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Dead Set Solar Legends Donate 30kW Solar System To Kid’s Charity

kid and solar panels

The Australian solar industry. It’s full of kind, generous people.

Do you love children?

I do.

And this is not a lead in to a stupid joke where I say, “…with tomato sauce”.

In fact, all things  considered, I find children to be about exactly as annoying as I find adults.  So if you’re human, no matter what your age, you’re okay as far as I am concerned. [Continue reading…]

Will LGCs Pay More Than STCs on a 10-100kW solar system?

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There are 2 subsidies for solar under 100kW: STCs (AKA the ‘solar rebate’) and the lesser known LGCs. Which one will give you the better return?

Many people are aware the Renewable Energy Target, or RET, lowers the cost of rooftop solar.  This is often called the solar rebate, even though that term is not entirely accurate.

But what few people know is, provided their system is large enough, they have a choice in the type of assistance they receive.  A household with a 10 kilowatt rooftop solar system can either accept Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) or Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs).

Almost all solar systems 100kW and smaller, currently being installed use STCs because they are all deemed immediately after the installation whereas LGCs are deemed annually over 15 years.

At the time of writing (July 2016) STCs are $38 each whereas LGCs are at a sky high $82. This has made some savvy solar installers wonder if using LGCs instead of STCs might create a better return for patient solar owners. [Continue reading…]

Canberra reshuffle: Mr Coal gets the job but is it all bad news?

josh frydenberg

Like experienced card sharps waiting for the deal, all eyes were on the Canberra environment portfolio reshuffles last week. This following the near-disastrous election result for the Coalition where hopes were high that Malcolm 3.0 may have “got the message” on renewable policy.

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Will Malcolm grow a pair on solar power policy?

malcolm 3.0

Last week we touched on how the newly-elected Malcolm Turnbull could take on the anti-renewables wing of his party to implement sensible and far-reaching reforms. This week we examine whether Mal 3.0 has the stomach for the fight…and what this means for solar power policy in Australia.

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10 Tips To Help Murdoch Reporters Write Great Energy Articles!

advertiser article

The Adelaide Advertiser, a newspaper that publishes advertising in Adelaide, had an article about electricity prices in it on Saturday. I think this is great!  I am totally into electricity and think it is wonderful the Murdoch media is doing its bit to help educate people about this vital component of our modern society.  Without […]

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East West Facing Solar Panels On A Single Inverter Input Can Work Well

A portrait of Adelaide's first Surveyor General, Colonel William Light. Beneath him a caption reads, "I? Tipsy? Sir, I repudiate that Calumny! I was as jober as a sudge."[Continue reading…]

Tesla Quietly Release New Powerwall Warranty: But There’s One Big Problem…

A 404 screen which is what you get if you go looking for the original Powerwall warranty on the Tesla site.

Can I interest you in buying a revolutionary new energy storage system? It is called the Brakulator 7000. It has a usable storage capacity of 6.4 kilowatt-hours with a continuous power output of 3.3 kilowatts.  And the great thing is it comes with a 10 year warranty. Are you interested?

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Is renewable policy Turnbull’s road map back to the centre?

malcolm and a sun

Eight days after the election, it looks like the LNP will be returned with a slender majority.  What does this bode for renewable policy in Australia?

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Standard Tariffs Vs Time Of Use Pricing. Which Goes Best With Solar?

electricity tariff comparison tool

Australians pay for grid electricity in two ways.  The most common way is a standard tariff. But you can also choose a time-of-use tariff. What is a standard tariff? This is where you pay a fixed rate for each kilowatt-hour used, plus a hefty supply charge.  Australians have been paying for electricity this way since the the electricity […]

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ABB and Sungrow Join Forces To Make Big-Ass Inverters

Five suited men are cutting a ribbon at ABB headquarters Australia.

Sungrow, China’s largest manufacturer of inverters, and ABB, a Swiss based company that is one of the largest engineering conglomerates in the world, have joined forces to create a strategic alliance which is expected to benefit both companies far more than a non-strategic alliance would. On the 2nd of June they signed an agreement to work […]

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