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About Solar Australia , Solar Installers

Since 2006; Solar Australia have been committed to being the first choice in energy efficient solutions.

The Australian-owned company aims to deliver the best possible technologies to a range of industries throughout the country and are dedicated to delivering excellent service, the latest premium quality products, professional installation, industry leading warranties and comprehensive after-sales support.

Solar Australia are committed to promoting the benefits of solar power and battery storage to help customers recognise how a switch to clean energy can have a positive impact on both the environment and their power bills.

Solar Australia Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Waiting for energy provider (Lumo) to update service to show solar feedin, some time in January. Keen to see first monthly account with full solar system Show additional information
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They installed exactly what they said they would also on the day they arranged all my questions were answered promptly. A good company with. Show additional information
This company came to inspect before Quoting, they also explained the system without treating me as someone who knew NOTHING. Show additional information
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I think the team did a great job on the roof considering the windy weather and the electrician also did a good job getting the loom down through the inside of an external wall to the inside of the garage and to the meter box Show additional information
Signed contract 10 Oct 17 waiting for installation which should be this coming week prompt action to requesting for quote unlike one which took over a month so far happy with communications.
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On the 27th October, we had a 6kw(20 x 300w panels) system, 5kw Goodwe hybrid inverter, and 10kw BYD BBox battery storage system installed. With the exception of the battery system being delivered the previous day, the installation was completed most efficiently and professionally in one day: no fuss, no mess, no broken tiles, and clear explanations and instructions.We were especially happy!

I would have rated all the above categories as "Fantastic" if it hadn't been for the Goodwe inverter: the yellow Wi-fi LED, unpredictably, went from solid to blinking 4 times which indicated a server problem. I tried several times to have the matter fixed or solved. Eventually, several days ago, I received a phone call from a Solar Australia engineer who, after listening to my narrative of what was happening, explained very clearly why the wi-fi LED was blinking, and reassured me that our system is functioning well, and that there is nothing to worry about. As I understand it, the number of inverters trying to communicate with the Goodwe portal during the day has caused the problem which Goodwe is presently working on. The glitch has no effect on the recording or presentation of data to the apps related to the system; it certainly has no effect on our energy distribution; all our needs are being met without using energy from the grid, and we are supplying energy to the grid.

I would advise any consumer with a similar problem to demand a conversation with one of the company's engineers.

All this being said, I highly recommend Solar Australia; they are highly professional and their products appear to be sound quality. We are very happy that we contracted them to install our solar system.
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The process, with recommended company, was a very easy process. We. Hchose a company that we could have follow up service with and used reputable installers employed by themselves, not subcontracted. I have rated good as I believe fantastic requires a service that could not be improved on, and even though the service was very high quality, we have nothing else to gauge by. We thank Solar Australia for a great service. Show additional information
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All 3 suppliers were very good. It was extremely hard to make a choice between 2 of them. Show additional information
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Only installed yesterday - so I guessing system will be what was promised - perhaps a little dearer than others but a very professional mob in terms of customer service so far Show additional information
Yet to be installed. My answers are in anticipation Show additional information
All seemed to go well and cannot fault at this stage.They included the efergy monitor kits for solar and consumption to sweeten deal. Show additional information
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Very easy way to get quality installers provide quotes that are very clear in what you get and for how much. Show additional information
All good Show additional information
I received two quotes. 1 from Energy Aware and 1 from Solar Australia Port Macquarie.
Solar Aust. actually visited the site, climbed up on the roof and worked out what was needed.
Energy Aware just worked things out on Google maps which to my mind is a waste of time and quoted me from that.
Solar Aust. was the dearer of quotes but the inverter(Fronius compared to SMA) was from my research a higher quality product. Panels were on a par quality wise but the Solar Aus panels were 290 watts compared to 270 watts from Solar aware.
Brett from Solar Aus. Port Macquarie was very prompt with his communications and explained every step of the process in layman's terms.
He even negotiated the price down around $500 because he could bulk order some materials which sealed the deal.
The only problem we had was Essential Energy didn't get the project approved for when the panels were supposed to be installed which was beyond the control of Solar Australia.
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Clearly explained all systems and answered all questions. when they said they would do something they did it on the time stipulated Show additional information
Solar Australia were responsive, helpful and not at all pushy. They seem to really know their stuff, and gave good advice to suit our particular situation (some shading early/late in the day - recommended micro-inverters). Also they are offering Tier 1 products with a good reputation. Show additional information
I am most grateful I discovered Solar Quotes website.

I had reached the point of overload concerning PV solar investigation and finding a quality supplier and installer.

Solar Quotes directed 3 reputable companies to make contact. each was businesslike, professional, courteous, providing information and or quote suitable for my residence.

