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NRG Solar - National Renewable Group Reviews

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About NRG Solar - National Renewable Group, Solar Installers

Setting the Standard in Solar Solutions
When NRG Solar - National Renewable Group began, our initial mission was to provide expert solar maintenance and repairs for people who found it difficult to get qualified solar technicians to work on their systems or had purchased solar from companies that were no longer in business.
We quickly earned a national reputation for providing expert solar panel system service and support
In the process of fixing failed and underperforming systems, we saw firsthand the results of previous installers who had been poorly trained, unaware of safe work practices and, oftentimes, plain lazy. We also came across many, many failing inverters. As a consequence of doing hundreds of repair jobs every year, we quickly learned which products were the best performers and which installation techniques were safest and most reliable.
Today, NRG Solar Services is South Australia’s trusted provider of tailored solar solutions
We design, sell, install and maintain premium, affordable solar panel and energy storage systems for your home or business. And our commitment to outstanding customer service, high quality products and unrivalled solar expertise is uncompromising.
Our Mission:
To ensure that every solar panel system in South Australia is safe, reliable and providing the best return-on-investment for its owner.

NRG Solar - National Renewable Group Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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I cant tell how good the quality is yet, so far - excellent Show additional information
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The sales person won the contract for NRG. He was not an electrical expert, but he made sure I'll get all the specific electrical info I needed to know. He also help substantially to plan the correct system for us and prevented us from a snag around council regulations regarding solar panel installations. The original appointment was planned for one hour but he was two hours at our place to clear up the last question regarding the system and the organisation of the installation.
Again we only can thank him very much for this initial visit and the follow up work he did for us. He is an asset to NRG.
All installation, quality of the system and all organisation around the whole process from the office was well done and on time. The test run of the system was a success and it delivers the design values. We just need the new meter installed to get up to full speed.
Also thanks to 'Solar Quotes' for helping us along and not getting trapped in a 'Solar Disaster'
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My apologies for not responding earlier but I was away for 8 weeks shortly after installation.
1 visited site and provided quote (NRG); 1 provided quote after phone interview, 1attempted phone contact but did not respond to return calll.
NRG provided a standard offer pre-prepared before site visit. Standard build assumed, error in roof pitch (30 assumed 38 actual) leading to tight fit from computer placement for my initial request for split E & W installation.
My requirements were for a new system to replace an existing system now shaded, but retain maximum approved capacity 2.8 kw.
Alternatives of micro inverter and optimisers were discussed. What they did was explained but not how they could be used to advantage.
I read your comparison summary and realiised that if micro inverters were used, I could maximise my installation by having a mixed array of E, N & W facing panels with no risk of shading in the future.
It took a couple of alternative arrangements to arrive at a highest estimated annual generation design.
In summary, I took charge in exploring a better alternative than the standard sales pitch could provide.
My new system is working well, performing to the same level as my unshaded north only system originally achieved in August. I expect to achieve a slightly higher annual output.
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Disappointed with those that would only do the quote via email or via the phone, they were quite happy to match systems etc when I went back with better info. Some to me seemed purely salesmen and did not engender confidence. Show additional information
NRG was very very good. They provided comprehensive information, delivered on commitments, the installers were polite, helpful and got the job done without fuss. I have passed contact details for SolarQuotes and NRG to three friends to date. Show additional information
Ironic that you sent a feedback form today, as our system was connected this morning. Show additional information
I was not aware that the price of the package could change once quoted and agreed upon due to the price fluctuation on the rebates, that was my only bugbare. Show additional information
The only problems we had were with SA Power networks taking several weeks to change our meter so we missed some sunny weather! And our WiFi cannot get through our solid brick walls to allow us to monitor the Fronius inverter.
All NRG people were really good. The rep who came round to speak to us helped us to understand solar systems much better than we did.
And they are really local to us.
Thanks for your assistance and advice about what should be in quotes. NRG were the only company that covered all the items you suggested for that.
Best regards
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Very straightforward salesman, no pressure. Had all the right answers (I did a lot of research and NRG was the 6th quote I got) explaining why they sell the brands they do and no attempt to upsell me. Excellent service from all their staff, and a spot on installation. Show additional information
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I found the Solar information from Solar Quotes most educational and used it as my knowledge base.
The NRG team were very professional and led me through the process clearly and with no fuss, keeping me informed of all the stages and requirements of the installation process. I did not have to worry about a thing.
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The system works very well. There was very little inconvenience in having the system installed. They were very prompt in answering my questions, and with arranging the instillation and for SA power to finish the connection. Show additional information
The Solarquotes site was fantastic as I learn so much from the information supplied, the customer service provided by the 3 companies quoting was excellent, I could not fault your service, in fact I am about to seek quotes from you for our sons home interstate. Show additional information
I liked what Solar Quotes did to get me three options which I could study over a period of time and then decide what I wanted.

All suppliers were dependable and reliable I must say. In varying quality of customer service and expertise.

What finally made the cut for me was someone (NRG) who was willing to go into details of what I was buying with a lot of data to back up what he was saying.
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No problems with NRG. Very good service!

