to provide easy understanding and process and helped trough everything.
Jason arranged time and date and came with the team on time. Whole installation process was explained to me and done within one day. Place was left clean like no one was there. Start using electricity same day, inspector came as soon as team finished whole installation.
There were some broken tiles and when I bought replacement Jason came and replace them.
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These guys deserve you business!

From the moment I had the first conversation with Adam to completion, it was easy. Adam was friendly, polite, knowledable whilst being able to explain things in simple terms, listened and delivered on what was important to us. My parents and brother have also spoken with Adam and have also chosen to go solar. We are very happy with the product and the service from Jet Solar. Thanks guys!
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Great experience with this installer

The whole process went really well. The system quoted was practical and well priced. The installation has gone so far without a hitch, they arrived exactly on time and was completed efficiently with no mess. Communication throughout the whole process was excellent. Highly recommend the company!
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Fantastic overall experience with acute attention to detail

This was just an excellent experience across the board.
It began when Adam was able to accurately interpret exactly what I was after on the phone and then compose the optimal system remotely, that is without coming to the site.
From there, the process was very smooth.
In particular, the finished outcome was superb.
There was a genuine attention to detail and timeliness on the installation that I really appreciated.
There was obvious concert between the different guys that were working the job.
The false wall that was installed on my new shed also was colour matched ( monument ) to give the optimal aesthetic outcome, and Jason had called on the weekend previous ( Saturday ) to ensure that he was getting it right ( the requisite bollard also was painted in monument before arriving on site ).
The net outcome is very intuitive, and Adam and Jason continue to be responsive post installation in regard to any questions that I might have.
I'm not in the habit of writing reviews, but in this particular case I think the circumstances demand it, as one has to advocate on behalf of guys that do a great job and deliver on time and in an exacting fashion.
If you are someone that values consistency and attention to detail as I do, these are your guys.
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Very tidy install and great customer service

- Sales & quoting process was great. Very responsive with hunting around for specific panels.

- On-site inspection before the install. Great crew and install was very tidy & punctual.

- Signed off by inspector same day. Currently awaiting retailer to confirm feed-in.
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Wonderful seamless experience!!

We are very happy with the whole process. Adam, Paul and team were very professional and did a great job with the installation. They ensured everything was done on time including post installation handover despite current COVID limitations. Thank you very much! Highly recommend.
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Excellent installation

Sales/ quoting process was smooth and clear.
Punctual and tidy installation
Overall,everything was excellent
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#1 solar installer in Vic down the street & I didnt even know it

I spent a lot of time researching solar systems before committing mainly because I was doing a house reno at the same time and solar installation was not a priority. I read through all the SolarQuotes guides, read the blog and watched some videos. SolarQuotes recommended Clipsal & Venergy (both currently holding Platinum supplier status) and their quotes arrived quickly. After several months and revised quotes from both of these installers I ended up going with Jet Solar (also holding Platinum supplier status but #1 in Vic) and I am very satisfied with my installation.

If I was to go through this process again I would:
1. Shortlist highly rated installers from the "Top 10 Solar Installers" (refer on the home page that service your area
2a. If budget is your key decision making criteria then:
- consider panels from Trina, Jinko & Longi (refer
- consider inverters from Sungrow, Fronius, Goodwe, SolarEdge & SMA (refer
2b. If performance is your key decision making criteria then:
- consider panels from LG, SunPower & REC (refer
- consider inverters from Fronius, SolarEdge & Enphase (refer
3. Contact the shortlisted installers and get quotes based on your system requirements and expect to see your nominated hardware preferences from Step 2.
4. Chose the installer that you have the greatest conviction in based on reviews and your experience through the quotation process

Note: Once you realise that each installer in your shortlist have quoted near identical systems in terms of hardware, then you will discern the key differentiator becomes customer service and quality of installation.

Alternatively, if you live in Melbourne just contact Adam from Jet Solar and he will cut through all the solar noise and leave you with sound advice and with no sales pressure. On installation day you meet with Jason (owner) and his team (all NON-subcontractors) and go through the game plan. These guys are a real team with good cohesion and have a sense of pride in their craft. Paul even took the time to tell me whoever the sparky was that did my switchboard upgrade (ie consumer unit) did a great job. Jet Solar are friendly, professional, skillful and highly accommodating with customer satisfaction and system performance (e.g. relocating our aerial antenna for free) seemingly their highest priority.