This is the reason I am now have a PV solar system and the decision has not been postponed for another year.
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it was a smooth transaction form quote to install Show additional information
Installers were very professional. The only problem I had was trying to install the Fronius system monitoring app on my phone which I gave up on. Otherwise the system is working fine. We intend to install a system at our farm as well. I'm disappointed with the rate I'm given for putting power back into the grid ( how serious is the govt. about being green). I look forward to the day when batteries allow me to go off grid completely. Show additional information
One of the main reasons I went with Solar Australia was they stated, in their quote, that they do not use sub-contractors, Of course a sub-contractor turned up and botched the installation. The main causes were that the sub-contractor did not follow instructions and left the system inoperable after the first attempt to rectify the installation. There seemed to be little accountability. Solar Australia were very good about fixing things up but the poor installation caused undue stress. Show additional information
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I opted for local tradesmen and supplier because we are in a rural area and using locals means recourse is available quickly. Friends also used local people. Show additional information
Very knowledgeable staff who seem to be in business for the long haul. Show additional information
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went for double battery system vertually stand alone Show additional information
This was an additional solar system to our residence .. i.e. Had a 1.5k for several years facing east - now added a 2.2k facing North a total of 3.7k & it all seems to be working fine.. still have to receive our first "Net" account from AGL.
In conjunction they removed our controlled load meter & tone control Hot water boost equipment - as we have a solar HWS that we have a switch in side the residence to switch the boost element on/off when required.. a saving of the fee for this as it is rarely used & can now select when needed considering that we are on "Time of use" metering" - cheaper after 10pm - 7am & weekends/public holidays..

I just wish that a system could be devised to allow people could to "go off grid" using local power in the advent of a major interruption to the grid during daylight hours - keeping essential items going - a lot of power going to waste around Australia when blackouts occur could be eliminated, i realise that safety & synchronising is the issue - but feel this could be resolved!
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The two other quotes were cheap but that was for a reason. We have a metal roof with a low incline and have had problems with leakage in the past when skylights were installed. SolarAustralia recommended a system that meant the panels would not be attached directly to the roof to avoid leakage problems. The other suppliers who only dealt with me on the phone and made their quotes based on Google Earth picture of our roof - never discussed how to avoid leakage problems. One of the quotes put all the responsibility of the suitability of our roof on our shoulders if we went ahead - even though I feel this should be more their expertise than mine. One supplier recommended that we get an inverter for each panel - an increased cost of $3000 - on the basis if the roof was partly shaded - with only one inverter for the whole system - the system would not work at all. I found out that this was not true. Solar Australia by getting up on our roof also recommended that we have some panels facing the east to catch the first sun in the morning when I would be washing etc. Show additional information
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It was very helpful to have the information of your site to help in the decision of a solar panel system. Show additional information
Solar Australia are on the ball on any problems with the system.
Now we have recently installed a 7kW BYD battery there were a few problems as their is with newer technology but their engineers solved this ok
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I obtained three quotes. None were recommended by Solar Quotes only because none of the latter were found in my area. My experience with potential suppliers was highly variable. One supplier I only spoke to on the phone and he put a lot of pressure on me to sign up immediately with a 10% deposit. When I declined I was contacted several times with an offer and price that "expired today". "Today" was extended however when he kept calling back. This was the cheapest quote by far but I declined it. I had to press for the name of the supplied panels and inverter and my own research suggested they were not the best quality. A second quote on the phone was more professional but on investigation of the hardware, I was convinced it would not suit me. Also, advice over the phone about my ability to export to the grid was ambiguous and, as I subsequently found out, not really correct. This was the middle of the three quotes. The company I went with sent a rep to look over my rural NSW property and was careful to explain potential difficulties in exporting power back to the grid. There was no pressure to sign up immediately and payment in full only came after completion. ie they required no deposit. They provided top quality panels and inverter and I can easily upgrade to battery storage in the future if I so choose. This provider charged the most but I am convinced it was the best option. In my experience I learned three things. Firstly, cheapest is not best. Secondly, do not be pressured into signing over the phone. Thirdly, insist on knowing precisely what brands they are providing to you and do your own homework. Show additional information
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It only had one hitch. They installed the panels but did not have an Inverter available so they had to come back a day or so later to install that which did not take long then because of the original delay it added a few days to when it was switched on . That was not a real issue. the panels only took a few hours to install.

At this stage i am happy with the work. they were much more efficient that either of the two earlier installations.
I am not sure of the quality of the new panels as the peak generation from them is only about 2.6kw although they stated they panels totalled 3.1kw. the Inverter is a Fronius so that quality is good.
The inspector who checked and commissioned the system was excellent and explained a couple of features of the electricity meter which i was not aware of. i have had solar power for several years and was not aware of this so you learn something every day.

At peak i am generating up to 5.3kw per hour from all three systems total for a day of 45 kw. At peak i am generating 21kw per day on the added system so on those days I am not taking anything out of the grid for 12 hours per day and i am still generating power at up to 8pm.

At this stage i am happy with the work. they were much more efficient that either of the two earlier installations.
I am not sure of the quality of the new panels as the peak generation from them is only about 2.6kw although they stated they panels totalled 3.1kw. the Inverter is a Fronius so that quality is good.
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Good may not be as good as it is, but I am not the type of bloke to go 'fantastic' Show additional information
First point of contact Blake is brilliant, knows what he is talking about and honest. Gets back to you when he says he will.
The Electricians were a bit rough and left pieces of insulation everywhere.
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