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About Pedleys Electrical Service, Solar Installers

Pedleys Electrical Service
Pedleys Electrical Service is a Solar Power Installation company based in Raceview and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Pedleys Electrical Service Solar Reviews

My installation is not up to code. They're too busy to look at it. Promises to even get form to me, result in nothing.

Quoting process was hard and took about 3-4 going back and forth for the quote to actually include brands and warranty as per request.
After quote accepted and contract signed. Contact ceased.
The quoter was supposed to come and look at roof. He however never did this, despite two days in a row saying he would come. In the end, he never came to look at roof.
After this I was told the next step would be to book install after Energex approved my system.
About a week later the date was booked in. I forgot to ask what the energex response was, so I sent an email and it was not answered.
A few days later, I got the job order form (accidentally) and it had wrong products. So I contacted to let them know that I had ordered more panels then on the form, and different brands. I was assured it was fixed and appology for sending the form to me.
While I was getting responses for the order form, I forwarded my question about energex approval again and got the response "Yes your job is booked in for next Wednesday" which was not the question at all.
The install date came and I sat at home. I got a call later to be told that my products did not arrive, so they could not install until the following day. While I had her on the phone I confirmed my products as the order form was wrong. I was assured it was good to go and the additional missing item was posted out.
The next day I got a message at 7am, asking if they could start at 7:15am. I said yes and at 8am when I had to do school run I messaged them to let them know I had to go and they responded that they would not be long, just leave my garage roller door up.
I got back and introduced myself to the installer who was very polite and professional.
I however noticed that the inverters were not the inverters I had purchased. I had purchased the hybrids and these were standard. He called Pedleys.
He came inside to talk to me and said that two hybrid inverters cannot work together. That he has installed it once before and it was way too hard and he will never do it agian. So I should not have an hybrid system. He said he had one hybrid at his home he could install for me, but the other would have to be standard and I would have to call Pedleys later and arrange a partial refund.
I was dissapointed but went on with my business.
Later that day my hubby came home and asked why we had Hopergy racking on our roof instead of Clenergy. I said I did not know, I ordered Clenergy as on my contract. But after the inverter mix up I was not surprised.
Also it was brought to my attention that a ladder? had been put on the roof and had damaged the roof.
My husband had also asked if the wiring could go through an existing gap, but this was ignored as it would need a couple of extre metres of wiring and instead was drilled through the house weatherboards.
At the end of the day we thought that they were really tidy and were happy they had brought our bins in (they did not have to do that). But when we went to take rubbish down we realised they had only brought the bins in to completely fill both of them... on bin day! So our family of 6 would have no bins for a week. My hubby had to do a dump run so we could have bins for the week.
That night I called Pedleys and was upset that they had changed the brand of my racking and inverter. They said they would look to partially refund me for the downgrades and that as the panels were not on yet, I could change to the racking system I wanted and they would arrange for it to be here the next day. But that we may have holes in our roof, so for that reason they would recommend we just have what is there and they will ensure the warranties are equal. So because our roof was brand new, we agreed not to cause further damage (then the ladder did).
They returned the following day to install the panels. When I came home that afternoon I was shocked to see the panels overhanging on 6 sides of the roof. Not one side is flush with the house, they all extend out past the roof edging. Which is not correct for installation.
The installer then called me downstairs to show me the install and how to work the inverters. But the hybrid inverter was throwing a red error code. He went to go and do something with the meter box and came back saying it was Energexs problem. I asked what he meant and why it was Energexs problem. He told me he did not know and it was too hard to explain. This made no sense to me. He then showed me that when he turns on the second inverter that all the numbers start going crazy and don't match. I asked him why it was doing that. He told me did not know. He said to ignore it because I was definintely feeding the house and the grid and to ignore the bit it says I was buying from the grid.

I asked why I would have to ignore it. Because the reason he told me I could not have two hybrids was that it would confuse me as the numbers would not match up and this seemed worse. He got agitated, again said it was energexs problem.

In the end it got very heated and I stopped asking questions because it was becoming intimidating.

He left saying he would call Pedleys.

He got in his car and left, leaving even more boxes filling a portion of my garage with packaging and plastic rolls for wiring etc.

Also, we noticed the following day that 7.2kwh has been attached to inverter 1 and 6kwh to inverter 2. Instead of 6.6 to each.

So 24 panels (7.2kwh) to 1 x 5kwh Sungrow hybrid inverter.
and 20 panels (6kwh) to 1 x 5kwh Sungrow standard inverter.
I called Pedleys to talk about this and send pictures and they said right away it was not ok..

Ever since, they have not followed through with communication promises or come to look at the problems. I am actually posting this review because after days now of being told I would have some paperwork 'within an hour' I still do not and they are not helping me to rectify this situation.
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Friend and efficient

Got an initial quote on Friday and system installed following Saturday. No pushy sales people, all contact was professional, everyone turned up on time and they did exactly what they promised. Happy so far, and love the electricity meter going backwards. Show additional information
System is working very well. Show additional information
The installation and service from Pedleys Solar has been exceptional. From Initial contact sales representative Martin to final installation guy James was outstanding.

I would have absolutely no issues in recommending them to anyone who would be interested in installing solar panels.
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The sales representative Martin was outstanding considering all the questions I threw at him over 6 months of research.
James the installer was brilliant and completed the job in a day with his offsider.
The installation was very professional with James also taking time out to explain all about the system.
The only small fault I found was the communication with Pedleys office staff.
Would defiantly recommend Pedleys for any Solar installation.
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To start with Martin and dealing with office ladies Laura and Maddison was just a breeze.
Installers ; Callum, Tyler and Isac were just fantastic and very quick and tidy!
Very Happy customer!
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Excellent service. Sales team was very informative for both myself and my parents. Would recommend then to everyone Show additional information
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Jeremy Pearce was extremely professional sales person. Show additional information
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