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About Space Solar , Solar Installers

Space Solar is a full-service renewable energy company that provides customised designs, sales and installations of high quality solar systems. Our Solar Energy Team has successfully installed thousands of solar systems for residential and commercial clients.

Our goal is to provide and deliver a positive experience for all our customers, from the initial contact through to post installation. We are committed to delivering our solar products and services on time and on budget with complete customer service satisfaction.

Our NSW office is located at D3/ 101 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW 2199

Our VIC office is located at U3/ 8 Samantha Court, Knoxfield VIC 3180

Space Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
Solar Consultant Steve Burgess was very informative, friendly and professional.
He visited twice and on the second visit designed with me how/where the solar system would fit on the roof and the best position for the inverter.
The different makes of panels and inverters were discussed, together with system size, in order for me to get the best value for money system for my circumstances.
The istallation team was efficient, clean, polite, cooperative and professional completing the task within five hours.
Net metering was completed two days after the solar panel installation.
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Seems a very professional company, Am convinced 10 year warranty on the Fronius inverter was essential, lots of other companies only offered 5 years.
Early days so far, Panels installed three weeks ago and am still awaiting installation of smart meter. So far so good.
Keith Smith
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This my one year { 10months } review, as mentioned in my original review would only be Too pleased to" upgrade" review, Space solar rep David was most informative ,suggesting that a change in energy supplier would be to our advantage, and we changed to Mojo Power , What a big difference to power bills, thanks David, system great and great savings all round, and would recommend Both David and Space solar ,However for one major problem, our concern with Space solar is their Office Managment, On or about the 10 of August 2017, i contacted Space solar ,as i had been away, members of my family became concerned that "maybe "the Rails that Panels connected to had lifted due to very windy conditions, spoke to a Office person and forwarded a photo of our roof and solar panel fixing, NOt one but several Phone calls and Photos, In my call to Space Solar mentioned that knowing they would be very busy ,i was prepared to wait for them to schedule an Inspection, Office person made mention that as soon as possible a Crew working close to our area would attend calling prior to arriving.To our great disappointment NOT a call from anyone, nothing at all, Now our concerns are if in the future a major problem or for that matter any queries arrises What will Space Solar response be as in this case, No response, This is a very alarming situation to be placed in after being so pleased with Space Solar to start with and now feel let down. As for their Office management communcatitions along with a difficulty such as an accent does not make matters any easier Show additional information
Impressed with representative and installers. Show additional information
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After getting three responses from SolarQuotes, two sent email quotes and one visited our property. He promised to send some updated information but we never heard from him again. I then sought a quote from Space Solar who responded promptly and visited our home. After some initial concerns with some of the information provided, the Sales Manager - Jackson Munro - listened patiently to my points and was very helpful in response. Installation was ahead of the projected date, and was very smooth. The site was left clean and the installer worked through the computer set-up with me to make sure that it was operational. Since then, there have not been any problems and the system - 20 Trina 300 watt panels and S270 Enphase microinverters - is working better than projected output had indicated. We are very happy with the final result. Show additional information
These installers were so polite, professional and thorough. Sometimes tradies can be absolutely arrogant know-it-alls. These fellows were so accomodating. I told the head electrician I needed power to fridge and freezer in a blackout. The freezer was in a shed a fair distance from the house but he worked on it until he isolated the circuit and then tested it all before he ran me through the whole system. They replaced all my panels with Trina 300 watt panels for $2k less than the competition who were going to keep my old panels and add just 6 new ones. Very happy! Show additional information
One supplier did not wish to come to quote, preferring to do it via google earth and then told us they would honour the quotation if we were to decide that day to accept it. They have since rung back several times.
The other two were genuine and their prices were all the same but one indicated he could not hold the STC quotation because he was a small operator and could not afford to do so if the variation was too great. Hence we went with Space Solar but we would have been happy with either of these companies.They were helpful, arrived when they said they would and explained everything about the systems they were offering even down to showing us the fixings they would use to secure the panels to the roof.
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After a great deal of research (Thanks Solar Quotes) I decided on Space Solar Pty Ltd. The main reasons I chose this company was (1) their background in commercial installations as well as residential. (2) They were prepared to visit the site and answer all of my question of which I asked many. (3) The representative that visited my home was extremely helpful in assisting me make a decision and was very knowledgeable. (4) Space Solar do not use sub contractors for their installations. Space Solar was not the cheapest that was offered but they were competitive and reasonably fair in price in my estimation. The installation was carried out in a professional manner and on the date advised. The system is running like clockwork and I am happy that it is performing beyond my expectations. If I moved and required a new system I would call them up without hesitation. I am a very satisfied customer. Show additional information
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The Sales person explained everything about the system and was very polite and easy to deal with, the installation was done on time and without any problems, happy customer with Space Solar. Show additional information
Buying a Solar system is steep learning curve. Initially going for a battery system with back up. The second tenderer, even though they supplied a competitive price, actually advised against batteries at present. Checking your "Solar Quotes" site had the same advice.
Why I went with Space Solar -
James the salesman was always available or would contact me quickly If I had any questions.
James was the first to do a site inspection.
