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Solar technology revolution coming: UBS

fist in air and solar panels

Those greenie lefties at UBS bank think a solar revolution is coming.

The dominant role that renewables — particularly solar — will play in the future of our energy consumption seems to have finally sunk in at the Big End of Town. In Europe at least. A recent report from financial giant UBS of Zurich is predicting nothing less than a solar technology revolution.

The hard-hitting briefing paper for investors and clients questions the long term relevance of large-scale coal-fired power plants by predicting their demise within 10-20 years. It says that solar energy and storage will be

“disruptive technologies for the electricity system” and that “steeply declining battery and solar system costs will enable multiple new applications” in the energy sector.

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Is midday the new off peak – thanks to solar?


Pylons carrying electricity at $0.005 per kWh. Last Saturday.

I was at home on a cloudy Saturday morning in Adelaide last week, performing some much needed repairs on my puppets in between refreshing my knowledge of chemistry. (Apparently everything is still made of atoms.) Then I noticed through a crack in the wall that the sun had come out and I opened the electrically operated steel shutters to see that, although there were still patches of cloud around, most of Adelaide was bathed in glorious noon sunshine.

On a whim I decided to check what effect this break in the weather had on grid demand and so I went to the Australian Electricity Market Operator’s site. Fortunately I could do this via internet and so didn’t have far to walk. I saw there had been quite a steep decline in demand which apparently had gone hand in hand with the clearing skies. [Continue reading…]

Is Greg Hunt running scared?

whiteboard with angey face

Ever noticed how shrill Environment Minister Greg Hunt is getting these days readers? The man once considered the smiling face of the Abbott’s administration’s policy of dismantling of renewable energy appears to have lost all control in recent weeks. I refer of course to Gregory’s extraordinary attack on John Grimes, the head of the Australian […]

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The Solar Council Aren’t Lying. Your Government Is.

The government has painted a big bullseye on solar power. They’ve got it in their sights. They want the renewable energy target (RET) repealed and they’ll do just about anything to make that happen. Well, anything but come right out and say, “We’re against renewable energy because because we want to protect the fat wallets of […]

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Solar breakthroughs by the dozen but what of the future?

idea rocket

This week two news items have proved that innovation in the solar energy sector is not only alive and humming but well on the way to shaping our energy future. The first is based on nothing new. Indeed it was originally proposed in a 1941 story by science fiction author Isaac Asimov. With climate change […]

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If the RET is Axed What Happens To The Solar Rebate?

abbott axing RET

Well, I woke up this morning to a beautiful spring day. Only to see an inbox full of emails telling me that, according to the Australian Financial Review, Tony Abbott has already decided to scrap the Renewable Energy Target (RET) no matter what his review panel advises. Bummer! Let’s see what the rest of the papers […]

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Big Energy Has a Big Problem…But They Want YOU to Fix It

Big energy has a big “problem”.  What’s the problem? Competition. Competition from whom?  From Australian citizens like you who’ve told the big power companies, “We’ll  generate our own power, using solar technology. Thank you very much.  Shut the door on your way out.” Why is this “big a problem”? Well, it’s simple economics that whenever a […]

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How to find the most efficient solar water heater

a map of STC climate zones

When you are looking to buy a solar hot water system for for home, one of the most important things to check (apart from the price) is the efficiency of your Solar Hot Water System. The more efficient your system is, the better it will be at converting the sun’s heat to piping hot water, […]

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Over 20,000 solar workers expected by 2018 despite Abbott’s efforts

panels going on straw house

Jobs in the Australian solar industry is a topic that doesn’t excite the pro-fossil fuel press and shriekback radio all that much. Instead the headlines and radio waves over renewables are dominated by imagined consequences of the carbon tax and the repetition of outright lies about the consequences of the Renewable Energy Target (RET). Witness […]

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Solar Hot Water vs Solar Panels. Which should you buy?

a solahart hot water heater

  Poor old Solar Hot Water. The concept of heating water directly from the Aussie sun with a solar hot water system like this… …really seems to have gone from hero to zero over the past 3 years.

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