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Sky Solar Energy is a Solar Power Installation company based in serves parts of and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Suck you in with a cheap quote then can’t deliver on the contract

Sky Solar Energy suck you in with a slick sales pitch and cheap quote. When it comes time to instal they conveniently can’t get stock of the contracted equipment so they try and substitute with alternatives. First off they offer reputable alternatives but then for some reason don’t have stock of those. Then they try and offer an ‘upgrade’ to equipment that has no proven history or reputation in Australia. When you point out that you can’t find any information about the suggested substitution online they send you the marketing brochure and expect you to take it as gospel.

After 4-5 months of rejecting the substations and asking for a deposit refund they suddenly offer an actual upgrade substitution of a reputable brand.

By that stage of back and forth and losing confidence in them, and repeated requests of a deposit refund they just flat out refuse.
They have not been able to provide the equipment in the original contract and refuse to acknowledge that and provide a deposit refund.
The contract they sent me took 3 tries to actually have my details correct too. The first two had another clients details still in it. If the basic lack of attention to detail in a simple contract is something they can’t even manage, I’d hate to think about how much they’d struggle to actually do an install.

Be very wary. Classic bait and switch tactics and can’t deliver on the contract that they provide.
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A pleasure solar journey with Sky Solar Energy!!!

I didn't like Sky Solar Energy's quote at the beginning because their quoted price is way more cheaper than other 3 companies.

But once their sales started the conversation with me, I knew this is a reliable company. Justin explained how does everything work and showed me a few fun videos, step by step, I learned the whole concept.

After I signed the contract, all processes went well. The installers was polite and friendly, they helped me to replace some broken tiles for free when they did the installation.

For someone know nothing about solar, this is the company you can reply on.

Thank you Sky Solar Energy, cheap price but super thoughtful service!
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The worst warranty service I have even experienced.
Have been waiting for more than 2 months for a replacement.
Called their service number you will find no one answer the phone call at all.
No reply of emails or messages.
Reconsider it again if you decide to purchase Delta.
Delta was good few years ago, don't know what happened!.

Inverter rating: 1/5

Supplier Reply:

Dear Danny,

We are sorry to hear about your previous experience with the Delta inverter. We have checked our records and we never received any phone calls or email from you in regards to this Delta inverter issue. At Sky Solar Energy, we always value our customer’s feedback and provide the best after-sales service to our customer. Can you please contact our office on 07 3277 9888 and we will help you to get this issue resolved.

We look forward to serving you in the future.

Sky Solar Energy
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"Poor workmanship" and a "Problem waiting to happen"

We had a 6.6KW solar system installed by Sky Solar Energy (VIC branch) in 2019 and had been very happy with it, until one Saturday recently when a large bang came from out electricity switchboard and our power went out. We had to get an emergency electrician to get our power back on on the weekend which cost $223.03 (cheap actually). We also had to get another electrician out the following week to repair the damage to the switchboard. The second electrician (South Eastern Electrics) found that two switches had burned out on the switchboard and that "poor quality workmanship" associated with the solar installation was to blame (please see report and photos attached). He also said that we were "lucky it didn’t start a fire". The incident also burned out our inverter which SolaX has since replaced under warranty.

The Electrician's report is below:

"Attend site as requested to:
- Replace burnt out main switch.
- Replace heat damaged circuit breaker.
- Replace burnt out solar main switch.
- Repair active connection inside switchboard.
-Supply a Certificate of Electrical Safety - 635458597
The works above were a result of unsatisfactory and non compliant works done by the solar installers at the time of
installation. Terminal connections were not tight and the active connection inside switchboard was not soldered
properly and did not have a connector on it, wires were loose and held together with tape. In my opinion this was poor
workmanship and a problem waiting to happen.''

Sky Solar covered the cost of $442.75 to have the switchboard fixed. But they refused to pay my out-of-pocket expenses for the emergency electrician ($223.03). Refusal was because the emergency electrician invoice said nothing about 'solar' on it. I offered to get a revised invoice but they stopped answering my emails.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Well done Sky Solar Energy

Well done to all involved in quoting and selling me my solar system.
From the first call with Justin who is very knowledgeable in his field to Harry and the girls that spoke to me from the Rocklea office right up to when Ethan and his crew installed the system all went well .

