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About SolarEZE, Solar Installers

SolarEZE, Your Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW Solar Specialists
Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

SolarEZE Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Very happy with my whole experience with SolarEZE from customer service through to installation. I would recommend the company. The information and service provided by Lindy and Rob was excellent. Show additional information
SolarQuote website was excellent to obtain the information required to evaluate different systems and quotes. We had excellent service and value from each of the companies selected to quote by SolarQuote. Show additional information
Great install team, quick respectful and efficient. Highly recommended Show additional information
Right from the first point of contact Lindy was informed and able to answer without needing to check further information. From order date to installation was flat out 14 days with the team that installed even called to say he was going to be 15 minutes late. How many Tradies do you know who do that !!! Lindy followed up to ensure we were happy with the service during and after installation to the point where you know she actually cares that the customer is happy.

We installed a 10kw system that almost entirely covered our corrugated roof. We noticed that it also dropped the temperature by a few degrees not having the sun directly hitting the tin roof which was a nice little bonus. Our system consistently produces in March/April just over 50kw a day with a huge Mango tree blocking 1/3 of the panels from 3pm. The heat in Ipswich of summer for several weeks from 15th Jan to Late February - the unit was producing 72kw and above on hot days. We can't be more impressed with those results.
The team in general were fantastic from first call to final check in and we highly recommend this team to provide a friendly well informed, efficient service to their customer. I'd purchase again in a heartbeat.
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Solareze were great. Nothing but helpful and experienced a pleasure to deal with. Solar quotes is a great service and i recommend it to anyone wanting solar panels installed. Show additional information
We had a few quotes from other companies as well as Solar Eze, but Peter at Solar Eze was one of the few that was interested enough to do an onsite evaluation. Both he and Rob answered any question that I had (and I had a few being an ex Electrician) and provided quite a lot of information and hints etc for me to go through. I found them to be very competitively priced, knowledgeable , friendly and thorough right from start to finish. Rob and the boys were very professional with the installing of the system, even cleaned up and set up the online monitoring and paperwork for us, leaving us nothing to do.They were very easy to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending them for your solar install. Show additional information
SolaeEze was one of the 3 companies who contacted us and quoted for solar via the SolarQuotes web site. They were professional, timely and happy to explain how it all worked. The information on the SolarQuotes website is also valuable to ensure you ask the right questions. We were very happy with the price and believe that we got the best quality for our budget. Our first full quarter electricity bill was a very pleasant surprise. Our usual Summer quarter was always over the $1,000 mark and knowing we had the solar led to the increased use of the air conditioner so I wasn't sure what the bill would be but it came in at $186 and of that $140 odd was supply charges and not usage. To say that I was happy was an understatement, that was the easiest electricity bill I have ever paid.
SolarEze is a professional, local, quality company that I would recommend to anyone interested in getting solar power.
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I compared quotes and system recommendations from 5 companies ranging from the very largest energy retailers and solar installers through to the smallest (SolarEze). The quotes were via Solar Quotes (including SolarEze) and direct contact. (The Solar Quotes website is a really valuable source of quality information). For me, substantial research was required to become familiar with the solar systems and the manner in which they are packaged by the different sales people. Initially the choice was not clear cut due to some complexity in matching our power needs and budget to solar systems, their quality and their cost. SolarEze was our winner on value and quality for the large system we chose (13.2kw panels 10kw inverter). The company is honest, personable, transparent and service oriented. The installation team, led by Rob, was friendly, efficient, experienced while also being receptive to our requests. Initial contact with Lindy by phone was friendly and efficient which was followed by an early morning onsite meeting which was instructive and professional. I have every confidence in anticipating a high level of after sales service and advice from SolarEze. Show additional information
We have been completely satisfied with the service from SolarEze from start to finish. From the first conversation with Peter I felt like we were in good hands and that proved to be the case. Rob and Peter have both been a pleasure to deal with and I will be recommending SolarEze to anyone who's interested in going solar. We are totally happy with all aspects of the service we received: solar installation, the performance of the panels and inverter, our power bill savings and the workmanship at installation. It's also comforting to know that Rob and Peter are easy to contact if we do have any questions at any point. Show additional information
