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The cheap & cheerful way to add a Powerwall to your exisiting solar system

a powerwall on a wall

What’s the cheapest way to install a Tesla Powerwall + solar?

Since Tesla announced their low cost home battery, many solar installers have been looking for the cheapest way to integrate one into your home’s electrical system.

This has led to the emergence of a whole new category of residential solar system, that had never really been considered here in Australia before the Tesla announcement – the not-very-catchy “Hybrid Solar Without Backup” system.

This is a system which, to save thousands of dollars on the install, removes the ability for the batteries to power your home if the grid goes down. The batteries are only used to store solar energy. They cannot be used in an outage. [Continue reading…]

Did solar energy get a leg up in the budget?

solar panels

Small business can get a tax break on installing solar. Thanks Mr Hockey!

The Treasurer’s annual allocating of the shekels has come and gone and renewable energy fans are asking about solar energy in the Budget. How did we fare? Were we the subject of further cutbacks, maulings and downgradings as part of this federal government’s campaign against all things renewable?

Well yes and no is the best answer. [Continue reading…]

Powerwall Vs. Lead Acid Batteries. Which is best for off grid?

powerwall and a lead acid battery

I recently wrote about how my parents could save money by going off-grid in sub-tropical Queensland under close to best case conditions, and how it made no sense at all for them to do this as the return from having grid connected rooftop solar is so much better. The recently announced Tesla Powerwall doesn’t change this. […]

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ARENA funds independent testing for battery storage

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Just when you thought the news in battery storage was over following Tesla’s launch of the Powerwall, comes this little news gem. Renewable energy consulting firm IT Power have been granted $450,000 from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) — remember them? — to conduct special independent tests to confirm the efficiency of eight different […]

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Tesla’s Powerwall solar battery: Revolutionary? A damp squib? Or somewhere in between?

Will the Powerwall change everything?

Well the release of Tesla’s Powerwall solar battery this week really made waves didn’t it? At a glittering announcement, the company launched the much-lauded new generation in clean energy storage with the type of glitz and glamour unseen since Barack and Michelle first pulled on a boot. The battery, which as its name suggests may […]

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Will The Tesla PowerWall let you go off grid for $3500 ?

tesla powerwall

[Update: Since I wrote this post (on the day the Powerwall was announced) Tesla have added some technical details that open up the possibility of installing the Powerwall for a much lower price than this blog post estimates. But – and it’s a big but – the cheaper installation will not allow you to go […]

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Tesla to shake up solar battery storage

Solar energy’s Great Leap Forward in efficiency and viability is about to be joined by its natural twin, solar battery storage. This scenario, which was hinted at by electric car manufacturer Tesla during the week, will reverberate around the energy community and send shudders down the collective spines of fossil fuel providers and their defenders […]

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An Off Grid Solar System Can Pay For Itself But Can’t Beat On Grid Solar

Ronald's parents

Home energy storage has gained a lot of attention recently and there are many people who think  making homes independent from the grid by using batteries to store electricity from rooftop solar is an idea whose time has finally come. So will home energy storage soon be like rooftop solar in that it will pay […]

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Looking for a Tier 1 Solar Inverter? Sorry, no such beast!

sma inverter

Picking great inverters; Tier 1, 2 or 3? Savvy solar customers are quickly realising that there is a very real difference between the quality of products and services you can find in the solar industry. As a general rule, the old adage “you get what you pay for” generally holds true but the plethora of […]

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Has AGL rung the death knell for Oz fossil fuels?

opening of the Nyngan solar farm

Two major stories lead the debate over solar power in Australia this week, both throwing up intriguing developments for our renewable energy future. Both asking the question: are we seeing the last of the fossil fuel industry in our country?

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