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About Space Solar , Solar Installers

Space Solar is a full-service renewable energy company that provides customised designs, sales and installations of high quality solar systems. Our Solar Energy Team has successfully installed thousands of solar systems for residential and commercial clients.

Our goal is to provide and deliver a positive experience for all our customers, from the initial contact through to post installation. We are committed to delivering our solar products and services on time and on budget with complete customer service satisfaction.

Our NSW office is located at D3/ 101 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW 2199

Our VIC office is located at U3/ 8 Samantha Court, Knoxfield VIC 3180

Space Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
I did a fair bit of research and your website was great. As when you get your quotes back everyone has a slightly different product, system size and price. I went with Steve from Solar space because he was informative, he showed me the quality of the brackets using good quality panels and they use their own installers.

The installers were great nice neat job and very accommodating with placement of the inverter.

Only had system installed recently so cannot comment on efficiency at this time so time will tell.
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One was first to contact me by email, but did not further follow up, no phone calls, no further emails, very poor I thought. Very happy with Space Solar, quick to get back to me with any queries. After receiving a second quote from a different company (who didn't bother to come out but did follow up with phone calls), I asked for a comparison price from Space Solar for the equivalent Panels and Inverter and they still came out better than the original quote. At this stage I am waiting on the Inspector from my Energy Provider as well as there paperwork (which hasn't been emailed to me after 10 days). I am following up on that tomorrow, bit annoyed that they still charge me a "new" connection fee after getting by the time it is all signed off on about 40 days of "my" power from the panels. Eagerly awaiting my first couple of bills to see what sort of saving I am making. All in all very happy I went with Space Solar, turned up on day they said and completed in 6-8 hours, no broken tiles and looks good. I am glad I did some research on Inverters and Panels on your website first. Show additional information
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Appreciated the unpressured approach from Space Solar and the honest answers to questions I had. Show additional information
Everything went smoothly from beginning to end..
We did not have to chase them up about anything, and it was no problem to change a couple of things from the original quote.
The customer service from everyone involved was excellent.
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that company to others.
Thank you very much for your help.
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Great service as I was offered with a couple of different options between using micro inverters or string inverter combine with optimisers due to having a big tree which is causing a lot of shades in the morning. No pressure as to which system I have to choose. Your website is so informative and helps me a lot in making my decision. Thanks. Show additional information
Out of the 3 quotes I got, Space Solar were the only ones who actually came out and sat down with me to discuss the options and answer all of my questions. I also got honest answers to tricky questions that I already knew the answers too. Of the other two suppliers, one was a bit ignorant in answering some of the questions and the other was just flat out wrong and refused to be corrected! So it was very pleasant to sit down with Michael from Space Solar who took the time to model out panel placements, discuss cable routing, look for potential issues on the roof, etc. Had this not occurred then I wouldn't have realised that I needed to have my TV antenna moved to my south-facing roof to fit more panels on, which would have resulted in various installation difficulties.

The installation of my 11.4kW system was completed by 6 guys in a single day without any dramas and we are now producing more than twice the power we actually consume!

The only minor negative is that I never got a phone call a few days out to confirm the date of installation, but it all went ahead on the initial planned date when I signed on the dotted line anyway. Lead time was about 3.5 weeks.
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Had a bad experience with their sales person, but he has now left the Company. Service has much improved. Show additional information
Went with Space Solar ...Self installation Company swayed our decision Show additional information
They took the time to work out exactly what we wanted and were flexible on the day of installation to deal with some wiring placement issues. The system has been working well since. Biggest problem appears to be with getting our meter changed, as thats down to the energy supplier, who seems to like taking their time about it.

I now have the ability to measure power usage and generation every 10 minutes and use that to automatically control some big loads in the house. The energy bill should more than halve as a result.
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All went very well.
The Smart Meter connection was a little bit tricky... but this wasn't Space solar's fault.
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Installed 10kw system in March 18, they not the cheapest but i checked review online and most of them are very positive. so I decide to go with them.

After two weeks, the system shut down with an error code, contacted space solar, no one in their office be able to tell me why. Later on spoke with one of their technician which told me he going to come and check the system this afternoon. No one show up, after spend 10k on the system, it stop working in two weeks.. very disappointed, their phone goes to voice mail and no one get back to me yet...

The technician came and inspected the system, but can't identify the issue. However, the system back online after restart the system. Since then I received multiple phone call and asking me to change the review, which i did on the 4th May.

The system were not generate as much power as before, the space solar technician told me to wait until Summer and if still not generate enough then they will came out and check again. However, they insist for me to remove my review for now as system is working in their view.

