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Sunergy Solar Reviews

Sunergy Solar

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Sunergy Solar Overall Rating From 25 Reviews:

25 Reviews

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Sunergy is a family-owned provider of solar power systems, with offices based in Adelaide and Bendigo. Its remit extends throughout South Australia and central Victoria.

Most of the brand name products offered by the company are backed by Australian warranties and include the likes of Sharp, SMA, Trinasolar and Suntech.

Customers who are considering Sunergy's services will receive a visit from solar experts, who will conduct an energy audit on the premises and design a solar PV system best suited to their needs.

The team is also committed to helping customers save money on their electricity bills wherever possible.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
I found the information they provided about CEC guidelines for choosing a solar ...
>>> See Greg's review
Greg VIC 3551
The main reason for choosing Sunergy was that it was clear that the negatioated ...
>>> See Barry's review
Barry VIC 3571

>>> See Carla's review
Carla VIC 3496
The sales staff were very good, no faults at all really. we would email and get ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian VIC 3556

>>> See Edward's review
Edward VIC 3523
We are now awaiting for inspection and connection.
>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3550
I had one salesman who was quite blunt & to the point. The other salesman I foun ...
>>> See Dave's review
Dave VIC 3551
Received prompt response from Sunergy from initial request for a quote. Sales ...
>>> See Neil's review
Neil VIC 3450
Sun Energy might have not been the cheapest but their customer service and insta ...
>>> See Gary's review
Gary VIC 3551

>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3472
To get the best benefit from Solar, we went with a 2.74 because that is all the ...
>>> See Toni's review
Toni VIC 3442

>>> See Martin's review
Martin VIC 3478
The guys from Sunergy were very easy to talk to, provided bucket loads of inform ...
>>> See Matthew's review
Matthew SA 5035
Sales done through word of mouth mainly. Seems honest and down to earth. They we ...
>>> See Brian's review
Brian SA 5125

>>> See David's review
David SA 5240

>>> See William's review
William SA 5256
Tony from Sunergy called me within half an hour of my request for solar quotes t ...
>>> See Kyra's review
Kyra SA 5074

>>> See Trevor's review
Trevor SA 5354
Sunenergy was the only one of the three who quoted, who actually quoted what I w ...
>>> See Ian's review
Ian SA 5096

>>> See Arno's review
Arno SA 5118

>>> See Brenda's review
Brenda QLD 4552
Sunergy was willing to provide updated technology which became available after o ...
>>> See Malcolm's review
Malcolm SA 5152
It will be installed next week on the very day he allocated when first inspectin ...
>>> See Wayne's review
Wayne SA 5255
There are many systems available and comparing them can be difficult. Only 2 sup ...
>>> See Larry's review
Larry SA 5069

>>> See Debra's review
Debra QLD 4020

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