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About Space Solar , Solar Installers

Space Solar is a full-service renewable energy company that provides customised designs, sales and installations of high quality solar systems.

Based in Yagoona, our Solar Energy Team has successfully installed thousands of solar systems for residential and commercial clients across New South Wales.

Our goal is to provide and deliver a positive experience for all our customers, from the initial contact through to post installation. We are committed to delivering our solar products and services on time and on budget with complete customer service satisfaction.

Space Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
We picked the middle quote on price but the main reason we picked SpaceSolar was that Steve was very knowledgeable and followed up several times. They also have their own team who do the installation. The cheapest quote was on line only - no-one came to look at the house. They did follow up but not much technical information. The salesman who gave us the dearest quote was also knowledgeable but only followed up once. Show additional information
Space Solar were keen, visited the site &, after initially quoted cheap panels, changed the quote with only a minor price change to Trina 700w mono panels which I am pretty happy with.
So ended up with a 3.24kw system using Trina panels & 3Kw Sunglow Inverter, 10 year product warranty including the inverter, new meter and full monitoring for $4400.
Installation is in 2 weeks and that's why I gave "average" to installation i.e. it hasn't happened yet.
AGL said they could provide a new netmeter without charge but couldn't do it until next year. Same seems to apply to other suppliers so there seems to be an industry wide systemic problem. Had to pay $500 to get one any sooner.
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Steve Burgess, the Space Solar rep. was really helpful. He is a South Coast resident and you can't beat local knowledge. Show additional information
Everyone we dealt with was a pleasure to deal with. Tradesmen, sales person, office staff etc. All did what they promised to do and when they promised to do that particular thing. This is very rare these days in my experience so have no problem recommending them. Show additional information
Your service was very helpful Show additional information
Very professional service. Would highly recommend. Show additional information
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Installation was very quick and efficient. The only thing (I am overseas at the moment and haven't had time to fix this) was that the meter needs to be adjusted so that we can sell into the grid. We are with Red Energy. There was some confusion as to whether the installer or Red Energy would adjust the meter to do that. Both said it was the other. I have to take it up with Red Energy when I get back. Show additional information
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No hard sell, professional advice and installation and friendly staff. Simply, just excellent customer service. Show additional information
From the moment salesman Dave P. rang me back after my initial enquiry I felt confident with Space Solar. Dave promptly came out for a site visit, (2 visits in total) and spent several hours with me designing the best system to meet our needs. Furthermore he answered all my many questions via email over the following weeks and was very patient with each change of design I made. Installation took place exactly on the day scheduled by four polite and hard working installers. Similarly the smart meter was installed a few weeks later by another team of two who arrived as scheduled at 3pm on a Friday afternoon. So far the system is producing in excess of expectation, so very impressive! Show additional information
All three vendors were courteous and explained their product proposal well. The price was similar once we had established the same quality product. It was just product preference that decided it for me. Show additional information
Victor and his team at Space Solar did a great in both Sales and installation at a very competitive price. He also follow through with some minor voltage warning from the Fronius Inverter, by making minor adjustments in the inverter voltage settings.
They did my installation within 2 weeks and clean up the mess after completion.
Very happy with their service & price.
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The customer service from the sales rep was excellent. Jackson answered all my questions and follow up questions, quickly and accurately. Jackson was part of the reason we went with this company over a similarly priced company where the sales rep was condescending and borderline rude.

Unfortunately the installers damaged our roof during installation which we discovered when it rained. The sales office left it to the installer to deal with us for repair. The installer then tried to charge an additional fee to come out and fix it which we refused to pay. They then cancelled two appointments. On the day they did come and fix it they're were 4 hours late and I had to cancel another appointment to stay home and make sure they complete the job.

We are very happy with the system.
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Of the three you suggested, he was the only one to visit site and discuss requirements. He supplied the latest panels 300watt 3.6 system which gave me 5kw all up with my existing one. The others were offering 260 -290 watt Panels. One of the others also kept pushing about extra 5 year warranty if I signed up by Friday. Show additional information
Space Solar not only installed the system efficiently, they followed up, at no cost to me even though I offered to pay, a problem which arose after the new meter was installed by AGL's sub-contracted electrician. This involved a site visit of about 1 hour. Space Solar were not obliged to do this. They were concerned, correctly as it turns out, that the meter installation and related changes to the meter box wiring, had not been correctly carried out.