James is a salesman - he had to contact the engineering section to answer some of my questions, did not bluff his way through.
When we decided to go with the solar only (no batteries). Space Solar came back with the required quote.
The competitor said he would honor his initial quote for the required system. If I required a new quote it would be dearer because the CTC,s price had dropped. They also were adamant that the inverter and such had to be located at the house even though the panels would be on a detached backyard shed (mains power connected to shed) On reflection this might have been so as to install a reliable monitoring system.
Installation. Even though Space Solar is located in the Central Coast the crew came from Sydney a 2hr trip. A bit of a communication / accent problem, understanding questions raised, they being either Chinese or Korean. Cant fault hardware installation though, all aluminium and stainless steel fittings. Not being an electrician I cant comment on actual connection but finished job has a neat and tidy appearance. The drawback was that they could not guarantee that the "OWL"monitor system would work, so far from the modem (25mtr), so it was not installed. Awaiting Net meter to be installed, by Space Solar, to complete job.
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Salesman excellent, came to my home the next day, answered every question then gave specific advice on each. They honoured the STC's I was quoted at time of 1st quote even though they dropped markedly ($1800 value) before installation, unlike one local firm that quoted the new (lower) STC's 24 hours before the rates officially changed!!!
Space Solar kept me informed by phone and even installed a week earlier. The installation was superb and efficient. The system is running well and has exceeded my calculations and expectations.
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Excellent price and installation. The installers were experienced and efficient.
Connecting up to the grid to get the FIT was more messy and I'd recommend to agree this clearly in writing as part of the contract.
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Provided a good service. And the installation team were professional and efficient. They fitted an 18 panel system with a hybrid inverter. They also provided the necessary operating info and went through all the paperwork with regards to warranties, shutting down procedure in the event of an emergency and the maintenance of the solar panels . Would recommend their service. Show additional information
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The sales person Steve Burgess was very informative and could not do enough for me. The installation team were first class young tradesmen. The job was completed on time in a very professional manner. I would recommend this company to anyone looking at installing solar. I am a retired electrician who has worked in the steel industry for 46 years. Show additional information
Referred from another satisfied customer.
All good.
Just hope the solar system over time gives good value for money, and delivers lots of our own, privately generated energy.
Will install battery when cheaper.
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We picked the middle quote on price but the main reason we picked SpaceSolar was that Steve was very knowledgeable and followed up several times. They also have their own team who do the installation. The cheapest quote was on line only - no-one came to look at the house. They did follow up but not much technical information. The salesman who gave us the dearest quote was also knowledgeable but only followed up once. Show additional information
Space Solar were keen, visited the site &, after initially quoted cheap panels, changed the quote with only a minor price change to Trina 700w mono panels which I am pretty happy with.
So ended up with a 3.24kw system using Trina panels & 3Kw Sunglow Inverter, 10 year product warranty including the inverter, new meter and full monitoring for $4400.
Installation is in 2 weeks and that's why I gave "average" to installation i.e. it hasn't happened yet.
AGL said they could provide a new netmeter without charge but couldn't do it until next year. Same seems to apply to other suppliers so there seems to be an industry wide systemic problem. Had to pay $500 to get one any sooner.
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Steve Burgess, the Space Solar rep. was really helpful. He is a South Coast resident and you can't beat local knowledge. Show additional information
Everyone we dealt with was a pleasure to deal with. Tradesmen, sales person, office staff etc. All did what they promised to do and when they promised to do that particular thing. This is very rare these days in my experience so have no problem recommending them. Show additional information
Your service was very helpful Show additional information
Very professional service. Would highly recommend. Show additional information
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Installation was very quick and efficient. The only thing (I am overseas at the moment and haven't had time to fix this) was that the meter needs to be adjusted so that we can sell into the grid. We are with Red Energy. There was some confusion as to whether the installer or Red Energy would adjust the meter to do that. Both said it was the other. I have to take it up with Red Energy when I get back. Show additional information
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No hard sell, professional advice and installation and friendly staff. Simply, just excellent customer service. Show additional information
From the moment salesman Dave P. rang me back after my initial enquiry I felt confident with Space Solar. Dave promptly came out for a site visit, (2 visits in total) and spent several hours with me designing the best system to meet our needs. Furthermore he answered all my many questions via email over the following weeks and was very patient with each change of design I made. Installation took place exactly on the day scheduled by four polite and hard working installers. Similarly the smart meter was installed a few weeks later by another team of two who arrived as scheduled at 3pm on a Friday afternoon. So far the system is producing in excess of expectation, so very impressive! Show additional information
All three vendors were courteous and explained their product proposal well. The price was similar once we had established the same quality product. It was just product preference that decided it for me. Show additional information
Victor and his team at Space Solar did a great in both Sales and installation at a very competitive price. He also follow through with some minor voltage warning from the Fronius Inverter, by making minor adjustments in the inverter voltage settings.
They did my installation within 2 weeks and clean up the mess after completion.
Very happy with their service & price.
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The customer service from the sales rep was excellent. Jackson answered all my questions and follow up questions, quickly and accurately. Jackson was part of the reason we went with this company over a similarly priced company where the sales rep was condescending and borderline rude.

