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If you want a 5kW solar system in QLD – consider getting it before March 1 2015!

QLD map

Rules for installing solar in QLD change on March 1

The Queensland electricity networks (hello Ergon and Energex!) are a fussy bunch. At the time of writing (Jan 2015) if you want to install a standard grid connect solar system bigger than 5kW, you need to jump through all sorts of technical hoops. And then the networks may also insist that you install a box of electronics that stops any of your excess energy being exported. That’s right you have to waste any excess clean energy instead of letting your neighbours use it! [Continue reading…]

Perovskite: the Bond villain at the head of the new solar cell revolution

blofeld and soolar panel

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a pussy and some solar panels, yesterday.

One of the great enjoyments in writing this blog is the opportunity it gives me to bring you news about the latest innovation in solar energy. From breakthroughs in solar cell technology to improvements in solar lifestyle, to the latest progress in solar farms, advancements in the research labs, universities and science organisations never seem to end.

However this week sees not a new discovery but the return of an old SolarQuotes favourite: perovskite. More specifically the role it will play in the future of photovoltaics and solar energy generation.

Favourite? Well yes, for two reasons. We’ve written before on the potential game changing aspects of perovskite in solar cell technology and — just as importantly — because the mineral sounds so much like it escaped from a James Bond film. [Continue reading…]

Huge Jump in Queensland Commercial Solar Installations

office in QLD with solar

We’ve documented before the lack of love of the Newman government towards solar energy in Queensland. In the midst of a state election where the shrill rhetoric is matched only by the embarrassing speed of the election call, the level of antipathy has risen as the LNP seek to demolish the arguments of the pro-renewables lobby. […]

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3 Phase Solar Wars : The Menace of Phantom Imports.

soalr wars

  I’m thinking of writing a screenplay. The movie’s name is “3-Phase Solar Wars : The Phantom Imports”. Here’s the opening scene: “Quite soon in the future, in a suburb not very far away….   It is a period of civil war. Solar owners, striking from over a million rooftops, have won their first victory against the evil Electricity Empire.   […]

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The Queensland election and solar energy

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January traditionally sees Australians go on holidays, enjoy food and drink (and a bit of sport) and generally relax and get away from it all for a few weeks. The last thing on their minds is politics and worse, being dragged to the polling place when they should be having their well-deserved break. However there’s […]

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The importance of China for our solar sector in 2015

chinese solar panel

When we look at the year ahead for renewable energy, and try to divine the development of the Australian solar market, one of the first conclusions is the importance of neighbouring countries. I’m talking here of the continued role China plays in solar energy in Australia. It’s not an exaggeration to say that cheap, quality […]

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SA Power Networks’ Shonky Voltages Causing Headaches For Adelaide Solar Owners

Most solar inverters will shut down at 257V.

I’m getting reports that lots of solar owners in Adelaide have seen their inverters shut down over Christmas. No, the inverters are not taking a break to eat mince pies and open their presents – they are shutting down because the grid voltage seems to be regularly going higher than 257V. Many inverters are designed […]

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Unsubsidised solar cheaper than fossil fuels in Chile

chilean flag

One of the key questions that remains in what has been a forgettable year for Australian renewable energy policy development is: when will unsubsidised solar reach cost parity with fossil fuels? Will it be in 2015 or 2016 that this occurs? Or should we look further into the future? The question is of course crucial […]

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Why connecting your solar system to the grid is harder in NSW

diagram of solar system on home

Australians love their rooftop solar and believe it or not, despite our relatively small population we have collectively installed more household solar systems than almost any other country in the world. For consumers, it’s a no brainer but the electricity companies seem to be making things more difficult as time goes by. Is this justified […]

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Calls for Housing NSW to allow solar installations

housing nsw logo and solar panel

With domestic renewable energy systems rapidly increasing in popularity for Australian households, you’d think solar installations for Housing NSW properties would follow suit. With financial savings, clean energy and less pressure on the environment, its a no-brainer really. However this is not so, says activist James Ray who has found that the department has ruled […]

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