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Solar Dimension is a Solar Power Installation company based in Deeragun and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Reviewers report paying: $7,000 - $7,700 for depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

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You would pay more for a system generating less than it should!

This is my story with Solar Dimension (SD). You decide yourself.

I got 3 quotes including 1 from SD. They were good and quick and not very pushy and their negotiated price, $8K seemed good. I made a $4K deposit payment and was happy. Just after the new year, I passed on my SD quote to 3 friends and recommended SD to them. They did a bit more research and for a very similar system (10.5 KW system with 330W Seraphim panels and the same 8KW Sungrow inverter) were quoted $7000 from Apollo Solar (AS). Feeling a real big loss, I asked AS for a similar quote. I got back to SD with the AS quote and asked them why there is such a huge difference. They said the difference is due to the newer panels in my quote and the commission fee paid to the salesperson. I asked for a refund, but was told I will lose $1K of my deposit! Meanwhile one of my friends got a quote for the exact same system as mine from AS for $7K. Anyway, after negotiation with SD, I got a discount of $300, meaning I still paid 10% more than my friends for the “exact same” system. I admitted that as my bad luck!

My system was installed on the 4th of Feb. The installers were friendly and professional, but when the job was finished they told me that they are in a hurry to get to another job and did not explain to me what has been done and the changes to my meter box! Not a big deal.

I then noticed that my 8KW inverter never generates more than 7.25KW. Being an engineer, I asked SD for an answer the next day after installation. I was told that there may be not enough sunlight and I have to wait etc. I was sure something is wrong with the system. Called SD again and every time was given an excuse like you do not consume enough, etc! Since my friend had the exact same system, I kept comparing my daily generation with him.

Every single day, his yield was much higher! Also, I asked him to send me screenshots of his mobile app showing his system generating the 8KW at many points during a typical sunny day! Seeing all the evidence, SD was convinced there is something wrong with the system and after almost 1.5 months, they sent the installer back to look at it, and guess what, the inverter was fixed to generate 8KW at its max. With a rough calculation, if during the pick 3-4 hours of a typical day the system can reach its max capacity, my system was generating 4*750W less than it should. This means almost 3KW less generation on a typical day and around 1000KW less every year, which is a huge loss for someone who has paid $700 more for his system!!
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They salesman was exceptional, answered every concern we had and very easy to talk to. The installation was smooth and timely and the information on the product great.
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Fantastic company to work with

We have had our solar panels for a year now. Daniel and Zoe were really helpful from the beginning, even coming to our house to talk with us and show us photos and recommendations. We told them what we are looking for and they found the beat deal for us.

Installation was quick and on time. We ordered a solar vent from them as well and the installation was done by a roofing plumber so we knew it would be water tight and last a long time.

Ever since installation the after sales service has been great. They came to the house a couple of weeks later and checked everything was working and even came to the house to repair a damaged cable coming out of our house battery. They have done everything we have asked and more. Can not recommend them enough.
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Excellent company, highly recommended

Zoe and the team made our whole process so easy from start to finish. Within 30 minutes of Zoe arriving at our home to guide us through how solar works we had signed up. Easy down to earth and honest information from the panel selection down to the system made it so easy for us to understand and make a decision.
The installation process was a breeze too. I left for work and when I came home they were up and ready to go!! The installer was there to great me and run me through how it works and the wifi app to keep tabs on how it's running.
The fantastic service from the very start never ends!! Any questions are answered promptly the same day. It's nice to have a local family business that's got your back 24/7!!!
We couldn't recommend Solar Dimension highly enough!!
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Fantastic company

From start to finish honest reliable informative nothing was to much to do answered all questions honestly and explained the lot. Quick install we couldnt be happier with their customer service and the quality of the service. Was very impressed with this local company highly recommended and would definitely recommend which we have numerous times
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Seamless process from quote to install

I had solar installed from this company a few months ago and the process was completely painless and completely transparent.

I had a site inspection and a review of our solar needs. From there I was offered a quote that I was super happy with so I proceeded with the install.

I had a follow up message a while later to check on our power bills and make sure I was happy with everything (I wasn’t but with no fault of this company). What I wasn’t happy with was the fact that our hot water system was still contributing a bit to our power bill (on a different tariff) but this company took it on themselves to make sure I was happy, so they had their electrician come over and move our hot water system to the same tariff as the solar and they installed a hot water timer so the hot water system only ran during the day... PROBLEM SOLED!!

I could not be happier with the outcome. This company genuinely cares about their customers, and even if an issue isn’t really theirs (as was the case for me) they offer advice and assistance to make sure you’re happy!

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Easy, helpful and excellent service.

Zoe and the team at Solar Dimension went above and beyond to help us with learning about the benifits of solar and ways that we can optimise our power use. They worked seamlessly with our builder so that once we moved it our system was up and running. I would gladly recommend Solar Dimension.
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Amazing Service - Couldn’t be happier!

Everything from sales/quoting through to customer check ins post installation has been absolutely fantastic! It was all done and installed with in 2 weeks - The whole process was a breeze and I am so stoked that I chose this local business to work with for all my solar needs. They seriously went above and beyond to ensure I will save money now and in the future.
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Can't fault them

Couldn't fault the process, pricing or customer service. I only had 1 issue and it was the electricity supplier (Ergon) not Solar Dimension, but they did everything in their power to help me get it rectified even though it was completely out of their control.
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Fast installation

Fast installation and very easy to deal with. After sales service has been great as any question has been answered quickly. Would highly recommended them to anyone looking to purchase a system
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That company so bad, I just want to more customers know they are not good.
Last year I fit their panels, one of piece panel was broken on 4 weeks ago.
Still no one was coming to fix that.
Normally after done the panels, they will be call Ergon to take off the power meter.
Then the power will be back to Ergon, but already over 6 months, on one done that.
And they haven't got an office in Townsville.
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This supplier was excellent, efficient and provided great value for money
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