The only negative that I can think of is that they keep giving repeat business to an electrical inspector. I painfully watched them trying to screw the cover back on the consumer unit for about 5min before bailing. They had lost a screw and now the team are looking for a replacement screw that can fit the unit. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief as they drove away as it ended another successful Jet Solar installation.

Seriously, give Adam/Jason a call, you won't be disappointed.

rgds ash
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Very professional

We are very pleased with our solar installation by Jet Solar a little over a week ago. The quotation provided by Adam was very informative. His suggestion of a two string configuration to maximise solar capture was a helpful and practical solution to the problem of shadows cast by our neighbour's tree. On the day of installation, the team of four installers led by Paul arrived on the dot at the pre-arranged time. They were very polite and professional and without any fuss the installation was completed in less than five hours. They kept the place very tidy after the job. The inspector arrived soon after the installation and gave the job immediate approval. To top it off we had free solar electricity straight away on the same day! Paperwork for grid connection was organised and signed before the team left. I have no hesitation in recommending Jet Solar to anyone thinking of having a solar system installed.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Perfect all round

From the start, Adam at quoting stage was very informative explaining the product and options. From the Install stage, Jason was perfect, arrived on time, great job. Went well above and beyond what you would expect. Happy to recommend Jet Solar without a doubt one of the best companies I have had the pleasure to deal with on all fronts, quality, service and all out good guys.
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Very professional

I have just had the guts from Jet Solar out to install our system. They have been very professional and helpful right from the quote through to installation. Helpful advice on picking the right system. Polite, safe, quick and clean on site.
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To be recommended

Jet solar was recommended to me & I couldn't be happier with the whole process. It was very efficient from first talking to Jason, then Adam. He immediately got onto working out the best system for us & then explaining the process of applying for the rebates, which was all very easy online.
When the date was locked in, the very pleasent team arrived on time & worked efficiently & quickly & everything was left tidy.
Paul explained how it would work & how we could monitor our energy production.
A great team of friendly, professional & efficient young men... although I'm sure theres a woman behind them!!
Definitely to be recommended
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Fantastic Installer

It was a pleasure to deal with the team at Jet Solar team.
They arrived on time. Did a great job with the the installation and left the place cleaned as they arrived.
We even decided to change the location of the inverter midway through installations. They were happy to accommodate, with no hassle.
I am confident to recommend Jet Solar to my friends and family.
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Best in the business - that's what the Inspector said and I agree 110%

The team at Jet Solar is the best in the business. They are a pleasure to deal with beginning with Adam. Adam was informative, patient, and explained everything in detail. There was no hard sell or pushy sales tactics. The quotation was prompt and reasonable. I had 4 quotes in total, 1 was cheaper than Jet Solar and the other 2 were more expensive.

I could've gone with the company that was $300 but didn't. The BIGGEST reason for this was that the installer (Jason) from Jet Solar is also the owner of Jet Solar whereas the cheaper company uses subcontractors for their installation (not that there is anything wrong with that). My decision to choose Jet Solar was made sweeter because I received a $150 discount off the original quotation.

I just felt having the owner of a business doing the install gave me a lot of assurance and confidence. Jason and his team arrived on time and got stuck right into it. Jason kept me informed throughout the installation and answered any questions that I had. Everything is set up for you and Jason and his team will organize grid connection and submit the necessary paperwork to your retailer for the feed-in tariff. My place was left clean and all rubbish removed.

The Inspector came and inspected the installation. I asked the Inspector what he thinks of the install and he said Jet Solar is one of the very best installers that he has ever come across. Other reviews about Jet Solar are true - they are good, very very good. So much so, my mother will be getting her solar installed by Jet Solar.

6.6kW Solar Panels: JinkoSolar Tiger N-Type 370 W
5kW Inverter: Fronius Primo

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Smooth and efficient installation

Jetsolar gave us good information and advice so we were able to choose the best solar products for us. On the day of installation they arrived on time and worked solidly all day. They were polite, professional and left our property spotless. We are more than happy to recommend Jetsolar, in fact three family members have chosen them to do their solar installations.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Fantastic, professional installer

I was recommended to this company by Solar Quotes, very happy with the decision to go with them!
Adam has done a fantastic job of looking after us throughout the entire process, start to end. Very, very attentive and responsive to all the questions I had along the way.
Paul and Jason's team - incredibly friendly and professional. The installation took less than a day and a half, start to finish! It is looking very neat and clean. Even our yard - spick and span, no rubbish in sight after the team packed up and left.
Inspector came over and it was operational by the end of the second day.