Even though we had rain on the day of installation it did not deter the installation crew at all .
I would not have a worry at all in recommending SKY SOLAR ENERGY to anyone thinking of installing a solar system at their home or business.
Well done to all at SKY SOLAR ENERGY
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Quick at installing, but overall could be better with other key things

Good at selling their product over the phone. They do not require attending the site for inspection which I though was odd, but sales person (Sam) was still able to assess the correct location of where the panels would be installed.
Installation of 21 x 315W Trina panels and Fronius Primo 5KW inverter took roughly 4 hours. Installers could be a little bit more professional and tidy though - not a good look when someone is smoking on the job.
Customer service could also be better if more prompt in their service, instead of me following up.

It has been 3 weeks now since the solar system has been installed at my property and I'm still waiting and trying to chase up my electricity provider to replace my old meter box with a smart one.
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Good Installation, Happy with results

I dealt with Sam G for the quote. He was knowledgeable and was contactable when I needed questions answered. The installers were good, the lead electrician was a nice guy, they wanted to put panels all on one side of the house but I asked them to be half/half (as I've noted the sun movement across summer/winter). They happily worked it out for me. I've so far generated ~7800kWh from end of sept 2018 to end of sept 2019 with no issues so far.

There was a delay due to the panels I agreed to not being available but they offered bigger panels at the same price (I did the research and they were of slightly better quality, so i was happy).

I'd recommend this company, and they told me at the time that they use their own installers (they don't outsource) so check that is still the case. I felt they were honest but did work on volume rather than having a smaller (more expensive) customer base - which is fine if you do your own research first.

My only issue with the install was they wouldn't install the inverter inside the garage (instead its on the outside wall). I would have liked it been out of the weather.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Excellent advice, good value.

Sales guy was very helpful, not pushy and his advice was appreciated. The office staff looked after the paperwork without any fuss and their installers were efficient and most capable, but not so good with communication.
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I went with Sky Solar Energy, I was counting on their expertise and knowledge to guide me through the process, but I was let down they came and installed the solar before I got the ok from the government to get my rebate so I lost my rebate because of them, I asked them to pay for the rebate they said no and offered me a 18 month interest free to pay it off, I told them not interested in that been sending emails to them multiple times, and they just tell me the system has gone up by $1500 called the CEO still waiting for a proper response, I came up with a compromise of paying half of the rebate and they pay the other half, but they still continue to tell me the system has gone up by $1500 ????
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Great dealings for start to finish. Highly recommended.
A special thanks to Al and Garry for making the process hassle free and a giving me peace of mind the job will be completed professionally and diligently.
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From the initial request for a quote to the completed installation of the solar system, the service, the advice, the regular notification and scheduling of the installation works provided from Sky Solar Energy was prompt, highly professional and first class. Thanks again.
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Showed up on time, very neat and tidy job. Was kept well informed all the way along of what was going on and what step to take next. Sales guy made it all very easy, and Rhaya was great with following up after the install to make sure we were 100% happy. Nice job guys, and I couldn't get a better price anywhere!
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The service was comparably priced with others of a similar size. Supply and installation was fast and efficient and service provision was friendly and informative. I'd be happy to recommend this service to friends and family
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SKY SOLAR were not pushy and didnt put other retailers of solar places down. I felt at ease with the whole process start to finish. Would recommend sky solar to any one of my friends and family. Regards lyle.
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I think you have a very good crew of men that know exactly what they are doing it gives you a bit of peace of mind knowing the right guys are on the job
Thank you sky solar
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I had a great experience dealing with Leigh from the Sales Team. Price was well within my budget.
Nothing was too much trouble, he always kept in touch, thanks Leigh
Then I dealt with Jarrod, who did the installation, what a terrific crew. I am so happy.
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Dealt with Leigh for most of the sales process and he was very good, direct and responsive to my questions. Told me what the process was going to be with the install and it has happened pretty much the exact way as described. The install itself was a very neat job and does not look out of place at all. Lastly Rhaya gave me a follow up call to make sure that I was happy with everything and she was extremely polite and helpful. Would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of getting solar.
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Would highly recommend this company as the work provided was of the highest quality and the install crew were very professional in all aspects . The communication between the sales staff and ourselves was of very high standards
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Would highly recommend this company as the work provided was of the highest quality and the install crew were very professional in all aspects . The communication between the sales staff and ourselves was of very high standards,we are more than happy with what our money brought ????????
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Fantastic price and great service. Sky Solar Energy were an absolute pleasure to deal with. For people who knew nothing about solar, Tom took the time to explain the different systems and how we could benefit the most with our electricity usage habits.

We asked for comparison quotes on different systems and they were $1,000’s below other competitors.

No sale pressure and a pleasure to communicate with.

