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NRG Solar - National Renewable Group Reviews

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About NRG Solar - National Renewable Group, Solar Installers

Setting the Standard in Solar Solutions
When NRG Solar - National Renewable Group began, our initial mission was to provide expert solar maintenance and repairs for people who found it difficult to get qualified solar technicians to work on their systems or had purchased solar from companies that were no longer in business.
We quickly earned a national reputation for providing expert solar panel system service and support
In the process of fixing failed and underperforming systems, we saw firsthand the results of previous installers who had been poorly trained, unaware of safe work practices and, oftentimes, plain lazy. We also came across many, many failing inverters. As a consequence of doing hundreds of repair jobs every year, we quickly learned which products were the best performers and which installation techniques were safest and most reliable.
Today, NRG Solar Services is South Australia’s trusted provider of tailored solar solutions
We design, sell, install and maintain premium, affordable solar panel and energy storage systems for your home or business. And our commitment to outstanding customer service, high quality products and unrivalled solar expertise is uncompromising.
Our Mission:
To ensure that every solar panel system in South Australia is safe, reliable and providing the best return-on-investment for its owner.

NRG Solar - National Renewable Group Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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The NRG team were happy to spend time at our house talking us through the system and setup and always promptly followed up on any queries we had. They were very patient with us when we were trying to make our decision on system and installation company and we never felt pressured to go with them. Show additional information
NRG Solar have been excellent right from the start. The Sales Rep was at our home for nearly 2 hours and explained everything about their products, service record and the way they would do the job. He even climbed into our roof cavity! The price was right for us and the thorough personal service sold us on NRG Solar. Since signing on the dotted line the communication from head office (in Adelaide) has been excellent. All the paperwork was done correctly and on time. The 3kw system was installed yesterday and the team who did the work was great! Very efficient operation; kept me informed the whole time, explained how everything worked and had the job done in 2.5 hrs. They even swept the garden path as part of the tidy up! Today I received a thank you email from NRG and a promise to check on us in 12 months to see how the system is working. That's confidence in your product and service! Highly recommended. Show additional information
Includes battery Show additional information
Interesting process, the differences between three companies. Show additional information
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NRG tailored something that suited my needs and explained everything in detail thanks Show additional information
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Not yet installed but plenty of communication. Show additional information
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Not installed, but the experience has been good, responsive team. Proof will come after the install. Show additional information
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Still awaiting installation
Prompt response to initial inquiry- 1 other company contacted me after >2weeks, 3rd company failed to contact me.
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Delay in installation caused by SA Power Networks, otherwise a good experience so far. Show additional information
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Excellent service from NRG Solar & very prompt installation; we chose premium brand components & NRG had them in stock so there were no supply delays. The same cannot be said of Energy Australia; it is almost a month since the installation was completed & we are still waiting for them to do the meter modifications so we can actually use the system & start getting a return from it. Also, Energy Australia say the meter will be replaced as it is their policy, even though the existing meter is only 6 years old & can be reprogrammed for input/output operation. Show additional information
Tim was very thorough in explaining the system we purchased and gave a competitive price overall unfortunately we are waiting for SA Power Netwoks to come out so NRG can install system. Show additional information
Unfortunately the installation took longer than expected - over several days rather than one day. The solar panels were left at my place over those days. This made me totally responsible for them and I was made to sign a note to that effect. I would have preferred that they took the panels back with them.
However, once the work got going, the men were proficient at what they were doing and did a good job.
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Customer service was good at the start, but changes in SA to who does the changes to our power meter meant that it took weeks for us to be able to use the system NRG installed.

Now we're stuck in a loop between NRG, Diamond Energy and SA Power Networks trying to get someone to take responsibility for upgrading our power meter so we can legally use our solar system. It's still not been resolved, but after Diamond Energy sent out a contractor to do some of the metering job we've started using it anyway on that contractor's advice.