I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Space Solar.
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Your suggestions about what to ask when assessing our options were most helpful in the decision process, and having a knowledgeable person visit the site (only one out of four companies who contacted us) was a real game-changer. The Space Solar rep was personable, knew his stuff and was engaging without being pushy, giving us time to think things through. Show additional information
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I believe seeing the sales person on site is valuable for both of you. It sets up a relationship. Its not good for a salesperson to run down an alternative solution, and then say we could have quoted on that if you really wanted that solution. How was I to know what solution I wanted when I started this? Price is not the only decision determinator as some think. A little more honest information and comparison may help some vendors. Show additional information
Great pre-sales experience with Steve. He lives locally and was very accommodating in terms of dropping by whenever I had any questions. Dealing with the company was straight forward. The installers arrived on the day and hour that they said they would were very friendly and agreeable to locating inverters in the desired location. They appeared to have done a great job (though I was not at all keen on going up on the roof to closely inspect their work however :p) System has only been live for a couple of weeks, but is exceeding my expectations in terms of power generated.

I am not yet connected to the grid, so the experience is not yet complete, but I believe that Steve and the team have managed all the required paperwork in order for that to proceed.

A brief and genuine thanks to SolarQuotes who has made this whole process extremely instructive and educational as well as greatly simplifying the entire procedure.
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Excellent service Show additional information
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Very professional knowledgeable company, answered all of my questions on the spot. Discussed many options with no pressure to go one way or another. Lots of advice regarding the most suitable installation and good quality components. Installation was very efficient, no headaches. Show additional information
Great site - thanks for the tips. Show additional information
Well just in testing phase now as it has only been one day since installing... Show additional information
The installation, by Mike and his off-sider was efficiently and cheerfully done in half a day. The planned siting of the panels was done from a satellite photo but when Mike saw the house and its neighbours he re-arranged, in discussion with me, the panels for optimum exposure. His explanation of the system was clear and the final signing-off was patiently done. Show additional information
Hamza from Space Solar was the first to give me a call back. He did a site visit for a more accurate quote and walked me through the process. He was very responsive and more than happy to answer all my questions and concerns. They also provided the lowest price and their installers are in house (i.e. not subcontracted). My solar PV system has been installed for less than a week and working as expected --- my 5.8kW panels (NE & NW) and 5kW inverter produced 24kWh during a sunny autumn day with a peak power of 4.7kW. Show additional information
The two lnstallers that worked at my home from the time they started & finished they were professional & had absolutely the best manners and we're clean from start to finish. Show additional information
Space solar did an excellent job. They provided all the information required, were responsive and followed through. Show additional information
Installation:- We agreed on and were quoted a 3 phase hybrid system. When the installers came down they did not have the 3 phase inverter so they mounted the panels and did some of the board wiring. Just as they were about to leave I noticed they had only wired the board for a single phase system. I pointed this out to them which caused a little consternation. After about 10 days they bought down the inverter, mounted it and rewired the board for 3 phase. However even though the net meter was included in the initial quote it is still to be installed.
About 4 days ago another electrician arrived to install the net meter but after about 5 min. he left without installing the meter and sent his apprentice in to tell me they had bought the wrong meter ( single phase??) and would come back another time when they got the right meter. So we still don't have a net outflow measurement.
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I can honestly not fault anything with Space Solar. They were the first of the three companies to contact us and their salesman (Jackson) came out for a site inspection 2 hours later. He was very knowledgeable, gave great advice and there was no pressure sales pitch at all. We settled on the panels and inverter (Trina and Fronius) that even the other two suppliers agreed were best for our needs. This left the final decision of who to go with (price and service) very easy. The installation day was cancelled due to terrible weather but they came the next day and everything went smoothly. Show additional information
Installation was quick (3 hrs) and efficient in extremely poor weather. The guys were friendly and very obliging to explain any questions asked of them. Show additional information
I found them to be thorough.
The issue that i had was apparently we were supposed to get a meter installed for the solar (not a smart meter, a solar meter according to the person who installed the smart meter), regardless, i cannot complain about the install and the post service so far.
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All three prospects gave excellently set out proposals. Between them they covered all options. All were stated to be "Battery Storage Ready" (although we intend to leave this until after our return from Europe in 6 months).
First cab off the rank was SOLARPRO of Manly Vale. They came to the site and then offered 4 otpions, essentially 2 different panel options (8 Jinko Smart 260W or 7 LG NeON2 320W) each with 2 inverter options (SolarEdge inverter with Solar Edge Optimisers or Fronius string inverter). Prices (after rebate) ranged from $5824 to $4334.
Next was EXPERT SOLAR Services Pty Ltd of Concord who also visited the site. Their offer was for Solar Edge inverter and Optimisers with 8 REC 280W panels. Price quoted (after rebate) was $6481.
Final quote was from SPACESOLAR of Chatswood. They did not visit the site, working entirely from Google Earth. Their offer was for 8 Trina Honey 290W panels with Enphase Microinverters, with price (after rebate) of $4,849.
In the end I chose the SpaceSolar offer - neither the cheapest not the dearest. I chose the Microinverter system as I felt the 240AC Volts from the panel was a safer electrical option than the others which all ran high-voltage DC current from Panel to Inverter/Controller.
I add I was personally intrigued by the Microinverter system as I am about to fit (myself) 1600W of solar panels to my 22m canal barge in Europe and the 240V from Roof to Engine room seems both a safer option and one more readily scalable (ie with easy potential to add more panels later).
Installation was professional and the staff cheery and cooperative.
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Space Solar were excellent.

