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About Sunergy Solar, Solar Installers

Sunergy Solar
ABN: 79 142 963 559  ABN active since 01 Jul 2010 | Sunergy Solar Pty Ltd
ACN: 142 963 559  ACN active since 06 Apr 2010 | Sunergy Solar Pty Ltd
Electrical Contractor's License:   (learn about electrical licenses and buying solar)
VIC: REC 24310 Sunergy Solar Pty Ltd 

Reviewers report paying: $5,000 - $9,566 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Sunergy in a snapshot as at October 16, 2020

- Established 2010 and still trade under the same ABN

- Offices in Geelong and Bendigo

- Showroom in Bendigo with panels and inverters on display

- Dedicated full-time admin and reception staff

- 5-year written production guarantee

- 5-year warranty on all additional supplied components

- LG Authorised Solar Dealer

- SMA Power Up Partner

- Substantial Off grid and hybrid design and installation experience

- Trusted with large commercial installations by local government, hospitals,

Councils and statutory bodies

More detailed information:

We are well set up from an admin point of view to help you claim your Victorian government rebate if eligible.

Sunergy Solar is a family owned business and proudly support the local communities in which we operate. Sunergy Solar has vast commercial, off-grid and hybrid installation experience. We ship solar components Australia wide straight from our website.

In 2020, our own crews regularly install in Shepparton, Echuca and Ballarat, as well as all around Geelong and the surf coast, Bendigo and Central Victoria. You are paying for the quality of the installation, the installation company, plus ongoing support.

Our Off-Grid experience is vast and our largest project to date is a cattle farm in the Gulf of Carpentaria that is 2/3 the size of Victoria. We are large enough to undertake any size installation and small enough to care.


Sunergy Solar Solar Reviews

Over the moon how Chris and his team work very professional about the job that they do and I will be reckoning them to friends if they need solar panels an also a big thank you to Andrew

Ten out of ten to Chris and his team job well done the way they go about there installation and customer service be reckoning to friends if they need solar.Also I like to mention Andrew our sales colsultied a big thank u he was not pushy and he made us make the secession to go solar because we ave be talking about it for a couple of years.once again a big thank you to Chris and his team and Andrew and team from sunenergy Show additional information
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Professional, High quality service from an installer who cares about clients

After a minor wobble with the quoting, the Owner stepped in an sorted out any misunderstandings. From then on the service has been exemplary and given the issues with Covid and a slipping end date for building completion, Tony and his team have exceeded all expectations.

I am happy to be a reference for Sunenergy Solar Bendigo.
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Professional Installation with personalized customer service

We heard about Sunergy from a friend and then asked them for a quote for our two phase rural property. Right from our first interaction we found them friendly and professional. The installation dates were adjusted to suit us, and the installation itself was done in an extremely neat and technically sound manner. They went out of their way to help us and even offered to move the solar panels when we thought, (mistakenly on our part), that the solar panels were interfering with our NBN.
The final array looks beautiful and the inverter and the SP Pro work perfectly to produce power and balance the grid and batteries.
We would have no hesitation in recommending them and plan to ask them to do the same sort of project for our small business too.
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A pleasant experience

Fantastic .....we have just had our new solar sysyem installation done by Simon, George & Josh. 3 excellent "tradies".
They were on time, polite, very professional and worked quickly and neatly. No mess left at all.
Extremely happy with whole experience. From initial chats with Danny, who gave me heaps of help and assistance with paperwork. To a very smooth installation today. Highly recommend this Company...
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Job well done

Very good quoting process, asked for necessary details, photos, etc to assist with quote. provided 3 alternative systems for consideration. Arrived on job early, and works were carried out in an orderly, and tidy manner. Customer service was excellent. Show additional information