The only disappointment is that over 2 months after installation we are still waiting for SA Power Networks to change over our electricity meter, so still no free electricity - yet.
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ONLY BEEN IN FOR A SHORT TIME HAPPY SO FAR Show additional information
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Comprehensive face to face sales meeting (2 hours) explaining many facets of solar other providers did not. Although a quick quote is a good thing, which other providers were able to do, NRG answered any and all questions we had and went beyond. Them also being the Fronius authorised repairer for South Australia sealed the deal.
NRG allowed us to modify their standard installation to overload the 6kW inverter we chose to go with to have more than 6kW of panels connected to it. This allowed us to take better advantage of the solar rebate, and achieve a higher net power generation and a longer curve of power generation during the day due to north and west facing panels. Even with the additional panels, the system only barely approaches the 6kW mark at peak energy output hours.

Great system, highly recommend NRG.
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I had a faulty inverter replaced.
I contacted 3 recommended companies, and the NRG stood head and shoulders above the others.
From the initial contact, right through to the very last part of the installation,
I have nothing but praise for everyone involved.
They were happy to answer and to clearly explain my many questions,
they arrived when they said they would, all the prices were transparent, and all personnel polite, and there was this personal touch which seems to be in such short supply in many businesses at present.
To date, the inverter does its work, so I am hopeful this will continue.

Overall, I am very happy to recommend the NRG to anyone.
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Hi , NRG were the first to come and meet me and do a quote and because they were so professional and the products they use are of a high quality i chose to go ahead with them straight away. Also the price was on the money too. They did not try to get me to go for a bigger system as others have... so that showed me they weren't trying to rip me off too.
The install went flawlessly , the installers were friendly, helpful and on time.
All staff involved were absolutely great from start to finish.
I would highly recommend these guys.
Regards Shane.
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Three solar suppliers contacted me very soon after I made the request for quotes. Switched On Electrical and Solar Wholesalers discussed my requirements over the phone, while NRG actually came to my home to explain solar and ascertain the best system for me. The consultant Darren was patient in answering all my questions and came with lots of supporting information.

Solar Wholesalers made subsequent queries to me to ensure the best result for me. I rejected SOE on price, and SW and NRG could not be separated on price nor customer service. The customer reviews for both SW and NRG were also complimentary which gave me confidence in proceeding with either. The points of difference were that SW were proposing a 6.2kW system compared to 5.4 by NRG. However, SW are based in Mt Barker whereas NRG are located in Richmond. In the end I literally flipped a coin and NRG won the job.

I have rated Installation as Not Applicable because installation will not occur till July 2017.
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The quality of the systems seem to be high, along with the knowledge & experience of the salesman. The companies reviews online are reassuring that you are getting honest, professional service with a history of knowing their product. Show additional information
NRG's offer was not the cheapest, but I considered it the best value. The thoroughness of the salesperson's presentation was second to none, and reviews by previous customers instilled confidence. NRG was the only company, for example, that demonstrated that some of my panels would be shaded for a couple of hours a day in winter. There was no question that they could not answer. 1 of the other suppliers failed to come to my property which was against my original request. The two other suppliers offered 1 and 2 years' workmanship warranty respectively. NRG provided written confirmation of their 5 year workmanship warranty and advised that this was mandatory under the Building Code. NRG used non-standard panel lengths in their layout to give me the best yield. Their quote also included a Fronius Symo inverter, recognised as one of the best, and I can impress my friends with remote monitoring (which NRG keep an eye on too). Installers were good to work with, and went the extra mile. I also referred a friend to NRG who has since had 2 properties decked out with some funky flat things, and is pleased with the result. There was only one small thing I could fault them on, which was not responding to the "3 quotes" request. It was not until SolarQuotes followed up with me on my experience, learned that NRG had not quoted, then without further intervention from myself, arranged NRG to contact me and visit for a quote.
On installation, the inverter failed to fire up straight away. NRG discovered that one of the three phases to my house was pumping out a few too many volts (257 vs a guaranteed max of 255V from memory), so they notified SA Power Networks, whose responsibility it was. I don't know when it will get fixed at this time but I have a few weeks until the import / export meter is fitted anyway. The inverter is designed to shut down to protect itself should grid voltage exceed limits but it popped back to life and started pumping sparky stuff later in the day once the grid voltage dropped back into tolerance.
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2 other companies did not bother to come and explain solar to me in fact one supplier didnt seem to care. The professionism of the sales person was very noticable and the office get me fully in touch with procedues and the installers were first class. Couldnt be happier Show additional information
From beginning to end we didn't have to do a thing, it was all taken care of. An amazing experience. Show additional information
Price includes microinverters due to partial shading Show additional information
All three companies contacted me however the only one to follow through and make an effort to come and asses the site was NRG solar I received a quote from one of the companies which just seemed to be the bare minimum. I made a time and place to meet the guy from solar wholesalers but he didn't turn up. Show additional information
Hi Eddy,
I have never taken the the time to actually sit down and write a Testimonial. I contacted NRG to get a solar install quote in late Jan 2016. I was at at sixes and sevens as to the value of solar and what I needed, with all the mis- information and confusion out in the market place. I received a phone call from your salesman/expert in the solar world, I had had 2 other quotes previous to the NRG call and to say that I was non the wiser as to having solar installed after these quotes would be an understatement. The NRG Rep and I agreed to meet in early Feb 2016 at my house to discuss my solar needs.