NRG originally gave us incorrect information about the process for metering changes, then when we followed up ourselves as nothing was progressing, said it was Diamond Energy or SA Power Networks' responsibility. They subsequently took some responsibility and have apparently contacted the regulator to resolve who is responsible on our behalf (we were told this on the phone, haven't received it in writing - still waiting for definitive answers).
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I was initially going with another but they didn't inspire me a lot of confidence as they "could do anything", agreed on details verbally only, didn't require an upfront payment or a signature for anything, and when told them I chose another provider tried to guilt me in saying we had a "contractual obligation" from the moment I replied his e-mail saying I was happy with his quote. He almost got offensive when I told him I had the right to a cooling off period and nothing was formalised anyway.

NRG on the other hand was great, highly recommended.
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Thankyou for helping with solar quotes! Show additional information
I found the people I dealt with extremely professional at all times from youself to the NRG receptionist to there back room techs ,sales rep ,and especially the installers very good all up Show additional information
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I cant tell how good the quality is yet, so far - excellent Show additional information
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The sales person won the contract for NRG. He was not an electrical expert, but he made sure I'll get all the specific electrical info I needed to know. He also help substantially to plan the correct system for us and prevented us from a snag around council regulations regarding solar panel installations. The original appointment was planned for one hour but he was two hours at our place to clear up the last question regarding the system and the organisation of the installation.
Again we only can thank him very much for this initial visit and the follow up work he did for us. He is an asset to NRG.
All installation, quality of the system and all organisation around the whole process from the office was well done and on time. The test run of the system was a success and it delivers the design values. We just need the new meter installed to get up to full speed.
Also thanks to 'Solar Quotes' for helping us along and not getting trapped in a 'Solar Disaster'
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My apologies for not responding earlier but I was away for 8 weeks shortly after installation.
1 visited site and provided quote (NRG); 1 provided quote after phone interview, 1attempted phone contact but did not respond to return calll.
NRG provided a standard offer pre-prepared before site visit. Standard build assumed, error in roof pitch (30 assumed 38 actual) leading to tight fit from computer placement for my initial request for split E & W installation.
My requirements were for a new system to replace an existing system now shaded, but retain maximum approved capacity 2.8 kw.
Alternatives of micro inverter and optimisers were discussed. What they did was explained but not how they could be used to advantage.
I read your comparison summary and realiised that if micro inverters were used, I could maximise my installation by having a mixed array of E, N & W facing panels with no risk of shading in the future.
It took a couple of alternative arrangements to arrive at a highest estimated annual generation design.
In summary, I took charge in exploring a better alternative than the standard sales pitch could provide.
My new system is working well, performing to the same level as my unshaded north only system originally achieved in August. I expect to achieve a slightly higher annual output.
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Disappointed with those that would only do the quote via email or via the phone, they were quite happy to match systems etc when I went back with better info. Some to me seemed purely salesmen and did not engender confidence. Show additional information
NRG was very very good. They provided comprehensive information, delivered on commitments, the installers were polite, helpful and got the job done without fuss. I have passed contact details for SolarQuotes and NRG to three friends to date. Show additional information
Ironic that you sent a feedback form today, as our system was connected this morning. Show additional information
I was not aware that the price of the package could change once quoted and agreed upon due to the price fluctuation on the rebates, that was my only bugbare. Show additional information
The only problems we had were with SA Power networks taking several weeks to change our meter so we missed some sunny weather! And our WiFi cannot get through our solid brick walls to allow us to monitor the Fronius inverter.
All NRG people were really good. The rep who came round to speak to us helped us to understand solar systems much better than we did.
And they are really local to us.
Thanks for your assistance and advice about what should be in quotes. NRG were the only company that covered all the items you suggested for that.
Best regards
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Very straightforward salesman, no pressure. Had all the right answers (I did a lot of research and NRG was the 6th quote I got) explaining why they sell the brands they do and no attempt to upsell me. Excellent service from all their staff, and a spot on installation. Show additional information
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