100% recommend Jet Solar to anyone looking to get a nice, clean, hassle free installation with great service.
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Assessment of performance

Very friendly, punctual and a job professionally done. No complaints at all.
Panel rating: 5/5
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Great to Deal With and Considered Safety

Was very happy with Jet Solar. Kept me informed throughout the process. The team were polite and were on time. One thing I did like was that they considered safety. On the planned day of installation, it was a bit foggy and there was moisture on the roof tiles which made it slippery. They did not proceed as it was risky. I applauded that decision.They did what they could on the ground in preparation but rescheduled to later in the week. Appropriate safety gear was used.

Great to deal with. Will call them if I add a battery or expand the number of panels in the future.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Above and beyond

Everyone was easy to work with, patiently answered our questions in reasonable detail and worked through our design questions, ending up with a high quality result. While connecting the inverter to the switchboard Jet Solar found and fixed an existing electrical issue that was not in the planned scope of work. We were not charged for this.

They were able to come and do the installation sooner than initially promised. Work was done over a couple of days. Staff arrived as expected although they needed to reschedule because of a snap COVID-19 lockdown. Their inspector came on the same day that work was completed, gave them a rave review and switched the inverter on. Our antenna was replaced by a lower-profile antenna to minimise shading. The installer took the extra time to check with us and change things around until we got a really good TV signal.

We appreciated the meticulous clean up effort. The site was left tidy. Absolutely no rubbish was scattered around for us to clean up. Roof tiles were treated very carefully to avoid burning through our spares.

The paperwork was lodged with my energy retailer within two weeks as promised and has been processed by them and the distributor with no issues.

The production monitoring through GoodWe's SEMS portal works fine. Between that, our distributor's online portal, and having a PowerPal device installed separately we have a good amount of insight into our electricity usage. However, if you want a direct data feed of consumption monitoring, make sure to discuss this with your installer as it could require extra equipment to be attached to your switchboard.

Jet Solar makes an effort to ensure good performance of systems they have installed - a couple of weeks after this installation was completed, a tree took out a power line up the street, sending a high voltage surge to some houses. As a result we were off-grid for around five days. Since this manifested as zero output on the solar monitoring dashboard, Jet Solar were really proactive and contacted me a couple of times to check if something was wrong.

Although you can get cheaper quotes from other businesses we feel that Jet Solar's work is worth the price. Solar installs are a multi-decade investment decision so it is a good idea to get the best system you can even if it costs a bit more to get it through a company that goes above and beyond. The extra attention to detail and quality is demonstrated all the way through the process, and we felt they genuinely care about doing a great job for their customers. Since it's a small business, the same staff that did a great job for us will likely do the same for any future customers.
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Excellent Installation and Exceptional Customer Service!

Couldn't be happier dealing with Jet Solar! They were the first to get back to me with a quote (and also most competitive) and answered all my questions immediately. The crew turned up on time for the installation and were knowledgeable, tidy and polite. They also responded instantly when I had a couple questions relating to the app after the installation. I would highly recommend using their services!
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Outstanding service

Jet Solar is a highly professional, reliable and efficient company. The whole process was easy from start to finish and we are extremely happy with the final result. We highly recommend Jet Solar.
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Another Happy customer

The Team at Jet Solar were fantastic to deal with from the start of the process dealing with Adam and getting a system priced and designed, to the installation by Paul, Tighe and Gary, we could not have been happier with the experience.
The Team were very polite, friendly, professional, punctual and tidy with the work carried out.
They were happy to answer any questions asked about the installation, and also arranged for connection to the grid, and Inspector for approval on the same day.
Everything was cleaned up after installation to the point where I did not have to do anything, and they took away all empty boxes and rubbish.
We would not hesitate in recommending Jet Solar for anyone looking to install a solar system.
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Great from the very beginning

Right from the beginning Jet Solar had great communication. Adam took the time to talk through the quote and answered all of my questions. For a complex process Adam made it easy and was there every step of the way.

