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Trina Solar’s Honey Plus Polycrystalline Panel Sets A Sweet Record With 19.86% Efficiency

Trina Solar announced a new world record for solar panel efficiency on Tuesday. The announcement was made via a press release that was mostly comprised of words.

But that wasn’t all it contained.  Oh no, this press release was far too important to get by just using them. It also contained numbers, punctuation, and percentage signs.

Exactly what the particular arrangement of all these ingredients they poured into their press release actually means is a little tricky to work out. But, for your elucidation, I shall now attempt reading comprehension and I am not even going to use a net. [Continue reading…]

Has Maxim Just Killed The Microinverter & DC Optimiser?

3 maxim chips compared to a micro inverter and dc optimiser

Are these 3 little chips all you need to optimise your panels for maximum energy output?

Maxim Integrated is a Californian electronics company that has been going strong for 33 years and has only ever been delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Exchange once.  As you may be able to tell from their name, they like to integrate things and have developed a way to optimise the power from individual solar panels using 3 tiny chips embedded in the panel. [Continue reading…]

Why over hyping batteries hurts the solar industry.

I feel so strongly about this that I though I’d shout at a video camera about it for 7 minutes. Hit me up in the comments if you think I’m being too harsh.

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Chevy Bolt Electric Car Reveals How Cheap Batteries Really Are

chevy bolt and 6 x LG Chem Resu 10

Looking to buy some LG Chem batteries but don’t want to pay full price? In that case, I have a little scheme you might be interested in. If you want to, you could buy an LG Chem RESU6.5 battery system which will set you back around $1,000 per kilowatt-hour of storage. Or you could do […]

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How To Clean Solar Panels

solar panel cleaning

I have already written about why it doesn’t make sense to pay people to clean your solar panels. I also wrote it doesn’t make a lot of sense to clean them yourself. Once you add in the value of your time, the chance of falling off the roof and killing yourself, and how cleaning panels […]

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New LG Chem RESU Batteries: Smaller, More Powerful And Cheaper Than A Powerwall

The new LG Chem RESU battery systems were launched by Miss Universe Australia 2008, but I have no idea what she looks like, so I'll just assume one of these two women is her.

If you are in the market for a home battery and are tempted to buy a Powerwall, then I urge you to also consider the new range of LG Chem batteries announced last week. Whilst LG have been unable to compete with Elon Musk for mainstream media coverage, the LG Chem RESU, or Residential Energy […]

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Australian Politicians Confuse Wind Power And Powerful Winds

wind vs wind power

Yesterday all of South Australia was blacked out and parts of the state are still without grid power today. This occurred because a powerful storm damaged transmission lines and the entire state grid automatically shut down as a safety precaution to prevent more damage. Restarting a grid after a complete shutdown is complex and requires […]

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Is Solar Panel Cleaning A Waste Of Time And Money?

a bird shitting on a solar panel

The day your solar panels are installed is the day you will get the best performance out of them.  After that it is all down hill. Admittedly, it is a very shallow hill and it might take over 40 years to get to the bottom, but day one is going to be as good as […]

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Misleading Statements On Sunrise Hurt Solar Industry


On Sunday morning the program Sunrise had a segment on solar power and battery storage. While I am glad whenever popular TV takes the opportunity to educate people on these topics, that wasn’t what happened here. It was the opposite of education, as anyone watching it could easily come away believing the following three things: […]

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Goodwe’s GW2500-BP DC Converter: The Cheapest Way To Retrofit Batteries?

This this the best diagram ever.

If you own a solar system and want to add batteries then, in theory, the cheapest way to do this is to simply plug your batteries into your existing solar inverter. The solar inverter can then convert the batteries’ DC power into AC power, just like it does for your solar. Unfortunately, in practice, regular solar […]

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