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On 13 March 2019 AICA Engineering Pty Ltd ACN 149 435 816 went into Liquidation.

The ABN for 
AICA Engineering Pty Ltd is ABN 73 149 435 816

AICA Energy is a business name registered to AICA Engineering Pty Ltd and AICA Engineering is a trading name listed under AICA Engineering Pty Ltd

SolarQuotes was advised on Aug 24, 2020 that AICA Energy Australia Pty Ltd purchased the business 'AICA Engineering' from the liquidator in 2019 and are also taking care of AICA Engineering Pty Ltd customer warranty. 

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Terrible experience

The solar system wasn't installed after paying deposit and then being told of installation date after paying 2nd instalment as per contract. I was continually delayed and given every excuse. After almost 6 months of being lied to I have asked for a complete refund and now I am being told I am not getting my money back which is almost 4000.00 dollars.
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Worst experience ever

I paid them Jan, 2022. Our agreement was, I pay the $9k for my business and once they installed the system, they will refund me the $500 as rebate due to its my 2nd business with them. They promised the following:
1. They will upgrade the meter and will work on unifiying the unit 1 & 2 for the meter
2. The panels will be installed vertical just like my neighbour

Almost 6 months now, I discovered that my meter hasn’t been upgraded that means, I am not benefiting from the produce of my sustem. The lanels where installed flat considering there is a giant tree next to the panels. If my landlord learn about this they can send me breach of lease agreement. Till now, they refuse to issue an invoice, even the refund the person responsible for this deal is allegedly having a personal issues and kept ignoring me for months. When asked about my refund Another guy kept telling me that he is attending to more than he could attend.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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Bad Service

Sales were good to give quotes and promises made.
Delivery was OK.
After sales they dont want to know you.
My roof was damaged by installers and they don't care. Changes phone numbers often.
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WORST company ever i've dealt with

I signed a contract to get roof solar panels installed, before the installation date they asked for a $5,000 deposit which I paid. Their installer came out twice and said they can't install the system due to the size of the roof. Since then they've kept the $5,000 deposit. I have received the court order to get my money back.
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Thank you

Great service , sales and support from
Elias in sales and installation crew - really reliable , quality fantastic . System is generating lots of dollars and after sales support is excellent . Highly recommend
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Very Decent company, would suggest to go with aica

Would recommend AICA energy for solar installation. Very friendly staff and professional.
Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
Battery rating: 3/5
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Solar panels

Great service and value for money. Installation was on time and very well done.

Got a free upgrade to better panels so not as many needed to be fitted.
Whole process was easy and well managed by AICA Energy.
I would recommend them if you are looking to go Solar..
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Great value...but good luck with problems.

Had a 6.6kw system installed, this company loves silicon and broke numerous tiles, instead of asking if I had spares they then proceeded to glue tiles back together....with silicon....this coupled with water leaks through broken tiles and poorly drilled and weather proofed conduit holes has led to significant damage to internal roof. I have been trying for months to get this fixed with no avail just more silicon. I would not recommend this company.
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Mostly well done, but minor issues

The installation was well done. Although one of the panels was broken so they had to come a 2nd time and replace it. Unfortunately, the installation team did not tell us of this, so we were surprised to see a guy pottering about on our roof a week later. Some communication should have been nice. This is why I am giving it 3 stars for customer service rather than 4 or 5.
Inverter rating: 4/5
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Great Price and Service - but Growatt Inverter not the best

Very good service and friendly people before and after (!!) signing and paying.
Delivered as promised on the day agreed upon.
Installers were fast and happy to help.
No payment on the spot five minutes after installation, but send me an invoice a week later. What a difference compared to others where on installation date you must pay immediately.

I do not like the awful Growatt monitoring app on mobile or browser. Bad design, clumsy and incorrect. I also have a GoodWe, so can compare both.

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Did have issues with install and took 1 week to resolve
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Value for money

Value for money
Easy to deal with
Good follow up
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Fantastic installer, beautiful installation and value for money

They were very friendly and replied to all queries promptly and efficiently. They did not push me with their products neither did they condemn other companies. Their price was very solid compare to other companies. They had in-house installers and they were very punctual, friendly , professional, and clean in their job. The grid connection was instant and I was very surprised by that. My panel was Jinko Cheetah Plus and Fronius inverter for 6.6kw.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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AICA Energy a great company to deal with.

The sales and quoting was no fuss and a good selection of solar panels and inverters are available. Every person I dealt with, mostly by email was excellent and polite letting us know exactly what was happening and when the installation was likely to occur.

When that date came the installers were on time, did a great job and left the work areas clean and tidy. the last item was to connect the inverter to our wifi which was done in a few minutes.

The system I chose was the same or similar to others in quotes received but AICA were the most competetive by a good margin.

I have no hesitation recommending Aica, Their staff and their "in house" installers.
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Great system for a budget price.

They provided all the info I required. No marketing fluff. Attentive service and responsive to emails. On time for install. Always responded to enquires. Install went smoothly with no issues.
They organised the gird connection. I didn't need to do anything except watch it all go up with interest.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5
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13.2kw Solar Install at Amazing Price

A good price of $8 600 for a 13.2kw Solar array to be installed with a Fronius 10kw inverter.
Only took 2 days to install while removing our smaller 1.5kw solar array and inverter.
The quality of sales, installation and after sales service has been brilliant while the system performs very solidly.
It can be monitored with our phones with no extra charge.
Currently it makes 50KwH on a good sunny day in April / May.

Inverter rating: 5/5
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Best price

Best price among other 7 quotes received for my 6.6kw solar system. Punctual and completed installation in 4.5 hours. System was connected to the grid soon after the installation. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend aica energy for someone's solar needs.
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Happy customer

I got 6.6KWH system from AICA with Jinko Cheetah 330watts per panel and SMA Sunny Boy 5KWH inverter for a price of less than $4k. Ayush is very approachable and gave me the best solar system deal. The whole process took less than 2 weeks before they installed the panels. Installation of panels took about 5 hours; installers were friendly and very efficient; happy with their work. Yesterday, the system produced almost 43KWH from 7am-7pm and my average daily consumption pre-solar was 4kwh. I’m so happy that I got solar prior summer and will be using air conditioning the whole day.
Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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At this time ordered only so I am unable to rate them. Deposit paid.

To be honest it became a minefield for a novice like me. Every supplier claiming his product was best and the next guy's was inferior. Some wildly inaccurate claims including one salesman trying to tell me it would add 20% to the value of my house. I did not go with the companies you recommended because of price - expect to sell out and move in 2 or 3 years so would not recuperate my expense. AICA seems ok(?) and is supplying panels and inverter on your list as acceptable.
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Zero customer service

Customer service with this company is most definitely the worst I’ve come across! They never answer their phones, reply to call back requests, respond to emails or any other communication you send them! Our solar was down for 6 days before someone got back to us! And the problem could of easily been fixed over the phone IF THEY HAD ANSWERED!!! I would never recommend this business to anyone!
Panel rating: 1/5
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Damaged roof, after sales care very poor

They significantly damaged the roof, and after promising to inspect and get back to I have had no response. Has been over two weeks now, be careful with this company
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Happy customer

Friendly staff very helpful and professional
Explained how the connection works. All done in 6hrs
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Your articles about the solar system made me to understand to look into when selecting solar system. Even though I didn't go thru your recommended solar installer, I value your service. Thank you very much.
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Not particularly happy that as a result of the installation a spike or something seems to have taken out my pool light, pool pump and hifi amplifier.
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