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About Space Solar , Solar Installers

Space Solar is a full-service renewable energy company that provides customised designs, sales and installations of high quality solar systems. Our Solar Energy Team has successfully installed thousands of solar systems for residential and commercial clients.

Our goal is to provide and deliver a positive experience for all our customers, from the initial contact through to post installation. We are committed to delivering our solar products and services on time and on budget with complete customer service satisfaction.

Our NSW office is located at D3/ 101 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW 2199

Our VIC office is located at U3/ 8 Samantha Court, Knoxfield VIC 3180

Space Solar Solar Reviews

We follow up with all reviewers after 12 months to see how their system is going since it was installed. These are all the reviewers who have responded to our 1 year follow up:
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Had a bunch of back and forth as we attempted to get 3 phase upgrade done at the same time which lead to delays, but installers were excellent, system works great. Show additional information
The only company to send someone out to see us and explain the options for what is a very complicated purchase! Show additional information
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Paid deposit waiting on install Show additional information
I did ask the salesman to ring me about the installation and whether they would angle of the panels to achieve optimism sun exposure but he didn't get back to me. The installer ended up putting the solar panels straight onto the roof without tilting the panels for optimum performance. However the roof title is approx 15% so hopefully this will be okay. The installer did say that the tilting the panels could create shading but i was not sure that this was true when they would not have to been titled at a large angle. Show additional information
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We chose SpaceSolar because the sales rep actually made an appointment and came to the house within 2 days of our initial email contact, seemed to understand our needs and didn't try foisting a bigger than necessary system on us. We didn't have to wait too long for it to be installed. Of the other 2 companies you suggested, one emailed a brochure and we never heard from him again, and the other tried to radar the quote over the phone - clearly not interested in turning up.
You gave me the name of a company in Kiama bit they were obviously totally uninterested in quoting - I rang them and I am still waiting for a reply! (6 months ago)
Thanks for all your information and assistance. Sorry not to have replied earlier.
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Good professional service from Space Solar this far; currently awaiting installation due to high volume of year end sales but this is booked in a couple of weeks' time. Will report back afterwards. Show additional information
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I was quite happy with the system overall and it seems to be generating good power. Still not 100% sure when the feed in tarrif will be all approved etc (and I suppose I'm assuming that this is on track). The installers made a real effort to fit in with me which was appreciated.

A small leak in the roof tile is apparent following installation however the company is following up (and I'm sure will do the right thing).

I found your information video at the start extremely helpful and made the difference between me doing it and not (don't get much time to research this stuff) - Nice one, and thank you.
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Salesmen was prompt and efficient. He replied with answers to queries up to paying for the system. After that he didn't follow up on my queries ( complaints ). Also there is no co-ordination between the installer and the sales person. On the day of installation the location of the inverter was changed.
The installers were polite and efficient, they installed on a Sunday before Christmas because they had a cancellation. However the head installer ( electrician ) couldn't help me set up a wi-fi connection to the inverter, he said it was too far from my modem. On emailing the office in Sydney, the reply I got back was that I would need to buy and install a wi-fi booster or card wire the inverter. A further email from me regarding this went and is still unanswered. However with the help of a friend we managed to download the Frontius app and connect to the inverter, which is working well.
Another installation issue was that when the installers left I found I had no power to my garage lights. The installer came back a few days later and realised he had forgot to re-connect the power to these lights.
Space Solar needed a fair bit of prompting to help me fill out the form for the nett meter installer. The head installer (electrician) had no idea when I asked him to help me. Customer service was eventually more helpful.
In summary Space Solar should ensure that the installer knows how to set up wifi for monitoring the system and that he has completed all the install correctly. They should also help in filling out the forms for the nett meter without being prompted.
No-one from the company has been out to inspect the installation which was carried out by their own staff. They were keen to make the sale but follow up has been poor. I just assume and hope that the install was done correctly and to all relevant codes.
The other installer that quoted took a bit of prompting to get him out to do the quote and then he didn't respond to my queries regarding the quote. It was frustrating because he seemed very competent and knowledgeable.
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Your website and info and staff responses were all excellent. Many thanks. Show additional information
SpaceSolar were a great company to deal with, very impressed indeed. Right from Frank in Sales to Sarah in admin they were very responsive & professional all the way through the project. The installers were a feat to watch, they started before 9am, and the system (with 13 panels) was up and running by 2:45pm. So very happy with SpaceSoar, I have recommended them to others interested in solar. Show additional information
The system was installed on an extremely hot day so the installers really worked hard it is early days yet but other that the inverter etc on the wall not looking very attractive all else is going well. Show additional information
Currently still awaiting the installation to take place. The sales man was really good and explained the options and the system. The other companies were not so great. One didn't even come out they just gave a quote on email. The other took a lot to get them to come out and then never sent through a quote despite me following them up. Space Solar wasn't the cheapest option but they were informative friendly and provide a high quality system despite the fact I was leaning towards a cheaper system the information they provided changed my decision. Show additional information
The company that provided the third quote was very slow to respond and did a terrible home presentation but then eventually came up with the lowest price. By the time the quote came I had already made a decision. Show additional information
Salespeople didn't seem to really understand & explain how panels would fit on roof ie no measurements were made & info didn't seem to have been passed on to installation team. Also, while a panel upgrade was required & was supposed to have occurred on same day, installers were not aware of it & needed to contact supervisor with it being upgraded 4 days later. Show additional information
I haven't had the installation yet. Paid deposit on 1st December and had to chase up to get the installation date, which ended up being 2 months later. Apart from that, happy with the service I've received so far. Sales person wasn't pushy and didn't seem to stuff me around like other retailers had previously. Happy to update my review once I've had the installation. Show additional information
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The system was installed yesterday, the guys doing the installation did a fantastic job in the extreme heat.
It has been a pleasure dealing with space solar. You have kept me informed all the way through the process.
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We have paid deposit only so far. Waiting for reply as to installation date.
Sales person was helpful and patient.
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After speaking with the sales person at our home, I was quite confident about going with Space Solar. Decided and made the deposit the same day based on an estimated 4/5 weeks for the installation.
Unfortunately, I needed to call to check whether i had a scheduled booking at the 4 week mark. And was told there was a backlog and the installation would be booked for 5 weeks later than that.