Highly recommended!
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I knew nothing about solar until reading your information on solar quotes. I had a total of 6 quotes and through this process I learnt a lot more about solar. The company I went with Sky Solar Energy was not the cheapest but the salesman at Sky Solar, Tom was very helpful and explained their system and process of Installation thoroughly. The Installation process was over two days with the installers working long hours the first day with an easy install the second day. All went well and the system in up and running. I thoroughly recommend Sky Solar Energy.
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After weeks of shopping, we decide to go with sky solar energy. I have to say thank you to Terry, explain all the details from how solar works to how to use the system effectively. The install team are very polite and cleaned up after installation, a rare thing these days. Also the system is performing very well. We had our first clear sky today since the install last week and generated 36.6kwh. Very happy with that. Thanks to all of you,
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I had 2 houses done with Sky Solar Energy and what a big mistake that was.

First house they came and done it and was supposed to be 6.48 kilo watt
system. When the got there I was told some BS that the shade would be on 3 panels and the system would not work properly and like a fool I believed them . They then left 3 panels off but still charged me for all the panels quoted.
Since then I have taken note of shade and at no time is their shade where
the 3 panels should be.
They also brought a different brand inverter to what was quoted.
I have asked for the other 3 panels to be put up like I was quoted or at least a refund on them and I keep getting promises from Sky Solar Energy but nothing has happened.

Second house was at my daughters at Chinchilla.
They were supposed to install system and put in new meter box.
Upon completion of installing system I was handed an account for installing system and replacing meter box.
When I pointed out to the electrician that he was supposed to install new meter box he gave me a stupid look and told me he was not told to do this even thought it was written on the account.
He got Ivan Wee on the phone and he did everything he could to talk me into getting another electrician to do the meter box. I refused as he quoted for whole job.
New meter box was done about 2 months later .
I paid the bill not knowing that the main switch the electrician put in was only 32amp.(It originally had an 80amp switch)
At christmas when my daughter turn on the air cons the main switch keep throwing out.
I got onto Ivan Wee at Sky Solar and his electrician told me he lost money on that job and for $1500.00 he would come back and fix his mistake.
I would never recommend Sky Solar Energy to my worst enemy.
I tried contacting Ergon because the cover of the meter box at my daughters house fell on my daughters head when she opened it and left all wires exposed but they basically said it was not their problem.

Oakey 4401
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Original Review on 12-12-2016:

Currently experiencing conflict with the smoke detectors. We get the low battery warning chirp only when the solar is on. Smoke detectors have been replaced. Currently being investigated by the supplier so no complaints. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Robert: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Once the initial Inverter problem was fixed we are more than happy with the performance of the system. We have received 2 electricity bills & received over $100 off per bill due to power going back into the grid. This is on top of the savings we get using the solar power during the day.
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I helped choose a Solar System, for my family, after weeks of shopping, I was confused, by products, warranty's, and price. I did my research, but it was a rep from Sky Solar that helped me understand, the best product, for our budget and the needs of our family. They came to our house, that made a big impact, on the clarity of what we were purchasing. Well done sky Solar.
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We have to say a big thank you to Jarrod and his team of installer for doing such a fabulous job.....
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Original Review on 27-01-2016:

System is installed but awaiting meter connection. The installers were on time , did a very good job and time will tell on the quality,
but thought Bosch being German would be a good bet.,.
I thought the system was value for money , 24 panels( 6KW) & Bosch 5KW inverter. Other quotes were $2000 for only a 5KW system.

We were pleased with your info and quotes provided and you also answered some technical questions as we went along.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Stuart: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

System has performed to expectations , but we had a connection issue . Our aircon is 3 phase and either the supplier or Energex reversed polarity on the systems. When we ran the units of course they did not work and we had an aircon tech out to fix the polarity problem.
The supplier is currently trying to establish who connected the 3 phase improperly, I am still waiting for someone to accept liability!!!!
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I liked your service I thought you gave me SKY SOLAR ENERGYS DETAILS all good we are happy with our 5kw system and I like the choices you provided we did get a bosch battery ready inverter as well so all in all we are happy. Thanks MICK & DI
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Original Review on 22-06-2015:

Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked John: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

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Ended up with Sungrow 5kw inverter with 6kw of BlueSun 250w nano panels. Averaged 30kw per day for the first week. Not sure if that is good or bad.
Those running the Company were helpful and tried very hard to get everything right.
Electrician was awesome. Panel installers were average.
Happy overall.
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I found Sky Solar to be best price for the system I wanted. They were about $1200 cheaper then other companies I received quotes from. They offer finance as well. They use good quality components, such as SMA & Aurora inverters. They also use quality panels. Installation was fast and easy and they have great after sales support.
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