The salesperson (Dave P.) helped me all the way through the process from determining which panels to select, accurately calculating the output I would get, through to after sales follow up service. Space Solar determined the number of panels on my roof, and thanks to their configuration I was able to get more panels on the roof than what the other companies calculated who were competing for this job.

The installation team came on time, and spent most of the day installing the panels - the seemed like a very professional team.

Its now 12 months since the installation and we've just completed an inspection by the government dept that conducts random quality spot checks on the work the solar companies do (I think this relates to the rebate process), and their feedback was "this is one of the best systems and installations he had seen – one of the few that were 100% complaint" - which was excellent news.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for the glowing review Gareth. It is good to hear that the report from ORER was positive.
Please do not hesitate to be in contact with our office or Dave with any further requests however small regarding the operation and management of your solar system.
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Due to some sort of communication problem between the office and sales man I had to ring 3 weeks later to find out why I hadn't heard from anyone as I was told id be contacted within a week. I was contacted the next day and booked in 2 weeks away, I was then contacted and told I had to wait a further 2 weeks to have the system installed as the bad weather had the company behind. I still have no system some 7 weeks after shaking hands, so feeling a little frustrated as this quarter continues and my bill grows.

Supplier Reply

We sincerely apologise that your installation has been delayed twice. Sydney has just experienced the wettest March in 30 years and we are not able to conduct installations on rainy days due to safety compliance. We move all of our future installations in order for fairness. I hope that once your system is on you will be so pleased with the result that you will excuse the delay. Thanks. Show additional information
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Awesome experience and very friendly and professional team. Keep up the good work guys.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your feedback Ali! Show additional information
Install was 3 weeks later than quoted. The friendly and professional workforce were not aware of the latest panel install config on roof and questioned it. Wanting to put all panels together via an East and West split.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your compliments regarding our installation team Gary. Much appreciated. We apologise that your installation was delayed but are pleased that the most efficient solar design could be achieved on the day of installation after a couple of slight arrangement tweaks. Please don't hesitate to communicate with us regarding the ongoing operation and monitoring of your system. We look forward to your feedback.
Kind regards
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Thanks for the quotes I selected one and will be installed in two weeks Again l appreciate your professional manner and feed back.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your compliments Gary. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance regarding the operation of your system or reading of your updated bills post solar installation. Show additional information
Service great. Installation delayed by rain which was ok as I didn't want people falling off the roof.

Supplier Reply

Thank you for your understanding regarding the weather conditions. Show additional information
The installers arrived exactly on time on the day they said they would. They were polite, informative, professional and worked quietly and efficiently. The panels etc. were installed faster than I had expected and they did a good job. They cleaned up any debris they had created before they left. I can really recommend this company they have terrific customer service and products.

Please do not use my Surname if use my review on your website

Supplier Reply

Thank you very much Sally. We are pleased that your experience with all of our staff was so positive. Please let us know when we can be of further assistance. Show additional information
The Space Solar sales guy was most helpful, guiding me through the various options he thought might address what I had in mind. He taught me a lot about solar power generating options along the way! No hard sell, just expert advice.

The installation guys arriving right on the appointed time, did an excellent installation job, tidied up after finishing and then spent time setting up the Enphase Enlighten monitoring account. The technician spent time to make sure that I was comfortable with using the monitoring system.
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The system has not been installed yet but so far my experience has been good. Show additional information