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The team at Solareze were fantastic. Lindy guided us through the options (didn't push certain manufacturers) and helped us lock down a system that met our needs. We had plenty of questions and had a great chat about the different manufacturers, our future power needs (ie pool, airconditioning) and the process after the installation with the energy providers. We didn't opt for the cheapest system, nor the most expensive, a great balance between quality and price. We might have got lucky with timing, but we accepted the quote then had a slot for the installation the following week. Rob and his crew turned up on time and had the installation complete in half a day, even with a few slight tweaks to the layout. Very professional, no mess and hung around to set up the wi-fi and app on the mobile. It's been operational for around a month now and is running perfectly. We would certainly recommend Solareze. Show additional information
An Absolute pleasure to deal with Solar Eze, Lindy & Rob are extremely knowledgable about the solar industry & best products available. They give good honest advice about your solar needs & their prices are very competitive. Combined with the quick reply to our solar query & a visit in person from Lindy to see first hand what our needs were it was a no brainer to go with them. Installation was fantastic, 5 hours for 48 panels system was great. They also have a brilliant team of guy's working with them & they are the first tradies I have had that cleaned up after they finished. I would recommend them to anyone contemplating solar without hesitation. Whilst it is only 2 days old it is working beautifully. Show additional information
Solareze from the start to completion where excellent. Lindy explained everything perfectly no matter what we threw at her. Rob and his team where friendly, professional and installed the system in a timely manner. If you want to have solar installed go with these guys, they know exactly what they are doing and are not trying to hard sell you garbage for a profit. Even after installation you still get advice and help anytime. Thanks Solareze we recommend you to anyone who wants a quality solar system installed. Show additional information
Very pleased with the whole experience with Solareze from first contact to installation.
Have had no problems with the system since.
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Lindy was bloody amazing from start to finish,,she came out to my house and answered any question i had and just a pleasure to deal with,,rob and the crew were bloody amazing as well came a little early but were done and dusted in a short time and cleaned up all there mess straight away not to mention straight up with any info i needed and gave me the run down on the system and the wifi set up,,,will for sure tell my mates and family bout these guys as they wont try and BS you into buying top of the range and there prices were perfect,,if you want a system installed try these guys first Show additional information
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Helpful, friendly, and efficient. Had the installation done in four hours. Show additional information
I looked around for sometime for a solar system. Lindy came to my home and spent as much time as needed to explain everything and answer all of my questions. Nothing was too much, and even after the initial visit to answer questions and provide a quote, Lindy was still very approachable and easily contactable. Rob and his team arrived on time, with everything that was required to install the system. It was very obvious that Rob and his team were experienced, as they were very professional in their installation process. Open communication throughout the entire process was appreciated, and I would not hesitate to recommend this team at SolarEze for your solar installation. Now that I have had the system installed for a few months, I can say without a doubt that the system was worthwhile having installed. I currently watch my electricity metre, and see that the feed-in is greater than the usage, and after only having had it installed for the last month of my previous electricity bill, it reduced my bill dramatically. I would also like to add that SolarEze were the only company that came to my home to answer my questions prior to providing a quote. Every other company provided an online quote without even attending my property or speaking with me. Do yourself a favour and contact SolarEze prior to making the big decision. Show additional information
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The whole process was extremely painless and we are very happy with end result. Thank you to all at SolarEze. Show additional information
Most impressed with SolarEze! Lindy gave us a quick no-fuss quote and the system was shortly after installed. The Solar system was professionally mess left...and the guys were very helpful getting everything up and running. Even after installation, these guys continue to assist us in answering emails we've sent, and questions we have. All round.....a wonderful experience..... Thanks Lindy and the boys at SolarEze! Show additional information
Excellent service. Lindy and her team were fantastic from start to end. Show additional information
Great work by Rob and David today. Thanks millions fellas. Also a shout out to Lindy who was the go to person who was great. You’re a great team.

