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Aquion Battery Review: Safe… But Limited Power & Efficiency

DIY Salt Water Battery

You can now buy an Aquion salt water battery to power your home. Nemo not included.

Keen on storing your excess solar in a big battery? Worried about having a big box of toxic and/or flammable chemicals in your home? Then you’ll want to know about the Aquion battery and its salt water technology. [Continue reading…]

Victoria’s Residential Demand Tariffs: Designed To Cripple Rooftop Solar?

an evil genius pasting demand tariffs to a solar panel

The Victorian demand tariff appears to be a cunning plan to slow the spread of solar.

Residential demand tariffs are now available in Australia, and I recommend you watch out for them. If you are a modest user of grid electricity, as many solar owners are, they have the ability to blow your electricity bill through the ceiling. [Continue reading…]

How Residential Demand Tariffs Could Add $1000’s To Your Bill

demand tariff

Electricity companies around Australia are starting to roll out a new way to charge you for electricity. It is called a residential demand tariff. Unsurprisingly this new tariff can result in higher bills for you, and higher profits for them. This post is important. It will explain to you what a demand tariff is, how it […]

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Solar Panels By The Sea And Corrosion Resistance

beach house with solar

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, I do like to be beside the sea… Ever wonder why you never hear a robot singing that song? I’ll tell you why. Two words: corrosion! Sorry, that was one word. Two words – bad corrosion!

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Why Oversizing Solar Panel Arrays Is A Smart Move

house with lots of solar panels

Installing rooftop solar systems with a total panel capacity greater than the inverter capacity is usually a very good idea.  It will certainly save you money, but it can also help get around the restrictions many Australians face on the size of inverter they can connect to the grid.

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Seraphim Solar Panel Review: Heaven or Hell?

seraphim solar panels being reviewed by Ronald

One solar panel manufacturer who seems to be popping up a lot recently is Seraphim Solar. On the plus side they appear to make top quality panels which have done a good job of impressing people, receiving an average rating of almost 4.9 out of 5 from our customer reviews. But they get a black mark, for […]

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Chernobyl Gives Solar Power 3 Thumbs Up!


Why shouldn’t you wear underpants made in the Soviet Union? Because Cher-nob-yl fall out. And if you think that terrible joke doesn’t apply to you because you are female just spend some time in Chernobyl and maybe you’ll grow something that can fall out of your Soviet underpants.

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Dead Set Solar Legends Donate 30kW Solar System To Kid’s Charity

kid and solar panels

Do you love children? I do. And this is not a lead in to a stupid joke where I say, “…with tomato sauce”. In fact, all things  considered, I find children to be about exactly as annoying as I find adults.  So if you’re human, no matter what your age, you’re okay as far as […]

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Will LGCs Pay More Than STCs on a 10-100kW solar system?

What PVSell tells me about using STCS for a 10 kilowatt system.

Many people are aware the Renewable Energy Target, or RET, lowers the cost of rooftop solar.  This is often called the solar rebate, even though that term is not entirely accurate. But what few people know is, provided their system is large enough, they have a choice in the type of assistance they receive.  A […]

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Canberra reshuffle: Mr Coal gets the job but is it all bad news?

josh frydenberg

Like experienced card sharps waiting for the deal, all eyes were on the Canberra environment portfolio reshuffles last week. This following the near-disastrous election result for the Coalition where hopes were high that Malcolm 3.0 may have “got the message” on renewable policy.

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