Unfortunately the installers damaged our roof during installation which we discovered when it rained. The sales office left it to the installer to deal with us for repair. The installer then tried to charge an additional fee to come out and fix it which we refused to pay. They then cancelled two appointments. On the day they did come and fix it they're were 4 hours late and I had to cancel another appointment to stay home and make sure they complete the job.

We are very happy with the system.
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Of the three you suggested, he was the only one to visit site and discuss requirements. He supplied the latest panels 300watt 3.6 system which gave me 5kw all up with my existing one. The others were offering 260 -290 watt Panels. One of the others also kept pushing about extra 5 year warranty if I signed up by Friday. Show additional information
Space Solar not only installed the system efficiently, they followed up, at no cost to me even though I offered to pay, a problem which arose after the new meter was installed by AGL's sub-contracted electrician. This involved a site visit of about 1 hour. Space Solar were not obliged to do this. They were concerned, correctly as it turns out, that the meter installation and related changes to the meter box wiring, had not been correctly carried out.

I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Space Solar.
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Your suggestions about what to ask when assessing our options were most helpful in the decision process, and having a knowledgeable person visit the site (only one out of four companies who contacted us) was a real game-changer. The Space Solar rep was personable, knew his stuff and was engaging without being pushy, giving us time to think things through. Show additional information
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I believe seeing the sales person on site is valuable for both of you. It sets up a relationship. Its not good for a salesperson to run down an alternative solution, and then say we could have quoted on that if you really wanted that solution. How was I to know what solution I wanted when I started this? Price is not the only decision determinator as some think. A little more honest information and comparison may help some vendors. Show additional information
Great pre-sales experience with Steve. He lives locally and was very accommodating in terms of dropping by whenever I had any questions. Dealing with the company was straight forward. The installers arrived on the day and hour that they said they would were very friendly and agreeable to locating inverters in the desired location. They appeared to have done a great job (though I was not at all keen on going up on the roof to closely inspect their work however :p) System has only been live for a couple of weeks, but is exceeding my expectations in terms of power generated.

I am not yet connected to the grid, so the experience is not yet complete, but I believe that Steve and the team have managed all the required paperwork in order for that to proceed.

A brief and genuine thanks to SolarQuotes who has made this whole process extremely instructive and educational as well as greatly simplifying the entire procedure.
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Excellent service Show additional information
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Very professional knowledgeable company, answered all of my questions on the spot. Discussed many options with no pressure to go one way or another. Lots of advice regarding the most suitable installation and good quality components. Installation was very efficient, no headaches. Show additional information
Great site - thanks for the tips. Show additional information
Well just in testing phase now as it has only been one day since installing... Show additional information
The installation, by Mike and his off-sider was efficiently and cheerfully done in half a day. The planned siting of the panels was done from a satellite photo but when Mike saw the house and its neighbours he re-arranged, in discussion with me, the panels for optimum exposure. His explanation of the system was clear and the final signing-off was patiently done. Show additional information
Hamza from Space Solar was the first to give me a call back. He did a site visit for a more accurate quote and walked me through the process. He was very responsive and more than happy to answer all my questions and concerns. They also provided the lowest price and their installers are in house (i.e. not subcontracted). My solar PV system has been installed for less than a week and working as expected --- my 5.8kW panels (NE & NW) and 5kW inverter produced 24kWh during a sunny autumn day with a peak power of 4.7kW. Show additional information