We ended up going with the Fronius, Rob setup the wifi and ran through everything with me.

I’ll be giving SolarEze a call when I’m ready to get a battery.
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When I first spoke to Lindy about replacing our broken inverter, which was supplied by another company, I found she was very informative. I had been told by the original company that we could add another 4 solar panels, Linda worked it out and told me that wasn't the case, at best we could add 1 more but it wasn't worth the money, if we added the 4 we would lose our high rebate. I spoke to Lindy again Thursday night, signed and sent the quote back Friday morning, Monday the Inverter was installed by a young, well mannered electrician. Lindy called me Monday afternoon to make sure I was happy with everything, how often does that happen. I couldn't have been happier with the 2 people I dealt with, Show additional information
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Liked dealing with a local and smaller company. Keeping it local. Show additional information
Very happy with Rob and the boys from Solareze Show additional information
Show additional information
The quality of the system for the price is something we were very happy with. Installation was quick and easy. The new meter installation from a secondary contractor was not done for a couple of weeks after with caused some drama with billing from our electricity co. It would have been great if this was also done on the day or close to.
I would have liked a bit more of a rundown on the day of installation on the system and how it works, but communication with the installer post instillation with our questions has been good.
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Lindy their salesperson was very informative and satisfactorily answered all my questions. Rob and his team were very professional going out of their way not to damage any property. I found the price while not the cheapest was reasonable and the thing that impressed me was that a deposit was not required (very trusting). I would recommend SolarEze to anyone contemplating having a solar system installed. Show additional information
All three suppliers were professional and tailored quotes to our needs. Show additional information
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Show additional information
Nice people, family business, best price, no fake discounts, quick and very clean instalation, totally impressed and recommend them without hesitation. They did what they said, when they said and how they said. Show additional information
All 3 companies offered competitive prices and service. Show additional information
Didn't have to go back and get the salesperson to update their quote to match others. Quick service. Dealt with the owner of the firm Show additional information
It was installed yesterday so it is a bit early to evaluate but I was impressed with the service and professionalism and would anticipate a good result Show additional information
Cannot recommend Solareze highly enough, Lindy spent lots of time going through everything, answering all our questions and the installation was fast and effortless. Absolutely brilliant service.The other two companies were nowhere near as helpful and I could not recommend them at all. Show additional information
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Thank you for your very relevant comments: so far , so good. Show additional information
I had a great experience with Solar Eze!
I was very comfortable with Lindy Stanistreet their sales rep she was honest and up front & easy to talk to.
The install team were very professional quick and did a great job!
Very happy and many thanks to you solar quotes for providing great companies.
But Solar Eze was the best!
Thanks Rick
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Very professional with helpful friendly service Show additional information
Installation went well, with the team getting on with the job in a workmanlike manner. Rob made sure I was connected to Solar Web, in order for me to utilize the real-time monitoring app. , which is extremely useful. A hiccup with the inverter had Rob and Dave back the next day, and everything was sorted out within minutes.
We were able to have 20 north-facing panels installed because Rob did an on-site evaluation before we accepted his quote, and we knew exactly how many panels would fit.
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Took time to walk through everything with me and i liked the small company... they seemed genuine and honest with an actual interest in better outcomes for their client. The process was seamless and things seem to be working well... except the sudden onset of a very rainy October in Brisbane ???? Show additional information
We were talked out of acquiring a battery at this stage. Perhaps the others suppliers didn't want to tell us they too would advise against a battery so they didn't follow-up. SolarEZE increased our capacity from 3kW to the max 6kW and set us up with a battery-ready inverter. Show additional information