I don't know if there had actually been a communication issue and my call had prompted the booking to happen then and there, of if there did happen to be an exactly 4 week delay for all jobs. Anyway, it soured the experience a bit.

The other thing that happened is that I had a call closer to the installation date saying they didn't have enough of the Canadian Solar panels that we'd ordered, so they were "upgrading us to Trina panels" ... I don't actually know if the Trina panels are considered an upgrade, that may be the case. But the fact is that they ran out of stock, and thats a shame.

The Installation went without a hitch, the 2 installers were very polite and communicative about the work. And completed the job in the timeframe they'd estimated. So that was awesome.

As part of the Inverter, I'd also ordered a wifi monitor to check on the energy yield. That took a while for the installers to set up on my phone, and they said i could just log on to the website on my computer too, but my credentials don't seem to work on the website... so I'll have to look into that.

The installation looks great on the roof, and the inverter installation is very neat.

I can highly recommend this crew.
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Very pleased to have found a system and installer within our budget. He has high hopes for our system. When we signed and paid deposit 13/11/17 the install date went from " in 2 weeks to ...sorry mate can't do it till after January...". in fact we have no install date. we know its busy in this business but keeping promises is pretty basic.
Ask us agin after install.
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Had agreed for Solexcel to install 3kw system. No details of the components was provided at the time. Expected this would be confirmed a few days later. No contact from them for 3 weeks and after my telephone call was advised that it would be installed 5 days later. No arrival, no telephone call. I then canceled the contract and they will not refund the $500 deposit that they had requested What a difference to Spacesolar! Show additional information
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They were happy to talk until I paid the deposit. After that no communication from either the salesman Hamza or the company. Still waiting for the installation. I was told it will happen in Nov/Dec but has now been scheduled for mid Jan after I called them. Show additional information
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Not installed yet, but Dave was amazing and super patient and helpful even with the quantity and lack of quality of my questions!! Haha

Took the time to explain, recommend, competitively quote and close out... very happy with the service.
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I have not had the install done yet, due to the Christmas holiday break, although Space Solar / Steve where extremely helpful and offered us the best option for our needs. Show additional information
I have had Solar put on a previous residence so I have been through some of this process before.
I liked this salesperson. The product as he explains it seems great. His response to enquiries immediate. And the price is excellent. I did not get another quote when his price is so reasonable.
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We selected Space Solar as they supply our preferred Trina panels and SMA inverter. The sales contact James was very responsive and the quote provided was considered competitive. James also provided a quote with a Sungrow inverter and after some further research we went with 6 kWH Trina panel system and a single phase 5kWH Sungrow inverter. On a clear Spring day the system has been producing 44 kWh. The installation team were very professional, polite and happy to answer questions and discuss the installation process with us. The net meter was installed 16 days after the system install. Would happily recommend Space Solar NSW for service and fair value pricing. Show additional information
Had a minor hiccup with the solar panel position other than that they were very efficient and helpful from quote to completing the job Show additional information
When quote accepted promised before Xmas but not now to be installed till first week in January when subsidy has gone down. Don't know if this will change price but I don,t feel it should as delay was not due to anything I did. Show additional information
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My decision to go with Dave Palmisano's quote from Space Solar was based on the fact that he didn't offer me 1 quote he offered me 4. Because I had done some extensive homework on many panels and inverters, I knew what I was buying.
With Daves help I was able to choose 1 of his quotes, that offered me a panel I was happy with, an inverter I was happy with and was right on my price point. I did make him do some work, to get the outcome I wanted and he seemed happy to oblige me, the customer. The installation went well, a few hiccups here and there but the end result was good. I would recommend talking with Dave Palmisano from Space Solar for your solar needs. Thank you space solar.
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I had a very good experience with all three companies you recommended. Thank you. Show additional information