Install happened on the date it was booked in for and without any issues. The whole process could not have been easier. So far everything is going great and I do not expect any issues.
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Highly recommended! Five-star service

Jason’s team provided fantastic service throughout the entire process from quoting to installation. I have been monitoring the system performance for a few days and everything functions perfectly.

I had little knowledge about solar system but in initial quotation Adam cleared up all my confusions about system sizes, panels layout, product features, etc to help me find out the panels and inverter fitting my house. Installation work was neat and well-organised. Jason and Paul were always happy to explain each step of process to keep me informed, and both them showed a high degree of attention to details.

A phone call came to me to guide me through rebate and loan applications; Installation was scheduled without long waiting period; Installation was completed perfectly on time and Inspector arrived right after --- From all of these, I can see Jet Solar staff really care about customers and really make efforts to keep service outstanding. Their brilliant work definitely deserves a five-star rating in all aspects.
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Highly recommend Jet Solar

Very smooth process from the beginning, Highly recommend Jet Solar.

Adam was really helpful with finalizing all the design work and getting the approval for the Solar grants. I had to obtain many quotes as my two storey house does not have enough space for the straightforward design. Jet Solar provided me a design with Microinverters. Their price was very reasonable compared to all other string inverter options that I got from different installers.
Jason and his team came to do the installation was really really good. Very efficient, neat and very friendly. They left the job very clean. And the inspector was booked on the same day and all connected by 2 pm.( Started 8 am).

Thanks a lot Adam, Jason and the team for the awesome job that you guys did.
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Worth a Pick

First great portal from Solar Quotes to get an Understanding of PV solar,No doubts after going thru an 101 you can pose a few questions, thanks Solar quotes your site and details are spell bound.

I was happy to select Jet solar as one of the Installers for my requirements and was a breeze to work with.
No turning back from the first time I spoke to Adam, he was very quick to respond with a quote and be in touch to answer any questions that you pose. He was extremely professional to answer the rebate process, the different option and keep revising the quotes based on your needs. He also explained and helped with the rebate application process. As soon as the approval came they were quick to work on the schedule and Jason was seamless when it came to installation. He and his team worked great to install, configure and explain the system. They also had an Inspector visit the site to certify once installation was complete.
Finally they co ordinated in getting the paper work to your energy provider and all you had to do was just sit back and watch.

Note: I figured out in this journey there are so many options with products, quotes and more importantly dealing with different quotes for the exact same specification. I am so glad with the overall experience with Jet solar and hopefully a day comes when battery is affordable that I get to interact again.
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Brilliant work!

It was totally brilliant, Crew arrive in the early morning, finish the work in the early afternoon, starting to harvest sunlight right away. it was a clean and swift installation, everything is done very professionally. Big thanks to Jason, Paul, Adam and their team!
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Professional and friendly service

I actually selected Jet Solar based on the reviews on this site, and was happy to see the same level of service extended to me.

The quoting phase was very easy - I started with email contact and I recall getting a call back in a very short timeframe. We had a good conversation about the requirements of the system, brands and other various options. The quote was easy to understand.

Once we decided to proceed, the rest was pretty straightforward. After a few weeks lead time, we were contacted to arrange an installation date. On the day, it was raining on and off and so they completed the installation of the electricals but had to come back another time to complete the installation of the panels. The installers were professional and courteous and accommodating of my requirements of when I couldn't have a power out to complete a meeting while I was working from home.

Once installed, all of the paperwork was completed promptly and they notified my energy provider of the installation, and sent me all of the documentation via email.

No issues at all, happily recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable installer.
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Super Satisfied

The team at Jet Solar were fantastic to deal with from the beginning of the process to the end.

The team were very polite, punctual and tidy with the work carried out. They also arranged the same day inspection and connection to the grid.
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More than satisfied

A very positive experience. From the initial information and quote with Adam to Jason and his team of installers, I was listened to and my questions and needs addressed. The experience was professional, seamless, easy to understand and i was kept informed throughout the process. The team clearly enjoy their work and were a pleasure to have onsite. Jason was extremely generous with his time and expertise and I would not hesitate to recommend Jet Solar.
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Professional with an upper case P.

