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Tindo Solar Reviews

Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar Overall Rating From 16 Reviews:

16 Reviews

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Tindo Solar are the *only* Australian solar panel manufacturer. They are based out of Adelaide (Mawson Lakes) but have an installer network that covers the whole of Australia. Their "Karra" solar panel is actually an AC Solar Panel. This means that each panel comes with an integrated micro inverter (made by Solar Bridge). This reduces the voltage on your roof from up to 600VDC , to 240V AC which makes things a lot safer.

Also it means each panel can optmise its power independently, which typically increases your total power output by about 7% compared to conventional solar panels.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
Only 1 of your contacts made contact after the weekend and he was very good but ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5045
Tindo Solar - dealt with Hugh in Victoria. He is very knowledgable and was able ...
>>> See Karen's review
Karen VIC 3324

>>> See Anon's review
Anon QLD 4156
The sales pitch was good and the selling point of Australian made panels was wha ...
>>> See Eivion's review
Eivion VIC 3137
I was very pleased to find a company which made ( assembled ) solar panels in Au ...
>>> See Christine's review
Christine VIC 3766
Tindo Solar spent a lot of time talking to me and explaining about solar power a ...
>>> See Deborah's review
Deborah VIC 3024
I have just paid a deposit on Tindo Panels with SolarBridge micro inverters. I b ...
>>> See David's review
David VIC 3162
Tindo's salesman authoritative and helpful. Tindo's administration efficient and ...
>>> See Steve's review
Steve VIC 3085
We - the Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL - are still reviewing final options and ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter SA 5019

>>> See Penny's review
Penny SA 5173
System installed 4 weeks ago, Jemena has not reset the smart meter yet, have bee ...
>>> See Roger's review
Roger VIC 3083
Great to be able to monitor the system all the time that links the solar panels ...
>>> See Elaine's review
Elaine VIC 3224
At this time I have just paid a deposit. It was actually one of the salesmen fro ...
>>> See Bonita's review
Bonita SA 5118
Tindo have micro inverters as well as sting inverters. The solar panels are manu ...
>>> See Brett's review
Brett SA 5093
We went for Tindo as they are the only Australian-made option currently. And I ...
>>> See John's review
John VIC 3066
Finn, I cannot fault your input and personal service, and I appreciate your sit ...
>>> See Vic's review
Vic QLD 4701

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