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I found out, after the system had been installed, that the grid voltage at my house frequently exceeds the regulation of 253 v max. Consequently the inverter frequently trips because of high AC grid voltage.
Some week since the installation date and 5 days since complaining to United Energy (U E) I am still waiting for U E to commence a recorded check of the voltage - a precursor, I was advised, before they will take any corrective action. To date therefore the solar system has been practically worthless--- the periods it has been shut down have exceeded those when it has been generating.
The message to any body considering solar is to first check whether the voltage at your residence complies with Australian regulations of 230 v + 10%, - 5%.

The quality of Space Solar's work was fine but communications on technical aspects was a bit tortuous because English is a 2nd language to some of their personnel.
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Installation was done wrong and had to be changed. Left framework of wrong installation still on roof. Many cracked tiles. System not working to performance expected 70% efficency instead of sold 80%. No follow up so far from company to check all is working as was dark when finished on the day. Waited 2 weeks for safety checks. Still waiting for paperwork and meter reconfiguration so not sure how long. Sales person Frank was very good.

Supplier Reply

Sorry for the installation issue. I believe we resolved it in the end. The output of your system varies depending on the day and on the season because of the angle of the sun onto the panels. You can track it on the monitoring software. Independent inspectors work on their own schedules, but we try to make sure everything is in a timely manner. Thanks for the feedback and feel free to contact us about anything. Show additional information
The installers did everything they could to make adjustments to ensure I was completely satisfied with the panel positioning. Some of the workers were not proficient in English but were accompanied by ones that were so that was fine. Although queries were difficult by telephone enquiry, email correspondence proved very effective. Show additional information
Solar Installation

During October 2017 I asked for and received 7 quotes for a domestic rooftop solar installation to supplement a 3-phase supply. Two quotes were received from Origin Energy (which is my current retailer); 3 quotes from other installers in my area; and 2 quotes from installers recommended by Solar Quotes (one of the 3 initially recommended did not respond).

I chose Space Services Solar Pty Ltd mainly on the basis of competitive and realistic cost, and quality of equipment. The equipment tendered included 20 x 300W Trina Mono DD05A-08C117 panels and a 5 kW Fronius 3-phase inverter for a good price. Solar metering was included, but a refund of $300 would apply if the retailer did the net metering. Work was expected to commence in 3-4 weeks. I accepted this quote and paid a deposit on 26/10/17 (Day 0).

Due to delays in importing the inverters, actual installation work was carried out in one day on 21/12/17 (Day 56). However, on that day I was informed that as of 01/12/17 Origin had changed its policy regarding net meters so that Space Solar could not do it and I had to apply to Origin for it to be done.

I did phone Origin on 21/12/17 but they required an application form to be completed. This form proved to have been designed for another purpose so it took some time to figure out how to fill it in to their satisfaction. On 18/01/18 Origin confirmed they had raised a reference number for their subsidiary Acumen to change my metering setup and complete the work within 30 business days (which would be before 2/03/18). That day came and went and eventually Acumen did the metering work on 11/04/18 (Day 167).

Meanwhile I had to choose a new electricity supply plan. I chose Origin's Solar Boost Plan which gave a 15 cent/kWh feed in tariff. Origin has a plan that gives 17 cents/kWh but only if Origin does the solar installation.

Satisfaction: Space Solar High
Origin Low
Reading the new meter Complex
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At the end of the day, there are a lot of pressure merchants in the Solar business. Spacesolar didn’t pressure me to buy, however, they were very good at making sure I purchased a good system.
Good value for money.
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We are happy with the system so far, generating good power, in fact, more power than our average daily consumption.

The Installation team were efficient, they were also quite polite and reasonable.

In hindsight there are some things I wish were told regarding the system before installation (Given this was our first Solar installation)

- The importance of aesthetics of the panels, in our case the roof is visible from the road, so it would have been good to run through the looks of different panel options
- an overview of monitoring options post install

1.5 months later we are still awaiting the net metering be installed to get the feed-in tariff, although this is with the energy retailer (nothing to do with space solar).

