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Sunergy Solar Reviews

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About Sunergy Solar, Solar Installers

Sunergy is a family-owned provider of solar power systems, with offices based in Adelaide and Bendigo. Its remit extends throughout South Australia and central Victoria.

Most of the brand name products offered by the company are backed by Australian warranties and include the likes of Sharp, SMA, Trinasolar and Suntech.

Customers who are considering Sunergy's services will receive a visit from solar experts, who will conduct an energy audit on the premises and design a solar PV system best suited to their needs.

The team is also committed to helping customers save money on their electricity bills wherever possible.

Sunergy Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I found the information they provided about CEC guidelines for choosing a solar supplier invaluable.

However Sunergy did not always understand buyer beware principles when we requested full detail of their product offerings, performance, specs and warranty.

Their Sales pitch & brochures promised much but lacked detail.

Sunergy were quite uncoordinated, for example in the first weeks of our investigations into Solar we had 3 people from this one small company call to offer us quotes.

This trend continued post contract signing with poor coordination between sales, office and installer staff, and no clear guidelines available to us on steps to install and commission the solution.

However, Sunergy offered well proven products that placed them into my top 3 best solutions & then offered best price, so we chose them. If the products perform and are as reliable as expected, then it will have been the right choice for the long term.
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The main reason for choosing Sunergy was that it was clear that the negatioated price was it, there was no added costs what so ever - price installed, where as one of the other competitor it was evident that there were extras over and above the quoted price. Show additional information
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The sales staff were very good, no faults at all really.
we would email and get a response that evening at the latest.
The system was fitted quite quickly.
But powercore is the hold up, we are still waiting to be attached to the grid.
So can't comment on the system at this stage!
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We are now awaiting for inspection and connection. Show additional information
I had one salesman who was quite blunt & to the point. The other salesman I found was trying to sell me everything other than solar panels.

In the end, the Sunergy team won my business by working through all the options & details from start to finish. The end product is great. It turns out I also brought a solar hot water service from them as well as we believe that this will be the most energy efficient & effective way of achieving what I want to get out of my renewable energy solution.
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Received prompt response from Sunergy from initial request for a quote.

Salesman visited site and advised how the system would need to be sited on the roof for maximan benefit.
System installed when promised. Still awaiting for connection to the grid.

Of the other two quotes, one just rang and gave a price without finding out what I wanted and the other contacted me 2 weeks after my initial request and by then it was too late.
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Sun Energy might have not been the cheapest but their customer service and installation was excellent.
If anyone asked us about Sun Energy we would give them the highest recommendation.
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To get the best benefit from Solar, we went with a 2.74 because that is all the room I have for panels on the roof but Sunergy still applied the 'Seymour discount' they had running for the field day so that I could get the value for my budget of 7000 this included the Trilogy panels and sunnyboy converter
I found Tony very knowledgeable and patient with my questions that I took from your web site and he didn't mind me calling him to get information or ask questions
Although Sunergy doesn't get involved with the electricity retailer, they give you suggestions and I can recommend Diamond Energy as they only take care of Solar customers only and have good rates
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The guys from Sunergy were very easy to talk to, provided bucket loads of information on all my questions and fully disclosed all information regarding their installation methods and cost structure which combined to make me very comfortable with selecting them as my supplier.
They also discussed how other suppliers cut costs and quality and where they could do the same but refuse to. Highly recommended.
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Sales done through word of mouth mainly. Seems honest and down to earth. They were quite happy to explain everything step by step, as many times as required. Show additional information
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Tony from Sunergy called me within half an hour of my request for solar quotes though your website. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and followed up the call with an email, and then another follow up phone call a couple days later. I asked Tony if he could price match an advertised special that I saw, and he did. Within a a few days of signing my contract with Tony, I received a confirmation letter from ETSA. Within 4 weeks, the solar panels were installed by Lovell Electricians. I am now waiting a few more weeks for ETSA to change over my meter.

I would not have considered Sunergy for my Solar if I had not been put in touch with this company through your website. I am extremely pleased with the sales, service, professionalism, and especially dealing with a local company. I have since recommended Sunergy to friends who have also had panels installed by Sunergy.

On another note, I did receive a very professional quote through Zen - another company recommended by solarquotes. By the time they could fit me in for a appointment for a quote, I had already committed to Sunergy. I would have considered going with Zen otherwise (despite a $1.5k price difference)
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Sunenergy was the only one of the three who quoted, who actually quoted what I wanted. Their contact was knowledgeable but not pushy and listened to what was asked. He came and supervised the actual installation and ensured that I was across any details before they left. Calm, controlled and professional which is a pleasant change from nay suppliers. Show additional information
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Sunergy was willing to provide updated technology which became available after our contract was signed. These improvements were made available at no extra cost. Similarly during installation each panel was earthed according to safety regulations which are still in their draft form. There was no obligation for them to do this.
Our installation was custom designed to prevent leaves being trapped and causing problems during the fire season. The result is a neat and effective. They kept in touch, responded to questions/concerns very promptly and provided outstanding service.
Installation was completed last week and performance has been pleasing but we are still waiting for ETSA to update our meter in the coming week.
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It will be installed next week on the very day he allocated when first inspecting the premises. In fact he was prepared to install a week earlier but I had to put it back to the orriginal day due to other commitments.

I am very happy that I am able to get a much bigger system for the money I was prepared to spend than with other quotes.

I feel that this guy may have erred on the low side in his quotes of output as others seem to say more for the same sized system. We will see who is correct.

I would like to have the opportunity to say more once I have used the system for a couple of months and can see what the results are in comparrison to what I have been told.
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There are many systems available and comparing them can be difficult. Only 2 suppliers promptly returned emails and answered my many questions. Only one supplier actually visited the site; the other visited via satellite photos. There was a 10% difference in price. I went with the slightly higher price and the company that visited. Show additional information
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