From quote to installation my experience with Jet Solar was seemless!!
I asked for and recieved numerous variations of quotes for different configered systems, whilst getting independent advice on what seemed like at the time an endless array of choice. Even at this early stage the level of communication and 'solar information' from Adam and Jason was, compared to others, outstanding.
A 8.2 kw system with 21 panels was chosen.
Installation was not straight forward due to position and configeration of our switchboards,double brick walls,1st floor concrete slab and positoning of the inverter away from our home entrance from a visual aesthetic. Jason solved all of these issues with total professionalism and always had our interests at heart. No easy fix or cut corner solutions.
He is part of the installation team on the day which in my opinion is reassuring to have the Jet Solar owner working along side his employees, not a sub contract team.
On budget, on time, tidy, polite to a tee with the system operating on the installation (Winters) day.
Highly recommended.
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Excellent solar panels and microinverters installation

Was a very positive eperience with Jet Solar. Adam was very responsive getting us a quote and booking us for an install. Jason and his team arrived right on schedule on the day and gave me a brief rundown of the work involved before proceeding to do an excellent job installing the panels and microinverters. Jason even proposed a neater panel layout on the roof when they were installing them. They also managed to accomodate my request to wire a network cable from the enphase unit in the garage to a patch panel in our living room with hardly any fuss even though i knew the wiring in the wall was pretty crowded.A roof tile got broken but thankfully we had a replacement lying around. All in all I would highly recommend Jet Solar.
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Another 5 star review for jet star

The team from Jet Solar were great to deal with from the start of the process to the end, sorting out the details of our non-standard install and providing excellent advice on the most cost effective way to achieve our goals.

Neat job, good crew, a pleasure to deal with.
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Smooth, Hassle Free Installation

Very happy with the Solar Installation. The team were friendly, helpful, and kept me informed along the way. Installation was completed promptly, and approved by the inspector on the same day. The Team also arranged for connection to the grid, and cleaned everything up after completion.
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Fantastic Installer

* The cost is good for the quality of the system
* Jason (The Owner) and his team are professional and friendly
* The installation is quick and clean without any hassles
* Customer service (Adam) is friendly and quick to respond.
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Original Review on 11-03-2021:

Finally we are GREEN! Yoohoo

The company is highly recommended by SolarQuotes. Jason and Adam have been very helpful throughout the whole process from introductions to getting grants and finally the long awaited installation (not outsourced, good stuff worth the wait). The team on site worked efficiently, safe, and clean. Whole installation was done within 4 hours. AMAZINGLY the inspection happened on the same day instead of weeks. THAT was a huge bonus. The electricity now “tastes” sweeter. Thank You Guys. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

3 months later we asked Horn: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

It has performed quite nicely. I do monitor my bills for many years, and compared to same month last year, my bill has dropped 55%, and another surprise is that the power export to the grid gave another credit to the bill, which pushes the bill further 15%, total 70% drop.

But do note, that it's not Business-As-Usual, lifestyle needs to change/adapt to it. All the appliances usage to be pushed to the day instead of night (e.g. dishwashing, laundry).

Too bad the battery ROI is still not good enough, otherwise would have made it a complete solution.

All in all, It's a cool thing to harness the power of the Sun.
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Very profesional installation

From the start Jet solar made the process go smoothly. with guidance with the forms to fill in for the rebates. jason and the team turned up on time and went over the install details and discussed options on mounting locations for the electric panel. work was carried out quickly and to a plan which went like clock work.Their install was neat and accurate and simple trade craft i witnessed was best practice ie drilling hole for cable in ouside wall angled up to prevent water ingress.they arranged for the solar inspection for the next day but advised later that due to rain for the next few days it will be next monday. all the while i have been informed on the next stage of install.overall very happy with this team.
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Great experience all round!!! I would give them.....3...I mean 5 stars!!!

This team is an absolute stellar choice for installing your solar system, initially I did hold some skepticism of their average 5 star review but after the install was completed I am now a solid advocate for Jason and his team at Jetsolar. Each step of the process was handled with above and beyond customer service, could not have asked for better!

Believe me when I say I called nearly everyone on this website for a quote to compare pricing, after going through a good number of installers (10+), Jetsolar had the fairest deal for what I was after. Admittedly (not their fault) the wait for an install date was a little longer than I had hoped but it was WELL WORTH it in the end!

