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Duracell announce ‘Powerwall Killer’ home battery.

duracell home battery

Well it finally happened. After sitting on the sidelines as the solar battery storage boom unfolded around it, the world’s biggest name in batteries has finally joined the party. Today, April 1, at a glittering press event in Bethel, Connecticut, Duracell’s VP of Solar Storage, George Leclanche unveiled the Duracell Ultra Lithium Home Battery – which will be available […]

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How The Cost Of Powerwall Storage Doubled In 11 Months

tesla warranty graph

  [Update: on Oct 28 2016 Tesla announced the Powerwall 2 ] [Update: In June 2016 Tesla updated the Powerwall warranty – details here] 11 months ago Elon Musk jumped on stage and announced the Powerwall.  The Tesla data sheets released after Musk’s presentation proclaimed we would soon be able to buy a 7kWh daily cycling Powerwall […]

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What’s Turnbull and Hunt up to on renewable energy financing?

hunt and turnbull

The government’s re-shaping of renewable energy financing during the week has drawn quite a few responses in the media. Some applaud the allocation of $1 billion for renewables, however most of them have accused the PM and the Minister of the Environment Greg Hunt of duplicity and blatant vote-buying in an election year.

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Adding Solar Panels To Existing System? Here’s What You Need To Know.

solar panels with space for adding more

So you’ve got solar panels on your roof and you want more so you can get your bills even lower? (Note: If you are on a premium feed in tariff then you need to understand how solar upgrades can affect your eligibility.  If you are on the NSW solar bonus scheme, then your FiT is ending […]

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Global CO2 Emissions Stall, Economy Grows, Thanks To Renewables

power station with solar

Interesting news from two separate studies from different agencies this week folks. The first — from the International Energy Agency (IEA) — found that carbon emissions have stalled worldwide for the second year in a row. The second, from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), outlined the associated benefits of doubling the share of renewables […]

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SolarWorld launches bifacial solar panels in US

solar world

German and US based manufacturer of top quality solar panels, Solar World AG launched their new bifacial solar modules in late 2015 at the industry trade show Solar Power International. However it was this month’s announcement of the first rollout of the new SolarWorld solar panels in the United States that has set tongues wagging.

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The race is on as Panasonic snatches lead as most efficient solar panel

panasonic most efficient panel

Well that didn’t take long! No sooner had we published our article on SunPower grabbing the unofficial prize of most efficient solar panel for commercial use, than Japanese manufacturer Panasonic surprises with a late sprint to the line. The Japanese manufacturer has now jumped into the lead in the solar conversion Premier League with not […]

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Sunpower grabs lead in bid for most efficient solar panel

sunpower solar panels efficiency

It’s on for young and old in the battle for the prestigious title of the most efficient solar panel. For a number of weeks we’ve brought you commentaries on the remarkable breakthroughs achieved by Trina (here and here). Now Sunpower — the French-owned, US-based solar panel manufacturer — has stepped up to the plate with […]

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The Truth About Battery Ready Solar Systems

a block diagram showing battery inverter and solar inverter ac coupled

Most homeowners I speak to are really keen to get batteries. Just not right now. They want to wait a few years until the price has come down substantially. And who can blame them when a typical battery system in 2016 has a payback of 20 years but only carries a 10 year warranty. So clued […]

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Trina Solar Panels take Tier 1 gong – but avoid the grey imports

trina tier 1

Trina solar panels took the stage this week as the solar manufacturing giant was named the most bankable PV producer in the world. The survey, conducted by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), asked banks, asset managers, engineering contractors, consultants and independent power producers from across the globe which “module manufacturers were most likely to obtain […]

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