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Powerwall Alternatives That You Should Consider as Tesla Battery Hype Reaches Fever Pitch

powerwall alternatives

Just 3 of the Powerwall alternatives now available in Australia.

Manufacturers of Powerwall alternatives struggled to be heard last week as the mainstream media went crazy over the beautifully stage managed, first residential Powerwall battery storage installation in Australia. 

The mood was one of expectation and excitement — mixed with a tinge of dread in fossil fuel circles – as it heralded the advent of affordable home batteries from Tesla and its many competitors in the home battery market. [Continue reading…]

New “dipping technique” improves the humidity performance of perovskite solar cells

perovskite structure

Another breakthrough on the road to cheap, efficient perovskite solar cells

A combined Australian and Chinese team has developed a water-resistant perovskite solar cell using a specially-designed dipping technique. The new technology will dramatically boost the humidity tolerance of the cells, the lack of which was previously considered a stumbling block to commercialisation. [Continue reading…]

WA Solar Power: a template for the future of energy in Australia

WA leads the way for solar power adoption

A recent study underlining the popularity of rooftop solar in WA has given Australians a glimpse into the country’s solar-driven energy future. For a survey conducted by Curtin University that has everyone talking is the one that shows power generated from rooftop solar systems in the state’s South-West Interconnected System (SWIS) produce as much energy as the […]

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New Year kicks off more solar cell efficiency gains

30% badge on a solar panel

Will 2016 see the beginning of the end for fossil fuels in the wake of the rise and rise of green energy? Many commentators are saying this is the case and if solar cell efficiency gains are any indication, they have a good case.

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Trina Solar Panels deliver (yet another) efficiency record

trina solar logo and panels

Trina Solar panels look set for a big 2016 with news that the company has achieved yet another solar cell efficiency record. Fresh from trouncing its previous record for efficiency for a p-type polycrystalline silicon solar cell, Trina Solar announced last week they had achieved an efficiency of 22.13 percent for a 156 x 156mm² […]

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Up and away: high altitude solar balloons ready for take off

solar ballons

High altitude solar balloons deployed where clouds won’t interfere with their output may be the stuff of science fiction. But are they? At least one reputable research house thinks this is where solar panels should be, saving space used for solar farms for much needed agricultural land. All while more than doubling solar conversion efficiency.

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Paris climate talks: out of weasel words comes light at the end of the tunnel

paris climate talks

What do you think about the hoopla surrounding the signing of the Paris Climate Talks agreement readers? Happy? Deflated? A sense of the same old, same old? Or a new beginning for the planet?

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Goldman Sachs report recommends investors back renewables

Those crusty greenies at Goldman Sachs are bullish about renewables and efficiency.

Goldman Sachs divides opinion. There are those who say the financial behemoth may have engineered — and certainly profited from — the 2008/2009 Global Financial Crisis. However backers insist that the investment giant is an example of good old fashioned American “get up and go” and what’s a few billion between friends/taxpayers anyway. But this […]

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Tesla Powerwall vs. Enphase AC Battery

powerwall and Enphase AC battery

In terms of good marketing in Australia, two batteries stand head and shoulders above the rest in Australia right now: the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase AC battery. Both of which are due for mainstream release in mid 2016. (There are lots of alternative batteries around – many of which are worth considering – but this article […]

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Do solar panels increase house value? 85 percent of Aussies think so

for sale sign and solar panels

  Australians overwhelmingly believe solar panels increase house value, according to joint research carried out earlier this year by Origin Energy and and their optimism is backed by a number of surveys. The Origin/RealEstate research found that 85 percent of respondents believe that having solar panels adds value to the home. Having a PV […]

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