Many thanks to Adam who quoted me up for the install (several times, I was rather indecisive) and dealing with my nonsense shenanigans throughout this process. Always polite and happy to have a laugh, bless you. The quote was presented in a easy to read and digestible format with terms and conditions clearly laid out. Adam was always very
happy to explain and clarify any queries I had both before and after the install, amazing customer service 100/10.

Installation was smooth and orderly, the panels arrived a day or two before the actual install date, Jason and his team came over early morning, explained the installation process (albeit a bit too early for our house of night-owls) and had it all up and running by early afternoon on the agreed date. Nothing to clean up afterwards, all taken care of by the team, they were very polite and fun, mum is still embarrassed about the coffee/sugar incident haha. Communication throughout this period was nothing short of excellent. Follow up after the install was also outstandingly timely (we had a few extra things to install/workout and it was all basically done the next day), Jason himself came down to help troubleshoot the issue.

Grid installation and paperwork was all taken care of by JetSolar, all we had to do was forward an email over to our electricity supplier to have our solar FIT start and then it was smooth sailing from there onwards.

Again, wonderful team, great product, beautiful customer service 5/5!!
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Absolutely wonderful service

From the start this company was great to deal with. Adam got back to us quickly with a quote and was great explaining what system would suit us best for our needs. Jason and his team arrived at the time that was organised. They were friendly and explained what they would be doing as well as how the system worked. I liked the fact they don't contract out their work and they were honest and reliable from the first time I contacted them. I would have no hesitation recommending Jet Solar to people who are thinking of installing solar.
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Brilliant service!

From the start of the process dealing with Adam and getting a system priced and designed, to the installation by Paul and the boys, we could not be happier with the experience. I have worked in the trades and services industry for over 30 and what I observed on the day of the installation I would hold up as a gold standard in everything from customer service, communication, working safely and quality of work. We would not hesitate in recommending Jet Solar to any of our friends and family.
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Great job excellent customer service

The quotes was very detailed and easy to understand.
The install was fantastic and on time.
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Very happy customer!

The initial quoting process with Adam was straight forward. After listening to my needs the best options and configurations were discussed and agreed upon. Jason arrived on install day and was very pleasant to deal with. He explained everything to do with the install in detail. His crew were meticulous in their work and I was very impressed. Jason took the extra time to put the inverter in the location that I wanted and he even went to the extra effort of concealing all the cables/ conduit internally to the inverter. Very clean install! The Electrical inspector arrived same day and he said Jason at Jet Solar always does great installs and he also said I picked the right guy for solar install, that is reassuring.
Don’t risk a big company that use sub-contractors, use Jet Solar where you know the owner of the business oversees the install himself. Thanks guys.
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BRILLIANT from first phone call to finished installation

Jason and all the crew were fantastic.
They literally took me by the hand and help me through all paperwork and solar rebates .
They were on time, easy-going, incredibly knowledgeable about the products, helpful and very clean .
10 out of 10.
Highly recommend!!!

thanks guys

Kara. X
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Great process with professional company

Jason and Paul arrived on time and described in detail the installation process. Paul took the time to show me how the inverter worked and helped me setup the app.

Thanks Jet Solar for a pleasant experience.
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Great to deal with. Installed an running by 1pm.

Easy quote process. Installation was like clockwork. Polite and tidy workers. Connected to grid before they left as well.
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Great Customer Service

Great customer service, Paul and his team were great to deal with.
Punctual and tidy
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Great service

I would like to pass on my thanks to Jet solar Pty Ltd for the job done on our 6.6kw solar system. The whole process from quoting to measurement, invoicing and installation went very smoothly. Thank you to all involved and in particular to the site installation team who did a great job. We are very pleased with the outcome and recommend the company as solar installer.
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Five Star Solar Installation

We were so happy with Jet Solar we were compelled to leave a review. Jason and his experienced team arrived on time and were very professional and tidy in their approach and installation of our new solar system. There was a minimum of fuss and all the team seemed very confident in their skill set. On completion, one of the team fully explained how the system works and installed an app on our phone so we can check the system’s performance. Very happy with the whole experience.
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Jet Solar experience

We were very happy with our solar installation experience. The personnel were polite, well presented and aware of our desire to keep our new home as clean as possible. The inspector was very impressed, the installation was completed in a timely manner and we would be happy to recommend them to anyone requiring an installation.
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