Overpriced & Under Performing Sunergy Bendigo

If you are a potential Sunergy customer, ask for a like-for-like quote for your system, ie, same panels, same kW and same inverter, and then compare it with you other quotes to see how much more Sunergy charges you. I believe they are an LG accredited installer in Bendigo but boy they'll make sure you will pay through the roof whether it's LG or any other panels for that matter!
They are quick to sign you up to their contract and once your Vicrebate is approved, you are essentially stuck with them because you are not allowed to move your rebate to another retailer. My installation date kept changing and changing and I ended up waiting SEVEN months because Sunergy couldn't get my Fronius inverter. I called Fronius myself and even they were baffled by this delay and told me Sunergy should source it from a different supplier which they ignored.
On the day of installation, they turned up with the wrong panels so installation had to be postponed but thankfully they arrived the next day.
The original solar proposal had panels in two rows on either side. They didn't want to follow the original plan as per the proposal and told me to put panels in a single row because 'they could see the pitch of the roof' and not because they wanted to finish the job early! So I ended up having all of my panels on the lower end of the roof than they were originally proposed. This is partly my mistake too because when they said I would be getting more out my system by following their suggestion I believed them. Now I have massive shading on my panels from my evaporative cooler and because all of my panels are on the lower end of the roof they're slow to get going in the morning and they finish their electricity generation early in the evening. I have closely monitored the performance of my system over 6 weeks since installation and even on a sunny midday, where my pv system should be performing at it's best, i'm hardly seeing efficiency over 60-65%

Then there's the actual price. Sunergy saves you Munergy is their sales pitch! No, it does not. I repeat Sundergy does not save you Munergy!. $9313 for a 4.5 kW REC 325 + Fronius 4 is far far higher than any solar price guide indicates. My roof is a new tiled roof (2017 built) and all my panels are now in a straight line on the roof so I am not sure whether an argument can be made about a difficult to install complex design leading to such a high cost.

So my take-home messages are - 1) Ask for an on-site inspection before Sunergy or anyone give you a quote and 2- compare apples to apples and shop around and don't rush

Supplier Reply

We first spoken with Varun on 13/9/2019 and on that day advised him very clearly there were significant shortages of Fronius inverters and delays could be many months for certain makes and models. We strongly recommended SMA as supply was regular and consistent. Varun then visited our office and signed and accepted a proposal for LG and SMA on 16/9/2019. Our turnaround time for install at that time was 8 weeks from date of Solar Victoria approval. Varun was approved on 26/9/19. Post acceptance of his offer, Varun decided to switch to a Fronius inverter and was again informed very clearly of significant delays.

He chose to proceed with the Fronius inverter and use REC panels instead. We spent considerable time trying to source a Fronius inverter from many wholesalers and distributors and Varun was advised of the delays. Fronius do not give advice re stock to end consumers and would have referred Varun to his installer as inverters are sourced via third party wholesalers and distributors. We advised we hold SMA stock and could install him within a week if he chose to proceed. He declined. On 6 Jan 2020 Varun then looked to change his panels again to Suntech. Considering our 8 week turnaround time plus 3 weeks of installer holidays over xmas/NY, there was a delay of 10 weeks installing Varun’s system. This was 100% due to delays in sourcing a Fronius inverter. We offered a quicker, priority install using an SMA on multiple occasions including as late as Jan 29 2020.

Varun’s panels are an east-west split and he now acknowledges that the very slight shading on 2 panels on the eastern array at 3pm on a late Autumn afternoon is having no impact on production. He is happy with the panel placement. As for production, Varun now understands that he should be focusing on total kWh produced, rather than inverter output as inverters only output their maximum in perfect conditions. His system has produced 14 kWh at times which is significantly over the expected May average production of 8.4 kWh and April of 12.8 kWh so the system is performing better than expected from what his proposal indicated.

As for his investment, the pricing he paid fits very comfortably inside the SolarQuotes recommendations for a 4.5kW system as of Jan 2020. His total out of pocket expense was well under $5,000 and upfront even lower again utilising the Vic government interest free loan
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Very helpful

Bit of a delay in the installation but otherwise very pleased Show additional information

Great customer service

Sunenergy Solar provided great customer service. Danny, the sales person was extremely patient in answering my many questions and provided the most detailed quote which included different options. The price was not the cheapest but provided the best value, in my opinion, and took account of my situation. The installation was friction-free and very tidy. Overall, very happy. Show additional information

So far it has been a fantastic experience. Waiting for the system to be installed around mid January 2020.