This is where things go pear shaped, my partner Tracy passed away suddenly and my world just fell apart.
NRG Salesman turned up at the organised time on the day agreed, I was not in the right head space mentally or emotionally to deal with the anybody let alone making an informed decision about the costly exercise of installing Solar. On answering the door I was greeted by a beaming smile, he introduced himself as ? and that he was here to give me some advice on my solar needs. I explained my situation and that I was sorry but not up to dealing with this matter at this time. ? extended his condolences and said that he would be happy to arrange another time and for me to give the number on his business card a call when I was up to it. I took the card and asked him if he could just take a look around and gather the necessary information so that he could do the quote at his office, saving him a second trip to my house as I live approx 120 km from Adelaide. He said he could do this but he would prefer to come back. He explained he felt he could provide a more detailed and accurate quote, if we could go through some questions about my lifestyle and requirements from an energy perspective. I then felt even more guilty about messing him about then. Than when I first opened the door as he was so empathetic with my situation. So I asked him to stay and do the quote as originally arranged, we sat down and he asked me about what I wanted to achieve by installing Solar. During the quote process I must have broken down in tears 6 or 7 times in the 40 mins he was there, at one point he gave me a hug and many lovely words of sympathy, he left telling me that the quote was for the highest quality parts and panels and that the price was the best he could do and that he hoped I would be ok and that he would wait to hear from me and that there was no pressure either way to move forward. I took the quote to the local electrician in my town who does Industrial Solar Installations in remote sites across Australia. He looked over the quote and told me that if they used the parts that were quoted it was a super competitive quote and I should have absolutely no issues for years to come.

Next came the lovely and compassionate Sam Craft
I called several weeks later to accept the quote and go with NRG installing my Solar, I was sent out some information regarding what would be happening going forward. I was then contacted by a lovely lady by the name of Sam Craft in a nut shell she was amazing, helpful, friendly and super professional keeping me informed the whole way through, even after the solar was done I called Sam several times to asked an inane question about hot water and an issue with my origin bill. Sam sorted the problem with the Hot water easily in her usual help full way. However the Origin bill was not so straight forward, so in you step Eddy, I explained the problem with the excessive bill to you Eddy, you said you would look into it. Within the day I received a detailed email with what you thought may have been the issue and that Origin had made a blunder changing over the old meter with the new meter. Armed with a very comprehensive account of what you [Eddy] thought the problem was and a strategy to get the bill reduced to an amount that I thought reasonable ( which was a reduction of over $500] so nothing to sneeze at. It took me 5 months to actually get the bill reduced by $475 with a lot of heated conversations over many hours with Origin. I guess what I m saying is that the Origin Issue had nothing to do with NRG. So with out Eddy going out of his way and well beyond what he had to do, I would be $475 poorer, truly customer service at its best.

As I said in the beginning I have never written a Testimonial so the time line is a bit out because in the middle of all of this was the Installation. The Crew that showed up for the solar install were fantastic to. Jarrad was the boss Jarrad worked with SA power Network on my behalf to make sure the finished job was done to perfection, at one stage SA Power wanted me to remove a tree that had been at the side of my house for 50 years to make it easier for SA Power to put the new meter in. Jarrad your installer negotiated with them to trim the tree not remove the tree altogether. I think him speaking Tradie to him.
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I chose NRG because they were the only ones that came to the property, looked at and assessed the roof space, discussed with us what we wanted and what we hoped to achieve from going solar, and then explained what they proposed as the most suitable system to achieve this and why. The other companies simply sent quotes based on the Google image of the house and without any input from us as to what we may or may not want. Show additional information
Would highly recommend NRG purely for the product knowledge, quality of products used for installation, excellent customer service and ease and personal attention of going through with the entire process of our solar installation. Awesome job indeed ! Thank you SolarQuotes...thank you Finn :D Show additional information
The system has just been installed and I will reserve judgement on system quality until it has been operating for a while. Show additional information
The consultant who came to see us was excellent and showed us the quality materials that would be used with our installation. All materials used are backed up by offices in Australia plus NRG offer services not mentioned by others such as repairs/replacement parts.
Communication from NRG office was very good keeping us up to date with the planned installation.
The installers were here on time and completed the job very efficiently and tidily.
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Very happy with the service and information provided by NRG. They were the only supplier who came to us. The consultant clearly explained the pros and cons of the systems they provide, the cost to us and the expected return on investment. They communicated with us through the whole process. Highly recommend NRG. Show additional information
Show additional information
Very positive. I feel at all stages i have been informed, I was well briefed by the solar consultant. The system has added value to home and has taken money off bills. Looking forward to batteries! Show additional information