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NEO report: Solar to lead $3.7 trillion charge as renewables outstrip fossil fuels

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Trillions will be invested in renewables up to 2040

The way humans go about getting their electricity is set to change forever, according to an influential report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The New Energy Outlook 2015 (NEO) study, which was handed down last week, also found that solar energy would be at the vanguard of the change towards a more renewable future. [Continue reading…]

Microinverters Vs. Dc Optimisers: Which option is best?

optimisers and microinverters

If you’ve decided on panel-level optimisation, which is the better choice, microinverters or optimisers?

Good grief this article is going to get me into trouble with some solar installers.  Why? Because by the end of it I will give my humble opinion on whether microinverters (e.g. Enphase) are better than DC optimisers (e.g. SolarEdge or Tigo). [Continue reading…]

Plants and Meatballs inspire breakthrough in solar storage technology

meatballs and solar panels

Recent breakthroughs have seen battery storage at the forefront of renewable technology news. Glitzy, much-heralded pressers in the past month or so have delivered announcements that have shaken the energy sector, giving us a hint that living free of fossil fuels may be commercially viable in the not-too-distant future. However with less fanfare, scientists from […]

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Solar Systems in ACT to increase by $400 from 1 July 2015

a meter and $400

ACTEW AGL have just announced that they are increasing the cost of installing a solar compatible, import export meter from July 1 2015. Basically – if your application to connect is received after 30 June, instead of paying $66, you will be charged $500 for a new meter. So if you live in ACT and […]

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Tony Abbott vs. Elon Musk

Who do you think has it right – Tony or Elon? Posted by SolarQuotes on Thursday, June 11, 2015     Tony Abbott is convinced that solar and wind cannot power an industrial economy. Elon Musk believes it is very feasible to power the entire world with batteries and renewables. Watch the video above and […]

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Will Abbott take Spain’s lead and start taxing solar battery storage?

tony abbott with wind turbines

The government’s war on renewables went into overdrive this week. The nation shook its collective head in disbelief as we heard the prime minister say to Alan Jones, notorious shock jock and confirmed anti-renewable energy advocate, that wind energy farms were “visually awful”.

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Elon Musk Announces Powerwall Upgrade Before It Is Even Released

elon musk

Earlier today, in the 2015 Tesla Motors shareholder meeting Elon Musk announced that the Powerwall will be upgraded from 2kW to 5kW steady power output (and up to 7kW peak) and keep the same price. He said that they were responding to criticism that the original 2kW was not enough to cope with the peak power […]

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Time to ignite an African solar power revolution

A recent World Energy Outlook report found that over two-thirds of people in Africa live without electricity, a shocking statistic that costs the continent in health; investment, pollution and education opportunities. This lack of energy infrastructure has stalled GDP growth across the continent and underlined the need for an African solar power revolution to fill the […]

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Solar Battery Storage Explained [Infographic]

infographic explaining solar battery storage

I’ve written about hybrid solar and off grid solar systems before, but Tesla’s latest announcement about its new PowerWall battery is a real game changer for solar battery storage affordability – Morgan Stanley has a report that attests to this in greater detail. For those of you that don’t feel like slogging through an in-depth […]

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From flaky to flavour of the month: Big ass power companies embrace solar

u turn sign in front of solar power and cooling towers

Has anyone else noticed the changing attitude of utilities to solar power? Until recently all you could hear in the regular announcements from the fossil fuel companies’ board rooms was that renewable power was “flaky” and dependent on “when the sun shines, when the wind blows…etc”. You know the drill. Oh but how times change. […]

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