So far the service has been fantastic. Jusy waiting on the system to be installed in mid January 2020. Show additional information
The other companies quoted but none followed up, Sunergy did. also they were happy to quote on different panels to suit our needs. Show additional information
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Reliable and helpful

The salesperson demonstrated sound technical knowledge on solar systems and was proactive in adapting it to my situation (roof space, shading, budget, time, etc.). Installation happened as plan and the installers were knowledgeable, punctual and tidy. Show additional information
The time from signing up and paying deposit to installing the panels was much longer than the company initially told me. I was not very impressed with this. The panels are now in place but the next part of the process has not happened. It is all much more drawn out than I anticipated. Other than an issue of timing the company has been very professional. Show additional information

Fantastic installer, great bunch of people, all of them.

Everything clear, concise, especially office staff demystifying government jargon, special thanks. Show additional information

Lived up to my expectations

After a few fits and starts caused by the delays in my builder finishing my new home, Sunergy was read and waiting to go, but then the Vic state gov't threw another spanner in the works by changing their rules and requiring pre-approval for their rebate scheme. We were lucky to get approval in the first month of the new scheme and then Sunergy set to work. Buddy Norris and his team of electricians set to work and quickly, efficiently and professionally installed the system, and cleaned up after they were done. The system is showing excellent results although we are still in the short days of late winter, I am sure it will really impress once the longer days arrive.

