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LDK Solar Bankruptcy. Who will be next?

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Can LDK drag itself out of Bankruptcy?

Another large solar panel manufacturer appears to be in serious financial trouble. Bloomberg is reporting that LDK Solar, the world’s largest producer of wafers by capacity, has put it’s US operations into bankruptcy with over a billion dollars of debt. [Continue reading…]

Nine in ten look to solar to beat rising electricity bills: report

rising bills

Rising electricity costs are driving more people to consider solar.

An Ernst and Young utilities survey report released this week has highlighted the battle ordinary Australians are having with their rising electricity bills. The study also found over 90 percent of those surveyed would like to switch to solar power. [Continue reading…]

The Huge Companies That Rely On Commerical Solar

comercial solar infographic

Whilst commercial solar systems in Australia are steadily growing in number despite pushback from many electricity networks, the USA is forging ahead with enormous commercial systems.  America’s biggest companies, like Wal*mart, Costco and Macy’s are relying on solar power to reduce their bills. Here’s a great snapshot from the Sustainable Energy Industry Association which has some seriously […]

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Focus on solar microgrids as fossil fuel wavers

microgrid with solar and PV

What role will community-based solar microgrids play as Aussies look for environmental and affordable energy alternatives? First, I should explain what a microgrid actually is. It is simply a cluster of buildings, all connected together electrically, but not connected to the wider electric grid. An example would be taking your whole street off the grid […]

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New community owned energy retailer, Northern Rivers Energy, impresses with vision

community solar

Fans of community energy got a boost this week with news of plans to launch the country’s first community owned energy retailer. Based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, a consortium of citizens under the name of Northern Rivers Energy (NRE) has “…won a $54,000 grant to develop a business plan and conduct a […]

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Big end of town bails out of coal

coal cash and solar

Ever considered the consequences of mega coal companies investing in solar power? This week news came through of the world’s largest coal miner — Coal India Limited — pumping a cool $1.2 billion into the development of 1,000MW solar plants in the country. Under huge pressure to source their energy in a more environmentally friendly […]

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MIT discovers how to make cheap solar panels from old car batteries

What do we do with gazillions of old, toxic car batteries? Simple. Turn them into cheap solar panels!

Cheap solar panels made from old car batteries? Yup! That is the latest clean energy recycling breakthrough from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). And the verdict at SQHQ is “GENIUS!”.

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Focus shifts to solar power in developing countries

solar in south africa

Industrialised countries have seen an explosion in renewable energy in recent years but are developing countries proceeding at the same rate? An announcement this week by Norfund — the Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries — has highlighted the role that renewables play in the developing world. Indeed renewables like solar power in developing countries looks […]

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Royalla solar farm shows states, territories need to step up on renewables


We had a mini solar energy revolution in Australia this week: the opening of Australia’s largest solar farm at Royalla, near Canberra. Funded by Spanish renewable energy giant Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, the 20 megawatt solar farm is monstrous by Australian standards. Comprised of 83,000 solar panels — which will be enough to power 4,500 homes […]

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Solar technology revolution coming: UBS

fist in air and solar panels

The dominant role that renewables — particularly solar — will play in the future of our energy consumption seems to have finally sunk in at the Big End of Town. In Europe at least. A recent report from financial giant UBS of Zurich is predicting nothing less than a solar technology revolution. The hard-hitting briefing […]

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