Overall we are happy with Space solar - and a special thanks to the installation team who did a great job.
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Quick to respond to delay of digital metre. Change of rules by state effected installation but company refunded us the cost. Show additional information
Experience went well until they cancelled the installation date 2 days out because one of the installers couldn't do that day. Doesn't sound like a big deal but we had to juggle significant commitments to other weekends to fit the agreed date only to have to reshuffle everything again. If you choose to have the installation done on a Saturday like we did (work during the week like most people) just be aware that there appears to be no backup installer to fill in so you could get caught out with the same issue... other than that they have been great to deal with thus far... Show additional information
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Space Solar Victoria went beyond with regards to complete level of service and installation.
The communication to us was high and clear. No hesitation in recommending them.
We installed a "SG5KTL-D Sungrow" dual circuit 6kW Inverter with 6.6kW, 24-off "CS6K-275P Canadian Solar", 275W Solar Panels.
We opted for the total 10yr warranty extension on the inverter (normally 5yr). All the warranties are great - on installation and materials.
Extremely neat installation. c/w Mobile remote access through "Solar info home".
So far aprox running for a month with no issues - have had many days over 35kWh!! (our panels face North West)
We are very Happy With Space Solar Victoria, Thank you.
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It hasn't been installed yet! Don't mind revisiting once it has been installed. Show additional information
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Still waiting for meter change but happy so far. Show additional information
Three good referrals thank you. It was good having the information you sent to make informed decisions, as there are many factors to consider, and find what what works best for our needs. We have made our decision and will be getting our system installed soon. Show additional information
Excellent installation team. Worked flat out all day, not even taking a lunch break. Very respectful and left job exceptionally tidy and clean. James Bailey from Central Coast very helpful and patient with me while I was making my decision. Show additional information
Space Solar were great. Booked the installation in, and had it installed a week earlier because of a cancellation. The installers battled rain to get our system installed which was great also. The customer service after installation from Space Solar has been fantastic also. Would definitely recommend. Show additional information
Steve, Space Solars rep. was very patient and answered all our questions well. Their installation team arrived early and got straight into it, barely stopping to eat and drink even though it was a fairly hot day.

With our experience, we would recommend (and already have) Space Solar to anyone.
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There was about a $2k difference in price with equivalent systems. One quote was sight unseen (quoted from google map view) Show additional information
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The team was efficient and all went smoothly Show additional information
Good communication and follow up from the person who sold me the system. Installers we efficient, thorough, and professional. Unfortunately I was not present for the installation so my daughter was required to do the setup ‘Envoy - MyEnlighten’ in my place.

I am seeking an oversight of the array layout functionality that enables individual panel monitoring for efficiency output, but I am very happy with the system and already can see the savings day by day production vs consumption.

Solar to me is an investment that I wished I took earlier - but it’s better late than never and I’m now accelerating forward to reclaiming cost of system outlay. I’m also glad I oversized the system in preparation for the new Spa we installed!!! Who knew they used up so much power. (Consumption monitoring is a Gem - can even tell when the Mrs is boiling the jug for a coffee. )
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The sales person was very helpful. He was keen to come to our place to discuss our needs and the quote rather than doing everything by phone. The installers were very thorough and appear to have done a good job.

My only gripe is with AGL who took 5 weeks to change the meter. The first call request to AGL for a new meter was never recorded in their system. The second request , which I made a week later, got "stuck in the system" to use their words, so The order had to be started again. Two weeks lost. When I contacted them a week later I was told the installation would be in another 2 weeks and was given a date. When I later contacted AGLs installer (Active Stream) they told me a different date - another week later.
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Friendly and helpful sales rep. (James) Waiting for installation, very confusing around energy supply hooking up to installation. Who does what when all the new rules....james doung his best to sort it out for me ... so watch this space for further reviews. Show additional information
The stand out aspect with Space Solar was the level of attention to detail and care by the install team. Mike and his lads clearly knew exactly what they were doing and took time to explain stuff as well as doing a first class job of the install. Mike himself has followed up very quickly on 2 or 3 minor set up related questions I've had and has liaised with Goddwe (inverters) to do online configuration tweaks for me.

My only gripe with the whole process is not with Sace Solar, the installers but with the provisioning of a 2-way meter which involves the suppliers and their 3rd party who have constantly let me down with a no show and no follow up. The whole process has been a learning curve where I now feel like I could run a supplier and do a better job than they do, not to mention the distributor who's power supply regularly spikes above the Australian standard and clearly don't have any quality control or oversight in my area regarding consistency of supply (we get frequent power cuts too).

Bottom line - do a LOT of research, be prepared to get the runaround and a lot of complete misinformation from people in the industry who haven't the faintest idea what they're talking about and you'll be fine!
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We are about to sign the contract and pay the deposit. Space Solar is not pushy and listened to my concerns on shading and came up with what we think is the solution for us. I would not hesitate in recommending them. Finn I would like to thank you and your staff for following up, the information on your web site was a big help. Show additional information