My only little disappointment was the contact and quote with Sunergy was all organised by phone and email using, my pictures and satellite pics of the roof area. I am fairly technically savvy and so I was comfortable to work like this. The end result worked out, but I feel that without a site visit prior to quoting to process would be very daunting for a homeowner with little technical knowledge.
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I knew virtually nothing before this exercise. Within a month, I have solar energy up and running (even on cloudy days.) The Solarquotes website was invaluable, setting me up with three quotes (the next day). Then, accepting the best quote (not the cheapest), getting the Victorian and Federal Government rebates and then installation by outstanding tradies (Buddy Norris Electrical) - it was very painless and stressfree. I have told many people about Solarquotes. It cost me a bit over $7000 and should pay for itself in 4 years. I am pretty pleased to read my daily email, telling me what I have produced and how much carbon I have not produced. Show additional information
Finn i was looking for a good quality system and I believe I achieved this with a 5.5 kw system which included a Fronius inverter and Suntech panels. Finn over the years I have learnt you can't get a cheap quality product. The reason i chose Sunenergy was that i felt comfortable with the sale personnel who directed me towards quality rather than price and seeing the end result i am grateful.The installation was seamless and took approximately 4hrs. I inspected the workmanship after they left and couldn't fault it. It's still early days to see how the solar system will affect my power bill but time will tell. Finn as for your website i found it interesting and informative, I also listened with interest to you talking on the Abc radio recently about the installation of batteries which swayed me to hold off until the price and technology improve. I didn't have any hesitation in recommending both you and Sunergy in Bendigo to 2 friends who have both gone ahead with solar installation. Regards SA Show additional information
Initially I was able to get the information I needed, and much more information I didn't know I needed, from Solar Quotes! After reading Solar Quotes web info I felt like I actually understood the pros and cons of the various components of different systems, I could make an informed decision on which system suited my needs, which was best value for money over the duration of the product life, and what was reasonable cost-wise. I could also do my data analysis on cost versus benefit on the different size systems. Having all this information and understanding meant I was ready to make my decision and install as soon the installation company rang to arrange an inspection and quote. Show additional information
Solar panel installation great; also had a heat pump installed by plumbing sub-contractor which was not well managed and the knowledge by staff was limited. Follow up has been good. Show additional information
Kept me informed all the way explained all areas of how the system worked.
Would recomend sunergy solar to anytime.
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I initially contacted Sunergy as they supplied LG Neon 2 panels and their reviews were excellent. I’m glad I did. They were very helpful and explained everything I needed to know. They proposed (and executed) a very neat system with a large quantity of panels (26 in all for an 8.5kw system with 2 X Fronius inverters). Sunergy were also very helpful in getting my rebate. The system works well and looks great. Everything went smoothly with no delays. Sunergy were extremely professional and it was installed in a timely manner. Show additional information
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The salesperson was very approachable and highly knowledgeable. We had a large system installed which can be sometimes be an imposition but the installers were courteous, prompt and highly professional. We are extremely happy with all aspects of our solar system installation and highly recommend Sunergy to any prospective buyers. Show additional information
Really excellent service. I put in a request through LG Solar to be contacted by an installer who sells their products as I was interested in these panels. I had already received multiple quotes from different installers for different panels and inverters and combinations etc. but no one who really sold LG regularly. Sunergy Solar was the only company to actually give me a breakdown of the output I could expect based on a variety of scenarios (i.e. all panels on east roof vs west vs split). Booking it in was quick and simple, they are very responsive via email or phone. Installation went ahead as planned, no issues. They consulted with me on the day about the inverter location and we decided to place it on the opposite side of the house from the meter box as that was the only place with shade. Every other company had still wanted to put it on the sunny side as it meant they wouldn't have had to get up in the roof. Sunergy had no issues with that extra bit of work and now my inverter is nicely shaded and protected from the elements.
Even post installation they were great, I had the panels installed about 2 weeks ago and I already have received all my paperwork from them and have it submitted to Solar Victoria for the rebate.
Overall a really great experience, I did go for a more expensive panel and inverter combo and a premium installer and I am really pleased with the result so far.
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Great service, trouble free installation, all ready connected to grid. Show additional information
From deciding to go with panels to the post installation service, Sunergy couldn't be better. The staff were very professional and helpful in everyway. Bryce, the salesperson could not have done any more for me. He explained everything in detail from beginning to end. Bryce even came to my home the day they were installed which I didn't expect. He clearly explained that any queries regarding system, don't hesitate to call. Tony, the Manager was most informative re the business and history which have been in operation for over a decade. The installers were very good, very professional to me and in their work. It was good to choose Sunergy as they look after everything, not only the sales but the installation and the aftercare. The receptionists were most helpful. My needs were mainly looked after by Maria who was most helpful. Thank you staff.
I am so grateful I chose Sunergy.
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Really professional and first-class service provided.
Everyone who has seen the system is in awe of it.
Even though it is expensive, we think that we got great value for money.
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Sunergy were open and honest throughout, stuck to their timeframes and the install crew were neat and tidy. Very happy. Show additional information
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After an initial delay waiting for hardware and setting an installation date everything ran like clockwork.
The crew did a great job, taking about 6 hrs start to finish. Inspection was booked that day and he rang less than 48 hrs later. Inspection done next morning (today) and passed. Now the system cranking out kWhs. Beaudy!!
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Great installation team, clearly experienced and knew what they were doing, and very respectful of our property leaving the site clean, would have no hesitation recommending Sunergy. Show additional information
The company have been really good at answering questions and communicating-from sales to questions about the system to questions about applying for the Vic gov rebate. The system seems to be working really well and their team that installed them were nice and professional. I am really pleased I went with Sunergy. Show additional information
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The crew turned up on time and with enough people (5), to get the job done quickly and efficiently. They were all Aussies so easy to communicate with. They had good experience and were nice enough to tell us of the condition in our roof cavity (good luckily.!) . The tidy up was spotless. Inspection was done two days after install. Felt professional. They were able to supply a top shelf fronius inverter and LG panels for people who want quality and longevity.

Fyi If you are looking for a top heat pump hot water system at the same time they may be able to help with a Sanden, but it is not listed on their site... just ask them. And make sure you have 20amp power from a dedicated circuit available at the site if you are switching from gas. The compressor can't be installed within a metre of gas meter. You will also need wall brackets or a cement slab.
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To clarify the system size, we have 6.38 kW of panels feeding a 5 kW Fronius Primo inverter. Show additional information
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Hi, we chose the supplier because of the quality of their panels and inverters. We have had solar before and at the time chose the most efficient panels and inverter although they were expensive. We were pleased of the outstanding results and want to duplicate this if possible in our new house. They were also very prompt in responding to our initial inquiry and were very professional.

The system has not been installed yet because of other works being underway in the house.
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While I am happy with the service provider and the installation, I am still waiting to be able to use the system. It is exactly a month (to the day) since the panels were installed and I have had no contact from Powercor so far. Show additional information
These guys were fast and efficient! Highly recommend and thanks again. Show additional information
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